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Datta Peetha: second phase of struggle soon, says C.T. Ravi


Hindus of Kranataka is struggling hard for restoration of Datta Peetha in its glory.

FG3Gnd6VcAE9nyIB Upendran  | HENB | Hassan | Dec 7, 2022:: BJP MLA C.T. Ravi has said the second phase of the struggle to separate Bababudan dargah from the Datta Peetha will be taken up soon.

Speaking to presspersons in Chikkamagaluru on Wednesday, Mr.Ravi, who is also BJP national general secretary, said the long struggle had succeeded with the appointment of Hindu priests for the shrine. At present they had been appointed on a temporary basis. Later they would be appointed permanently.

“We have records to show that Bababudan Dargah and Datta Peetha are in different locations. With an eye on land associated with the peetha, two different structures were shown as one. We will fight this issue”, he said.

As part of the Datta Mala Abhiyana, Mr. Ravi took part in a symbolic Bhikshatana programme on the day. The Hindutva activists took out a procession – Shobha Yatre – in Chikkamagaluru on the day.

Datta Rally

Datta Jayanti is to held at the cave shrine atop Bababudangiri on Thursday. Hundreds of Datta devotees from different parts of the district and neighbouring districts are expected to take part in the event. The district administration has made elaborate security arrangements for the day.

There is a huge Hindu unity of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad), Sri Ram Sena, HJS (Hindu Janajagruti Samiti), Karnataka Hindu Mahasabha and others in this Datta Peetha liberation movement from Islamic encroachment of Shah Bababudan Dargah for years.

__Inputs from The Hindu.

One comment on “Datta Peetha: second phase of struggle soon, says C.T. Ravi

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    December 8, 2022

    Bharat Vasi, khatam karo anniaiko. Kaun anniai? Sauwan salose khuni/luteroo
    dusmanone Bharatki barbad kya. Je annai khatam karo. Kaise? Srif mangnese.
    Sabhi koi mango SANATAN BHARAT. Je apna Devi/Devtaki Desh hai. Raccheski
    nahi. Utho aur Congressy-Nehru kanun toro. Political ghel band karo aur lawo
    GURU RAJ – GYANI RAJ – RAM RAJYA. Je apna hai, Ishwarki marjise. Jai Bharat!
    Je samachar Sri Hanuman Seva Sena ka hai.


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