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Finding the causes of Hindu defeat towards Hindu victory

The Hindu Defeat: Failure of Leadership in Past & Present

Harsh Verma

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As we debate on revitalizing Hinduism, it is essential to understand the reasons members of other religions were able to vanquish Hinduism. It is only when the causes of downfall are understood that measures can be taken to counteract their influence and bring in a new dispensation. This is fundamental to any reform initiative or a call for a revival of lost glory.

A lack of introspection on the other hand ensures that such factors continue to plague society and undermine it from inside. This is the first of a mini series of articles which will focus on three major factors which in my opinion led to the defeat of Hindus and whose effect is still influencing us today: Failure of Leadership, Intellectual backwardness and Caste system. This series of essays will also take into account the collapse of the Majpahit empire in Java and the consequent Islamisation of the Indonesian archipelago along with the current status of Indonesian Hindus.

The lack of effective leadership was a major factor in the Hindu defeat. Unfortunately the same factors continue to plague the current socio-political Hindu leadership of the RSS. This is not a comprehensive article on the RSS since that will come later. This essay merely looks at the leadership failures in the past and shows how they continue in the current leadership as well.

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6 comments on “Finding the causes of Hindu defeat towards Hindu victory

  1. yogesh saxena
    October 31, 2010

    India -A functioning anarchy

    The birth of a socialistic pattern of society and mixed economy in the first decade of independence without any priority to defence production and for sound economy provided initially to confounded speculation about India’s starvation. There was settling down to take in its stride by the super nations, but their apprehension was belied by emergence of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri as Prime minister. His favourite virtue of simplicity, outstanding characteristics of singleness of purpose and basic idea of rectification of wicked evils of exploiting the resources has converted the country revolution and simultaneously boosting the moral of our Army gave the success in 1965 Pakistan’s aggression and thereby capturing a vast territory of enemies land has provided the moral damage to the aggressors ambitions . Indira Gandhi vanquishing the predatory neighbour Pakistan for ever as the hesitant dictator , but her wrong diplomacy survived the terrorist decade of a fighter . Thus the first face of India’s socialism was replaced by populism replacing ideology and also absorptive nationalism and by embracing popularity oriented party policy . It began with profit oriented private and a quality unconscious public sector with narrow vision to make India a global economic power , but this utopian empire has been completed vanished in view of different conflicting ideological political differentiation due to parliamentarian system in the post independent era of our country .
    Our potential of unlimited reservoir of skilled labour and abundance trader’s skill for investment of capital have been submerged with diversification of vested political ambitions . This has provided an obstacle to our inherited great skilled splendered intelligence and our super entrepreneurial spirit to naught. The unified political entity under British rule is now ahead to further split due to regional based political conception . The constitution of India designed to equip with substance to meet the challenges of the future in its spirit is now playing a role like a compulsive gambler bent upon ascending our invaluable legacy providing to be caricature of noble democracy . The spirit of social justice has been given up with no chance of its revival through shells of socialism making this preposition as fraud with people . This has provided the provided the transfer of material resources from honest to dishonest opportunists instead of poor people.
    There are 540 public sectors enterprises by union Govt. and nearly 1700 by the state Govt , which are the black holes ; the money guzzles and they have been extracting an exorbitant price for Indian doctrinal socialism .
    The most persisting tendency in India has been to have to much Govt. and too little administration , too many laws , too little justice , too many public servants and too little public service, too many controls and too little welfare.
    The great mistake initially was to start with Adult Franchise . This should have been started with restricted system franchise and to make citizens graduated to Adult franchise and they may be worthy of discharging their duties through some value based education . The result is that our half of the population is literally illiterate . This is a state of mobocracy in the strife of moral decay with the facts of in-discipline , corruption and castism , divisiveness with communal hatred , linguistic fanatism regional fency and caste loyalty are growing at the vitals of the unity And integrity of country. Interfaith and harmony and consciousness and essential unity may stop growing army of terrorists and professional terrorists , professional hooligans in order to save fellow citizens . The profound shells of culturally a kin , ethically identical , linguistically knit and historically related may remain intact , if we acquire a inner sense of national identity . We can only gain the wisdom of cherish its priceless heritage and create a cohesive society, if we adopt the ideas for implementation in correct prospective instead of talking more about them.
    The power entrusted under the rule of law with the authority dealing with Govt. business is required to be discharge truly , objectively, expeditiously with personal responsibility and it should not be leisurely taken due to obvious considerations , otherwise there may be the imposition of the costs for committing public injustice and to give the manipulators an opportunity to compound the camouflage and it may become counter productive with for reaching affect on public Administration exchequer deflecting the course of justice . Now Bureaucracy is only accountable to the political executives and hierarchical responsibility is in built discipline .Thus there must be judicial accountability and review over the quasi judicial decision taken by the executive with proper accountability by imposition of the punishment and personal costs against the erring officers responsible for such injustice . The other factor requiring attention is for having a single window system in every public office with a senior officer found responsible in case of undue harassment to the public .It is high time to dealt with criminal activities with a presumption of guilt against the accused person as the plea of innocence is in contradiction of making arrest of individual involved in the crime .The fake entry in the revenue record , illicit means of registration , unauthorised possession land grabbing with the connivance of police officer are discontent strife for the commission of crime . The annihilation of the department record vested with property right is another source of providing resentment to the actual owner Vs ostensible possessors raisins construction. Thus these atrocities committed by the public authorities should be dealt with a exemplary punishment like that of the crime of financial irregularities and embezzlements. Our political master subverted the freedom of bureaucracy and moral values gradually disappeared . The greater the power vested in politicians, there is danger of becoming intolerant and authoritarian .There is gradual deterioration of extra-ordinary sagacity and wisdom with the custodian of public trust .There are dark cloud over our independence of judiciary . The Solomon’s throne representing to the judicial system is now supported by two lions representing the legislature and executives on both the sides . Although lion is still under the throne as it may not oppose the point of sovereignty vested in the rule of law , but still the Solomon’s conscience may be priced by sitting on chair of handicapped sub-silent instead of its own and thus the separation of power is the utmost consideration for the democratic values , for which the superior courts may play an active role to eradicate the evil of corruption . The solution lies in gradual transformation of power from the authoritarian type to the benevolent use of power by our politician . There must be an assurance for the right to work to every citizen .There should be the transparency in the functioning of their department dealing with the people in exercise of their duties in the welfare state. The barriers providing the restriction in dealing with the distribution of essential commodities which are perpetuating corruption should be dealt with appropriately as it may repose the confidence of the people in the present system and there by avoid them from suffering unnecessary harassment . This can be done by fixing the accountability in every system and against such individual who is vested with the power to dealt with the public otherwise the country may collapse by its own pressure . The system of caste , money power and criminalisation of politics has further provided the electoral system to a naught and it has been ridden with corruption without fulfilling the aspiration of the electorate and as such there is desirability for changing the present parliamentarian representative form of government to a responsible government which may have is wise for uplifting the cause of downtrodden in the society but may seldom exploit them to use for its own benefit .Thus the country may be saved from its own peril.
    Napoleon Bonaparte said; “The crown of France was rolling inside the gutter, I simply picked up it, and put on my head”. The religion and caste division amongst Hindu were being exploited by the invaders. British’s sponsored the policy of divide and rule while politicians adopted a policy of the divide and spoil for their narrow gains in spite of the fact that it may be a threat to the nations unity and integrity of our country. Now nobody is looking forward to the vast problems of poverty, ignorance and disease. The divisive it forces of caste & religion imbalances through strong and resurgent India.
    Battle of Panipat and battle of Plassy were not fought due to such divisive forces on the caste line but they were conquered by making ourselves slave to our destiny by different dynasty. Excellence and social equality with greater attention to socially disadvantaged minority group was essentially required to be given pre- dominance to check up global economic scenario annual. There is no leadership of extraordinary commitment and alertness as in accordance with the changing emergence of technological and intellectual impact on our society, but there is role entrepreneurs invigourous wealth creation through a radical change inn our character . Let us be confined to a classless society in which there may not be any appeasement or reservation except the excellence in respect of our performance. Unfortunately the traitors inside the country has provided still worsted shadow of darkness by an eclipsed sun. The people of whole country was suffering from a poignant pain of agony. The universality of which carries in it a great dignity of consolation we have promulgated the undesirable elements in our population coupled with corruption, cruelty, callousness and a complete disregard of public welfare, which is flourishable poison in the air. With confounded speculation of India’s starvation; a terrorist decade of oligarchy and anarchy having appeasement party politics as antithesis to creativity and potential, which has provided an obstacle to our inherited great stilled splendour intelligence with our super entrepreneurial spirit of cultural heritage to naught with intellectual apathy, I have risen to the occasion with profound bleeding at my heart to fight against compulsive gamble bent upon ascending our invaluable legacy providing to be caricature to our noble democracy. We the India’s having 15%of world population and 54% of illiterate citizens of the world are having only 1.5% of world income going down word trend in the list of exporting country from 16th place to 45 place with less them ½ of world to list traffic after 50 years of independence. Despite best ecological conditions and environment and natural resources we are amongst the 10th corrupt nations of the world. Scam of corruption, like Fodder Scam in Bihar, Harshad Mehta Scam, Cobbler Scam of Maharastra, Ayurvedic Scam in U.P., letter of credit Scam in Assam with 700 cases of corruption pending with C.B.I. is our identity. At least 40,000 criminal cases of kidnapping, murder, rape, gangsterism and Mafia Rule spreading the fear psychosis without having the printed proforma of F.I.R. and charge-sheet are the glorious instances in one State of Bihar, which is spreading the fire of greed and fears psychosis upon its people. About 240 public sectors enterprises by Union Govt. And 700 public sectors by the State Govt, are providing black hole in National Economy. The money guzzlers are extracting an exorbitant prices for Indian doctrinal socialism. The State of mobocracy in the strife of moral decay with facet of indiscipline, corruption and castism divisiveness with communal hatred, linguistic fanaticism, regional fancy and caste loyalty have provoked the conscience of patriotism. About 120 millions cases pending in the different courts without any probable disposal, within a considerable time period may further provide the loss of country’s valuable potential. 25 north country global phenomenon are having only ¼ of world’s population having 70/ of wealth, 80/ of trade, 90/ of industries and 99/ of finest and most advanced research centre are having their vast potential. They started giving benefit of donation received through begging, but our country’s politicians have set up to regeneration of corruption through these donations. Thus keeping away from realities in allowing to perpetuate the corruption by dishonest opportunity and with calibre are ruling over the nation. State Govt. was spending Rs. 1,11,96,000/- during Miss. Mayawati chief minister regime on the security of V.I.P. every month against whom the allegation of misappropriation of Rs. 5000 crores were levelled in one public interest Litigation which were published in News Paper. This is all just to provide and boost the political career by our politician.
    The collusion Govt. of India and Govt. of U.P. having ideologically antagonistic with its alliance is a heterogeneous conglomeration of disparage and disparage interest designed mainly to hedge the power against interest of common citizen. Our thrust with destiny as boosted by our leaders at the time of independence has now been scattered into pieces, sheltered into the extinction of hopes and abrogated and subjugated with the misfortunate scenario of our prophesier democratic set up of the Country. The doctrinaire ethics of democratic values and conceptual phenomenon of so called socialism and secularism being antithesis to social justice and religious sentiment has further deteriorated the very foundation of our country solidarity amongst the citizens. We have formulated utopian empire which is having no existence. This is on account of our character assassination which is resultant into a wild fire meant for destroying the very fabric of our integrity and existence. Can we claim to enjoy our independence.
    Can we protect our nation from such anarchic situation. The answer convey the only recourse to be adopted i.e. the enforceable fundamental duties and strict discipline required to be implemented. Whether the army personnel deployed for protecting the Nation may not be assigned to fulfil the uphill task of providing a check to internal insurgency. Can still we enforce the necessity of maintenance of the strict discipline required to maintain by the Army personnel and not be our leaders, who have taken over the command like a diplomatic monarch in our country. Let us examine some of the drastic problem which has become the root cause of erosion of the traditional values of our culture.
    Political parties are gripped to below with the wind and bend with the glass. The collusion Govt. emerged at the state level having the Jumbo size of the ministerial berth being occupied by Sri Markandey Chand then having about 5 criminal cases, Sri Sardar Singh then having about 6 criminal cases, Sri Hari Shankar Tiwari then having about 25 criminal cases, Sri Shyam Sundar Sharma then having about 18 criminal cases, Sri Raja Bhaiya then having about 8 cases and Sri Shiv Pratap Shukla then having detention under N.S.A. were assigned with the responsibility of Cabinet Minister by our Chief Minister Sri Kalyan Singh for remaining in power. The criminal cases are not of minor nature, but the same includes murder, Dacoity with murder, ransom, kidnapping, rape and other physical assault towards the innocent citizens. There are again Sri Rakesh Dhar Tripathi then having 2 criminal cases, Sri Ram Prasad Kamal then having 6 criminal cases, Sri Bhagwan Singh Shakya then having 7 criminal cases, Sri Amar Mani Tripathi then having 18 criminal cases, Sri Prem Prakash Singh then having 15 criminal cases, Sri Vinay Pandey then having 5 cases, Sri Rakesh Tyagi and Sri Ram Shankar then having 6 criminal cases each, who were inducted as Minister for the State by Sri Kalyan Singh in his ministry. Recently the power exercised under Article 161 by Governor for granting pardon from the charge of the murder to Sri Doodh Nath Yadav has been found by the Hon’ble Supreme Court to be given by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh without application of mind and in the wholly arbitrary manner. The handing over the charge of the post of Chief Minister to Sri Jagdambika Pal by the Governor of U.P. Sri Ramesh Bhandari was considered to be a malafide exercise of power. This is the outcome of our parliamentarian democratic set-up of our Country.
    Sri V.B. Gupta, special Judge of designated Court conducting the trial of politicians involved in HAWALA scam has honourably acquitted all the accused as he could not be prepared to get a remark that he does not know the elementary of basic law of evidence act in which there is no sanction recognising a document written in the code word to be admissible in the evidence. This is pragmatic approach in the matter relating to the crime committed by the guardian of our country. Can anybody may expect from these diplomatic personality dealing with the art of manoeuvring of the process to their own accountability that these parliamentarians including the Hon’ble minister will leave the clue of their identity while committing the crime and to get themselves involved in criminal offence. Our law has become too much unrealistic in its approach and Justice which is dependent upon such a rigmarole of the technicalities to vitiate the very foundation cannot be imparted in the present system. No fruitful result can be achieved by launching the mere prosecution against such politician. We the citizen are paying an exorbitant price of our doctrinaire Angle Saxon Jurisprudence and socialistic, secularists democratic parliamentarian set-up of our country. This is the drastic fate of giving us the freedom on 15th August, 1947 by the British’s to whom we found for better than our politicians.
    The legal interpretation may be demonstrated by two illustration i.e. (1) Delhi Govt. proposed to provide prosecution for committing an offence of eve teasing to the girls from distance of 10 Feet. The offender started eve teasing them beyond such distance and escaped from punishment. Then the question was posed by a girl. (a common citizen) that what it makes the difference that he committed the offence from distance of 10 feet or beyond it. It was the reply of the prosecution that you cannot expect to permit the girl, (the common citizen) to see beyond the limit of 10 feet. This is a fate of our citizen in the present Judicial set-up of our Country. The second instance is relating to taking inside the boy hostel a girl friend which was objected by the boys who have shown their resentment to the proctor. The proctor for being indulged in to such type of the scandal formulated a policy of getting the door remain open to 45 degree as the bed may be visualised from out side to the boys as they may not be inclined to know what is happening inside the room. In this process all the boys of the Boys Hostel started enjoying the company of their girl friend behind the 45 degree of the door pan, which remain open. This is how the legislature are enacting the laws from the parliament and legislative assembly. Can the minister are subjected to the prosecuting being the maker of the legislation?
    Another instance regarding financial irregularities committed by our politicians can be visualise by the very reason that there is the exemption provided to the members of parliament and the legislative assembly from the Tax liability to the extent of Rs. 1,50,000/- for which the ordinary citizen is required to pay an exorbitant price of his hard saving. The list of the defaulters of Telephone bills which come into light when Sri N.P. Vashi Advocate Bombay High Court filed a Public Interest Litigation mentioning the name of alleged defaulter of telephone bill namely Sri Venkat Krishna Reddy M.P. having a defaulter of telephone bills the extent of Rs. 11 Lacs, Sri Ram Sunder Dass M.P. Rs. 11 Lacs. Sri M.M. HashimRs. 13 Lacs, Sri Ram Deo Ram Rs.9 Lacs, Sri M.S. Govil Rs. 11 Lacs. The further po;otoca; spectrum having dues with a sample of names of Sri Raj Babbar, Samajwadi party Rs. 7 Lacs, Srimati Vijay Raja Scindiaa, B.J.P. Rs. 8 Lacs, Sri George Farnandis, Samata party Rs. 4 Lacs Sri Kalpnath Rai, Independent Rs.1.8 Lacs, Sri R. Jagannatham, A.I.D.M.K. Rs. 11 Lacs, Sri A.B.L. Gani Khan haudhari Rs. 42 Lacs, Sri Sunil Dutta Rs. 2 Lacs, Sri Jayanti Patnayak Rs. 3 Lacs, Sri Sathish Sharma Rs.1.5 Lacs, Sri C. M. Mohan Rs. 11 Lacs, SRI Mukul Washik Rs.2 Lacs. Those are the over and above 1 Lacs free calls free calls permitted to the members of Parliament annually. In this manner out of total arrears of revenue regarding the Telephone bills to the extent of Rs. 14,000 Crores in Delhi alone heads, the Country list of defaulters to the extent of Rs.2500 Crores and Rs.245 Crores are the dues outstanding towards our Politicians according to the data published in the ‘OUT LOOK’, Rs. 25 Lacs are the dues on the Congress Party.
    Let us examine the statement of Sri Ram Jethmalani in another context who has said that “the Judges at the highest level were involved in lesser pursuit of propping unworthy appointment of bench”. Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav has expressed that there should be the adequate representation of the Judges belonging to backward classes. Recently the C.B.I. seized 80 Gold Biscuits weighting 116 grams each the locker of Bhaskaran, a close relative of Shashi Kala. Km. Jayalalitha finds this an act of treachery. In whatever she propose to get a temporary reprieve in the legal quagmire by challenging the Constitution of the Special Court to try corruption cases against her by transferring Justice D. Raju as Chief Justice Himanchal Pradesh through her party colleague union Law Minister Thambidurar. Now the Chief Justice Mr. M.S. Liberan constituted the new bench along with Justice K. Govind Rahjan then he was also proposed to be transferred, but on account of pressure of legal fraternity of the Bar, the device could not be succeeded. Km. Jayalalitha closed inmate Dr. Subramanyam Swami has now been named one of conspirator along with Chandra Swami of committing the assassination of Rajeev Gandhi by providing the aid to the LITTE. The process of Judiciary is being circumvent by Km. Jayalalitha having her involvement in 46 cases of corruption in which three special Judges are hearing the trial and it has already been reached beyond the stage of framing the charges. The ‘The Tansi land deal’ in which Jayalalitha ordered as Chief Minister for the sale of such land below the guide lines prices causing a loss of Rs. 3.13 Crores to the Govt. in favour of partnership firm namely Jaya -Jee publication in which Jayalalitha and Shashi Kala were the partner. The second case of Coal import case of Rs. 117 Crores by electricity Board is again traced to Jayalalitha who over ruled the findings of P.W.D. Secretary Sri V. Sundaram and asked them Tamilnadu electricity Board Chairman Hari Bhaskaran to go ahead. Jayalalitha is already declared guilty by Hon’ble Court in Rs. 56.48 Crores S.P.I.C. dis-investment case. The Court has asked her to pay back Rs.282.9 millions to the Govt. and rest by the S.P.I.C. management. Justice Y. Venkatachalaia observed if the such acts and conduct on the part of Jayalalitha are allowed to continue, it will not only create and indelible stigma on the system of flourishing democracy, but will also bomb bard. The economic structure of our country. Can Km. Jayalalitha is isolated example of committing Bombardment over the entire economic structure of our country or there are other politician except few of exceptions including new alliances which has bring back into the square one with Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav and Sri Lalloo Prasad Yadav having the Ayurvedic Scam and Rs. 920 Crores Foddar Scam to their credit respectively. It was Jayalalitha who raised the demand to induct Dr. S. Swami as Finance Minister of our country. Can we survive under the guardianship of such type of politicians of our Country?
    The President of India has referred a question to the Chief Justice of India regarding the correctness and the propriety of the power exercised by the Chief Justice of India after the 9 Judges Judgement in Supreme Court Advocate-on-record Association. The file of all such appointment which have been done from year of 1993 on ward has been summoned by Justice Dr. A S. Anand. Now presiding over the bench of 9n Judges of Supreme Court, It is in the context of remark made by Sri Ram Jethamalani, which was published in news papers on 29th July, 1998. Whether we are still in the process of searching of a system till the substratum of revival of the Country appears to be collapsed by out character assassination. There is no revival of the hopes at this Juncture except by the enforcement of strict discipline upon such politicians and our guardian by the true patriotic sons either by giving the command in the hand of Army personnel or to impose an emergency by promulgation of martial law to take the command of our great nation. We are intoxicating the under ground water, the water of river Ganga and Jamuna, which are the source of our survival by flowing the toxic effluent inside such water for boosting our business dealing which is ultimately bound to effect the survival of the entire Country. It has been learnt through the reliable sources that the Chief of the some of kidnapping of innocent citizens and there after killing them with brutality, if the, demand of ransom may not be fulfilled by the victims of such crime.

    Yogesh Saxena


  2. yogesh saxena
    October 31, 2010


    India has now been engulfed by the fire of hatred among the citizens, by the fire of scam and corruption amongst bureaucrats, by the fire of greed, lust and passion through politician and this is a paradise lost to perpetuate them under parliamentarian system. There is no respect for law, no respect for our cultural heritage and traditional values. The dream of independence by our people has been shattered, battered and broken by unholy combinations of greed , lust and power based on falsehood and violence. The nation is at cross roads with devils workshop on one direction and the deep sea of uncertainty towards the other. There is a dark cloud of uncertainty with complete chaos.
    The ideals of peace and non-violence are good enough to be taught, but the same are not applicable for experience as there is complete deterioration of moral values and nobody is interested in a holding them. The leadership are in the hands of those mediocre which are deliberately degenerating the disintegration of the values and are totally independent upon the false projection of their phobia amongst the masses as nobody could even think of resisting them.
    The plague of castes amongst the down trodden masses has provided the exclusive monopoly to be ruled by them who demonstrates welfare, but exploit the poverty. There is no check and balance in the game of politics. The spiritual purity of thought is converted into the support from greed and desire by the politicians to their own profit amongst the backward classes. This has provided at tug of war between upper-class and backward class to the larger advantage of our parliamentarian. We have to look within ourselves and find out the answers these problems to build an ideal earthly kingdom to our nation.
    Nature has the tremendous effect by its own creation to fight against the prevailing disturbances created by the human errors. The tendency to provide an encroachment over the equilibrium, maintained for necessary check and balance as the phenomena which constitutes the involvement of the ecology on one hand and the potential advancement of the technology on the other hand with restrictions. In such situation there is a violent stroke of the natural calamities having drastic effect on the viability of the mankind and survivability the human race. This was the concept of our Hindu philosophy that since the nature is co-existent to the ingredients of life, as such there should be proper respect to the valuable treasure hidden inside the coverage of the nature. The Himalayan prosperity, the rivers flowing through its and thereby providing the essential water required for the irrigation over the land providing the cultivation for the production of food grains were respected as equivalent to god and goddess in the Hindu religion. There was comparison for animals, who are providing their necessary contribution for the preservation of nature and therefore it was only Hindu religion that the cow has been dealt with as mother for every human being. The cruelty to the nature and even over other the creation of the nature and therefore it was only Hindu religion that the cow has been dealt with as mother for every human being the cruelty to the creation has been prohibited in Hindu sanskriti and they used to worship all the trees providing coverage to the birds , animals and also to human beings. There was offering of the milk to the snakes on Nag – Panchami on account of the fact that even the snake was considered to be a friend of human being and the enemy to the rat who used to consume and destroy the harvest cultivated through human efforts. There was in itself check and balance by the nature and the man was considered to be more happier within the limited resources and therefore from the beginning even the princess were sent to the small huts for their physical and spiritual training under the guidance of the sages ,who have already given up all their comforts for the eradication of prevailing maladies in the societies and these sages were given a status above to the ruler of the particular nation. Thus the ultimate effect of the Hindu mythology was to preserve the nature, which is the ultimate goal of every religion. Unfortunately this message could not be communicated to the followers of other religion and as such the drastic effect has been visualised as the green vegetation was converted into the desert, wherever there was expansion of any other religion in contradiction with ideals and cultural heritage of Hindu mythology . India, which was considered to be the golden country ,is now leading towards the same deserted outlook effect as is evident in the middle Asian countries. It is for this reason that the prediction was being in the earlier 19th century that every religion will lost it’s significance, which is not coexistent with nature and rather detrimental for being co-ordinator to boost up the natural resources which are essential for the survival of human race.

    Hindu religion is now on the verge of its extinction as its foundations are based on non-aggressive trend and worship to other religion. The humanity is the sole criteria , and nothing like fanatic aggressive trend is adopted for its expansion, which is prevalent in this religion rather there is the broader perceptiveness for adoption to the followers of the other religion. The qualification of generosity has become at disqualification for its preservation and existence. Thus it has now become a fundamental duty of every citizen having faith in Hindu religion to fight against the divisive forces who are keeping silent over the effective and prevailing encroachment of Hindu tradition and this is utmost important that if we want to protect violent strokes of nature then the survival of Hindu religion is necessary.
    The extinction of Hindu race is evident by the bare factor that our monuments and the place of worship have been demolished or converted into different form by the followers of other religion. The attack is now being made on very foundation, which were maintaining the existence of Hindu religion. The prevailing tendencies of materialistic approach, conceptual deterioration through sacrosanct and contract of marriage , the food habits of non-vegetarian dishes by adopting the cruel method of slaughtering the animals and non spiritual trend of giving up habit of self resistance, are now prevailing in our nation, which is a clear indication that our country, which has been ruled by Mogul invaders and British conqueror by adopting the Roman policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ again in the clutches of foreign aggressiveness and the time is not ready for, when the policy of appeasement to the divisive forces and advantages to the dishonest opportunist will completely ruin down the basic cultural heritage and the traditional values of Hindu heritage from the scene of Indian continent, from where, it was a originally inherited through the grace of Almighty. The extinction of our cultural heritage to the drastic effect is due to sycophancy and hypocrisy which is always inclined to hero worship tendency in Indians, and has given opportunity to power politics to our leaders and from a promulgate religious domination by the few individuals. Mankind is in the habit of suffering through worst catastrophe by the violent stroke of nature. Nature , which preserves, its preserver; but simultaneously ,it also destroys its destroyer. This is the most complicated phenomena of the omnipotent protector but is seldom treated with respect by the human being. There was individual praise instead of appreciating the benevolent qualities and spiritual knowledge and this is followed by the theory of intelligence through birth. The Hindu religion had classified the four sects of Brahmins, Kshatriya,

    Vaishya & Shudra by their symbolic qualification . Brahmins were resembled by the head of the human beings, while both the arms and chests of the individual were regarded as Kshatriya. The abdomen was represented through Vaishya and those who were indulged into the process of cleanliness of the garbage and other waste products were called Shudra and on account of their limited means of creativity they were never indulged into the passionate pleasure through our senses of productivity and therefore they were regarded at the lower berth. The Indian mentality and the vested interests have given the recognition to these qualifications represented by four sects in the society on the basis of heredity hierarchy and the individual is regarded to be better qualified through his berth instead of his qualifications. Thus it has given a predominating factor for the creation of four Varnas . This was route cause of prevailing maladies, which has given way to the foreign ambitions to take the advantage of such hypocrisy and to rule this nation by the policy of ‘divide and rule’ from the time of Mughal conqueror upto the period of British invaders. The battle of Plassy was further examples of weak characteristic of Indian mentality as India was conquered by an army consisting of 650 British soldiers by defeating an army of 1 lac soldiers of Nawab Shahjadullah by Clive Lloyd .

    This has provided an opportunity to the Congress leaders from a very beginning to highlight the status of Shri Mohan Das Karamchandra Gandhi as that of a Mahatma. After the first world war when there was a usurpation of power by some of the dedicated leaders like Lala Lajpat Roy, Vipin Chandra Pal, and Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak. The efforts of Bhaghat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Sarva Shri Pt Ram Prasad Bismal, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Roshan Singh and Rajendra Nath were also undermined before the status of Mahatma Gandhi by then Congress contemporary in the different period of British Empire. Then the pro Mahatma friction inside the Congress have called them as reactionary to the prevailing system and they were to discourage for their aggressive nature. The uprising of our leaders against British domination was assailed from time to time on many grounds as no one could come forward as that of a leader after independence and the power may be enjoyed by few individuals, who were opportunists and remain loyal to Mahatma in his policy of non-invasion as Mahatma Gandhi was always inclined to evade from the British diplomacy. The independence of our nation was prolong to an indefinite period till the rising of Hitler and demolition various stricture on which the British domination was coexistent to the extent that his sun was never dawning in the west, as on the other side of its expansion of its jurisdiction, it was simultaneously rising. After the Second World War the British domination has not only been extinguished from the soil of this nation, but from other 47 nation at the contemporary time period. Thus the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi was really negligible in comparison to the efforts of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ,who fought the battle through his army against British people. The status of Mahatma Gandhi has become a protective umbrella providing shield to the ambitions of opportunists leaders. Those who were associated with him with the sole objective to gain the power after independence . Mr.Moti Lal Nehru being conversant with the inclination of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru towards the leadership has purposely associated him with Mahatma Gandhi as he was very conversant that one day or other these Britishers have ultimately to depart from the soil of this country and thereafter there are chances of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru gaining the power if he remained associated with Mahatma Gandhi as his successor disciple. The association of Mr Nehru with Tej Bahadur Sapru as an advocate was neither successful nor it would have remained in existence for a longer period. Thus there was no other alternative except to allow of Mr Nehru to join the politics and the associated with Mahatma Gandhi. This ambition of Mr Nehru to remain in power has ultimately led to the process of partition of India to a very larger extent.

    Mr Subash Chandra Bose was elected as president Congress by defeating Mr Pattavi Sita Ramaya a nominated candidate of Mahatma Gandhi. Mr Nehru and his other associates become very perturbed by the victory of Netaji. Thus the conspiracy was fetched to remove him from power. It was declared that the victory of Netaji was personal defeat of Mahatma Gandhi. The lobby associated with Mr Nehru lead by Mr Govind Ballabh Pant resolved on 3rd March 1939 that Netaji will not be empowered to choose his nominated member, but those having solidarity in Mahatma Gandhi will be the nominated member of Congress working committee, there was such humiliation to Netaji that he was to submit his resignation from president’s post in order to protect his dignity and self respect and there after he constituted the forward block. There was general feeling among the Muslim fundamentalists including Mr Zinnah that in this manner nobody will allow be allowed to share in power and it has lead to the adoption of Pakistan resolution in Lahore in 1940. Thus the ousting of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as the president of Congress by the diplomacy of Jawahar Lal Nehru and is other associates has ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan to the greater extent. This was the fraud with the people. Muslim league supremo Mohd.Ali Zinnah ring from tuberculosis and he could have survived only for six months on the eve of partition of our country in 1947. The celebrated writers namely the Larry Collins and Dominique Lappire have found Mr Zinnah as unyielding obstacle to Lord Mountbatten and the basic cause behind his obstinacy was the excessive greed of congress leaders to remain in power, if there was no partition India may be the most innovative national philosophy to have emerged in the post independence period. India was having attitude if we were equipped with the problem and there was unique solution, if the kids of the present generation were sharing global dream of Indian continent, who ever may be the responsible for the partition of the country, but certainly these ambitions have played the role of a traitor inside of our country and the present generation may not forgive them.

    Acharya J. B Kriplani was elected President of congress working committee. great planning was elected president of Congress working committee, but Mr Nehru condemned him by saying it is better to talk with a devil than to talk to Kirplani. This was the characteristic of individualistic approach which has ousted many patriots like Mr Ballabh Bhai Patel, Mr Purshottam Das Tandon, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia ,and Babu Rajendra Prasad their active contribution for the prosperity of our nation. It is well-known if Mr Patel would have not taken the drastic decision of unification of 650 princely states and the state of Jammu and Kashmir as the integral part of our nation for which Mr Nehru provided obstacles at every stage, we would have not living in our nation and rather slaughtered like animals by the aggressive attitude of our counter part of nation called Pakistan. Mr Ram Manohar Lohia once regarded “Rising star” by Mr Nehru was arrested 16 times during the Nehru’s 16 years this has started from the movement when Mr Lohia provided resistance and talk against .Mr Nehru policy of Panchsheel and condemned that at the time acquisition of Tibet by China this Panchsheel was shattered and scattered into pieces after the Chinese aggression in 1962,when India could only save his territories from further acquisition by the timely intervention of Soviet Union.
    The parliamentarian system adopted by our ambitious leaders to gain powers through to any means fair or foul, has dragged our nation towards confusion coercion chaos crime and corruption. We now are proudful that we are most corrupt nation of the world living below poverty line with the maximum criminal providing shelter and production through our corrupt politician. This was the foundation which we have witnessed during first 16 years of independence under Prime Ministership of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru. Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri has protected the large interest of our nation only within a period of two years when the people of our country were dying of starvation, running in bankruptcy, insecurity and control through foreign ambitions. The green revolution for self autonomy of our people has not only provided them sufficient bulk of food, but also provided the export of food articles during Shastriji period. The successful in recapitulation over the territory of Pakistani aggressor during the year 1965 war were the that tremendous achievement of this real patriot, who maintained idealistic approach throughout his regime but shown his determination to fight against divisive force acting detrimental to the interests of nation and never allowed to perpetuate corruption in any manner, as such it is well established that here are the hopes of getting the rectification of the prevailing errors committed by the politicians and the country has got the vital resources to maintain its reputation among the other countries of the world.
    After the independence that was perspective of but Congress became one of the rider on account of its hold over leadership and this has resulted into disintegration of the various socialist formation into the spilt. The economic backwardness provided miracle success to co-ordinate such equations to the best advantage of the ruling Congress. The element of motivation for the success of Congress was based on Nehru -Gandhi dynasty which helped Jawaharlal Nehru to reflect his personality by inducing himself as the supreme leader. In pursuit of his office of Prime Minister by Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, the interest of the nation was crucified to the larger extent in view of acceptance of the partition of India and creation of Pakistan with clashing of vested interest to rule the nation under the guise of the danger through external aggression. Mr Ram Manohar Lohia has adopted a viable political strategy on ideological pretence of uncompromising anti-congressism this fact was witnessed till the aggression of the China. This has provided a great setback in the advancement of socialistic strategy.
    After the death of Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru who based his policy by centralising the attention towards his foreign policy of diplomacy and certainly to build up the nation to certain extent but he meticulously failed to built up the defence against the external threat as a result of which India lost the he major portion of Kashmir and vast land in Chinese aggression. According to some spokesman of the relevant period the policy of Mr Jawaharlal Nehru was widely based on his diplomacy and appeasement and tactics through concession to the minorities by introducing the reservation policy of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes in the matter of employment for the limited period. The introduction of Hindu reforms against the prevailing abuse of power detrimental to the interest of woman through polygamy and contractual marriage and divorce amongst Muslims for which there was head on collision between Mr Rajendra Babu the President and Mr J. L. Nehru, but ultimately Mr Nehru succeeded in getting Hindu reform Bill introduced and past which was violative of directive principles of state policy of unified civil law. The dream of adopting the same law applicable irrespective of any creed, caste and religion in order to strengthen the integrity of our nation could not be fulfilled even after the dawn of 50 years of independence.

    Yogesh Saxena


  3. yogesh saxena
    October 31, 2010


    “Yadyapy ete na pasyanti lobhopahanta-cetasah Kula-ksaya-krtam Dosam Mitra-drohe ca patakam katham na jneyam asmabhih Papad asman nivastitum Kula-ksaya krtam Dosam, Prapasyadbhir Janardana.” “Even if these people, with minds blinded by greed, perceive no evil in destroying their own race and no sin by treason to friends, why should not we, O Krishna, who se clearly the sin accruing form the destruction of one’s family, things of turning away from this crime?
    “Atha cet tvam imam dharmyam, Sangramam na karisyasi, tatah svadharmam kirtimca, Hitva papam avapsyasi.” “Now if you refuse to fight this righteous war, then shrinking your duty and losing your reputation, you will incur sin.” “Hato va prapasyasi svargam, jitva va bhoksyase mahim, Tasmad uttistha kaunteya, yudhay krita nisc-ayah.” “Die and you will heaven; conquer, and you enjoy sovereignty of the earth, therefore stand-up, Arjuna, determined to fight.” “He who having sworn by solemn oath at his coronation to protect the people from wrongful oppression fail to do so shall be slain as a mad dog”.( MAHABHARAT) Politics is now regarded as the art of obtaining power and governing the masses through any means irrespective of objectivity towards its ends. The causality of intellectual honesty and lack of understandability with detachment are the result of confrontation and conflict of mutual interest. Superiority over the command between rival groups resulting in the Cold War. Politics war considered to be the branch of ethics, but now it is a powerful brut force of human stupidity greed, jealousy and malice towards fellow citizens. These forces sit over the command of the people. Man has many enemies such as lion, wolves, serpents, but is worst enemy is considered to be his own species with the man power having brutality and destruction at there commands. Mankind has now arrived at crisis on account of its own fate, ignorance and superstition may co-ordinate with these forces which are considered to be the greatest enemy of civilisation. It has come to stand still by the cumulative compulsion of divisive forces fighting with each other with materialistic approach towards life. Mutual love and affection with sympathy towards human cause is based on ethics and not on the theory of give and take. This is based on co-ordination and spiritual power of the individual. Our potential may provide a guide line for success. In the recent time we have visualised that those politicians, who were indulged in accumulating the wealth without providing any consideration for justification of their action, they have undergone through a great mental agony, frustration, discomfiture and disappointment as those people who have provided their best co-ordination to drag these politicians for monetary considerations; they have completely ruined the carrier and reputation due to their criminal prosecution launched by the investigation authorities on the motivation of judicial accountability and the principle of trusty hood as one of the statutory obligation caste upon these custodian’s of power. Marshal Stalin declared during world war “It would be ludicrous to identify the Hitler’s clique with German people with the German State. The experience of history shows that Hitler’s come and go, but the German people and the German State live on. President Roosevelt said – ” I should be false to the very foundation of my religious and political conviction if I should ever relinquish the hope and even the faith — that in all people without exception these lives some instinct for truth, some attraction towards justice and some passion for the people. Buried as they may be under the brutal regime.” In anxiety to punish and disable Germany, the allied Powers flung her into abyssal of economic despair after the first World war, from where emerged the demon of Nazism. They drove them to the frenzy by injustice and then we make that excuse for not redressing the wrong. Hitler became Chancellor of Third Reich in January, 1933. He re-armed Germany first secretly and then openly. He influenced the plebiscite which resulting in an overwhelming majority for return of Saar to Germany. He denounced the military classes of the Versailles treaty and introduced, conscription in March, 1935. He marched into demilitarised shine land zone in 1936. He threw himself on the side of France in Spain-Britain adopted the policy of non-intervention. Hitler grew strength and confidence to fight against the atrocities committed by allied forces during the first World war against Germany. The result as that that Austria brought back to the German provinces for which even Bismarck had not courage to speak. The campaign started for liberation of Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia, a sovereign state bound by ties of treaty and friendship of Great Britain, France and Soviet Russia. This was followed by seizure of memel and defacto annexation of still free Czech territories. People grew furious. The occupation of Prague lead to the war. Till this period Hitler was led to believe that his policies and programme was not likely to a arouse the hostility of Great Britain and France. This has ultimately led to the second world war resulting into the loss of millions life and destruction through aggressive ambitions, which could have averted, if the allied forces have exercised their right of rebellion against the superior command. There would have not been any number. Trial and destruction of humanity by dropping two atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to demonstrate the evil desire of domination by Americans at the end of the war. Churchil spoke with enthusiasm of Mussolini’s ” Gentle and simple bearing ” whole- heartedly from start to finish in the triumphant struggle against leninism on 20th January, 1927. The Italian system was appreciated as being founded on two rocks:- (i) The separation of church and state; and (ii) The right of labour. The Churchill’s party defeat after Second World War a symbolic protest against appeasement of Nazi Germany and the opposite to Soviet Russia. Japan was ally of Britain and France. Japan invaded manchuria. No single government felt that it as an attempt against the reign of law among nations. Secretary of state for India said Japan has got a very powerful case based on fundamental realities against continual aggression of fundamental realities against continual aggression of vigorous, Chinese nationalism. This was based on conscience decision by which the British were ruling in India. Japan acquired manchuria and Korea and continued to remain great friend of Great Britain till Japan had not joined Germany. The western democracies were not condemned to the imperialist aggression of Germany. Italy and Japan due to the reason as these countries were saddle in the same boat till the people asserted their rights and forced them to resist. No country was free from sickness of selfish nationalism. The indisputable guilt of excess power should not blind us to the fact to cast the first stone with clear conscience. If we tolerate wrong doing for long; we become responsible for it. The loud complaints were mode against Germany when she launched the flying bomb and it was condemned as an ” Instrument of blind malice.” “An aimless destroyer.” What about colossal violation of by Americans by dropping Atomic Bomb claimed 2,44,000 out of 2,50,000 population of the Hiroshima. All living things, human and animal in Hiroshima were literally shrouded to death by the Atomic Bombs. Nagasaki suffered equally terrible losses. Both cities were a disastrous ruin. It was not dropped in Europe, but in Asia purposely by Americans. Although the poisonous gas was not used in the Second World War, but the American built London ship ” Empire simba” of 5691 tonnes scuttled with 8000 tonnes of poison gas held in readiness which left a little scottish harbour to said out into the Atlantic Ocean. But for atomic bomb there was not fear of retaliation as the excess power had no equivalent and for it. The obvious difference between war and massacre is just here. The war is fought the massacre is merely suffered. We do not make war on people who do not fight and retaliate. We can only murder them, killing unarmed civilians by raining death on them from the clouds is condemned as contemptible crime. It is not war. President Truman under the grab of Japan’s treacherous attack on pearl harbour justified the use of second Atom Bomb and that despotic contemptible criminal of humanity and further threatened to go on until Japan and her people either surrendered or were completely destroyed. The Christian nations were using a licence to use there weapons under the validity of plea with an implied motive to attain the superiority over innocent Asian citizens; we have just massacre without retaliation of which even barbarous nation would have ashamed while Germans replied to obey the command of their superior officers in a Nuremberg trial were given punishments should Americans be spared from the tremendous cruelties which innocent citizens have suffered ? Whether the future generation bound to suffer due to the effect of radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki can forgive such crime ? Once arms are being taken up all the reverence for divine or Human law were thrown away as they have got a license to commit all the crimes without restraint. Whether it was a war of civilisation against barbarism ? Whether Americans were fighting for moral and not for metalistic approach? This grim ferocious epoch with vast horrors and miseries were inflicted by nations who claimed themselves to be the most civilised. The victorious allies were forgiven all compatible massacre of Japanese and humanity as justification urged for a military necessity. The obliteration without previous warning to human being living at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a crime against the civilisation and there was no parallel to this crime in both the world wars. The fundamentalist of Nazi’s slogan for military necessity justifying horrible and barbaric methods were left for behind by the Americans. The war which starts with noble object of fighting brute forces, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution ended by the outrage on humanity and civilisation. Moral superiority were no where to get the victory over Axis power. The defeated nations be treated in the spirit of tolerance, sympathy and goodwill and not in the spirit of distress, malice or hatred. The British government cannot escape from the responsibility of deaths from 15-20 lakh of people living in India, a figure higher that the losses of lives of Hiroshima and Nagasaki people, a figure higher than the losses of whole British Common wealth in war over total period of 6 years which was estimated to be the only about 11 lakhs. In-spite of British rule in India over 150 years, that could not save the civilisations due to their imperialism policy. The representatives of three big power Soviet Russia, United States and United Kingdom due to their respective rivalries were totally disappeared to fought against the Axis power, but the outcome of the war has resulted into the reproduction of another kind of Cold War based on economic censor and military superiority. The recommendation of the present Truman for retaining the Atom Bombs by the Great Britain and United States for the alleged protection of the civilisation and will be used for keeping the peace was mere slogan. It was said that the same will not be revealed to Russian. The whole conception was fantastic. Soon Russian speaking on October Revolution anniversary celebration in Moscow declared that ” We too shall have Atomic energy and many other things.” General Degaulle, then Foreign Minister of France declared that the Ruineland be again placed under the joint strategic of military and political security of France, Belgium, Holland and Britain, It should be once for all be cut-off from Germany in such a way that its inhabitants should realise that their future did not live with Germany. If nation whose welfare depended on Ruler coal and industry imposed on international regime, some restriction than the rest of the Germany would certainly not be as powerful or rich as Germany would certainly not be as powerful or as rich as before and would never again be a danger because control over the ruler meant control of German industry. The same is the fate of Indian continents given by the British imperialism through their diplomacy and enshrined policy of divide and rule in the state of partition in of Indian continents. About 6 lakh Indian people lost their homes. Three successive battles were on the motherland and still more to be witnessed if the good sense will not prevail over vitious designs of imperialism. British’s who still maintain their supremacy with remote control having significant interference from our leadership. Recently the Americans aggressive bombardment on Korea, Vietnam and Iraq and thereby exploring the natural resources including petroleum products under the protective umbrella over Kuwait is the alarming signal for military aggression by the Americans. The disintegration of existence of U.S.S.R and economic confrontation with China may further suggest that the land on which the future war will be fought, will be of Asians most probably belonging to the land of Indian continents. The economic blockade to China and insurrection of multinationals in India continents may prove the substantial evidence for aggressive bombardment by the imperialism Americans. Our existence may be on stake as being visualised after second world war over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let us try to avert through constant constructive role for strengthening the national unity and if possible making a confederation of United States of Indian continents. The unified Germany is the recent example of such unification of two portions of a great nation. Let us visualise the impact of broad cast made by the President Truman on his return from Potsdam “America will maintain the basis necessary for be complete protection of our interests and of world peace (as being visualised by aggressive bombardment over Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Vietnam and recently in Iraq). We may acquire any other basis which our military experts deem to be essential for our protection (the production which was done by dropping two Atom bombs against the attack of Japanese on Pearl harbour), a policy of military imperialism. Let us not forget that we are fighting for peace and for the welfare of mankind (slogan and false propaganda is further aggravate the militants aggressive policies). The strategical interest of America must be deemed to be extended upto Mediterranean, outside the site to establish the necessary basis for our own protection. We look for nothing which belong to any other Power- We seek to use our military strength solely to preserve the peace of the world, for we knew that it is the only way to make our own freedom secure.” The collapse of Soviet Union, the spectacular economic growth of China as most important power in international system after Americans and the drifts towards a confrontation shaping the dynamics of Cold War is the fresh indication of such policy being adhered to by the Americans in the recent future. China has now emerging as superpower and the Clinton’s assertion on of no confrontation policy may be provided with the stagnation over the Americans trade expansion policy, the arm’s control establishment and thereby losing the popular support for the presidential candidature due to such policy and therefore the Americans have started realising the issues like expulsion of Dalai Lama, the freedom of Tibetan people and demonstrating it for international independence, identity of American alliance with military co-operation from Japan, Australia and South Korea. This has further broadened the possible aggression by Americans and thereby providing uncertain strategic environment in Asia. It has to be kept in mind that the second world war was not the consequence of German aggressive policies of expansion of their strategic territorial superiority, but it was also the outcome of providing economic censor in Rhinland as a retaliation to the German attack during the first world war. The suffering from the domination of Germany and Japan was fought while the imperial power do not like to get off the backs and cause of the depended people for the independence-Racial pride is not a creation of Nazi’s. President Roosevelt said. “Radical strife renders us suspect abroad. Man of all races black, white, Brown and yellow fight beside us for freedom. We cannot stand before the world as champion of oppressed people unless we practice as well as preach the principles of democracy for all men. Race prejudice and radically justified injustices reveal the contrast between the promise and the performance of imperial power. Britain could not have defended herself without help of Indians in the second world war— what has these British’s given to the Indian people? The miseries our people may visualised by observing the apathy and thereby giving promotion to the fundamentalist to Muslims and the political aspirants Indians to see the creation of two nation theory. They cannot remove evil by announcing ideals.” Stalin in November, 1941 declared “We have not nor can we have such war aims as the seizure of foreign territories or the conquest of other people’s irrespective of whether European people’s territory or Asiatic people’s territories are concerned. We have not nor can we have such aims as imposition of our will and our regime on Slavic and other enslaved people of Europe who are waiting for help. Our aim is to help these people in their struggle for the liberation from Hitler’s tyranny and then to accord them the possibility of arranging their own lives on their own lands as they see fit with absolute freedom.” The people of a week and backward country, however strong and healthy they might be, could only serve to be made examples of or as witnesses of such futile spectacles; and it was not necessarily deplorable if many of them dies of prolong illness. The most important thing is to change there spirit. The real tragedy is to life up their voice among the living and meet with no response; neither approval nor opposition, just as if they are stranded in a boundless desert completely at loss. Imagine an iron house having not a single window and virtually indestructible, with all its inmates sound asleep and about to die of suffocation. Dying in their sleep they would not feel the pain of death. Now if now you raise a shout to wake a few of the lighter sleepers, making these unfortunate few suffer the agony of irrevocable death, do we really think we’re doing them a good turn? It is true that there is no hope of destroying the iron house. But still one can not blot out hope, for hope belongs to the futures. There is no refutation of affirmation of the affirmation of faith clear day light swallowed up the lamp light. If we can persuade our citizens the American disastrous consequences of confrontation with imperialistic policy of expansion and thereby unified together to avoid these fundamentalists forces to raise their heads for forthcoming confrontation through collusion with each other, we hope we are discharging or obligations to serve the nation. Unless progressive intellectuals with the capacity to fight and make their consistent and sustained efforts to sponsor and extend the cause of humanity by fighting with the evil design of divisive forces dominating over the arena of present political set-up of our nation, nothing can be achieved from the emancipation from the prevailing maladies and thereby resulting into the survivability of our civilisation in the complete darkness for future generation. Nature has created men not to war but to friendship, not to destruction but to health, not to wrong but to kind and benevolence. Nature has armed the beasts with armours. Man alone left fourth naked, week, tender with the most soft flesh and smooth skin do better to be knitted together be the leagues and conventions. Our politicians have yet to start thinking of making and enacting laws against the moral crime as one of the sociological need felt to amend on the ethical schools of law. The law is not to be compared to a venerable antique, to be taken down, dusted admired and put back on the shelf moral damage is more terrible. Politicians from the changes like chameleons. Thus the politically motivated sub-version of the popular mandate is now a common phenomenon. Thus the law can not be the devoid of morality. The courts of law are the proverbial to the temple of justice. Tilting the balance of justice or sales of justice by weight of coin is the very antithesis of justice. Are the judges are indispensable? If we tolerate them like that of imperial power having their superior commands over the whelmn of the people, we are also protecting that aggressive policies of imperialism over the innocent victim. We cannot dispense with such a responsibility one has to fight for having a command over the whelmn of affairs in the country, otherwise we may witness the same fate of massacre committed over the defenceless citizens and thereby committing the greatest sin against the civilisation and humanity. In the system where the law protect the corrupt politicians and judicial pronouncements keeping justice inaccessible to the poor and downtrodden, a class of lawyer who stood in forefront of national struggle offered the supreme sacrifice and untold miseries for the cause of independence should also rise the occasion and earn a probation and leisure had their command. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer in his book ” Our courts on trial” while dealing with the heading “Justice thyself” has observed:- ” The unbecoming of judicial misdemeanour, what was once a whisper, the rumour about Judges and there delinquencies has now become a conviction of their guilt among social realities, communalism and favouritism. We want our judges to be a good man, not “boneless wonders” and bundles of bias, nor wheeler-dealers of justice who stoop to conquer why should turn to publicity merchant cultivate constituencies. Political and judicial influence. Communist and economically powerful centre plead with ministers for monetary and other bonanzas? Why do they run after Chief Minister for posh house, sites at nominal prices as happened in Bombay and Chandigarh. Now that judges are banned from foreign hospitality without central approval, each judicial travel is becoming a ministerial favour”. “The present generation of judges should not preside over the liquidation of the great heritage. We still have great hope, we still have great confidence in courts but the court down has begin and a national discussion among state men in politics and lawyers and scholars in social sciences is long over due to save the judges from themselves is now a critical need”. “If the judicial process fails, people’s sense of justice, violence fills the victim on the streets, not the courts, settle disputes.” Thus the solution lies in passing the suitable structures by the superior courted even disciplinary action to the departmental proceedings for every wrong judgement given by the person preceding over the court of law is the need of the time. The common man seeks realisation of his aspiration in no sphere of public life. The promise of better tomorrow has conveniently forgotten with a leaf turning and today there is a burning danger that the people will work out their destiny through the compelled cult of their own “Dirty Hands”. Our constitutional duties prudence appears to be nothing but accommodation, but ours it meant Settlement in regard to show shoe economic progress of our society. So I has no Meaning for millions, I will not know how to into idea and fullest ideas as. Mutual district, declared and in fight is on the Increase. National discipline, co-ordination and co-operative of words have begun that casualties in the process. Strikes, Gherao’s and agitation by the opportunist have become a common menace and bureaucracy and red tapism are well trenched in the administration of Service enshrined and guaranteed as a alleged to be constitutionally recognised. A well organised class is paralysing the entire administration resulting in complete departure of the cultural heritage with the generation of hatred and rampant corruption throughout in the process of administration. The mind is the restless bird, the more it gets the more it wants and still remains dissatisfied except is being controlled in proper discipline and restrictions which are completely in the present set up of administration. Laws are the aggregate of rules representing the collective wisdom of community and therefore applied universally according to the circumstances conditions and requirements of the nation universally for the common human benefit of the people’s welfare and therefore made applicable for the strict enforcement of justice with the changing requirement and sanctity of the rule of law. Doubt perishes the man while apathy to a particular situation ruined the civilisation. Law and order to satisfy the needs of fast changing society has to be involved in order to meet out the challenges instead of remaining static. Thus the judicial thinking to be constructed by the references which would adequately dealt with the new problems and therefore we no longer need the clutches of foreign legal system. It has to be secured through the process of law. That collective interest of the community so that parties do not lose faith in the institution and thereby indulge in private retribution is the prime objective of the legal order. The procedural safeguard should commensurate with the sweep of power . The wider the power, the greater than need for restraint in its exercise and correspondingly, more liberal construction of our procedural safeguard envisaged by statute.
    Laws are the aggregate of rules representing is the collective wisdom of community and therefore applied universally according to the circumstances and conditions and requirement of the nation universally for the common human benefit of people’s welfare and therefore made applicable for the strict enforcement of justice with the changing requirement and sanctity of the rule of law. Doubt perishes the man while apathy to a particular situation ruin the civilisation.

    Law in order to satisfy the needs of fast changing society has to be evolved in order to meet out the challenges instead of remaining static. Thus the judicial thinking to be constructed by reference which would adequately deal with the new problems and therefore we no longer need the crutches of foreign legal system. It has to be secured through the process of law. The collective interest of the community so that parties do not lose faith in the institution and thereby indulge in private retribution is the prime objective of the legal order. The procedural safeguards should commensurate with the sweep of power. The wider the power, the greater the need for restraint in its exercise and correspondingly, more liberal the construction of procedural safeguards envisaged by the statute .

    An independent and honest judiciary is sine qua non for rule of law. It is imperative to protect the honest officers from motivated misconceived complaints made by unscrupulous litigants while on the other hand infallibility is an unreliable ideals, correctness is often a matter of opinion. Thus ability to anticipate the fallibility is the gift of a prophecy consideration of finality are subject to the paramount of justice but the remedial action must be appropriate upon which the administration of justice may rest. Thus the law can not afford any favourite other than truth. Life of law is not logic; it has been experienced however logic may not be ignored when experience is silent.

    There has been erosion of faith in the dignity of the court and in the majesty of the law. The procedural wrangle is eroding the faith in our judicial system and one must introvert turn the search light over the process of deterioration inwardly. Therefore, the law must be definite and such as basic postulate is the requirements of the consistency in judicial decision making process and at the same time, there is the need for foreign flexibility. No straight jacket formula can be laid down for judicial functioning. The concept of public accountability of the judicial system and the professional competency with ability to promote the justice is perhaps overdue and the courts are ill equipped to speculate and seldom at contrary to democratic principles. Values in public life have undergone serious erosion during last few decades what was unheard is a common talk of the day. The new value orientation has undergone in our culture and we are at the threshold of the cross roads of these values. This is a difficult situation.

    One makes Law legal only by giving its operation . The consent of one’s conscience. A moral obligation to disobey is not less compelling merely because an individual is powerless and that his disobedience may lead to punishment through powerful despotic monarch. It is always electoral of pre-medication to adopt justice as synonymous to law, which may be the command of the stranger, but the humanity and conscience will always be prone to launch a protest through expression against such command of law who has no sanctity of justice behind it. The problem of obedience of unjust law is the root cause for a right to right to rebellion and delicate balance is being observed in the history of civilisation. The position of soldier under section 41 of the Army Act, 1950 as making disobedience to unjust immoral offence is in practice difficult to tackle as being liable to be shot at by a court martial and if he disobeys to be hanged by a judge. There is a concurrent conflicting demands of choosing either of the two. The discipline and of supremacy of law. It is difficult to examine and being aware of a illegality of the order and therefore law contrives an objective test. The Nuremberg trial has further declared that Nazis law and order of dictator must confirm to minimum morality. If it does not stand this test, the disobedience to unjust command will not often the discipline and rule of law will prevail.

    Resistance to oppression is the consequence of other rights. When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of all rights and the most indispensable of all duties. Abraham Lincon’s famous slogan “Government for the people ,by the people and of the people means that the people can exercise their constitutional rights and revolutionary rights to dismember and overthrow the government. Thus rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Whenever any government becomes destructive of certain inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, the people have the right to alter or abolish it. The abuses and usurpation design to reduce the existence of the individual and to act like absolute despotism, it is the right and the duty to throw of such government and provide security to the citizens.

    The rebellion against government is further justified when the majority of the people are oppressed by a despotic minority and then it becomes a moral duty of men who love liberty not to permit any moral rights to rebel against the majority. Practice of non-violent methods of rebellion as a means to end tyranny has been justified by our founder father but tyranny which makes reforms impossible is difficult to be tackled down and in that situation only the public opinion can safeguard the interest of the society.

    The obligation to obey the law is always linked with the question of justification for the natural outburst with the right to revolution. The ultimate raison de etre for you social discipline is reconcile apparently with conflicting claim of liberty and law. The justification to obey the law through civil disobedience involves conscious disapproval of government’s action. The other factor of disobedience is through non-enforcement of the sovereign power of imposition of tax law and when ever the protest has the justification for not agreeable as unable to conscience to obey it. The peace and tranquillity of the realm is always supreme as such violent emotion is unwarranted by moral law .Socrates, who searched into things under the earth and in heaven and therefore the youth refused to hold his tongue and prepared that as he realised that law applies with equal force to all to maintain ordered society and in order to resist against. Unjust law are must not to being afraid of being incurred in punishment for disobedience, if his conscience permit him to do so.

    Recent events have revealed the damage of letting ashore on body politics to fester for to long, the solution must be consistent with the unity of the country and national interest and not on as can result in claim of reaction detrimental to those interest.Despite the enduring the assurance by every political party in the parliamentary democracy for country’s stability progress and radical reform, there is a complete social disruption. Sometime there is ideological compatibility due to personality cult and dynasty rule over primitive society but when there starts inherent contradictions and ego concentric personality clashes, the country stability ,progress and radical reform comes to ignominiously halt.

    Socialism is to social justice , what ritual is to religion and Dogma is to the truth. Our present politicians has imposed so called mindless sociological arrangement on the nation under the garb of socialism which has held in thrall the people endeavour and enterprise resulting in the transfer of wealth from the honest to dishonest opportunist, merit to the demerit; quality with the quantity and justice with injustice in the guise of giving social protection. This is the reason that 231 public-sector enterprises run by Union government and 636 by the state government of extracting the material resources from public exchequer realising exorbitant price from India’s doctrines socialism. If the politicians are actually concerned and they should have provided the financial security to the backward classes as to enable them to survive by distribution of resources with a logical distributive justice. There is only quantitative growth without quantitative developments. The influential politicians who preferred to let socialism remain the opiate the people and of whom it can be truly said that if the ignorance is the bliss they should be happiest men alive. Gandhi ji said “Economics that hurts the moral well-being of individuals or nation is immoral and therefore, sinful . True economics never militate against highest ethical standards, just as all true ethics to be worth of its name just at the same be also good economics. An economics that inculcates worship and enables the strong, to mass wealth of the expenses of the weak is a false and dismal science. It spell death true economics on the other hand stands for social justice, it promotes the good of all equally including the weakest and is indispensable for decent life. Gandhi ji told “I do not believe that multiplication of wants and machinery and contrives to supply them is taking the world single step nearer its goal ……a wholeheartedly detests with. This met desire to destroy the distance and time, to increase animal appetites and go to the ends of the earth in the search of their satisfaction. If modern civilisation stands for all this and I have understood to do so I call it Satanic” .

    “A civilisation, in real sense of the term consists not in the multiplication but in deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants.

    “Industrialisation on a mast scale would necessarily lead to passive or active exploitation of the villagers as a problem of corruption and marketing come in. Nothing should be allowed to be produced by the cities which can equally well be produced by villagers. The proper function of the cities is to serve as clearing houses for village products. Here are more hands than required for the work and therefore the problem is how to utilise the idle hours, they will render unemployed. The concentration of production and distribution in few hands privilege oriented monopoly. The industrialisation must not deprive people from environment, must but must in village artisan to reduce his drudgery and improve his efficiency”.

    This is the answer to the concentration industrialisation in the cities having no air to breathe at Delhi 460 S.P.M level ,Calcutta 460 S.P.M level 350 S.P.M level each. Justice H.R. Khanna, when appointed as commission of inquiry in the year 1967 in respect of the matter relating to the charge of corruption against the minister’s of Orrisa including three Chief ministers, one of whom was Biju Patnaik while dealing with 70 charges of corruption levelled against them, was faced a situation dealing with the arguments advanced on behalf of two ex chief ministers, that there was no prescribed code of conduct for the ministers to held them guilty of impropriety, that ministers cannot use their officer or allow them to be used for furthering the business interest of his family members to have commercial dealing with the State as they themselves never passed orders in respect of such transactions. Justice Khanna observed that a person on being a minister becomes the custodian of the public interest. Thus he should so formulate his politics and his activities that there is no possibility of the clash between his personal interest and the public interest. The role of minister has got to be that of pioneer rather than a pirate, of the public to sentinel rather than of self seeks of one dedicated to the public cause and not one obsessed with the desire of personal gain — — what is needed is a climate of strong public opinion where in none may dare to deviate from the path of rectitude . Law can punish only occasional lapses quoting a classic passage of judge hand. “ I often wonder whether we do not rest our hopes too much upon our constitution, upon laws and upon courts. These are false hopes liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies there no constitution, no law, no court can do much is to help it while it lies that it needs no constitution, no law ,no court “, to save it. The question is whether the laws speaking through the authority of the courts to deal with such threat to the security of the state, shall be absolutely silenced and reduced mute spectator because of such threat. The answer has to be given to the public. A raise weary of its own blood shed and diversities should cultivate public opinion which may offer the only chance for the survival of the species. The best guarantee for such situation is good sense of those in power, the vigilance of the people and the pressure of the public opinion.

    This is an alarming situation which spell out the gravity and further invite peoples co-ordination to formulate public opinion to fight through the policy of non- co-operation which has provided the independence from the British rule by our leader Mahatma Gandhi .
    “Every day that comes and goes,
    every mile the river flows,
    says to me and say to you,
    much there is to learn and do,
    for the water and the day,
    no more will pass this way”.

    Mankind has a habit of surviving worst catastrophes created by its own error or by violent turn of the nature and it must be so if there is any meaning in its existence, if its history and continuous survival is not the accident of a fortuitously self organising chance which it must be a purely materialistic view of the nature of the world. If man intended to survive and carry forward the evolution of which he is at present the head and to some extent of half conscience leader of its march , he must come out of this present chaotic life and arrive at the organised efforts. The ideal situation would be fulfilled by the accomplishment and preservation of the people from its own extinction by the folly committed by his own species.

    Yogesh Saxena


  4. yogesh saxena
    October 31, 2010


    Inflation and black money is in the form of parallel economy. The eradication of black money for a viable economy of the Country is required for a healthy structure on all its front. The factors responsible for the generation of black money are required to be spotted just to provide a curve over the nefarious activities of the politicians and other bureaucrats in the society which is responsible for compelling the 60% of the population to live below a poverty line. The judicial institutions has partly realised the ideals of the constitution to develop through judicial activism in the form of a revolution for providing a check over the reprehensible conduct of the people to accumulating enormous well through any means. “Fair or Foul” at the cost of Nation. Price rise to the fantastic levels and velocity or liquidity of money circulation became enormous. One of the main feature of inflation is that money looses its value. This is virtually in confrontation with the aimed social objectives of legitimate expectations of the citizens.
    The factors responsible for the generation of the black money: (a) Divergence between acceptable rate of return and legally permissible rate of return. (b) Consequences of controls, licensing system, quotas, permits of commodities. In effective enforcement of tax laws like income-Tax. Wealth Tax, Estate Duty, Sale Tax, Stamp Duty, Excise Duty, Octrol Duties etc. (d) A considerable part of black money has encourages diversification of resources in the purchase of real state estate and investment of such money in constructing “Luxury Houses”. Precious stones, jewellery and other venerable land situated in posh society. (e) Discretionary powers wasted in the ministers. (f) Fear of laws of power by our Bureaucrats. (g) Un-cordinate response of the public to provide a check over such activities of their representative through mandate in the elections and in effective judicial accountability due to the non-introduction of the terminology “Due process of Law” instead of procedure establish under law. The quantum of black money consequent upon by the method of tax evasion, tax concealment, smuggling in imports & exports, production of elicit commodities, artificial escalation or the prices, has resulted into part it away to the estate for the purpose social welfare. The estimated income on which the tax has not been paid would probably be more than 7200 crores according to the estimated data’s. Thus black money is very important route cause of urban value which deprives the Government its legitimate dues by way of taxes to the exchequer and induces dishonesty in the individuals trying to get more & more accommodation beyond his means. Transactions involved and element of black money. No individual posses adequate white account of money to buy a flat, thus this has ultimately resultant to the creation of black money as the parallel economy in the nation. The idea of inflation accounting mooted during the 2nd world war which became the topic of active discussion and ultimately attained momentum and due to the rapid universal inflation is persisting upon as a major problem in the country which has the effect of the almost crippling the entire economic structure of society in all sphere. Inflation and black money has become menace to Indian Society and its economic structure in all its spheres. It has become necessary to have a rethinking in all the monetary polities of the Government and their administration in all sectors as to how incorporate the effect of inflation accounting to eradicate black money from the society. This requires a strong Government and a high morality in living pattern of society. It needs fighting with all statutory powers wasted in Government. Inflationary tendencies have to be contained within a tolerable limits Government expert economics and planners with eminent public men requires the determination of inflationary trends which is galloping in nature and very difficult being tricky and onerous, to tackle by ordinary process.
    Time is free-fold present: as we experience it the past as the present memory and future as a present expectation .The expectations can not be the same and as anticipation. It is different from a wish, a desire or a hope nor can it amount to claim or demand on ground of a right. A pious hope even leading to a moral obligation can not amount to a legitimate expectation in the strict sense. The protection of such legitimate expectation does not require the fulfilment of the expectation where an over riding public interests require otherwise. Thus even if substantive production of such expectation is contemplated that does not grant and absolute right to a particular person. the protection is limited to the extent of judicial review. To strike down the expectation of an individual adrift to the pragmatism. Thus millions of people belonging to the deprived and venerable section of the humanity were looking to the courts for improving their life conditions and making back human rights meaningful for them. The Supreme Court acted as an instrument of status quo-upholding the traditions of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence and resisting radical innovations in the use of the judicial power to promote social justice under the republican constitution till early 1970 with some Hon’ble expectations, but in the light of a social economic philosophy alien to our freedom movement and aspiration of the liberated people, the Apex Court has started a giving importance to the rule of Law with “tryst with destiny”. The outstanding judicial activism in the quest for social justice came by the enormous contribution of Hon’ble Supreme Court in the recent years. The use of new found judicial power in the service of “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA” who has often being represented in the judicial forum have always been at the receiving end of mal-administration and exploitation.
    This is a constitutional right of every accused person who is unable to engage a lawyer and secure legal services on account of reasons such as poverty, indigence or incommunicado situation and the state is under a mandate to provide a lawyer to an accused person if the circumstances of the case and the need of justice so require, provided of course the accused person does not object to the provision of such lawyer (1980) 1 SCC 98.
    It will be instructive to sun up this discourse with the observation of Chief Justice Bhagwati in Suk Das. It is common knowledge that 70 percent of the people living in rural areas are illiterate and even more than that percentage of the people are not aware of the rights conferred upon them by law. Even literate people do not know what are their rights and entitlements under the law. It is this absence of legal awareness which is responsible for the deception, exploitation and deprivation of rights and benefits from which the poor suffer in this land. Their legal needs always stand to become crisis-oriented because their ignorance prevents them from anticipating legal troubles and approaching a lawyer for consultation and advice in time and their poverty magnifies the impact of the legal trouble and difficulties when they come. More over, because of their ignorance and illiteracy, they cannot become self-reliant; they cannot even help themselves. The law ceases to be their protector because they do not know that they are entitled to the protection of the law and they can avail of the legal service programme for putting an end to their exploitation and winning their rights. The result is that poverty becomes with them a condition of total helplessness. This miserable condition in which the poor find themselves can be added to situations (1986) 2 SCC 401).
    Extant by creating legal awareness amongst the poor. That is why it has always been recognised as one of the principal items of the programme of the legal aid movement in the country to promote legal literacy. It would in these circumstances make a mockery of legal aid it were to be left to a poor, ignorant and illiterate accused to ask for free legal service. This is the reason why we ruled in Khatri II case that the Magistrate nor the sessions judge before whom an accused appears must be held to be under an obligations to inform the accuses that if he is unable to engage the services of a lawyer on account of poverty or indigence, he is entitled to obtain free legal services at the cost of the state. We also gave a general direction to every State in the Country to make provision for grant of free legal services to an accused who is unable to engage to a lawyer on account of reasons such as poverty, indigence or incommunicado situations (1986 2 SCC 401).
    In the judges Transfer Case, justice Bhagwati declared that law in the following terms: where a legal wrong or a legal injury in caused to a person of violation of any constitutional or legal right….. and such person or determinate class of persons is by reason of poverty, helplessness or disability or socially or economically disadvantaged position, unable to approach the court for relief, any member of the public can maintain an application for an appropriate direction, order or writ in the High Court under Article 226 and in case of breach of any fundamental right of such person or determinate class of persons, in the Supreme Court under Article 32 seeking judicial redress for the legal wrong or injury caused to such person or determinate class of persons. (1981) Supp. SCC 87).
    Fundamental rights particularly in relation to the poor and disabled do require new remedies for their effective enforcement. Creation of new remedies is interpreted as part of the judicial function in so far as the responsibility for enforcement of fundamental rights is a charge on the Supreme Court. The alienation and ivory tower image of the judiciary, sometimes justified in the name of “independence”, got a severe jolt by the socio-political activism and public self-criticism of judges of the Apex Court led by justice Bhagwati. The search for solutions in the quest for justice is an eternal one in which success and failure are always relative and never complete.
    Absolute power is tyranny where as absolute democracy is tyranny and anarchy both. The political groups of revolutionary significance, which present have never imperilled the fundamentals of duty and obedience, the bases of social discipline, in short the most fundamental forces of social and political cohesion. Legislature or the executive ha e created situations which remain sometimes grimly un reconciled, political forces have pushed on to advance their own schemes upon the ruins of the rest.
    A party in power provokes by its policies a situation in which the economic stability of the society is threatened or where constitutional rules appear as the mere manifestations of the interest of the dominant power in the legislative. The normative and factual aspects of the legal order condition each other and interact closely with one another. A legal system acts as a mediator between social ideals and social reality. In the political and social life of a community, it becomes an effective moulding force for actual human behaviours in the process of balancing individual rights and the common good.

    Jogesh Saxena


  5. Vedantham.Krishnamachary
    October 31, 2010


    Debate on this vital point is need of the hour.More and more Hindus and welwishers of hinduism needed to be taken in to confidence.

    First of all our relegious teachers should be tuned to the reality of one ness in Hinduism.We find Vaishnavite gurus talking as if is inferior being and Shaivite gurus talking other way.

    Only spiritual masters know the oneness but their voice is heard less being our society devided in to many sects.Vishwaparishad did some work on this but still it has to be percolated down the line


  6. Sri
    October 31, 2010

    It is not just about Hinduism. It is also about country and humanity too.


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