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Hindu girl Meena Kolhi gang raped by the peaceful Muslims for 14 months & other stories of Hindu persecution in Islamic Pakistan.

State Sponsored Abduction, forced conversion &  marriage, and gang rape of minority Hindu girls in Sindh…. every day Hindus are tortured, killed, and evacuated in Pakistan. 

After 14 months Hindu girl Meena Kolhi returned home to Khipro Sanghar after being forcefully converted-married-and-gang-raped by Muslim criminals and police.  

Meena KolhiRanjeet Rana | HENB | Karachi | April 11, 2023:: A few days ago, the kidnapped Hindu girl Meena Kolhi reached her home at Khipro Sanghar in Sindh after 14 months. In a video uploaded by Narain Bheel of the ‘Hindus Organisation of Sindh’, it is seen that the victim is narrating her ordeal that she was abducted within three days after her marriage and forcefully converted to Islam. Then she was married to one of her abductors Iqbal Bambhro. But the matter was not ended in such a condition, she was kept captive for fourteen months when she was being gang-raped day and night. All these were done Islamically by peaceful Muslims.   

In the video, Meena told: After 3 days of my marriage, when I came to my parent’s house, one Iqbal Bambhro took me to the court by blackmailing me and told me to convert to Islam, or else he will shoot me.
When the interviewer asked Meena, Had you accepted Islam out of your own happiness? Meena replied:
No, I did not accept of my own free will, I was threatened and threatened to be shot. When I was married to a man Iqbal Bhanbhro, other people used to rape me.
Meena took the names of 5 _6 people who used to rape regularly including  Mustaq and Razzak.
Telling her ordeal, Meena added: I was kept locked in a room for 14 months. As soon as I got a chance, I ran away from there and came to my parent’s house. Those people harassed me during the day and the police harassed me at night.
When asked how she came to her parents, Meena replied: My parents have not brought me, I have come here on my own.

It is not the case for Meena, hundreds of minority Hindu girls and women are abducted in Sindh in Pakistan at gunpoint and forcefully converted, married, and raped by the friends and family members of the Muslim abductors.

Taking his Twitter handle, for the last couple of days,  Narain Das Bheel uploaded many videos in which the pathetic conditions of Hindu minorities of Pakistan clearly made a severe shock for the people concerned for the minority rights in Pakistan.

Narian Das conveyed*Justice could not be served to the Daya Bheel…….* Face, hair, and body blood samples could not match those of all the accused. It is noted that only relatives of  Daya Bheel were arrested to save the real culprits.

Daya Bheel was murdered and beheaded by Muslim culprits in December last year. The accused are freed but police and investigation agencies kept their lip tightened to say something to apprehend the murderer(s) of Daya Bheel.

On April 10, Narain Das reported through tweeter that  Hindu Woman Kimi Kohli daughter of Prabhu Kohli has been forcibly married to Abdul Qadir Jamaili, and converted to Islam in Odero Lal Village, Matiari, Sindh.

Kimi Kohli

On the same April 10, he also reported the Vikriyo incident in Mithi- Tharparkaer-Sindh), where the Hindu Meghwar community members were evacuated by the Muslim miscreants and have not yet received any justice. After being displaced from the Vikriyo village, the victims started living a life of destitution on the streets. On April 7,   Five Hindu Meghwar girls were abducted by the influential people of the Janjhi Muslim community and they were converted and married in the same area.

Vikriyo Incident

On April 9, Narain Das Bheel posted the news of a violent attack on the Hindu Meghwar community in Pabohar Thar as over 100 armed  Muslim men of the Odhija community occupied the houses of marginal minority Hindu people, shooting their women and children. It was alleged that the Assistant Police Commissioner of Mithi Odhija helped the attackers.

Violent attack on Hindu Meghwar Community

On April 8, Narain Das conveyed the case of Narsingh, a Sindhi Hindu youth who was brutally murdered in Matli district Badin Sindh, which has been registered against the accused Imran Ali Shah, and the unknown accused. But, Narsingh’s father lamented in a video that the Police authority was not taking proper action. 

Nrsingh Murder

The Hindu persecution and elimination of Hindu minorities in Pakistan reached in the final stage in a collaboration of radical Islamic organizations and the police hand to hand.

The stories of Hindu persecution in Pakistan are endless. But, the BBC, CNN, Reuters, AP, AFF, and DW like double standard media houses, and fake humanitarian agencies like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, and UN Human Rights just find the greatness of Islam in torturing, butchering, and tormenting others.

And the neighboring India led by PM Narendra Modi is nothing but a mute spectator to view the dying Hindus in Islamic Pakistan.

__Inputs from the Tweets of Narain Das Bheel, a Human Rights Activist in Sindh, Pakistan.

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One comment on “Hindu girl Meena Kolhi gang raped by the peaceful Muslims for 14 months & other stories of Hindu persecution in Islamic Pakistan.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    April 13, 2023

    Government of India, this is not acceptable. This is a war declaration. A Hindu
    lady on Hindus land given to war-losers and they are now so barbaric in
    destroying her life. Government it is your duty to attack Pakistan and clean up
    the mess there. War is needed to put an end to ths barbarism.
    This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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