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Deganga and Hindu Protest.

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Deganga and the Hindu Protest

– A Message from Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President, Hindu Samhati

I sent a message on 20th Sept, 2010 from DumDum Central Jail in connection with my reaction upon total Deganga episodes and obviously upon Deganga Protest rally conducted by Hindu Samhati at Barasat town on 18/10/2010. By the grace of Almighty, I succeeded to write and send it by breaking the tight security and vigilance around the clock there. But unfortunately, it could not be published anyway for some valid reason clarified to me later by the Samhati leaders.

The message was conveyed like this.

“Jai Shree Rama,

This is my third imprisonment in my organizational life. First & second time I went to Alipore Central Jail & Diamond Harbor for the cause of passive Hindutva under the banner of B.M.S. & R.S.S. respectively (for labor related problem in trade union at the first instant and next time for demand of speeding up the hanging of Afzal Guru, the attacker upon the Indian parliament in second case).

But, this time in Dum Dum Central Jail, I came with my 7 fellow colleagues (including Sri Chittaranjan Dey, General Secretary of Hindu Samhati, Sri Amitava Adhikary, Dist. President of North 24 Parganas and Sri Goutam Naskar, prominent Hindu Samhati co-coordinator) for the cause of active Hindutva and obviously for the cause of restoration of Hindu dignity severely damaged in West Bengal.

In Deganga the Jehadi Muslims through a set piece movement gave a real message to the Hindus about their situation, if the Hindus would be minority in West Bengal. Deganga tells us, Hindus will be massacred by the Muslims if not organized and not fight. I personally convey my respect of Deganga’s Hindu people who retaliated against the Muslim rampage, arson, molestation, looting and temple desecration by the devout Muslims, provoked by orthodox Hazi Nurul Islam, the MP of Bashirhat parliamentary assembly seat. The ruthless torture upon the Hindus of Deganga, Kartickpur, Beliaghata, Khejurdihi were designed out of a little dispute over a path way between a temple property and a Muslim grave-yard. But the Muslim mentality in Deganga proved again that they never wanted the harmony and good relationship with the Hindus, and all the political parties & so called intellectual groups have pampered them for their gain and built the Islamic Frankenstein in Bengal. If Hindus are not unified and fightful, so many Deganga will come to us to kill us as a monster.

In the protest of the onslaught of Deganga Hindus, when we started a rally towards Deganga on 18th September, 2010 from Barasat Kachari Maidan, over 15,000 Hindu Samhati workers & supporters were gathered there. But police frowned upon the movement and tried to suppress the agitation. Some Muslims present there also hurled abuses on the Hindus Samhati protestors on Deganga. This could not check the situation in favor of ”no-reaction” and the Barasat to Deganga Rally proved that “Hindu reaction in West Bengal”. If Hindus are persecuted in West Bengal, the reaction now must occur. Hindus are now prepared to fight back and now can feel for other persecuted Hindus outside the place of occurrence even under the banner of Hindu Samhati. This is the big message of Deganga.

Practically Hindus have not got any freedom from 1947. The political freedom in India is meant for the so called secularist who is totally against the Hindu Freedom in India.

Through Hindu code bills, Pilgrimage Tax upon Hindus, the plight of Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir and in the North Eastern States, evidently Hindus are still put in the bondage and day by day the pressure and the chain of bondage upon the Hindus are increasing from all sides.

In Deganga, the Islamists wanted to scrap the rights of worship and the sanctity of ‘ Chattal Durga Puja’ by putting a illegal barricade to encroach Hindu Debattar (Worship) land. As Hindus of Chattapally objected the Islamic hooliganism, the Jehadis of adjacent places put up a good example of onslaught upon Hindu life on 6th, 7th & 8th September, 2010.

At last the police was provoked by the political pressure group, the lathi charge and torture came upon the Hindu Samhati workers in the Deganga Protest Rally at Barasat and they arrested the Hindu Samhati State leaders and the general workers also.

We cannot deny the reaction of the Hindu Samhati workers over the persecutor community and their belongings. But it is now evident that each Muslim persecution upon Hindus in Kashmir or Hyderabad or Ajamgarh has to be paid in their own coin in other Hindu areas everywhere under several retaliation. This is eventual. My Muslim brothers please try to understand it. Now Hindus have started their own Freedom Movement and Hindu Mass Movement, even through a Hindu Revolt.

Yes, we can win this struggle for Hindu Existence in the sacred land of Bharatvarsha. This is the way to save humanity in the world from the clutch of Barbaric Islam.

Deganga should be the point of turn to save the Hindus future of West Bengal.

In the Dum Dum Central Jail we are so-so. But I am amazed to see the unity of Muslim prisoners in Dum Dum Central Jail. But Hindus are fragmented, but everybody here is eagerly waiting to see the Ayodhya verdict on 24th September, 2010. We also expect a favorable verdict in favor of Ram Janma Bhoomi Temple. Please prepare for a bigger struggle for rebuilding a fortified Hindu future in west Bengal. Don’t be perished. “Arise, awake and stop not, until the Goal is reached”.

Jai Shree Ram,
Upananda Brahmachari.
Dum Dum Central Jail

Yes, this was my message as sent from DDCJ as told earlier. But, now I want to convey a few words in this context.

At first I have to express my gratitude to the lawyer friends of Hindu Samhati and the sympathetic members of Barasat Court Bar Association who came forward in favour of the bail of us, even before convey my Vijoya Dashmi Greetings to everybody. Through an joint effort of everybody we got the bail from Barasat Judges’ Court on 12th Oct. and came out from 13th Oct. evening amidst a victorious applause overwhelmed outside the DDCJ. Yes, we are free now and we have to work much more with greater speed in the back-ground of Deganga. We should think the entire Deganga issue in a broad-spectrum. Hindu people of West Bengal are convinced the reality of Deganga. Nobody abandoned the Deganga Hindus on their own anyway, as the point raised by an eminent columnist. Whereas 31 Durga puja Committee in Deganga area boycotted the festival in protest of Deganga massacre and in various places the HS activists circulated Deganga fliers from various Puja Committees pandals outside Deganga also. For the gallant steps of the local Hindu people and the HS supporters, the victims are restored with their strength and honor. This is a good sign indeed.

But, I want to point out one thing here with my experience got in the jail where some 20 culprits of Deganga were also detained under law. The criminals of Muslim Community get total support of the Muslim Society when they act for their religion or to harm Hindu people. The Muslim criminals of Deganga connected with the Chattalpally Durgapuja Temple – Grave yard dispute and aftermath are totally supported, maintained and financed by the other Muslims inside or outside the jail.

In every Friday in the DDCJ, a Namaj file is conducted where 400 Muslim criminals are gathered to offer the Jumma Namaj. This is interlinked the entire Muslim criminal there to run a Muslim supremacy inside the jail, even in DDCJ, where Hindus are 52%, Muslims are 47% and others 1%.

I saw that twice a week one Pastor from the Protestant sects and two Nuns of RC Christian Organization came inside the jail to give services to the Christian Criminals. But I saw no Hindu organization or the monks to give any sermons to the Hindu Criminals to set any correctional or reformative measures.

I have many other experiences in the Dum Dum central Jail to be published later in connection of criminal psychology of Muslims. But what I want to tell all of you that Deganga is both the exposure of Islamic onslaught upon Hindu minorities in West Bengal and the Hindu retaliation to fight back too.

Courtsey : Jago Bangla || Hindu Samhati .

Hindu Existence Group admires the gallant attitudes and fighting spirits of all Hindu Samhati workers, the HS leadership and specially the 7 soldiers of HS, i.e. Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President; Chittaranjan Dey, General Secretary; Gautam Naskar, State committee member; Amitava Adhikary, North 24 Pgs -President; Rahul Roy, Buddhiswar Naskar and Bhuton Mali -three other HS activist, who went to jail for long 26 days in connection with Deganga Protest for the cause of  Hindutva and Bharat Mata. Jai Sree Ram.

3 comments on “Deganga and Hindu Protest.

  1. Dr Saradindu Mukherji
    October 29, 2010

    Another instance of Hindu sufferings at the hands of the Muslim fanatics and the valiant effort of Sri Upananda Bramhachariji and other brave Hindus. Your fight must go on and more and more Hindus must extend all kinds of support to the persecuted people. Our heart-felt gratitude and namsakar to all.

    Dr Saradindu Mukherji


  2. Dilip K Banerji
    October 30, 2010

    Well said, Shri Brahmachari! Hindus have no option but to fight back. The sick (secular) politicians, media, and their puppet police have no interest in protecting Hindus because we don’t vote as a block. Therefore, Hindus have to defend themselves vigorously and forcefully and give a fitting reply to the Islamists.


  3. Changarath Vikram
    November 2, 2010

    Independence comes at a price. Someone has to pay the price for themselves and others.

    The great fighters of independence paid that price. So did
    Netaji. The price of independence is blood. The reward is freedom, justice and honor.

    People in Bengal should act or will end like the Hindus of


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