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Katni to Mumbai Love Jihad! Rise of ‘Love Jihad’ in Modi Raj!

Love Jihad in Dharavi! Yashoda made Yasmin, four Muslim brothers, all four wives Hindu… indicating the rise of Love Jihad in India day by day.  

love-jihad-696x594Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Jan 12, 2023:: The case of love jihad has come to the fore in Asia’s biggest slum Dharavi. Three years ago, a girl named Yashoda, living in Katni, Madhya Pradesh, was married by a Muslim youth after trapping her in a love trap. After that the young man brought him to Mumbai. Here Yashoda’s name was changed to Yasmin. After this, along with converting the girl, he used to pressurize her to cook beef. When the girl did not listen to the young man, he killed her and threw the body in the side of a creek. In this case, on the statement of the girl’s father, the Dharavi police has registered a case of murder and started an investigation.

According to the information received, Yashoda Khatik’s father has filed a murder complaint against her Muslim husband named Rehmat at the Dharavi police station. Yashoda’s brother said that the accused is also a resident of Katni. He introduced himself to Yashoda in the year 2019 in Katni. After this, in November 2019, he abducted Yashoda and brought her to Mumbai. In this case, Yashoda’s father had filed a missing complaint in Katni but there was no action from Police, though BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh Govt always tells many things on Love Jihad.  After a long time, Yashoda was successful in contacting her parents to convey that she was in Dharavi, Mumbai after marriage. Yashoda’s brother reveals that Yashoda’s husbands are four brothers and all four have married Hindu girls in a particular design of Love Jihad. His sister was being pressured to convert, when she refused, she was beaten up. After this she was murdered. The dead body was found near Nature Park. Local social workers Raju Choubey and Ramakant Gupta, who live in Dharavi, said that Yashoda’s body was found near Nature Park in Dharavi on Thursday (Jan 5, 2023). The police had informed the girl’s parents, after which they accompanied them to the police station after coming to Mumbai and identified the murdered Hindu girl.  Local people came out unitedly on the road and demonstrated against police inaction for such a horrific killing of an innocent Hindu girl under a truce of Love Jihad. Then, the  Dharavi police registered a murder case on Saturday. Dharavi police is not yet ready to speak anything officially in this matter. A thorough investigation has been started in the matter.

Pressure of conversion

Yashoda’s brother told that Yashoda’s husband Rehmat had taken her to live in Dharavi after marriage. After coming here, her name was changed from Yashoda to Yasmin. After this, there was constant pressure on her to convert in Islam. She was pressured  to make beef and to consume it too. When she refused to cook beef, he used to beat her. Yashoda had given this information many times to her family members as well.

Katni to Mumbai Love Jihad! Rehmat was living as Ashok… Hindu girl Yashoda was abducted and taken to Mumbai and finally murdered

Now that the death of Yashoda by her Muslim husband was related to ‘Love Jihad’, the investigation of this matter is progressing in speed. Anyway, new revelations are coming out in this case is alarming. This particular case of ‘love jihad’ started from Katni and ended in Mumbai after the murder of a Hindu girl. Investigation has revealed that the deceased girl, a resident of Kailwara under Kuthala police station area of Katni, was missing since 2019. A young man had abducted her. The young man who brought her away was actually Rehmat and he was living with the girl as Ashoka, hiding his religion. Relatives of the girl say that she has been murdered. The accused was hiding his religion and living in the name of Ashok. Dharavi police have registered a case and arrested the accused.

Case of ‘Love Jihad’

1-2VHP’s provincial member Adv Jugraj Singh said that Yashoda Khatik, a resident of Kailwara under Kuthala police station area, was missing from her house since November 2019. On giving this information to the Kuthala police, a missing person diary was registered but she was not found. He says that a Muslim youth  named Rahmat had taken him to Mumbai by trapping him in ‘love jihad’. On January 5, the dead body of a girl was found in the Dharavi police station area. The girl’s relatives got information through the police, after which the relatives reached Dharavi with Jugraj Singh. Jugraj says that information was received from the Dharavi police that the girl had eloped with a Muslim youth named Rahmat from Kuthala area. Rehmat was living there under the name of Ashok. At first, the Dharavi police did not take action against the accused, but after VHP’s protest and pressure, Police registered a case of murder and arrested him.

Rise of ‘Love Jihad’ in Modi Raj! … 400 cases registered in five years across the country

Love-Zihad-696x500The cases of love jihad are continuously increasing in the country. In the last five years, 400 cases of ‘love jihad’ have been registered. Of these, a maximum 105 cases have been registered in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh and 30 in Madhya Pradesh. In view of the increasing cases of ‘Love Jihad’ in Modi’s rule, there is a demand to enact strict laws against ‘Love Jihad’ and against  ‘Forced cobversion’.

A recently released report states that in the five years from 2018 to 2022, around 400 cases of love jihad were registered. BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh has registered the maximum number of 105 cases, followed by Madhya Pradesh with 30 cases. At number three, 13 cases have been registered in Kerala, 13 in Haryana, 12 in Delhi, 9 in Maharashtra and 4 in Bihar. All these cases have reached the police stations, but there will be more such cases which could not reach the police stations. Such unreported cases may cross thousands of others and that’s why this matter is being told as serious.

Complaint not registered in most of the cases

Actually, there has been a stir from the release of figures. The numbers that have been issued have been lodged at the police station. But there are many such cases, which are not registered in the police station. There are many such cases, in which Hindu girls, adolescent girls and women trapped in ‘love jihad’ are sexually exploited after being seduced, they are converted or otherwise murdered brutally cutting into pieces. But financially weak parents are not able to protest. Many times the victim’s family accepts defeat to avoid slander and ruckus and the family members leave the daughters who became victims of ‘love jihad’ to their fate, due to which many cases do not come to the fore.

Demand to enact anti-conversion law and anti-love jihad law

Cases of ‘Love Jihad’ have been registered on such a large scale in the Modi government, most of these cases are in the BJP-ruled states, in such a situation, the demand for a strict law against ‘Love Jihad’ has started gaining momentum including banning of ‘Forced Conversion’.

Some organizations are promoting ‘Love Jihad’

Bombay High Court Advoate Siddha Vidya told that in most of the cases of ‘love jihad’, after the girls run away from the house against the wishes of the parents, the family members do not accept them again, due to which some Islamically influenced organizations talk about fighting these matters  by calling themselves their sympathizers. And instead of taking these cases to the police station, they keep them in their office and the matters get buried there.

Times Now SIT investigation exposes forceful conversion shocker allegedly taking place in Maharashtra’s Daund

According to that report, In last 1-2 years around 200 Hindu girls must’ve been converted. The men who are able to convert the Hindu girls are being awarded Rs.4-5 lakhs,

Many other news channels including Times Now-Nav Bharat have also exposed the increasing Love jihad network all over India in recent times. (See the exploring video below).

__Inputs from reports of Nagmani pandey in Saamana Hindi.

One comment on “Katni to Mumbai Love Jihad! Rise of ‘Love Jihad’ in Modi Raj!

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    January 21, 2023

    Declare all marriage with memebers of the BOOK -Christian/Islam- UNLAWFUL.
    Women killer religions can not be allowed on Indian soil.
    This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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