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Islamic Jehadi-Maoists nexus attacked Hindu activists in Kolkata over Azad Kashmir issue

 Arrest Aarundhati Roy

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Attack on Patriotic Students and Youth in Anti-National Seminar (upon Kashmir) in Jadavpur University 

Special Report by HE||Kolkata 30.11.2010

Again the Hindu Activists opposed the Azad Kashmir and the nexus between Muslim Jehadists and other anti Indian elements like Maoists. But this time in Kolkata, the opponents clashed each other and the Jehadists were compelled to run an off-show.

After the seminar in New Delhi demanding `Azadi` for Kashmir, a similar seminar also titled `Azadi` was organised at  Vivekananda Hall in Jadavpur University today  (30th November 2010) by a Maoist student group called UDSF (United Students Democratic Front) with the notorious secessionist and accused in Parliament Attack case, S.A.R. Geelani as the main speaker. At the outset of the seminar, a speaker Mr. Siddhartha Guha Roy gave a speech in which he harped on the so-called `independent` history of Kashmir and asserted that Kashmir should be separated from India. All over the venue, posters and banners put up by the organisers openly demanded `Azadi` for Kashmir. When a member of the audience Mr. Arun Shaw asked the speaker a question about the role of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee in integrating Kashmir with the rest of India, the Maoist organisers suddenly rushed towards him and started an unprovoked physical attack on him. There soon started a free for all with the organisers using sticks and rods which they had stocked beforehand for an obviously pre-planned attack, to beat up all the patriotic members of the audience mostly ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidarthi Parisad) and BJYM (Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha) activists who had gathered there in large numbers.

In this sudden and brutal attack amidst anti-national slogans and obscenities hurled at the patriotic members of the audience by the organizers among whom were some known notorious Maoists like Debolina Chakraborty, who was recently named by the West Bengal police as a collaborator in the Maoist atrocities in West Bengal, many  ABVP and BJYM activists were grievously injured. Two of the activists Neeraj Kumar and Yagnik Agarwal were critically injured and had to be hospitalised while bleeding profusely with wounds on the head. One of them is still admitted to hospital in a critical condition. Others like Amitabha Roy, Tanushree Roy, Gautam Chaudhuri and others were also injured.

After this attack ABVP and BJYM activists organised a road block in front of the University Gate blocking a main arterial road of Kolkata for over an hour in protest against the brutal attack and the anti-national seditious speeches at the seminar. It is significant that members of the public joined the blockade in large numbers when they saw the issue, despite being inconvenienced by the blockade.

ABVP has submitted a police complaint in Jadavpur Police Station demanding the arrest and legal proceedings against the organizers of the secessionist and seditious seminar along with all those involved in the brutal physical attack including Debolina Chakraborty and her gang.

ABVP demands that the organizers be booked on grounds of sedition as well as grevious assault. ABVP also demands that an enquiry should be conducted against the authorities of Jadavpur University as to how they granted permission to hold an openly anti-national and seditious seminar titled `Azadi` within the University campus, where posters openly advocating `azadi` for Kashmir were allowed to be put up all over the venue and a norious and known anti-national like Geelani, accused in the Parliament attack case and against whom an FIR has already been filed for his seditious speech in the LTG Auditorium, New Delhi on 21st October, was allowed to visit the campus and speak against the unity and integrity of India.

Post Script : The members of HYF (Hindu Youth Fornt), Kolkata were present in the place of occurrence so vitiated by Muslim-Maoist nexus in West Bengal. In the morning dailies published (30.11.2010) from Kolkata contained the news of Geelani coming to Kolkata and supporting the rights of notorious Arundhati Roy for Azad Kashmir by some Maoist-Psuedo Secularist Intellectuals of kolkata, irritated the patriotic mass here.

The HYF may campaign against these Bengal Intellectuals like Tarun Sanyal, Bivas Chakroborty, Miratun Nahar etc. who are continuously promoting the blood-pooled Maoists activism in West Bengal and keep mum to Islamic secessionists trying here a “Green Revolution” for Islamic Bengal.

As per sources, Jihadist Geelani is likely to meet here the leaders of Lalgarh Manch (Controlled by Maoists-Chinese perpetrators) and Deesham Party (ally of Maoists) to design some nefarious progammes against Indian integrity and sovereignty.

Joydeep Mukherjee, Secretary of All India Legal Aid Forum briefed to the press in Kolkata that Geelani should be arrested immediately for his anti national activities.

As per a reporting so far published in a Bengali morning daily news paper here, Rahul Sinha, West Bengal State BJP Secretary, cautioned Mr. Geelani in such a way, ” We will break the legs of Geelani, if he does not stop his subversive and anti national activities”. 

The  separatist selected the venue of Jadavpur University which was the  erstwhile  Bengal National School and the source of arousing Indian National spirit so propounded by Sri Aurobindo and others.

Pictures of agitation is awaited from Kolkata Sources.

Indian Express Reports : Violence in JU over seminar on Kashmir Azadi 

Indian Express Reports : BJP protest outside Arundhati’s residencea

The Times of India Reports : Sangh bid to disrupt Geelani speech at JU

 Courtesy : Media Watch || Indian Express || The Times of India.

6 comments on “Islamic Jehadi-Maoists nexus attacked Hindu activists in Kolkata over Azad Kashmir issue

  1. Sri
    October 31, 2010

    Will these Maoists ever shut up? The product of intellectualism of Bengali enlightened people.

    Now they have no idea about how to face the coming trouble. So what they are resorting to is deny all the troubles and problems; problem is solved.

    West Bengal is in horrible situation; caught between CPI(M) and TC. Both are worse.


    • biccky
      November 27, 2012

      Recently i drove down to a resort in raichawk with my family.
      We were stopped atleast 20 times by Muslim mobs extorting money from motorists , as subscription for Muharrum.All of them were carrying bamboo sticks and intimidating the passer bys . So we have to pay Jiziya now in west bengal ???????
      Great ?? Isnt it , ??when are we dharmic peoples ( hindus, buddhists, Sikhs, and jains ) going to wake up from our slumber ??????


  2. Sri
    October 31, 2010

    Why should Ms Roy be arrested? Many people have realized that she is stupid, now by arresting her or making demands for arrest makes her a martyr and popular. She proved herself to be a stupid many times with her observations and lets not shoot ourself in the foot by making ridiculous demands.

    Any way lets respect freedom of expression as it is enshrined in constitution.

    It is impossible to come to agreement that which speech is proper and which is not.

    The one who decides in this matter is God and ruler and usually turns out to be oppressor like communists or Islamists.


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  4. yogesh saxena
    November 1, 2010

    How long the Muslims and their appeasement friends, Pseudo Seculars will keep on preaching the wrong notions. Fact is that Muslims have demolished thousands of Mandirs, Churches all over the world, where ever they have gone. Recently in Afghanistan they have demolished Buddha Idols and Temple in presence of Media. In Pakistan and Kashmir (our own State) in last 2 decades at least 200 Temples are demolished. Who will punish these inhuman community?
    Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle in the history of Hindu nation by Radha Rajan released in New Delhi
    The Hindus constitute 83 per cent of the total population in the country but they still do not influence the nation as Hindus. We still find assaults on the Hindus everyday from all sides—Hindu temples, muths, symbols, customs, beliefs, traditions and religious leaders.
    “The term Hindu nation has been misunderstood and misinterpreted in the country. Before the tenth century we were a self-governing nation. Since the day we started compromising our values and stopped worshiping the shakti, we became so weak that the foreign invaders including the salves ruled over us for centuries. During this period the whole system was bent upon to damage the true values of this nation. The book by Smt Radha Rajan is first one to investigate into what went wrong with the system as well as the people during these so many years. It is a well researched book and explains how systematically the country was de-Hinduised,” said the former MP and director of the International Academy of Indian Culture, Dr Lokesh Chandra. He was releasing the book, Eclipse of the Hindu Nation: Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle, written by Smt Radha Rajan in New Delhi on June 26.

    The book has been published by New Age Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, Former Secretary General of the Lok Sabha and a member of the Constitution Review Committee Dr Subhash C Kashyap and noted swadeshi thinker, ideologue Shri Govindacharya and Shri Sinha Roy of the New Age Publishers were also present on the occasion. The writer Smt Radha Rajan is a Chennai based political commentator. She is passionately committed to the welfare of homeless and street animals in Chennai for over 12 years. She is also one of the authors of the book, NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry.

    Dr Lokesh Chandra hailed the book as original sin of the freedom struggle. “Indians always worshiped shakti. Our all gods and goddesses carry the weapons. The greatest crime committed during the freedom struggle was the introduction of the concept of ahimsa. We should not forget that we are still in the battlefield where we have to fight. There is no part of India, which is not surrounded by enemies. If we fail to fight today we will not be able to survive for long. The whole nation needs introspection and we need fresh ideas,” he said.

    Shri Govindacharya said the analysis of the characters like Gandhiji is not an easy task. The emergence of Gandhiji, inactiveness of Aurobindo and Tilak and jail sentence to Savarkar were the events during the freedom struggle, which raised many doubts and still need answers. Smt Radha Rajan has done a great work by working on Gandhiji with this new angel, he said.

    Dr Subhash C Kashyap said Smt Radha Rajan by extensively quoting from the original writings of Gandhiji exposed the anti-Hindu face of Gandhiji. “Her work cannot be set aside and her ideas need to be analysed,” he said. “We are defiantly proud of our glorious past but it is an important question why the invaders looted and ruled over us for so many years. There is a need to introspect and think over the weaknesses of the nation and also remove them,” he said adding that the biggest threat before the nation today is demographic imbalance, which is being created through various means. He said it is very shameful and dangerous time for any nation when its majority community feels threatened.

    Smt. Radha Rajan said the Hindus constitute 83 per cent of the total population in the country but they still do not influence the nation as Hindus. “We still find assaults on the Hindus everyday from all sides—Hindu temples, muths, symbols, customs, beliefs, traditions and religious leaders, etc,” she said adding that the ahimsa of Gandhiji was only for the Hindus and not for the Muslims and others. She alleged that Gandhiji never considered this land has Hindubhoomi.

    The book analyses the period between 1893 when Aurobindo as a Congressman began to write his political columns, and 1947-48 which culminated in the vivisection of the subcontinent and Gandhiji’s murder. It seeks to demonstrate how the Gandhiji-led freedom movement had no well-defined political goal, which should have been determined by a sound understanding of the inherent evil of alien rule. The book shows how in the absence of such defined political objective the freedom movement drifted confusedly between Gandhiji’s social agenda and his political ambition, leaving the field clear to anti-national interests to divide and rule us and to dismember our land to serve alien politico-religious objectives.

    The book argues that it was Gandhiji’s refusal to acknowledge the right of the majority of the population to its land that was the root cause for his failure to organise all sections of the majority society to combat the twin threats of an obdurate and avaricious colonial power and an ascendant anti-Hindu monotheism. By making the Indian National Congress his personal vehicle, he twisted freedom movement in a manner deliberately calculated to cast into the shadows the nationalism of Tilak, Aurobindo, Savarkar, Bhagat Singh and Subhas Chandra Bose. Gandhiji and the Gandhi-led freedom movement eclipsed the Hind nation.

    The book takes a decisive step towards correcting the political discourse in the country and makes a case for self-conscious Hindu state power to pull us back from the brink of our self-destructive politics of minorityism. No matter how much the so-called secularists protest that Hindu assertion is undermining the idea of India that is a figment of their imagination, this nation is not an idea, it is real. The truth of the nation rests on its majority populace for whom this nation is their janmabhoomi, a concept unique to the Hindu way of worship.


  5. yogesh saxena
    November 1, 2010

    When Islamic invaders invaded India their aim was to loot India and to convert Indians . Their motto was — Either death or Islam . Millions and millions of Hindu who were afraid of being killed accepted Islam and millions and millions of Hindus who would not accept Islam were killed . Millions and millions of Hindu who accepted Islam many of them will come back to HINDUUISM but they all will be killed by MUSLIMS because according to ISLAAM “ONCE A MUSLIM ALWAYS A MUSLIM ”
    Muslims BURNT THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF HINDUU TEMPLES . In a few days Hindus will erect new temples on the same places . When Muslims saw that then Muslims will burn Hindu temples and erect the MOSQUE on the same spots . [[ you can see that when ISLAAMIC TERRORISTS DESTROYED TWIN BUILDINGS IN AMERICA THEY WANT TO ERECT A MOSQUE ON THAT LAND ]] This is the reason thousands and thousands of Mosques have destroyed Hindu temples underneath .
    These days you will see — thousands and thousands of Muslims are making Hinduu deities , Hindu sacred threads and looking after some Hindu temples ; they accepted Islam but they did not leave their profession because they were Hindu one time .
    Muslims have many ways to convert Hindus : —
    By force , by Islamic terror , by preaching— Islam is a religion of peace , by Sufism by singing Sufi songs of devotion , to temper Hindu religious books , by marring Hindu boys and girls , by burning Hindu temples , by framing then jailing and then killing Hindus , Hindu priests , Hindu heads of Hindu organizations , Hindu leaders . By imposing 90 % Islamic tax JAZIA on Hindus etc. etc. Muslims also tempered with Hindu books to confuse Hindus so that Hindus become easy target to conversion .
    Thousands of thousand of Hindu temples were burnt and on those sites mosques were erected by Muslims . When the temples were burnt , all Hindu books were burnt then
    the whole Hindu system collapsed . Hindu collected the sunburn pages of the burnt religious books and started worshipping accordingly . This is the reason so many PUUJAAS PADDHATIES are in INDIA . After some times some people started to compiling those burn pages but to make the connection between the pages they put their own ideas . In this way for the last 9 hundred years we Hindus are reading those mixed up Hindu books because Muslims ruled India about 6 hundred years and British Christians ruled India about 3 hundred years . British Christians took India from Muslims and ruled India for 3 hundred years . British Christians did the same thing to Hindus as Muslims did . British Christians did repair some Hindu temples to get good name but took all Hindu temples’ lands and made Christian churches on those lands.
    1. shiv cut of ganesh’s head because he did not know that ganesh is his son who was created by paarvati when shiv was not home – god suppose to know every thing then how come he did not know —- it is a contradiction
    2. shiv ask to bring any animal’s head whom ever is seen first — another contradiction because hinduus do not believe in useless killing then how can shiv ask any one to bring animal’s head — which is against hinduu philosophy —
    3. shiv can put elephant head on ganesh to revive ganesh then why not ganesh’s his own head —- an other quiver thing—– many more examples are like these—-
    in this way many stories were made to connect unburnt pages of the burnt books —
    where is the cast system ??? but some people do as many sikhs cut their hair but it is not in their religion , many muslims drink hard drinks but it is not in their religion , many catholics do birth control while it is not in their religion , many christians eat meat on fridays while they are suppose to eat fish instead — and so on —


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