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Bangladesh: Muslims attacked Hindus in Bagura to evacuate from their lands.


Muslims attacked Hindus in Bagura to evacuate from their lands in Bangladesh.  1 killed, several injured.

Jihadis attacked Hindu village after an announcement in a mosque; vandalized-looted homes of minority people; they killed 1 old man injuring several people.

Sulochana Biswas | HENB | Dhaka | Jan 11, 2023:: Immediately after the incident in Barisal, Bangladesh, a group of jihadists  attacked an entire Hindu village to evacuate them from their lands . Around 11 am on Wednesday, this attack happened in Gorta village under Bhavanipur union of Sherpur upazila of Bogura district of Bangladesh.

According to media reports, 600-700 Jihadi Muslims gathered from the nearby Muslim-dominated villages of Ambail, Cheinda, along with Gorta after the announcement from a mosque of Gorta village. Then they attacked the Hindu houses of Gorta village with sticks, bamboos, rods and sharp weapons. They vandalized and looted the Hindu houses, beating the male Hindus all of a sudden.  When the Hindu women came to save them, they were also molested and severely beaten.

It is known that after brutally hacking and murdering an old man named Gajen Sarkar, miscreants ransacked his house and set it on fire. Two youths named Sujan Sarkar and Ujjal Sarkar were brutally beaten with sticks and rods. When they fainted, the attackers left them thinking they were dead. In addition, several people were attacked with sharp weapons in different parts of the body and head.  After the assailants left the place warning the attcked Hindus to leave the village within one month, the police came to rescue the injured and admitted them to a nearby hospital. They are currently undergoing treatment there.

It is known that about 400 Hindu families live in Gorta village. And it is considered that this planned attack was for the purpose of evacuating them from their ancestral places. After this shocking incident, the people of the minority communities are in a state of panic. They fear that jihadists may attack again at any time. The affected families demanded proper security measures and  police action on an urgent basis.

The Hindu persecution in Islamic Bangladesh is all time high under huge influence of the Jihadi groups who aspire for total Sharia ruling in the country violating all human rights there.


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