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Bajrangbali attacked in Bengal.

Muslim perpetrators find chances to attack Hindu Temples and Saints in the “Change” scenario. Bengal Media indifferent.

Titu Bharti in Durgapur || While the auspicious ceremony of “Paribartan – Change” in Bengal, as claimed by the majority for this in the 2011 election here is being celebrated, in reality, West Bengal is located 2011 km away from democracy and rights for Hindus, as the course of Islamization of this province is in its ultimate state, which has been proved once again in the territory, as before in the Left Front regime of the predecessors.

Again an asthana of Baba Fakirananda and a small Hindu Temple of Bajrangbali (Bagrangbali Ashram) have been smashed by the Muslim hooligans for capturing the temple land in the Durgapur area of Burdwan Districts. Danik Jagaran reported in its Asansole edition on 23rd May, 2011 that a group of 15-20 Musalman Mastan (hooligans) came to attack the Ashram place on 21st Saturday night after an altercation with some locale, may be as a plotting for the night attack. The priest of that Bajrangbali temple, Baba Fakirananda and Sadhvi Anima were assaulted, abused and the pictures of the Hindu deities were torn and the murthies (idols) of Bajragvali and Lord Shiva were desecrated and destroyed by the Muslim attackers with a least resistance of 2-3 inmates of the Devastthan. The Muslim culprits severely injured one Bhola, a resident and sympathizer of the Ashram, who came to protest against the temple attack by the outsiders. This Hanuman Temple and akhara of Baba Fakirananda has become a place of Puja-Path ( Hindu Rituals) by the local Hindus remarkably with due veneration .

As per report, a complaint was lodged by the ashramites in the Kokoben Police Station in the Benachiti area of Durgapur Municipal Corporation. Though demanded a hasty arrest of the perpetrators, no justice could be possible in favor of the aggrieved Hindus and against the Muslim perpetrators as this areas come under the whip of Trinamool leader and MLA MD. Maloy Ghatak, who is adorned as the Law Ministry of West Bengal presently for his Muslim appeasement and support at an umpteen skill. It is heard that Md. Ghatak gave her daughter to a rich Muslim family through an arranged marriage.

The report of this silent attack upon Hindus and Hindu Temple came only in Danik Jagran and the silence of the whole media is bound to raise unanswerable questions. Certainly we found the names of the perpetrators in case of the domestic violence. Fine, but why the perpetrators were not punished even by the mighty pens of media? They can name the man who was beaten up, despite the goons were not “identified” by our highly vigilant media.

The media persons perhaps just think, it’s the handiwork of just some antisocial elements But they never think, why should they tear the picture of Hindu God Bajrangbali , why should they demolish his deity? Why this attack upon Hindu Temple and Ashram? Unless they were preparing to become Ghazi (idol breakers or the killer of a Kaffir), they were not so ruthless and tragic to the disbelievers.

A source so closed to the attackers told us the names of the goons who even took the pain to tour to Durgapur from Asansol, of course to be certified as Ghazi. One of the boys is namely Saifulla Khan, son of a giant antisocial of Asansol under alias of a businessman having a bog shop named “Paramount”. This Saifulla is operating from Asansol to harm hundreds over the Hindus in the locality and even in the remote areas of Burdwan as sources told so far.

Second one comes from the offspring of the owner of “Israil Fashion” that funded Pakistani Intruders with a huge sum of 12 Crore during Kargil War, as a cross border aid from Bangladeshi talibans, creating a debate then. This shop was the third most visited cloth store after B N GHANTY and MOHAN CLOTH STORE in Asansol. In retaliation the Hindus economically boycotted the store or that time and it was almost dragged on footpath. But the Muslim community helped them for their bad times and the masters and managers of Asansol wiped out the matter as no action was taken on them on political coverage. The name of Touhid Hossian is also surfaced for the involvement in this temple attack.

When this is the case of Temple attack in Burdwan and specially in Durgapur, Bengal media should not be blamed for “not to publish the name of the deadly goons from a particular community”. They are all only loyal to the Muslim Minorities. This is branded as “Courageous Journalism” to promote fundamental Islam. Actually, this doesn’t mean anything in their profile.

These types of attack upon Bajrangbali Temple or protest over Bajrangbali Murthi (idol) installation were recorded in Panchala (Howrah), Budge Budge (South 24 Pgs) and some places in West Bengal very unfortunately within last one year.

Hindu Existence observes : * The rate of attack by Hindu common people in rural areas in Bengal are increasing day by day. ** The permission of Hindu local rituals (sravajanin pujas) are not given smoothly by the police and administrations. *** The Hindu girls and women are victimized grossly by the other religions in the covering of Love Jihad. **** Permission and Selling of Raw beefs in Hindu areas and mixed areas are growing to hurt the Hindu sentiments. ***** Capturing or attacking upon Hindu Temple, Hindu lands are gaining political supports. ****** Outsiders and Non Hindu communities are being settled in road sides and Railway stations in the name new habitation or business undermining the Local Hindus. WE ARE WATCHING ALL THESE,  OUR NEW CM IN WEST BENGAL !!!

5 comments on “Bajrangbali attacked in Bengal.

  1. भारतीय नागरिक
    May 28, 2011

    अस्तित्व खुद मिटाने की तरफ अग्रसर हैं हिन्दू…


  2. Neel Preet
    May 28, 2011

    Now this is something extreamly untolarable that the brut-merciless muslims are peforming their idiotic tasks even in India. How can they dare to do that in our India? How can they attack on HINDUS temples in places like Bengal? They simply can’t do all this in our own country. Its high time we the people should raise the issue in front of the media & government.
    We must have an effective controll over these muslims in our country & it can happen only when our politicians would stop behaving like puppets for their muslim votes.


  3. tripathi
    May 29, 2011

    slaughter on congress and trinmool congress! bring shiv sena or bjp to save hindus! jai sri ram!


  4. somiksha c mohanta
    June 1, 2011

    we the youth of asansol strongly oppose the hooligabnism carried out by the mussulmans. only because hinduism nowhere teaches hatered, we cant step back in our pigeonholes when our holy sites are raided. i slam those people who rename cowardice as nobility! i hope when some mussulman will export his daughter to arab world or sell the flesh of his son in his meat shop, then he will illustrate similar nobility!
    we, the new ultimate z-generation youngsters who have overtaken the gen-x educated nonsence morons, have now understood the stupidity of secularism.
    they takl about secularism of hindu girl muslim boy marriage, fine. but hindu boy muslim girl marriage too is not exception of this trend. why there is no voice.
    i am a girl but i will always insist on the girl to be muslim and will prevent any hindu girl to do so .
    why ? am i some dictator ? nay. never.
    its because the very liberty that is enabling the hindu girl in doing so will demise within the nikah.
    the muslim girl however will be gifted with liberty that she never dreamt.
    the communists who shed crocodile tears for graham stein , never bark any single shit for swami laxman.
    we know the perpratators personally.
    tauhid was also nabed by locals of chellidanga area where he was providing backseat lessons to a bengali girl ruposi mukherjee. she is my classmate and we particuipated in nandini pratiyogita in durga puja in 2009. she lost , i won in court more puja mandap.but my parents didn’t permit me to go further in modelling. the next phase in nude dresses would also harm our dignity. ironically most of the nandinis of asansol rejected to go to kolkata for final show offs.
    ruposi was “hurt” and tauhid who has managed to stay in same class with us by maintaining a track record of failing continiously, then sympathised her.
    the ultimate result was in the car.
    tauhid was badly beaten.
    in tauhid’s society there is no loss of dignity but ruposi is unable to up her downhead like tauhid.
    ironically chellidanga is a place where molay ghotan gets 100% mussulman votes.
    smt sikha ghotak also backed a 16 years old hindu girl residing in asansol bazar area who elopped with a 21 years old mussulman boy. the boty was accused for divarting a minor. is shikha above the law only for being a tmc leader?what is surprising is that mussulmans find everything wrong in hindu except the hindu girls.
    what rubbish?
    we are not the object of islamic lusture. they can limit themselves to sexy houries. we are not sexy, we are gracious, like ma durga our most admired gorgeous.
    thats why we participate in fair and lovely nandini in durgapuja but not in ftv auditions.
    we request rss and other hindu orgs to open branches in asansol to create durga vahinis.
    we the z-gen strongly oppose the morons of our past generations.
    we want strict actions whenever hindu holy sites, hindu scriptures, gomatas, devimatas, girls and women and old and children are hurt.

    members pf chchotodighari raghunath sangh (crs)
    1>somiksha c mohanta (burnpur riverside school/ chchotodighari)
    2>pupul bannerjee(brs/chchotodighari)
    3>chumki c mohanta(shantinagar high school / chchotodighari)
    4>dipanwita sorkar(bc college/ chchotodighari)
    5>ankur upadhyay(bc col/ chchotodighari)
    5>anurag dwivedi(dhanbad polytechnic college/ laxmanpur , dhanbad)
    6>shweta dwivedi(ssshs, hauz khas, delhi/ maloviya nagar delhi)
    7>bikash trivedi(bankura christian college/ helna susunia ,bankura)
    8>ram govindo c mohanta ( bb college/ chchotodighari)
    9> monisha c mohanta (saint marry gorreti hs/ chchotodighari)
    10>chchaya c mohanta ( gen secy mahila samiti, 50 no ward / chchotodighari)
    11>priya-manish trivedi (air force station , / port blair)

    jai shree ram
    jai raghunath
    jai durge
    jai maa seeta
    bharatmata ki jai
    jai hind


    • Dibyendu Saha
      August 22, 2011

      i really appriciate…wat ever u did…..rss only could have done some thing to prevent those ..nonsences…


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