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Fanatic Muslims attacked Hindus in a Panshkura village to stop renovation of a Hindu temple in WB.

Panshkura Attack on Hindu Temple

Muslims objected to renovation of a Shiv Temple, attacked the Hindus of the area with bricks and iron rods in Panshkura of East Medinipur, many injured.   


Subham Das | HENB | Kolkata | Jan 5, 2023:: Centered on a renovation of the century-old small Shiva temple of Hindus in Radhaballabchak village of Panshkura Police station area of East Medinipur and the work of a toilet adjacent to the temple, the people of Muslim community in the neighboring areas severely beat up the Hindu residents of  the temple area with bricks and iron rods. Temples and newly built columns of the  structures were broken down by the rowdy Muslim people.

It has been reported that even the family members of the affected local Hindu Trinamul Panchayat head were not spared by the Muslim goons and could not be saved in time by the police reaching the spot later.

The local leadership of  “Bangiya Hindu Sena” has given a call to fight back to restore the religious rights of Hindus by forming a unity of Hindus cutting the edges of all political differences.

Panshkura Attack2

“We want a quick non-partisan solution to the problem. We believe in the path of peace, but we are not in favor of keeping silent when we see the blood of Hindus,”  said Swami Ambikananda, the President of newly formed President of  Bangiya Hindu Sena. in a facebook posting.

“All the Hindus in the area are ours. We are on the side of the Hindus of that area by keeping politics away,” Swamiji added.

The Hindutva outfit put an appeal to the police and administration, “We will see the action of the local administration for 48 hours, otherwise we will take our rights with the Hindu might of the area”.

It’s an irony that the ruling TMC supporters of Hindu faith are being attacked by the TMC supporters of Muslim community in many places on several occasions as the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee declared her Muslim supporters in TMC as “Dudhel Gai (milching cows)”.

Swami Ambikananda to visit Radhaballabchak on Saturday

Swami Ambikananda BHSOn a conversation over phone with HENB, Swami Ambikananda conveyed his concern on the attack upon Hindus in many places in West Bengal by the radical people with Jihadi attitudes.

“I have already informed the vulnerable condition of the Hindus of Radhaballabchak of Panshkura and urged the concerned SP and DSP of East Medinipur to provide the safety and security of the attacked people. Police are trying to arrest 14 Hindu activists of the areas giving false allegations. I will also go to the spot to extend my support to the Hindus of Radhaballabchak on Saturday (Jan 7, 203),”Swami Ambikananda, the President of  Bangiya Hindu Sena told HENB.


2 comments on “Fanatic Muslims attacked Hindus in a Panshkura village to stop renovation of a Hindu temple in WB.

  1. Rudrax
    January 6, 2023

    It’s time for all Bengali Hindu to get united & loose ur’ shame & fear. We have world many things like culture, politics & powerful people. Now time has come to teach a particular community their aaukad’ they all r’ outsiders. Regarding this present Govt: they support this community for vote bank & their policy is Talibani. Hindu Bengali don’t be bole & play secularism card. Neither Bengal will be next Bangladesh..


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