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Islamic Jehadi-Maoists nexus attacked Hindu activists in Kolkata over Azad Kashmir issue

Posted by hinduexistence on October 31, 2010

 Arrest Aarundhati Roy

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Attack on Patriotic Students and Youth in Anti-National Seminar (upon Kashmir) in Jadavpur University 

Special Report by HE||Kolkata 30.11.2010

Again the Hindu Activists opposed the Azad Kashmir and the nexus between Muslim Jehadists and other anti Indian elements like Maoists. But this time in Kolkata, the opponents clashed each other and the Jehadists were compelled to run an off-show.

After the seminar in New Delhi demanding `Azadi` for Kashmir, a similar seminar also titled `Azadi` was organised at  Vivekananda Hall in Jadavpur University today  (30th November 2010) by a Maoist student group called UDSF (United Students Democratic Front) with the notorious secessionist and accused in Parliament Attack case, S.A.R. Geelani as the main speaker. At the outset of the seminar, a speaker Mr. Siddhartha Guha Roy gave a speech in which he harped on the so-called `independent` history of Kashmir and asserted that Kashmir should be separated from India. All over the venue, posters and banners put up by the organisers openly demanded `Azadi` for Kashmir. When a member of the audience Mr. Arun Shaw asked the speaker a question about the role of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee in integrating Kashmir with the rest of India, the Maoist organisers suddenly rushed towards him and started an unprovoked physical attack on him. There soon started a free for all with the organisers using sticks and rods which they had stocked beforehand for an obviously pre-planned attack, to beat up all the patriotic members of the audience mostly ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidarthi Parisad) and BJYM (Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha) activists who had gathered there in large numbers.

In this sudden and brutal attack amidst anti-national slogans and obscenities hurled at the patriotic members of the audience by the organizers among whom were some known notorious Maoists like Debolina Chakraborty, who was recently named by the West Bengal police as a collaborator in the Maoist atrocities in West Bengal, many  ABVP and BJYM activists were grievously injured. Two of the activists Neeraj Kumar and Yagnik Agarwal were critically injured and had to be hospitalised while bleeding profusely with wounds on the head. One of them is still admitted to hospital in a critical condition. Others like Amitabha Roy, Tanushree Roy, Gautam Chaudhuri and others were also injured.

After this attack ABVP and BJYM activists organised a road block in front of the University Gate blocking a main arterial road of Kolkata for over an hour in protest against the brutal attack and the anti-national seditious speeches at the seminar. It is significant that members of the public joined the blockade in large numbers when they saw the issue, despite being inconvenienced by the blockade.

ABVP has submitted a police complaint in Jadavpur Police Station demanding the arrest and legal proceedings against the organizers of the secessionist and seditious seminar along with all those involved in the brutal physical attack including Debolina Chakraborty and her gang.

ABVP demands that the organizers be booked on grounds of sedition as well as grevious assault. ABVP also demands that an enquiry should be conducted against the authorities of Jadavpur University as to how they granted permission to hold an openly anti-national and seditious seminar titled `Azadi` within the University campus, where posters openly advocating `azadi` for Kashmir were allowed to be put up all over the venue and a norious and known anti-national like Geelani, accused in the Parliament attack case and against whom an FIR has already been filed for his seditious speech in the LTG Auditorium, New Delhi on 21st October, was allowed to visit the campus and speak against the unity and integrity of India.

Post Script : The members of HYF (Hindu Youth Fornt), Kolkata were present in the place of occurrence so vitiated by Muslim-Maoist nexus in West Bengal. In the morning dailies published (30.11.2010) from Kolkata contained the news of Geelani coming to Kolkata and supporting the rights of notorious Arundhati Roy for Azad Kashmir by some Maoist-Psuedo Secularist Intellectuals of kolkata, irritated the patriotic mass here.

The HYF may campaign against these Bengal Intellectuals like Tarun Sanyal, Bivas Chakroborty, Miratun Nahar etc. who are continuously promoting the blood-pooled Maoists activism in West Bengal and keep mum to Islamic secessionists trying here a “Green Revolution” for Islamic Bengal.

As per sources, Jihadist Geelani is likely to meet here the leaders of Lalgarh Manch (Controlled by Maoists-Chinese perpetrators) and Deesham Party (ally of Maoists) to design some nefarious progammes against Indian integrity and sovereignty.

Joydeep Mukherjee, Secretary of All India Legal Aid Forum briefed to the press in Kolkata that Geelani should be arrested immediately for his anti national activities.

As per a reporting so far published in a Bengali morning daily news paper here, Rahul Sinha, West Bengal State BJP Secretary, cautioned Mr. Geelani in such a way, ” We will break the legs of Geelani, if he does not stop his subversive and anti national activities”. 

The  separatist selected the venue of Jadavpur University which was the  erstwhile  Bengal National School and the source of arousing Indian National spirit so propounded by Sri Aurobindo and others.

Pictures of agitation is awaited from Kolkata Sources.

Indian Express Reports : Violence in JU over seminar on Kashmir Azadi 

Indian Express Reports : BJP protest outside Arundhati’s residencea

The Times of India Reports : Sangh bid to disrupt Geelani speech at JU

 Courtesy : Media Watch || Indian Express || The Times of India.

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Finding the causes of Hindu defeat towards Hindu victory

Posted by hinduexistence on October 30, 2010

The Hindu Defeat: Failure of Leadership in Past & Present

Harsh Verma

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As we debate on revitalizing Hinduism, it is essential to understand the reasons members of other religions were able to vanquish Hinduism. It is only when the causes of downfall are understood that measures can be taken to counteract their influence and bring in a new dispensation. This is fundamental to any reform initiative or a call for a revival of lost glory.

A lack of introspection on the other hand ensures that such factors continue to plague society and undermine it from inside. This is the first of a mini series of articles which will focus on three major factors which in my opinion led to the defeat of Hindus and whose effect is still influencing us today: Failure of Leadership, Intellectual backwardness and Caste system. This series of essays will also take into account the collapse of the Majpahit empire in Java and the consequent Islamisation of the Indonesian archipelago along with the current status of Indonesian Hindus.

The lack of effective leadership was a major factor in the Hindu defeat. Unfortunately the same factors continue to plague the current socio-political Hindu leadership of the RSS. This is not a comprehensive article on the RSS since that will come later. This essay merely looks at the leadership failures in the past and shows how they continue in the current leadership as well.

Read the full article here.

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Deganga and Hindu Protest.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 28, 2010

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How science discovered the historical Krishna

Deganga and the Hindu Protest

- A Message from Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President, Hindu Samhati

I sent a message on 20th Sept, 2010 from DumDum Central Jail in connection with my reaction upon total Deganga episodes and obviously upon Deganga Protest rally conducted by Hindu Samhati at Barasat town on 18/10/2010. By the grace of Almighty, I succeeded to write and send it by breaking the tight security and vigilance around the clock there. But unfortunately, it could not be published anyway for some valid reason clarified to me later by the Samhati leaders.

The message was conveyed like this.

“Jai Shree Rama,

This is my third imprisonment in my organizational life. First & second time I went to Alipore Central Jail & Diamond Harbor for the cause of passive Hindutva under the banner of B.M.S. & R.S.S. respectively (for labor problem in the first instant and for demand of speeding up the hanging of Afzal Guru, the attacker upon the Indian parliament in second case).

But, this time in Dum Dum Central Jail, I came with my 7 fellow colleagues (including Sri Chittaranjan Dey, General Secretary of Hindu Samhati, Sri Amitava Adhikary, Dist. President of North 24 Parganas and Sri Goutam Naskar, prominent Hindu Samhati co-coordinator) for the cause of active Hindutva and obviously for the cause of restoration of Hindu dignity severely damaged in West Bengal.

In Deganga the Jehadi Muslims through a set piece movement gave a real message to the Hindus about their situation, if the Hindus would be minority in West Bengal. Deganga tells us, Hindus will be massacred by the Muslims if not organized and not fight. I personally convey my respect of Deganga’s Hindu people who retaliated against the Muslim rampage, arson, molestation, looting and temple desecration by the devout Muslims, provoked by orthodox Hazi Nurul Islam, the MP of Bashirhat parliamentary assembly seat. The ruthless torture upon the Hindus of Deganga, Kartickpur, Beliaghata, Khejurdihi were designed out of a little dispute over a path way between a temple property and a Muslim grave-yard. But the Muslim mentality in Deganga proved again that they never wanted the harmony and good relationship with the Hindus, and all the political parties & so called intellectual groups have pampered them for their gain and built the Islamic Frankenstein in Bengal. If Hindus are not unified and fightful, so many Deganga will come to us to kill us as a monster.

In the protest of the onslaught of Deganga Hindus, when we started a rally towards Deganga on 18th September, 2010 from Barasat Kachari Maidan, over 15,000 Hindu Samhati workers & supporters were gathered there. But police frowned upon the movement and tried to suppress the agitation. Some Muslims present there also hurled abuses on the Hindus Samhati protestors on Deganga. This could not check the situation in favor of ”no-reaction” and the Barasat to Deganga Rally proved that “Hindu reaction in West Bengal”. If Hindus are persecuted in West Bengal, the reaction now must occur. Hindus are now prepared to fight back and now can feel for other persecuted Hindus outside the place of occurrence even under the banner of Hindu Samhati. This is the big message of Deganga.

Practically Hindus have not got any freedom from 1947. The political freedom in India is meant for the so called secularist who is totally against the Hindu Freedom in India.

Through Hindu code bills, Pilgrimage Tax upon Hindus, the plight of Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir and in the North Eastern States, evidently Hindus are still put in the bondage and day by day the pressure and the chain of bondage upon the Hindus are increasing from all sides.

In Deganga, the Islamists wanted to scrap the rights of worship and the sanctity of ‘ Chattal Durga Puja’ by putting a illegal barricade to encroach Hindu Debattar (Worship) land. As Hindus of Chattapally objected the Islamic hooliganism, the Jehadis of adjacent places put up a good example of onslaught upon Hindu life on 6th, 7th & 8th September, 2010.

At last the police was provoked by the political pressure group, the lathi charge and torture came upon the Hindu Samhati workers in the Deganga Protest Rally at Barasat and they arrested the Hindu Samhati State leaders and the general workers also.

We cannot deny the reaction of the Hindu Samhati workers over the persecutor community and their belongings. But it is now evident that each Muslim persecution upon Hindus in Kashmir or Hyderabad or Ajamgarh has to be paid in their own coin in other Hindu areas everywhere under several retaliation. This is eventual. My Muslim brothers please try to understand it. Now Hindus have started their own Freedom Movement and Hindu Mass Movement, even through a Hindu Revolt.

Yes, we can win this struggle for Hindu Existence in the sacred land of Bharatvarsha. This is the way to save humanity in the world from the clutch of Barbaric Islam.

Deganga should be the point of turn to save the Hindus future of West Bengal.

In the Dum Dum Central Jail we are so-so. But I am amazed to see the unity of Muslim prisoners in Dum Dum Central Jail. But Hindus are fragmented, but everybody here is eagerly waiting to see the Ayodhya verdict on 24th September, 2010. We also expect a favorable verdict in favor of Ram Janma Bhoomi Temple. Please prepare for a bigger struggle for rebuilding a fortified Hindu future in west Bengal. Don’t be perished. “Arise, awake and stop not, until the Goal is reached”.

Jai Shree Ram,
Upananda Brahmachari.
Dum Dum Central Jail

Yes, this was my message as sent from DDCJ as told earlier. But, now I want to convey a few words in this context.

At first I have to express my gratitude to the lawyer friends of Hindu Samhati and the sympathetic members of Barasat Court Bar Association who came forward in favour of the bail of us, even before convey my Vijoya Dashmi Greetings to everybody. Through an joint effort of everybody we got the bail from Barasat Judges’ Court on 12th Oct. and came out from 13th Oct. evening amidst a victorious applause overwhelmed outside the DDCJ. Yes, we are free now and we have to work much more with greater speed in the back-ground of Deganga. We should think the entire deganga issue in a broad-spectrum. Hindu people of West Bengal are convinced the reality of Deganga. Nobody abandoned the Deganga Hindus on their own anyway, as the point raised by an eminent columnist. Whereas 31 Durga puja Committee in Deganga area boycotted the festival in protest of Deganga massacre and in various places the HS activists circulated Deganga fliers from various Puja Committees pandals outside Deganga also. For the gallant steps of the local Hindu people and the HS supporters, the victims are restored with their strength and honor. This is a good sign indeed.

But, I want to point out one thing here with my experience got in the jail where some 20 culprits of Deganga were also detained under law. The criminals of Muslim Community get total support of the Muslim Society when they act for their religion or to harm Hindu people. The Muslim criminals of Deganga connected with the Chattalpally Durgapuja Temple – Grave yard dispute and aftermath are totally supported, maintained and financed by the other Muslims inside or outside the jail.

In every Friday in the DDCJ, a namaj file is conducted where 400 Muslim criminals are gathered to offer the Jumma Namaj. This is interlinked the entire Muslim criminal there to run a Muslim supremacy inside the jail, even in DDCJ, where Hindus are 52%, Muslims are 47% and others 1%.

I saw that twice a week one Pastor from the Protestant sects and two Nuns of RC Christian Organization came inside the jail to give services to the Christian Criminals. But I saw no Hindu organization or the monks to give any sermons to the Hindu Criminals to set any correctional or reformative measures.

I have many other experiences in the Dum Dum central Jail to be published later in connection of criminal psychology of Muslims. But what I want to tell all of you that Deganga is both the exposure of Islamic onslaught upon Hindu minorities in West Bengal and the Hindu retaliation to fight back too.

Courtsey : Jago Bangla || Hindu Samhati .

Hindu Existence Group admires the gallant attitudes and fighting spirits of all Hindu Samhati workers, the HS leadership and specially the 7 soldiers of HS, i.e. Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President; Chittaranjan Dey, General Secretary; Gautom Naskar, State committee member; Amitava Adhikary, North 24 Pgs -President; Rahul Roy, Buddhiswar Naskar and Bhuton Mali -three other HS activist, who went to jail for long 26 days in connection with Deganga Protest for the cause of  Hindutva and Bharat Mata. Jai Sree Ram.

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Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad leaders call on Bangladesh PM to discuss over the minority problems in Bangladesh

Posted by hinduexistence on October 25, 2010

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The Impact of Nepalese Festival:’Dashain’ in the world

Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad leaders call on Bangladesh PM

DHAKA, Oct 24 ,2010 – A high delegation of Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad today called on Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the latter’s office here.

The delegation members apprised the Prime Minister of various problems of minorities of Bangladesh being faced by the parishad, said Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Abul Kalam Azad after the meeting.

During the meeting with the leaders of BHBCUC, Sheikh Hasina gave them a patient hearing and assured them to look into the matters. The current situation of implementing the secular constitution in Islamic Bangladesh and the violative Ememy Property Act under revision were also included in the agenda of discussions, as repoted by some News Agencies without giving more details.

President of the Parishad Maj. Gen. (Retd) C R Dutta, Bir Uttam, led the delegation which was comprised of its General Secretary Rana Das Gupta, leaders of the parisad Adv Subrata Chowdhury, Shiril Sikder, Nirmal Chatterjee, Babul Devnath and Barrister Biplab Barua.

Among others, Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Molla Waheeduzzaman and Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Abul Kalam Azad were present.

Later, another delegation of Bangladesh Buddha Christi Pracher Sangha, led by its President Sudhananda Mohathero, called on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her office.

During the meeting, they invited the Prime Minister to attend the Lord Buddha statue installation ceremony at Kamalapur Buddha Bihar in the capital on February 23 next.

Sheikh Hasina accepted the invitation to attend the function. Mentioned that Thailand is sending the statue of the Lord Buddha to the Buddhist community in Bangladesh.

General Secretary of the organization Dr Pranab Barua, among others, were in the delegation.

Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Molla Waheeduzzaman, Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Abul Kalam Azad and PM’s Private Secretary Nazrul Islam Khan were present.

Source : BSS and Agencies.

See also :

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hindu MPs signed memo to Prime minister Sheikh Hasina to amend vested property return act

Source: Asian Tribune

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Ramjanambhoomi in Ayodhya :: Faith, fact and fiction

Posted by hinduexistence on October 23, 2010

Faith, fact and fiction

October 22, 2010   1:51:41 PM

Prafull Goradia || Daily Pioneer, New Delhi, India.

History and ASI records prove Hindu temples have been vandalised time and again by Muslim rulers and invaders. Will Muslims consider returning all those mandirs to Hindus in exchange of the Babri Masjid?

The recent judgement of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court on the Ram Janmabhoomi has been criticised by several Muslim leaders and a self-styled secularist as one based on faith and not facts. To insist on facts, when it comes to religion, is a contradiction in terms. That Virgin Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ is a belief inspired by faith and we respect it. Similarly, we do not question that Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven from the Dome of Rock.

The short-sightedness of the Muslim institutions wanting to appeal to the Supreme Court against the High Court’s recent judgement on Ram Janmabhoomi is obvious. In contrast, recall the vision of Sir Sikander Hayat Khan, the distinguished Premier of undivided Punjab: The Muslim League had sponsored the Punjab Muslim Mosques Protection Bill of 1938. The intention was primarily to secure the restoration of the Shaheed Ganj mosque, which was being used as a gurudwara.

As stated by Professor Coupland, the Bill was expected to create a grave political crisis for Sir Sikander’s Unionist Party. However, he still stood firm against the Bill and stated openly in the Punjab Assembly that the enactment of the legislation would provoke a retaliatory action in other provinces in respect of the numerous non-Muslim places of worship, which had passed into Muslim hands and had become sites of important Muslim holy places such as, the Dargah at Ajmer or the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque near Qutb Minar.

Significantly, the Council of the Muslim League approved of Sir Sikander’s contention and the Punjab Governor accordingly, did not permit the Bill to be introduced. That left Barkat Ali, the sponsor of the Bill, disappointed. The incident is quoted from Modern Muslim India and the Birth of Pakistan by Mr SM Ikram.

As a Hindu, I welcome the insistence on facts. I could go to the extent of offering the Muslims the Babri masjid back provided their leaders agree to give back all the places of worship, which were proven mandirs and were converted into masjids by invaders or Muslim rulers.

I have seen and photographed several mosques whose walls carry integral carvings of Lord Ganesh. The Quwwat-ul-Islam in Delhi and the Adina Mosque near Malda in West Bengal are two such examples. The Jama Masjid in Vidisha near Bhopal is a veritable museum of Hindu idols. The Rudra Mahalaya Complex at Siddhpur in Gujarat with its 11 temples used as Jami Masjid is another interesting example. From within the precincts of the mosque, Hindu idols were excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1979, but were buried back at the insistence of Muslim leaders. This incidence was reported by the Fourth National Minorities Commission Report, 1983. According to Alexander Cunningham, the legendary founder of ASI, it was the resplendent kingdom of Kannauj, which was later destroyed by Muhammad Ghori in 12th century.

In his Mathura : A District Memoir, FS Growse has recorded his exhaustive survey of Brajbhoomi. He was so overwhelmed by the vandalism that he visited the area repeatedly and recorded it in detail. To quote: “Thanks to Muhammadan intolerance, there is not a single building of any antiquity either in Mathura or, its environs. Its most famous temple — that dedicated to Kesava Deva (Krishna) — was destroyed in 1669, the eleventh year of the reign of Aurangzeb or Alamgir. The mosque (idgah) erected on its ruins is a building of little architectural value.”

Over two centuries after the desecration, Growse felt that “of all the sacred places in India, none enjoys a greater popularity than the capital of Braj, the holy city of Mathura. For nine months in the year, festival follows upon festival in rapid succession and the ghats and temples are daily thronged with new troops of way worn pilgrims”.

Today, Balkrishna is worshipped in a little room, which appears like a servant quarter attached to the back of the idgah. Definitely, any visitor, whether a devotee or otherwise, would feel pathetic.

The birthplace of Krishna was vandalised repeatedly. It started with Mahmud of Ghazni in 1017 and went on till Aurangzeb’s rule in 17th century. Historian Sri Ram Sharma in his The Religious Policy of the Mughal Emperors, first published in 1940, wrote: “Then came the turn of the temple of Keshav Rai at Mathura built at a cost of `33,00,000 by Rao Bir Singh Bundela during the reign of Jahangir. It had excited the envy of many Muslims who, however, had not Aurangzeb’s power. It had been built after the style of the famous temple at Bindraban which Man Singh had built at a cost of `5,00,000. But Bir Singh had improved upon his model and spent more than six times as much as Man Singh had lavished on his shrine at Bindraban. It had become a centre of pilgrimage for the whole of India. The idols, studded with precious stones and adorned with gold work, were all taken to Agra and there buried under the steps of Jahanara’s mosque. The temple was levelled to the ground and a mosque was ordered to be built on the site to mark the acquisition of religious merit by the emperor.” Historian Sharma has relied on Maasiri-i-Alamgiri.

The Russians at the end of their conquest of Warsaw had built an Orthodox church, which stood for a hundred years until World War I. It was demolished after the Polish takeover. At the same site, the Poles rebuilt their Catholic church. The incident was described by Sir Arnold Toynbee in the first Azad Memorial lecture delivered in Delhi. He then went on to comment on the irony of independent India tolerating the idgah over Krishna Janmabhoomi and the two tall mosques built on the ghats of Benares.

Ours being a peaceful society, Indians should avoid desecration. A fair and square exchange of the Babri edifice for all the mandirs turned into masjids, which authentic records prove, should be acceptable to all.

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Hindu Retaliation against Azad Kashmir :: Islamist Geelani faces Hindu Shoe in protest of anti Indian activities :: IAIF demands arrest of Arundhati Roy

Posted by hinduexistence on October 22, 2010

Arrest Aarundhati Roy

Sign the petition online here.

Hardline Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and writer-activist Arundhati Roy during a convention on “Azaadi: the only way” in New Delhi. (PTI)

Geelani faces shoe protest in Indian capital

HE Correspondent in New Delhi || 21st Oct 2010

Some Hindu hardliners and the refugee groups of Kashmiri Pandits vehemently agitated today in New Delhi against an advocacy forum in the support of “Azad (Free) Kashmir”. The nexus between the Islamists, Naxlaites and some pak sponsored separatist sikh groups including some anti Indian writers were clear from the dais sponsoring separation of Kashmir from Hindusthan.

Hardline Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani (accused attacker upon Indian parliament) and writer-activist Arundhati Roy were present in the convention under the banner “Azaadi: the only way” in New Delhi.

A shoe was thrown towards hardliner Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani at a function in New Delhi on Thursday as a group of people, including Kashmiri Pandits, staged a strong protest against his presence.

The protestors, shouting slogans like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ , ‘Vande Mataram’ , ‘ Jab tak Suraj Chand rahega, Kashmir  Hindustan mein Hoga’ and ‘ stone-palters go to Pakistan’ created ruckus at the convention on ‘Azaadi — The Only Way’ which was being attended by a number of sympathisers of Kashmiri separatists and naxals.

Though Geelani was yet to speak, the protesters numbering around 100 shouted slogans asking him to leave for Pakistan.

Amid the pandemonium, someone threw a shoe towards Geelani on the dais but it missed to hurt him, slightly touching.

A human chain was immediately thrown around him on the dais by the security personnel and organisers to protect the leaders on the dais.

The protestors were taken out by police personnel later.

At the time of the protest, S A R Geelani, a lecturer who was accused in the Parliament attack case but later set free, was speaking on the topic. This Islamic leader was set free by the endless efforts by the advocates connected with the pro-islamic and pro-naxal advocacy groups under some banners of so-called human right groups.

Courtesy : PTI, Agencies.




Tel. (718)  478-5735/(718) 271-0453



October 22, 2010




Arundhati Roy’s statement at a seminar in New Delhi on October 21, 2010, where the Maoists hosted Kashmiri secessionist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani,  that Kashmir should get Azadi (freedom) from  “bhookhe-nange Hindustan” is not only highly offensive and repulsive but also borders on  treachery to the nation that  has given her high living standard, high quality education and social status.  This sinister statement is actuated by a diabolical intent designed to incite violence, support insurgency in the Valley, encourage Islamic terrorism and consequently destabilize and destroy India from within.


It is a well known fact that India’s  economy is growing  at the rate of 8-9% a year.  As a result, there is more than 300 million solid Indian middle class  – roughly equivalent to the population of USA.  The number of millionaires in US dollars  in India crossed 100,000 in 2007 (Financial Express) and  is increasing approximately at the rate of 20% a year.  There are 69 US dollar billionaires in India (Forbes).  As of today, India government has 287 billion US dollars in its treasury. Indian billionaires are shopping for Islands in the Caribbean  and buying long term dollar bonds in USA.  The center of economic gravity is slowly shifting towards India.


The above facts debunk the depressing theories expounded by  Arundhati Roy, and shatter to pieces the myth that India is  a “bhookha-nanga Hindustan”.  On the contrary, India has become the third largest economic power in the world.   In addition, the Indian economy will  approach the $2 trillion mark in 2011-12, according to an assessment made by the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC)!  It is disgraceful  that this demented Far Left lady  is  indulging in false propaganda to malign India and tarnish her image.


Arundhati Roy is  the primary incubator of violent Maoism and barbaric jihad in the country.  This woman is completely frustrated at the economic rise of India and the consequent total discrediting of flawed Marxist theories of development.   Her spiteful acts of denigration and demonization  of her country and her  hate of  everything Indian is unfathomable.  This woman is spreading the totalitarian ideology which can spell disaster and doom with cataclysmic effect.  She is sapping our civilizational self-confidence, weakening our ability and will to resist those jihadists.  She deserves to be buried in an  avalanche of opprobrium.


Far Left loonies like Arundhati Roy have considerably lost their influence in the eyes of the Indian public.  This Marxist demagogue is looking for cheap publicity by making shocking and sensational statements in support of fissiparous anti-national forces who want to tear apart India.  However, Indian people have great natural shrewdness; they know how to appraise such false propaganda.


In this connection, it should also be noted that in 1947 India was mutilated and devastated by her indigenous Muslims who could not tolerate, or live in peace, with the Hindus.  They threatened civil war if they did not get a big slice of territory to create an Islamic republic; and finally succeeded in vivisecting India in two parts.


India will never allow any further division of the country come what may!

Narain Kataria


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Vijaya Dashami Speech of RSS Chief

Posted by hinduexistence on October 19, 2010

Vijaya Dashmi Speech of Sarsanghachalak (RSS Cheif) Respected Mohanji Bhagwat at Nagpur Vijya Dashmi Utsav.

Aashwin shukla 10, Yu.5112 ( 17 Oct.2010)

Verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi- an auspicious sign

Festival of Vijaya Dashami is celebrated in our country with great gaiety and enthusiasm from time immemorial as a day of victory of the “Dharma” i.e. virtue, service and righteousness. This year the festival comes at a time when the entire nation is heartened by the court verdict on the Ram Janm Bhumi issue delivered on 30 September 2010. This verdict of the Lakhnau bench of the Allahabad High court will ultimately facilitate the creation of a monumental temple on the Ram janmabhoomi. Maryada Purushottam Ram is the manifest divine for the Hindus all over the world. At the same time He is also the manifestation of our national culture and it’s honour that is at the core of our country’s identity, ethos, integrity, urge for freedom and vigour. That is why in the first copy of our Constitution among the pictures attested as discription for the events that reflect our ideals, aspirations and traditions, the first individual picture that finds place after the pictures of Mohenjadaro and the life in a hermitage is that of Sri Ram. History of the Sikh Panth clearly records Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji’s visit to Sri Ram Janmabhoomi at Ayodhya in 1526 A.D. during his all Bharat tour. Now it has been acknowledged on the basis of historical, archaeological and physical evidence that there existed a sacred Hindu monument at the site of Sri Ram Janm Bhumi prior to 1528 AD.

Vijaya Dashmi Utsav 2010 at Nagpur : Pic. courtesy Organiser.

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Video of RSS Vijaya Dashmi March in Hoobli, Karnataka, India.(17th. sept. 2010)

Courtesy : Haindava Keralam.

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The real state of affairs of minority Hindus in West Bengal, just before a Muslim state there.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 17, 2010

Deganga’s Hindus abandoned by own

Sunday Pioneer || October 17, 2010   2:25:11 AM

There was a time, not that many decades ago, when Hindu grief in one part of the country would not go unnoticed in its other parts. And so it was that Hindus across north and central India, as it existed before the demise of British colonial rule a year later, observed a ‘black’ Diwali in the autumn of 1946 to commiserate with their co-religionists of Noakhali in Bengal. The infamous Noakhali riots, which erupted on October 10 even before the last corpse had been removed from the bustees of Calcutta which had burned for days following Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s call for ‘Direct Action’ on August 16, witnessed what Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was to later describe as a call to Hindus to leave or perish in the “flames of fanaticism”. If Direct Action Day led to the ‘Great Calcutta Killing’, the “organised fury of the Muslim mob” — as an enraged member of the Bengal Legislative Assembly rudely but pithily put it — was unsparing in Noakhali. Hindu homes were set on fire, Hindu women were raped and girls abducted, Hindu men were murdered. It was this unrestrained butchery and the Hindu grief in its wake that moved a million Hindu hearts in central and north India and the diyas remained unlit that Diwali.

Six-and-a-half decades later, Hindus, it would seem, are no longer moved by the plight of Hindus. The pseudo-secularism aggressively peddled by political parties of all shades — even the BJP has begun to subscribe to the bunkum made fashionable by the Left-liberal intelligentsia in the hope of ridding itself of its ‘communal’ (read Hindu) tag — and the divisive politics of caste identity have made Hindus inure to the plight and sorrow of fellow Hindus. Nothing else explains the indifference of Hindus towards their hapless co-religionists in Deganga who, after suffering the “organised fury of the Muslim mob”, led by Trinamool Congress MP Haji Nurul Islam, have been virtually abandoned by both community and state to their fate. Starting September 6, Haji Nurul Islam and his thugs, who met with resistance when they tried to demolish the main Durga Mandap that has existed for long, ran riot in Deganga block of West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district, a short distance from Calcutta. Hindu homes were ransacked, Hindu shops were set on fire, Hindu temples were desecrated. All this happened while the district administration and the police twiddled their thumbs. In West Bengal, the Marxists are loath to take on the mullahs; for the Trinamool Congress, the mullahs are powerful allies in Ms Mamata Banerjee’s quest for power at any price.

Humiliated and simmering with rage, abandoned and forsaken by their own in West Bengal and elsewhere, the grieving Hindus of Deganga decided not to celebrate Durga Puja, the most important festival in the Bengali Hindu calendar, this year. The Durga Mandaps in Deganga wore a deserted look, the joyous sound of dhaak, the traditional drum, was not heard, and an overwhelming sense of mourning prevailed. Fear played spoil sport, too: If the September riots were any indication, Muslim belligerence was not to be taken lightly. Meanwhile, in a demonstration of crude triumphalism, Haji Nurul Islam and his goons, with the full support and blessings of the Trinamool Congress, have built and inaugurated a new mosque right in the middle of Deganga market. The high-volume and high-pitched azaan is more a taunt to the Hindus than a call to prayers for the faithful.

The ghetto now rules Deganga. The Hindus, reduced to an awful minority by Muslim ‘settlers’ who entered West Bengal illegally and settled in Deganga as ‘citizens’ after being provided with ration cards by the local committee of the CPI(M) that facilitated the inclusion of their names in the voters list, can only grieve over their persecution today. Ironically, the Hindus voted en bloc for the Left, as did the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants-turned-Indian citizens. Then the demography changed radically; the pampered minority became the oppressive majority. That coincided with the waning of the Left Front and the waxing of the Trinamool Congress which, mindful of numbers, chose Muslims over Hindus in Deganga and strengthened its hold by patronising the likes of Haji Nurul Islam. When Ms Mamata Banerjee went around ‘inaugurating’ Durga Puja at various pandals in Hindu majority constituencies of Kolkata this year, she did not spare a thought for the Hindus of Deganga; she need not have because their votes do not matter. That’s the power of demographic change, forced and natural.

Nor does the Left Front, especially the CPI(M), care about the Hindus of Deganga. The Marxists believe survival depends not on alienating the mullahs but pandering to them. Hence the recently announced communal quota; hence, too, the West Bengal Government shamelessly looking the other way as students of a tax-payer funded Islamic ‘university’ — really an over-glorified madarsa — in Kolkata force their women teachers to wear the burqa on campus. Then there is the media which has blacked out the plight of Hindus in Deganga, striking an ideological posture with which we are all too familiar. But it is not Left-liberalism that has kept Deganga out of the columns of newspapers and prime time bulletins of 24×7 news channels: It is the fear of incurring the wrath of both Ms Mamata Banerjee and her Marxist foes. The tragedy that has befallen the Hindus of Deganga is similar to the stuff that once made Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ a popular inclusion in Sunday papers.

Postscript: I have received the following e-mail from Hindu Samhati, the only organisation which has been trying to draw the attention of media and authorities to the fear that reigns in Deganga, admittedly without any success so far:

“Minor Hindu girl abducted by Muslim youth in Deganga in broad daylight on October 1.

Victim — Sangita Mandal; age 17 years, four months. Class 12 student. Daughter of Sukumar Mandal. Address: Village Purba Changdana, PS Deganga.

Kidnapper — Naharul Islam; age 22. Son of Abdul Rahim. Address: Village Doharia.

Sangita was abducted in a Maruti Omni van at Ambika Nagar in front of Polytechnic College.”

In a similar case of abduction and forced nikah when the mother of the minor girl appealed for justice to a division bench of Calcutta High Court earlier this year, the honourable judges of secular India’s secular justice system had cited sharia’h to legitimise the ‘marriage’, insisting that the age of the girl was inconsequential. We live in depressing times.

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Pic of Durga : U Chakroborty. Pictures are not the parts of the original article in Sunday Pioneer. NB -1 : CAMMB Report on Deganga may be read by clicking hereNB -2 : See Deganga Puja boycott list : Click here>>LIST OF 31 BOYCOTTED DURGAPUJAS AT DEGANGA BLOCK in 2010… NB -3 No Durga Puja in Deganga – Protest Rally Pictures

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Greetings of Durgapuja

Posted by hinduexistence on October 16, 2010

Hindu Existence Blog-site conveys the greetings of Durga Puja (Maha Shakti Aradhana) to every viewers. Jai Ma Durga !!

Hindu Existence Blog-site expresses its deep concern to the Hindus of Deganga (West Bengal) who could not be able to perform this greatest festival of Bengalis due the atrocities and political persecution upon Hindus in West Bengal.

Video of Deganga Protest by Hindu Samhati at Barasat, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India on 18th Sept. 2010.

Late News Flash : All the seven Hindu Samhati Activists arrested in Deganga Protest Rally at Barasat got bail from Barasat Judges Court and released from jail on 13th Sept, 2010 after long 26 days. The whole Hindu society is proud of these warriors of Bharat Mata. Saffron Congratulations from Hindu Existence forum. Jai  Jai  Sree  Rama. Durga  Ma  Ki  Jai.  Jai  Bhavani. Har Har Mahadeva. Rudra Devta ! Jai jai Kali !!

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