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4 June ko Delhi Chalo. Swami Ramdevji Mahraj’s Fast unto death against Corruption, Black Money and proto-type British laws and regulation still in Bharat (India).

Posted by hinduexistence on May 28, 2011

Bharat Swabhimani Param Pujniya Swami Ramdev ji Mahraj’s clarion call to the Nation “4 June ko Delhi Chalo”…. “Fast unto death……”

भारत का आज तक सबसे बढ़ा क्रांति …..
भ्रस्टाचार मिटाने के लिए आमरण अनशन….
दिल्ली रामलीला मैदान….४ जून से अनिर्दिष्टकालीन ?????
हो जाओ तैयार साथियो हो जाओ तैयार…….
अर्पित कर दो तन मन धन मांग रहा बलिदान बतन …….

Hindu Existence supports Baba Ramdevji’s cause to END CORRUPTION TO SAVE INDIA (BHARAT).

Ramdev Announces Anti-Graft Crusade into a New horizon in Bharat.

भारत माता कि जय  || Bharat Mata Ki Jai

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Bajrangbali attacked in Bengal.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 28, 2011

Muslim perpetrators find chances to attack Hindu Temples and Saints in the “Change” scenario. Bengal Media indifferent.

Titu Bharti in Durgapur || While the auspicious ceremony of “Paribartan – Change” in Bengal, as claimed by the majority for this in the 2011 election here is being celebrated, in reality, West Bengal is located 2011 km away from democracy and rights for Hindus, as the course of Islamization of this province is in its ultimate state, which has been proved once again in the territory, as before in the Left Front regime of the predecessors.

Again an asthana of Baba Fakirananda and a small Hindu Temple of Bajrangbali (Bagrangbali Ashram) have been smashed by the Muslim hooligans for capturing the temple land in the Durgapur area of Burdwan Districts. Danik Jagaran reported in its Asansole edition on 23rd May, 2011 that a group of 15-20 Musalman Mastan (hooligans) came to attack the Ashram place on 21st Saturday night after an altercation with some locale, may be as a plotting for the night attack. The priest of that Bajrangbali temple, Baba Fakirananda and Sadhvi Anima were assaulted, abused and the pictures of the Hindu deities were torn and the murthies (idols) of Bajragvali and Lord Shiva were desecrated and destroyed by the Muslim attackers with a least resistance of 2-3 inmates of the Devastthan. The Muslim culprits severely injured one Bhola, a resident and sympathizer of the Ashram, who came to protest against the temple attack by the outsiders. This Hanuman Temple and akhara of Baba Fakirananda has become a place of Puja-Path ( Hindu Rituals) by the local Hindus remarkably with due veneration .

As per report, a complaint was lodged by the ashramites in the Kokoben Police Station in the Benachiti area of Durgapur Municipal Corporation. Though demanded a hasty arrest of the perpetrators, no justice could be possible in favor of the aggrieved Hindus and against the Muslim perpetrators as this areas come under the whip of Trinamool leader and MLA MD. Maloy Ghatak, who is adorned as the Law Ministry of West Bengal presently for his Muslim appeasement and support at an umpteen skill. It is heard that Md. Ghatak gave her daughter to a rich Muslim family through an arranged marriage.

The report of this silent attack upon Hindus and Hindu Temple came only in Danik Jagran and the silence of the whole media is bound to raise unanswerable questions. Certainly we found the names of the perpetrators in case of the domestic violence. Fine, but why the perpetrators were not punished even by the mighty pens of media? They can name the man who was beaten up, despite the goons were not “identified” by our highly vigilant media.

The media persons perhaps just think, it’s the handiwork of just some antisocial elements But they never think, why should they tear the picture of Hindu God Bajrangbali , why should they demolish his deity? Why this attack upon Hindu Temple and Ashram? Unless they were preparing to become Ghazi (idol breakers or the killer of a Kaffir), they were not so ruthless and tragic to the disbelievers.

A source so closed to the attackers told us the names of the goons who even took the pain to tour to Durgapur from Asansol, of course to be certified as Ghazi. One of the boys is namely Saifulla Khan, son of a giant antisocial of Asansol under alias of a businessman having a bog shop named “Paramount”. This Saifulla is operating from Asansol to harm hundreds over the Hindus in the locality and even in the remote areas of Burdwan as sources told so far.

Second one comes from the offspring of the owner of “Israil Fashion” that funded Pakistani Intruders with a huge sum of 12 Crore during Kargil War, as a cross border aid from Bangladeshi talibans, creating a debate then. This shop was the third most visited cloth store after B N GHANTY and MOHAN CLOTH STORE in Asansol. In retaliation the Hindus economically boycotted the store or that time and it was almost dragged on footpath. But the Muslim community helped them for their bad times and the masters and managers of Asansol wiped out the matter as no action was taken on them on political coverage. The name of Touhid Hossian is also surfaced for the involvement in this temple attack.

When this is the case of Temple attack in Burdwan and specially in Durgapur, Bengal media should not be blamed for “not to publish the name of the deadly goons from a particular community”. They are all only loyal to the Muslim Minorities. This is branded as “Courageous Journalism” to promote fundamental Islam. Actually, this doesn’t mean anything in their profile.

These types of attack upon Bajrangbali Temple or protest over Bajrangbali Murthi (idol) installation were recorded in Panchala (Howrah), Budge Budge (South 24 Pgs) and some places in West Bengal very unfortunately within last one year.

Hindu Existence observes : * The rate of attack by Hindu common people in rural areas in Bengal are increasing day by day. ** The permission of Hindu local rituals (sravajanin pujas) are not given smoothly by the police and administrations. *** The Hindu girls and women are victimized grossly by the other religions in the covering of Love Jihad. **** Permission and Selling of Raw beefs in Hindu areas and mixed areas are growing to hurt the Hindu sentiments. ***** Capturing or attacking upon Hindu Temple, Hindu lands are gaining political supports. ****** Outsiders and Non Hindu communities are being settled in road sides and Railway stations in the name new habitation or business undermining the Local Hindus. WE ARE WATCHING ALL THESE,  OUR NEW CM IN WEST BENGAL !!!

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Threat to blow up Hindu temples in India by Lashkar-e-Toiba.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 26, 2011

Amarnath Yatra, Vaishno Devi Temple, Hanuman Garhi – all are under Lashkar Target.

Phagwara, May 23 (PTI) Two letters threatening that terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba(LeT) will blow up key temples in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh on June 5 to avenge the killing of al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden were received by police here today.

One letter warns Hindus against undertaking pilgrimage to Amarnath cave and Mata Vaishno Devi shrines in Jammu and Kashmir.

One of the letters, which were purported to have been written by LeT Area Commander Karim Ansari, warns Hindus against undertaking pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave and Mata Vaishno Devi shrines in Jammu and Kashmir.

SP Kamaljeet Singh Dhillon said he had been given the letters which were first received by the Mahant of local Sheetla Mata Mandir Kamal Kishor.

Another letter threatens that 8 important temples of Himachal Pradesh and several important temples of Punjab, including Hanuman Garhi Madir, Sheetla Mata Mandirs of Phagwara andKapurthala, Shri Kali Mata Mandir of Patiala and Durgiana Mandir of Amritsar will be targeted with bombs.

The letters claim Lashkar-e-Toiba activists have entered Punjab which would be made the first target for taking revenge of bin Laden’s death.

The letters warn certain prominent Hindu leaders were on the target of LeT and there will be largescale bloodshed of Hindus and Sikhs. They especially mention the names of Shiv Sena Presidents of Kapurthala, Patiala and Amritsar districts.

“If this warning is not heeded, then Hindus and Sikhs would be massacred,” added the letter. en 

Lashkar-e-Toiba threatens to blow 15 key temples in Punjab, J & K.

Punjab Newsline Network |Tuesday, 24 May 2011
By Sameer Kaura.

PHAGWARA: Panic again gripped the town as two letters threatening that terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba(LeT) will blow up 15 key temples in Punjab  J&K and Himachal Pradesh on June 5 to avenge the killing of al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden were received by police here yesterday..
One letter warns Hindus against undertaking pilgrimage to Amarnath cave and Mata Vaishno Devi shrines in Jammu and Kashmir.
One of the letters, which were purported to have been written by LeT Area Commander Karim Ansari, warned Hindus against undertaking pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave and Mata Vaishno Devi shrines in Jammu and Kashmir.
Phagwara DSP Sandip Sharma while confirming it told  here today that the letters were received by the priest of local Sheetla Mata Mandir Kamal Kishor.
Another letter threatens that 8 important temples of Himachal Pradesh and several important temples of Punjab, including Hanuman Garhi Mandir, Sheetla Mata Mandirs of Phagwara and Kapurthala, Shri Kali Mata Mandir of Patiala and Durgiana Mandir of Amritsar will be targeted with bombs.
The Hand written letters in Hindi  claimed that more than 40 Lashkar-e-Toiba activists have entered Punjab which would be made the first target for taking revenge of bin Laden’s death.

The letters warned certain prominent Shiv Sena leaders were on the target of LeT and there will be largescale bloodshed of Hindus and Sikhs. They especially mention the names of Shiv Sena Presidents of Kapurthala, Patiala and Amritsar districts.
It was also warned, Hindus and Sikhs of their large scale  massacre if,the warning of Laskere-Tauba would not be taken seriously.
The letter was posted at the address  ie Kamal Kishore Sharma Sewadar Pacca Rawan Near (Sheetla Mandir Phagwara District Kapurthala). It may be mentioned here that different threatening letters on the name of   said Area Commander Karim Ansari were earlier have also been sent and received in Hanuman Garrhi and Phagwara Railway Station and Bus stand Phagwara in the past and police made elaborate security arrangements to prevent any mishap,but the threatening dates passed peacefully.
Meanwhile DSP Sandip Sharma Investigating Officer told  that though previous threatening letters were proved fake,but even then police would not take any risk and all security cum preventive measures would be taken.
The Tribune has learnt that local police has informed all high Police Officers of Punjab Police including DGP,ADGP,ADGP Intelligence, IG,DIG and SSP and actively working on high alert.
Courtesy : PTI | Yahoo | Punjab Newsline.

Hindus Should Take Drastic Actions, if Anything Happens So. Enough is Enough. Jai Bhavani. Jai Shivaji. Jai Hanuman. Jai Sri Ram. Har Har Mahadev.

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Hindu Muslim relations, Israel-Palestine conflict: A bitter truth.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 23, 2011

Hindu Muslim relations, Israel-Palestine conflict

Dr. R. Singh

It is a fact that there are TWO nations in India. This was accepted and acknowledged by INDIA while conceding Pakistan without argument, without fight and even without a condition. There will be TWO distinctly separate and MUTUALLY HOSTILE nations in South Asia so long as Pakistan and B.desh exist on earth.

For India to accommodate the SECOND NATION in its own fabric despite Partition is a sign of weakness and denotes double surrender- of territory and principle. Delhi had to defend Secularism in Lahore or dump her BOGUS secularism for something better.

Since the Koran and Ideology of SECOND NATION has its origin in Saudi Arabia we should regard ISLAM as an intrusion and clearly as foreign onslaught.

We can go on shouting, “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!” till eternity. That will not bring EAST Bengal back to “bereaved” West Bengal nor revive the “murdered” Akhand Bharat of the Father of Nation, MK Gandhi. Actually we badly insult the memory of Bapu Gandhi if we dump that aspiration and patriotism.

Secondly, every time the Muslim invaders marched or walked in and decimated the Hindus and went back with gold, silver and MAIDENS, the grieving, sulking and disheartened Hindus decided NOT to pursue them to recover the loot, or teach them a lesson.

At least ONCE (just once!) there had to be a ferocious COUNTER ATTACK with the CROSSING of frontiers and SACKING of Mecca or KABUL. It never happened.

There was NO Will or Energy left. Hindu MANHOOD had died for ever. In 1947 Hindu manhood was long DEAD. It still is.

The last attack on the Hindus (and Hindusthan) suddenly developed from WITHIN. Hence it must be regarded even more devastating. The “ball is in India’s court.”

We believe that the enemy will “COME” AGAIN under the intoxication of victory, the force of precedence and history, and impelled by the eternal FIRES of JEHAD that are enshrined in Koran as its integral part. A MUSLIM must remain pitched against a KAFIR, passively, actively or simply in mind while doing Namaz.

At present India has ACCEPTED that treacherous onslaught. She is reconciled to that historic defeat, the “rape” of LAHORE and the murder of Secularism. Like the grazing sheep or the roaming nomads territory means NOTHING to us. What Mohammed usurped or snatched, BELONGS TO HIM. We surpass in self-negation.

We are bringing up our children as the vanishing, perishing, Hindus on our ever shrinking territory. This is negative and downhill thinking. We are not living but existing in reconciled sulking negative mode. We are INVITING the next onslaught, even enslavement of the rest of India.

In many ways the TERRITORIAL surrenders of 1947 surpassed all our previous degradation, humiliation and defeats on our own territory. Hence response is due. Retaliation is due. The natives need to demonstrate AT LEAST once that we are not “boxing sack” or “door mat” or a Mound of inert Mud, but do breathe as a nation, and can HIT back.

Of course, Gandhian mentality dictated, “Let them take away all, including your daughters. Let them slaughter you everywhere. Let them drive you out of your homes and lands. Commit suicide but don’t resist. Forget and forgive. Give them all till remorse strikes their conscience and they feel sorry and embrace you.”

Since generation after generation, century after century, the Muslims have shown to be PEOPLE OF VIOLENCE & BRUTALITY, they will not give up JIHAD against the Kafirs.

They cannot defy KORAN, the Word of God, to become secular or civilised. We shall be kidding ourselves for ever and in the end see Islamic flag over Delhi and our enslaved grandchildren paying Jezia tax.

Hence we believe that the Islamic dagger has to be met with our SWORD, their pistol has to be met with our gun. That is how the Hindus will ensure peace, NOT through reconciliation or appeasement.

That’s why AMERICA is respected. That’s why France has shown guts to ban Burka in public. Our India is still feeding the tiger hoping that it will become a goat.

India was “stunned” in 1947 in preparation for her halal. That is why we cannot afford to forget Partition but must RETALIATE.

Hindu Existence adds:

It is a fact that Israel has been formed about more than 60 years ago, crushing all the Islamic oppositions from Allah and all the Koran followers.  Hence it has become a reality; Muslims must accept this reality and find other places inside the Arab lands for Palestinians.  When the Arabs can invite so many workers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to their lands, they can surely accommodate a few lakh Palestinians.  It is agreeable that there are two Nations in India; Hindus and Muslims.  So, the logical course would be to declare India a Hindu country since Pakistan has been given to Muslims for a de facto Islamic State there accommodating Indian Muslims.  Of course, some Muslim majority areas of Kashmir could be given to Pakistan, after tagging the Hindu shrine and Hindu majority areas of Jammu and Kashmir into India. And the exchange of population was a must to mitigate the sustainable tensions between the two confronting Nation. As the situation discarded the hypothesis now let Indian Muslims live in India in the same way in which Hindus are living in the persecutions in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The minority Hindus are barely declining in Pakistan (In Pakistan 16% Hindus in 1947 came down to less than 2% currently and In Bangladesh, i.e. erstwhile East Pakistan, 27% Hindus currently turned into a 8% minority there). In the contrast, the 5 crore Muslims in 1947 have been turned a voluptuous 16 crores now a days as a major threat to dismantle the family planning programme in India. Another 1.5 crores Bangladeshi migrants have been added to the subversive strength in India. Actually, Hindus do not know how to behave with the Muslims or to control fanatic Muslims so subversive to jeopardize Indian integrity. If it is so, all Hindu minorities in Bangladesh or Pakistan or everywhere in Muslim majority areas in India and abroad, would be safe and dignified. India and Hindus should learn the treatment of Palestine by the Israel and obviously the line of hard resistance like any Jews for the Muslims, in the present day context.

When we do talk about the deportation of illegal Bangladeshi migrants, we should simply kick them out. And Govt.  should announce incentives for such patriotic steps to detect and destroy  any foreign element in India so active to capture its demography, economy and prosperity. Jai Hind.

Courtesy : FHRS .

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Way out for the major declining of Hindu population in India

Posted by hinduexistence on May 20, 2011

(Indian) Hindu population set to fall below 80% in Census 2011

Manika Premsingh and R Jagannathan || Courtesy : firstpost 

[    ]

Hindus have among the lowest overall sex ratios and child sex ratios in the country as per Census 2001. Amit Dave/Reuters

Census 2011 is likely to throw up a psychologically important figure on India’s religious demographics. For the first time in over a century, the proportion of the Hindu population in the country will probably fall below the 80 percent mark — in keeping with the long-term trend of a significant divergence between Hindu and Muslim growth rates.

Demographers like Ashish Bose and SC Gulati have varying viewpoints on the subject. While Bose believes that “it is quite likely that the proportion will be below 80% in 2011”, Gulati says that “A secular trend cannot be predicted for religions based on past data”. The latter view is also backed by another Economic & Political Weekly (EPW) research paper “Hindu-Muslim Fertility Differentials”, which says: “It is true that a Hindu-Muslim differential in fertility persists in India’s demographic reality, but it is no more than one child. It is also not too large to swamp India’s Hindu majority in the foreseeable future. Nor is the gap likely to persist for a very long time as we find that the fertility level among Muslims declines with increasing level of education and standards of living. The faster increase in family planning among Muslims supports this conjecture”.

In a country where Hinduism is the majority religion, it is a unique trend that the proportion of Hindus has shown a secular decline since 1961, matched by a corresponding increase in the proportion of Muslims. While religion is a contentious issue to analyse at any point in time, it is equally imperative to analyse trends deeply enough to understand its socio-economic ramifications. 

Firstpost is raising this issue not to pander to any scare-mongering among Hindus, but because it needs to be understood in the right context. As we await the Census 2011 results on religious demographics, we undertook an analysis of this trend and what it means for the future. Our detailed analysis indicates that while the population of Muslims is indeed growing faster than Hindus, this is only partly due to higher birth rates among them; Hindus, on the other had, also carry a responsibility for the trend in the form of lower longevity, as well as widespread prevalence of gender discrimination and higher mortality among children.

Explaining the trend
The proportion of Hindus has in the population shrunk from 83.4 percent in 1961 to 80.5 percent according to the 2001 census. This trend matches with an almost equivalent proportional rise among the Muslims — from 10.7 percent to 13.4 percent from 1961 to 2001 (and for this reason we also restrict our study to a comparative analysis between these two religions). A declining proportion of Hindus means either that the growth of Hindus is declining or that of other communities is rising. Or, as in this case, a combination of both. Decadal growth in the Hindu population has fallen to 19.3% compared with 23.8% in 1961, as per our estimates based on data from the National Minorities Commission and the Census of India 2001. In comparison, the growth in the Muslim population accelerated from 30.6% in 1961 to 34.6% in 2001. (Figures for religious demography in 2011 are yet to be made available).

For a country that has been battling the population problem for decades, while a decline in the proportion of Hindus has been flagged as a source of concern by religious organisations, to others it actually indicates social progression. It is seen as socially progressive since population growth depends on factors like fertility rates and birth rates.  These, in turn, are influenced by social factors like literacy, in general, and female literacy, in particular, awareness about contraception methods, average age of marriage and the proportion of working women. Lower fertility and birth rates then are pointers to the development of societies as such.

The social factors
On some metrics, Hindus do perform better. According to estimates published in an EPW research paper on “District level fertility estimates for Hindus and Muslims”  in 2005, Crude Birth Rates (CBR, as defined by number of births per 1,000 persons) for Muslims are a much higher at 30.8 as compared with the Hindu number of 24.9 and the all-India average of 25.9. This is also mirrored in a higher Muslim Total Fertility Rate (TFR, as defined by the number of children that would be born to a woman if she were to live to the end of her child-bearing years) of 4.1 as compared with 3.1 for Hindus and 3.2 for all India.

It is hard to overlook the fact that trends in birth rates and fertility rates are seen as commensurate with the expected trends for literacy, use of contraception and workforce participation, despite the differences in methodology of estimation and sources.

Hindu women have slightly higher literacy rates than Muslim women at 53.2 percent and 50.1 percent, respectively as per Census 2001, which has been considered as compared with Census 2011 to keep time periods comparable. Moreover, the last National Family Health Survey (NFHS) in 2005-06 found that while 57.8 percent of Hindus were using contraception, the figure was  much lower at 45.7 percent among the Muslims — suggesting, at least in part, a greater awareness about use of family planning among the Hindus.  We also observe a higher proportion for working women among the Hindus — at 27.5 percent, this is higher than even the all-India average of 25.6 percent, with the Jains, Muslims and Sikhs accounting for a lower than average proportion.
However, this is only half the story told.

The other side
True, the Hindu population growth has declined because of some social progression. However, Hindus also show dismal performance when it comes to other crucial social attributes, namely, focus on healthcare and gender bias.  According to a study by the International Institute for Population Sciences, “Inequality in Human Development by Social and Economic Groups in India”, the life expectancy at birth for Hindus in 2005-06 was 65 years while it was higher at 68 years among Muslims. There is, of course, an element of economic prosperity here as well, with the gap between life expectancy for “poor” Hindus and Muslims being wider than that for the “non-poor” in the two communities.  The overall point, however, remains, that at birth a Muslim has a chance of living longer than a Hindu.

This is clearly related to the fact that in childhood itself a higher proportion of Hindus die. Hindus have an infant mortality rate of 58.5, while the same rate among the Muslims is at 52.4, according to the National Family Health Survey (2005-06), where the infant mortality rate is defined as the probability of dying before the first birthday. Similarly, under-5 mortality is at a high of 76 compared with 70 for Muslims. This fact is also echoed in a research paper by the University of Bristol on “Religion and Childhood Death in India”, which says “Muslim children in India face substantially lower mortality risks than Hindu children. This is surprising because one would have expected just the opposite: Muslims have, on average, lower socio-economic status, higher fertility, shorter birth-spacing, and are a minority group in India that may be expected to live in areas that have relatively poor public provision.”

While it remains to be conclusively proved whether Muslims as such provide better healthcare, it has been pointed out that gender bias is one explanation for this trend. According to a 2004 research paper on “Religion and Fertility in India: The role of son preference and daughter aversion” by researchers at University of Ulster and University of Cambridge, “Muslim fertility in India may be higher than Hindu fertility, but we argue that an important, albeit neglected, issue is not that Muslims have more children than Hindus, but that they treat them better on account of significantly lower levels of daughter aversion.”

As per their estimates, male infant mortality rates (where infant mortality rate is defined as the number of infant deaths as a proportion of live births) among Hindus and Muslims are at 4.5 percent and 4.7 percent, respectively, but the difference in female infant mortality rates is much higher, with the rate among Hindus at 6.3 percent and that among Muslims at 4.6 percent, respectively. The numbers are further corroborated by the fact that Hindus have among the lowest overall sex ratios and child sex ratios in the country as per the Census 2001. The overall sex ratio is higher only than the Sikhs at 931, compared with the Muslims’ sex ratio at 936. The child-sex ratio for Hindus is even worse than Muslims at 925 as compared with 950 for Muslims.  In Census 2011, the overall sex ratio has risen from 933 to 940, but the child-sex ratio has fallen from 927 to 914. The religion-wise breakup will be available only later.

Looking Ahead
So what do these trends mean for the future? That’s tough to say. While for now it might be difficult to know for sure how religious demographics will develop over the coming decades, what is clear is that it looks to be less about one religion’s growth versus the other, and more a reflection of serious demographic issues to be addressed by both.

Proportion of various religions in population : Sheet-1

All 100 100 100 100 100
Hindus 83.4 82.7 82.6 82.0 80.5
Muslims 10.7 11.2 11.4 12.1 13.4
Christians 2.4 2.6 2.4 2.3 2.3
Sikhs 1.8 1.9 2.0 1.9 1.9
Buddhists 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.8 0.8
Others 0.7 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.6
ReligionNot stated 0.2 0.0 0.0 0.1 0.1
Source: National Commission on Minorities

Demographics by Religion : Table 2

All religious communities Sex Ratio Sex Ratio 0-6 yrs. Proportion of Population in 0-6 yrs. Literacy Rate Female Literacy Rate




































Other Religions






Source: National Commission on Minorities

Courtesy : 

Hindu Existence Solutions : 

  • Marriage must be within age 25 for female and 30 for male Hindus.
  • At least THREE babies for every able rural couple and TWO babies for able  urban couple.
  • One baby more considering the capable situation in the name of Dharma.
  • Strict negation and punishments for  female foeticides. 
  • Stress upon small business, self entrepreneurship, small village industries, group farming-cultivation for the maintenance of families, not relying upon services in public or private sectors. 
  • Inter caste marriage under broad Hindu basis avoiding blood relations.
  • Accept and Marriage  with the girls of other religions to mitigate the ill effect of Love Jihad.
  • Marriage without dowry and other superstitious prejudices. 
  • Marriage to maintain divine life and the gaining the full strength of the Hindu society. 

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Depiction of Lakshmi on swim-wear at Sydney fashion show spark angry protests in India.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 15, 2011

Hindu groups protest against the Australian designer Lisa Blue who designed swimwear featuring the image of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. Photo: REUTERS. Reports came in from Amritsar and Delhi, India.

Hindu goddess swimsuits at Australian Fashion Week spark angry protests

By Bonnie Malkin, Sydney 6:14PM BST 09 May 2011 | The Tlegraph UK.

Hindus have staged angry protests after a fashion designer exhibited swimsuits bearing the image of the goddess Lakshmi at Australian Fashion Week.

The row has come close to creating a diplomatic incident betweenAustralia and India.

Models wearing colourful swimsuits and bikinis covered in pictures of the goddess took to the catwalk in front of hundreds of people in Sydney last week.

A model parades swimwear featuring the Hindu goddess Lakshmi by Lisa Blue during the Australian Fashion Week spring/summer collections show in Sydney on May 5, 2011.

However, not everyone thought it was appropriate to use of the revered goddess’s image on a skimpy piece of clothing.

When news of the fashion show reached India, some Hindus were outraged.

Over the weekend, demonstrators in Amritsar burned the Australian flag in protest, waving photographs of the offensive swimsuit and demanding that all of the garments be recalled.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, fertility and courage. She is worshipped every day by Hindus and her image is considered to be sacred.

Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism, demanded an apology from the designer. He said Hinduism was the oldest and third largest religion of the world and its deities deserved to be respected.

“Lakshmi was meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not for pushing swimwear in fashion shows for mercantile greed of an apparel company,” he said.

The Bharatiya Janata Partya party (BJP) also called for an apology from the Australian government.

The incident is the latest in a long line of fashion faux pas by Western designers when it comes to Indian gods, including US designer Guess using the image of Ganesh on a tank top and the French shoe brand Minelli putting images of Lord Rama on shoes.

The Australian fashion house responsible for the design was quick to apologise.

In a statement, Lisa Blue Swimwear said the company had put a halt on production of the new range and pulled the pieces that had been shown during Fashion Week.

“This range will never be available for sale in any stockists or retail outlets anywhere in the world,” it said.

“We apologise to the Hindu community and take this matter very seriously.

“At no time would we ever have intended that the brand would cause offence.”

Australia’s relationship with India is only just starting to recover after a spate of attacks on Indian students last year which led to widespread protests and claims that the crimes were racially motivated.

The repercussion started from Razan Zed a renowned Hindu Priest and Hindu Dharmik Activist in US 6th May just after completion of the Sydney Fashion Show named “Rosemount Australian Fashion Week” (2-6 May), where Godess Lakshmi was depicted in the swimsuits designed by Lisa Blue.  Read the details report here. >> Depiction of Hindu Goddess on swimwear at Sydney fashion show. 

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Anti Hindu Maoist-Christan nexus in Swami Laxmanananda murder case

Posted by hinduexistence on May 11, 2011

Seven Maoists charge-sheeted afresh while police keeping silent on church role in Swami Laxmanananda murder case.

Sambuddha Gupta | CUTTACK | May 11, 2011

Seven Maoists were involved in the killing of Hindu seer Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati that triggered widespread ethno-communal riots in Orissa’s Kandhamal district in 2008, police said on Monday. The crime branch of Orissa police filed in its second chargesheet in the sensational August 23, 2008, murder case of Swamiji in his Jalespeta Ashram, stating it had got prima facie evidence against Maoists Sabyasachi Panda, Udaya @ Pulari Rama Rao, Jadu @ Somanath Dandasena, Azad @ Duna Keshava Rao, Dasru @ Dasanna, Lalu and Lakhmu @ Madan.

Even as a petition pending disposal in Odisha High Court questioning why the State Crime Branch is not investigating the role of a local church in the murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati in Kandhamal, the Monday’s filing of a second chargesheet in the case indicates that the investigating police are trying to paint the Maoists as the only villain in the murder of the Hindu seer.

The crime branch on Monday filed a second chargesheet in the case naming at least seven more persons connected with Maoist actions involved in the killing of Saraswati.

The preliminary charge sheet filed earlier in 2009 had also named seven persons. Incidentally, all the 14 who are now believed to be behind this heinous murder are Maoist cadres, including top Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda.

A CB officer here said that they are now focusing to bring all those persons who were behind this crime. “We have not concentrated yet to ascertain the motive behind the killing”, the officer said adding that the outlawed Maoist organization had immediately owned responsibilities of the killing of the seer for he (the seer) was spreading hatred among people in the name of religion.

While all the seven named in the first charge sheet have already been arrested, the police officer informed that two among those seven named in the second charge sheet are also now behind the bars under the charges of murder, trespass to commit offence, theft and criminal conspiracy.

They are also facing charges. Sources also indicated that trial in the case has already begun in a fast track court of Phulbani, while the prosecution has kept its option open to file further charge sheets in the case as investigation is still continuing.

However, challenging the ongoing trial and questioning the sincerity of the crime branch police, a petition seeking impartial enquiry by an independent agency into the sensational murder case is still pending disposal in Odisha High Court.

Appearing in the case, a senior lawyer of Supreme Court M N Krishnamani had argued that there are a lot of discrepancies in the crime branch enquiry. He also brought to the notice of the HC that the crime branch police have not brought the reported resolution passed by a local Church into the purview of investigation. Members of Beticola Parish Church Council of Baliguda had reportedly passed a resolution prior to the incident that Swamiji would be killed, the petition alleged.

Earlier the Orissa High Court directed the Criminal Investigation Department of the state police to submit a status report on the progress of its probe into the murder of VHP leader Laxmanananda Saraswati and four of his disciples.

The killing of Laxmanananda (82) and his disciples on August 23, 2008 by Maoists in a tribal residential school in Jalespeta area of Kandhamal had triggered communal riots in the district.

Though the CID sleuths took up the case a few days after the killing and submitted a preliminary chargesheet on January 30, 2009 against seven tribal Christians, they could not investigate the conspiracy angle in the preliminary chargesheet.

But now the Christian-Maoist nexus are very clear in the case of Swami Laxmanananda Murder as the Swami successfully challenged the subversive and conversion works of the Maoists and Evangelical groups so active in anti national networking in Odisha , Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and some other tribal Hindu prone areas in India.

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The power of writing the holy Shri Ram Nam.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 10, 2011

The benefit of writing The holy Shri Ram nam

 || सीता राम सीता राम सीता राम सीता राम सीता राम सीता राम सीता राम ||
|| सीता राम राम राम राम || सीता राम राम राम राम || सीता राम राम राम राम ||

Writing Sri Rama Jayam is called Likitha Jap- Writing Meditation. This gives one a complete sense of surrender to an inner conscience and peace while writing the golden words. All the sences are engaged in the service of lord.

• You can write this in any language of your choice. It is the connecting chords with the divine and your inner self.

• It is believed that a calmness engulfs as one indulges in writing the Sri Rama Jayam bringing in more clarity of mind, tolerance and strength to withstand obstacles in life

• The mantra forms an unending stream of bliss and a inner noise proclaiming that the Universe is just expanding giving in more opportunities and prosperity.

• As you write this matra – in small measures, every day, as and when possible, with due respect, it makes everything else of life’s needs fall in place automatically., just like a miracle of nature guiding its forces. You may
not get what you want but it will purify things and bring to you in a refined way.

• The mythological references states that the name of Rama is more strong and divine than the Lord Rama himself.

• Vedas tell that as the sun dispels the darkness, the chanting of Rama Nama dispels all evil and obstacles of life. It is a way of liberation and salvation of human suffering.

• When you think, that all roads are blocked to walk away from day to day problems, writing ‘Sri Ram Ram Ram’ gives you the most needed clarity of thoughts to find away out of odd situations

• Preserve the completed books carefully and donate them to us. These books are preserved byb us for humanity benefit.

• Ramacharitra Manas, Vibhishana Gita the divinity of Rama Nama japa. It is called a writing tapas

• Hindu way of living is seeing humanity in everything around. Writing Rama Jayam gives you a inner awakening towards to human mind, being kind , calm
and serene.

• The act of writing Ram Naam is important and keep his thoughts while doing so, is more important than the script, language or number., though for all longevity of the process a number in mind is planned while making a start

• A selfless and non-expectation while writing gives you more happiness and potential than expecting something writing. For you are a god’s child, and
God knows what you want and will give you what you are destined for and deserve. You don’t need to ask God for anything.

• Devotion of service of life and its varied forms is devotion to God. So there is no right or wrong way of writing this. The very thought and process to write is a connection with god and finds a inner meaning.

• It is a gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual upliftment. The chanting of Ram Mantra protects you with divine flow of energy transforming a balanced progressin your materialistic well being and spiritual wellness.

• It disolves all other sounds with it’s vibration and create accoustic silence.

• Ram is the beej mantra of manipur chakra. this manipur chakra is the psychic center of human body where Sanchit karmasare stored. Ram nam writing helps to clean those karmas. It also helps to release suppressed emotions, negative samskaras from subconscious mind and unresolved issues of past.

• It creates dharana shakti (pure possessive power) in you which is far more powerful than normal forced concentration.It also helps in natural control of bad habits through sence withdrawal.

For Transcendental Ram Nam Audio :

Source :  email : 

Contact : Ayan Chakroborty : +91-9432350626

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