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To check love jihad, Pramod Muthalik shared his 1:10 strategy with Hindu youths.

Take 10 Muslim women, if they take 1 Hindu woman: Pramod Muthalik to Hindu men over ‘love jihad’.

He also said it is the duty of the Sri Rama Sene to aware Hindu girls of ‘love jihad’….

Sri Ram Sene Pramukh Pramod MuthalikB Upendran | HENB | Bengaluru | Feb 20, 2023:: Pramod Muthalik, the fierce Hindutva leader and president of Sri Ram Sene in Karnataka, on Sunday called upon Hindu men in the state to take Muslim girls to counter ‘love jihad’, and assured them protection.

Addressing a public meeting in Bagalkot, Muthalik said, “We clearly know what is happening in Karnataka and I have a solution. If we lose one Hindu girl to ‘love jihad’, we must try and get 10 Muslim women in retaliation. If this happens, Sri Rama Sene will be behind and give you complete protection and even employment. We must protect our religion from external forces.”

 Sri Ram Sene chief  shared  his planning  with a huge applause among the audience. 

He also said it is the duty of the Sri Rama Sene to warn Hindu girls of ‘love jihad’. “Across the country, we have been losing hundreds of girls as they are exploited by ‘love jihad.’ We must take responsibility to warn the girls about this,” he added.

Muthalik is known for making controversial and communal statements in public meetings. Last week, he claimed that he faced obstacles from his own members for standing with Hindutva ideologies and protecting it. He also said that BJP’s fake and two-faced Hindutva will only damage the party further.

Muthalik is also reportedly aiming to contest from the Karkala constituency in coastal Karnataka as an independent candidate in the upcoming state assembly elections. Sri Ram Sene decided to file 25 candidates in upcoming Assembly polls in Karnataka.

Earlier, Muthalik expressed his dissatisfaction  many times over the ‘pseudo-Hindutva’ attitude of the present BJP Government in Karnataka undermining various Hindutva issues in the state.

__Inputs from Hindustan Times & The Hindu.

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