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We want to establishment of ‘Ram Rajya’ again starting from the holy land of Uttar Pradesh: Narendra Modi.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 21, 2013

 Vijay Shankhanaad Rally Varanasi

We want to establishment of ‘Ram Rajya’ again starting from the holy land of Uttar Pradesh. Ganga Raksha, Samskruti Raksha,  Bhartiya Culture, Bharat Raksha and Krishi Sampannta are the main issues: Narendra Modi at Vijay Shankhnad rally in Varanasi.

NaMo UBrVaranasi | HE Mews Bureau | Dec 20, 2013:: After taking blessings of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva, at the famous Sankatmochan Temple and Kashi Vishwanath Temple, respectively, Sri Narendra Modi urged for the re-establishment of ‘Ram Rajya’ from the holy land of Ayodhya-Kashi-Mathura in a mammoth gathering entitled  as ‘Vijay Shankhnad rally’ in the holy city of Varanasi on Friday,  Dec 20, 2013.

The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate highlighted the issues of Ganga Raksha (protection of Ganga), Samskruti Raksha (protection of Bhartiya Culture and Heritage), Bharat Raksha (protection of India) and Krishi Sampannta (development of Agriculture) with other issues connected with satae and national interest.

Addressing a public meeting in the temple town of Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh , which sends the largest number of 80 MPs to the Lok Sabha,  Narendra Modi said if the people want they can see the return of ‘Ram Rajya’ which started from this land by voting for the right party.

“I have faith in the people of Uttar Pradesh. Your ancestors had established Ram Rajya. Had the people not been empowered, there would never have been Ram Rajya here. The state has all that is needed for Ram Rajya. The strength, tradition and will needed for establishing Ram Rajya is there in you,” Modi said.

“If still there are problems here it is because you have not chosen the right government. I have full faith that the day you do so, this (Ram Rajya) can become a reality,” he added.

Modi raised emotive issues, including the cleaning of the holy Ganga — referring to the river as “maa” (Mother), creating employment for locals involved in the handloom sector, farmer issues and employment opportunities for the youth and the poor.

He said his government in Gujarat had cleaned up the Sabarmati river, which used to be highly polluted a decade back, with the clean water of Narmada and asked why the same could not be done with river Ganga.

Modi also hit out at Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family, blaming them for poverty, unemployment and corruption plaguing the country.

Hitting back at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over his charge that some parties make promises that lie outside the realm of possibility, Modi said he does not make empty promises and the BJP is going to the people with firmly grounded intentions.

“We are not the people who make empty promises. We have not come to you with promises but with intentions. The country is bored of promises. It is time for bringing forth well-grounded intentions,” Modi said.

He targeted Congress for making promises and then failing to deliver at a huge cost to the exchequer. Citing the example of Ganga Action Plan which was envisaged during the Prime Ministership of Rajiv Gandhi for cleaning the polluted river,

Modi said though thousands of crores have been spent the river is still dirty.

“I request the Prime Minister to share detailed accounts with people and answer them on how many thousands of crores of rupees were spent on the project to clean Ganga- an issue on which you (Congress) have tried to seek a new identity and asked for votes since Rajiv Gandhi’s time,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister had said in his address at the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting yesterday that some political parties make promises which “lie outside the realm of possibility” and his party should avoid it.

In another dig at Modi, he said Congress should not simply talk of firm leadership and decisiveness without talking of what the leadership will be used for and what decisions will be taken.

Modi retaliated today saying while people voted Congress to power hoping something will be done to clean the Ganga, but its waters have only become more polluted.

“Several plans and committees were formed but it seems money has been swept away like the waters of Ganga. In last five years, only three meetings were held and no work has been done.”

Flagging local issues and government’s failure to deal with them, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate said while Congress and the SP government in Uttar Pradesh see the state as electorally crucial, his party is concerned about the problems being faced by the people, including farmers and the youth.

Reiterating his call for a creating a “Congress-free” India, Modi said the results of the recent assembly elections show that people have lost their patience and are aggressively demanding that this government should be thrown out. “Those who have exploited you should be uprooted as it is the root all problems in India,” he added.

He also alleged that “one family” is responsible for the pain being suffered by the people.

“As the (Loksabha) elections are nearing, Congress is talking repeatedly about poor…Had the party (Congress) really felt their pain, there would have been no poor in the country in the 45-year rule of a family”, Modi said while addressing “Vijay Shankhnad” rally here.

“If anyone is responsible for poverty, it’s a single family. It also shows in their mindset”, Modi said.

Modi also slammed Rahul Gandhi on the issue of poverty and SP MP Naresh Agarwal for saying a tea-seller cannot become the Prime Minister.

“I am suprised that they are openly saying a tea-seller cannot become the Prime Minister. If people give their blessings, then a weaver, a farm worker or even a shoeshine man can become the PM,” Modi said.

Before addressing the Vijay Shankhnaad Rally at Rajatalab Mirzamurad Khajuri in Varanasi today, Shri Narendra Modi, along with BJP President Rajnath Singh, took blessings of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva, at the famous Sankatmochan Temple and Kashi Vishwanath Temple, respectively.

In his meeting with Prof. Vishwambhar Nath Mishra, the Mahanth of Sankatmochan temple, Shri Modi was apprised of issues including the plight of Ganga and the reality of Ganga Action Plan. At the Kashi Vishwanath temple, Shri Modi performed Dugdhabhishek of Lord Shiva under the guidance of Pt. Shrikant Sharma, who also gave him the traditional ang-vastram.

[Input from PTI.]

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SC Slams Delhi Police on Ramlila Midnight Crackdown. Unnecessary repression upon Baba Ramdev.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 23, 2012

Recapitulate. What happened on 4th-5th June, 2011 at Ramlila Ground? RAVAN LILA by Anti Hindu CONGRESS and UPA Govt.

Half  hearted Indian judiciary is not doing justice to the Hindus under pressure.

Ramlila incident: SC slams Police, Ramdev in a row.

Ramlila Ground crackdown: Jethmalani slams P Chidambaram.

New Delhi: HE News Desk: 23-02-2012:: If the justice delayed, everybody say Justice is denied. But when  the justice is delivered in an ambit of satisfying both the oppressors and the sufferers, it is nothing but a rape of jurisprudence. The Supreme Court on Thursday castigated the Delhi Police and yoga guru Ramdev for the midnight violent incident at the Ramlila Maidan last year and said it was a “glaring example of trust deficit” between the people and the government.

A bench of justices B S Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar said that incident showed might of the state which struck at the foundation of democracy.

The bench further observed that the police and the state could have avoided that tragic incident in which one person died and several others were injured.

In this connection, senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani attacked Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday holding him responsible for the police attack on  Baba Ramdev on June 4 last year.

The Most Sick Central Govt must take Yoga lesson from this Great Yogi Ramdev ~ Ram Jethmalani.

Jethmalani, Ramdev’s lawyer in the case held a joint press conference with Baba Ramdev on Thursday after the SC verdict where both Ramdev and Delhi police were held responsible for the Ramlila Grounds crackdown. The senior Supreme Court lawyer questioned why the home minister was not held responsible for the crackdown.

The lawyer for Bharat Swabhimaan Trust further said we did not approach the SC but had presented our case in front of the public. However, he added that he considered the SC verdict as a victory for Baba Ramdev.

Jethmalani said the home minister has no right to decide who qualifies to stage protest and who does not.

Ramdev said he had urged his followers to refrain from any form of violence after the SC held him responsible for the crackdown. The yog guru, too, blamed Chidambaram for the June crackdown in Delhi.

Current decision 

SC verdict on Ramlila crackdown

The Supreme Court has slammed Delhi Police and Ramdev on the midnight crackdown on Ramdev’s followers at Ramlila Maidan on June 4-5 2011 during his anti-corruption agitation.

Taking suo motu cognisance of media reports, purportedly showing brutality of police action against Ramdev’s sleeping followers, including women and children, the Apex Court said it was a “glaring example of trust deficit” between the people and the government.

According to reports, the SC also pulled up Ramdev for his negligence. The court said that Ramdev was wrong in defying orders. “Ramdev should have left venue when it was asked to do so by Delhi Police,” SC said.

The SC also announced joint compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to Rajbala family, Rs 50 thousand to injured and Rs 25 thousand to people getting simple injuries, to be given by Ramdev and Delhi Police. Ramdev’s trust will have to pay 25 per cent of the compensation amount to Rajbala’s family.

It is obvious that the Delhi Police and Central Govt. led by Congress hatched the conspiracy and attack on peaceful Ramdev Supporters. Then WHY BABA RAMDEV have to pay the compensation to the deceased and injured under a justice obviously bad in law?

Courtesy: The Hindu | Daily Bhaskar | CNN IBN.

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Anna’s fasting for Jan Lokpal at Ramlila Maidan is gaining potency in every moment higher than earlier.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 21, 2011

No rain can stop us and no reign can resist us from Jan Lokpal.
Anna started his Ramlila fast amidst a heavy rain and a huge crowd of supporters and anti-graft activists.

My fight will not end with this: Hazare

A team of doctors examining Anna Hazare on his fifth day of fast against corruption at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on Saturday.

I have lost 3 Kgs on fast, but this fight has just begun, declares Anna Hazare 

No more talks, pass Bill by Aug 30: Team Anna

Protest against corruption : BJP to launch nationwide agitation for Jan Lokpal from August 25 

Protest not political, govt delaying Lokpal: Team Anna

TNN | 5 hrs ago

“Those who are saying the BJP and RSS are behind our agitation should be sent to a ‘mental hospital’,” Anna Hazare said.Special | Video

Anna Hazare ill-advised, govt’s Lokpal Bill can still be changed: Aruna Roy

PTI | 5 hrs ago

NAC member Aruna Roy noted that Anna Hazare and his associates should take their version of Lokpal Bill to the Parliamentary Standing Committee. Video




Courtesy : To all the media and friends covering Anna and his movement.                                                                                        

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Anna to continue his fast at Ramlila Ground on and from 19th August. War against Corruption not to end at all, till the goal of Jan Lokpal is reached.

Posted by hinduexistence on August 19, 2011

New Dharma Yudh and Desh Jagran is to start anew from Ramlila Ground.

Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare on Thursday night bent the Delhi police and the Govt to offer at least  15 days to continue  his hunger strike at the capital’s Ramlila ground after a meeting between his associates and police commissioner, thus ending nearly a two-day deadlock. Hazare’s associates Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Prashant Bhushan met Delhi Police commissioner Brijesh Kumar Gupta in a fresh initiative to resolve the stalemate over the duration for the protest for the enactment of the anti-graft Jan Lokpal Bill. 

Anna’s health is good. He is inspiring the Nation against corruption. So,his associates should be more vigilant and responsible to carry on his dedication and devotion upto the goal of Corruption Free India. WE MUST FREE FROM ANY TYPE OF CORRUPTION. It is his Third Night at Tihar Jail. From 19th morning Anna will join us at Ramlila Ground at New Delhi to continue his fast and agitation for a STRONG JAN LOKPAL.

The cross section of the general mass, sivil society and the Saints and monks of Maha Bharat all are in favour of Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal. Anna’s message [Video footage] from Tihar Jail is seen here above.

Retaliation of Baba Ramdevji is seen above. Should not be a repetition of 4-5th June last.

Judiciary out of Lokpal? Team Anna softens stand

Himanshi Dhawan | 42 min ago

Team Anna, however, is insistent that the Lokpal must be able to probe the Prime Minister. “The PM has to be in the ambit of the Lokpal,” Kejriwal said.

Anna fever spreads to Hong Kong, Singapore; expat Indians join protests

Saibal Dasgupta | 2 hrs ago

The Anna Hazare fever has spread to Hong Kong and Singapore with expatriate Indians holding relay fasts, meetings and demonstrations.

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Anna’s Second Night in Tihar Jail. Indian is taken close to Emergency by Congress again. Is India awaiting a Revolt ??

Posted by hinduexistence on August 18, 2011


India ONE united with ANNA HAZARE.

Upananda Brahmachari

Delhi | 18th August 2011 ~ Over 1O Crores of Public supported Anna coming out in Indian roads across its territotry and reacted against their representatives sent to Parliament so wrongfully in the symbol of Congress. Congress & UPA are simply undermining now the public sentiments for Jan Lokpal and Anna. Washing out 100000+ public marching from India Gate to Jantar Mantar is nothing but undemocratic temperament and autocratic attitudes made by Manmohan Singh and his Inner Spirit Sonia Gandhi.  Consequently, a Revolt is awaiting in India.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Swami Ramdev Ji, some other Saints, Medha Patkar Ji, other important spiritual and public figures all called on fasting ANNA at Tihar jail. Santa Asharam Ji Bapu is likely to come Tihar Jail tomorrow to lend his support to Anna Hazare. They all are supporting  Anna Hazare and a Strong Jan Lokpal against Corruption and Terror in India. And the leadership of Anna Hazare is made un-questionable now.

Crores of supporters across the country came out Indian streets to support Jan Lokpal and condemned the tyrannic Govt attitude. India is gaining more strength in favor of Anna & Jan Lokpal. Chennai, Bangaluru, Mumabai, Hyderabad,Gandhinar, New Delhil all roads are full of thousand & lakhs of Anna supporters agitating against Corruption & Terror in India. But, Terror is now described now in its another meaning of Congress Terror or Govt Terror against the peacfully agitating persons for any public and beneficial cause.

The Congress MPs are thinking they are safe in the Parliament boundaries and within their security. They should re-examine the public pulse through a mid-term election, if they want to challenge the public genuineness. They should not try to compel this NATION TO GO INTO A VIOLENT SITUATION LIKE CHAURICHURA.

Still now, the public believe in peace and amity. They have shown their control over their resentment to the bully Govt. BUT THE GOVT SHOULD STOP ALL THE MENACE AGAINST COMMON PEOPLE DEMANDING THEIR RIGHTS & NATURAL JUSTICE. The Nation has broken all its records in public agitations after Independence Phase in this Anna Hazare episode. Don’t forget that your power in corruption and black money will defeat this Non Sense Congress for ever. And Anna will win.

Please see the reports from Indian news papers and how the ill got Congress and UPA Govt. in Delhi is defying their responsibilities to protect public interest and covering their corrupt partners like Raja, Kanimowjhi, Kalmadi, Hassan Ali and a list not possible to exhaust. And embarrassing enough that the secessionist and subversive Hurriayt conference leaders and their associates get the chance for meeting in Delhi Govt. conclaves with Pak foreign Minister and other purposes but Swami Ramdev and Anna Hazare like people are being toed down by our so called people representatives and policy makers. Times comes now to kick them out who try to betray the “Rashtra Purushs” – “National Icons” like Swami Ramdev, Asharam Bapu or Anna Hazare.



Fasting Anna almost gets his way, but Govt still holding out

Police lifts cap on protesters, but says fast can’t be more than 10 days; Anna wants a month.

PM holds meeting with senior ministers

Anna not getting access to TV or his mobile phone: Team Anna

Anna’s health condition is fine: Tihar official

Anna’s methods ‘totally misconceived': PM

Oppn unites over Hazare’s arrest

Day 2: Protests continue all over India  ..***Exclusive Photo Gallery***

Produce Anna, team before SC: Panthers Party

Govt says went by the book on Anna arrest

Congress sniffs US hand behind Anna movement

The Anna Debate: UPA worse than Raj, need bold decisions to tackle corruption, says BJP 

|| Jan Lokpal Song ||जन लोकपाल संगीत||

[for lyrics please see comments below]

UPA backs off, but Anna still not biting, stays in Tihar

Himanshi Dhawan | 1 hr ago

Anna Hazare was insistent on official permission for a month-long protest at the historic Ramlila Maidan, not seven days as was being offered by the police.

Anna Hazare arrest: Global bank VP on ‘fasting leave’ from Hong Kong

Hemali Chhapia | 33 min ago

Currently on “FL or fasting leave”, Shailesh Saraf, a vice president with Morgan Stanley, is down from Hong Kong to campaign for the Jan Lokpal bill.

Congress party hints at US hand in Anna Hazare protest

TNN | 51 min ago

Cong hinted at an American hand behind Anna-led protests, asking why had the US spoken in favour of an agitation in India for the first time since Independence.

Mayawati finally lends her support to Anna Hazare

Courtesy : To all the media and friends covering Anna and his movement.

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IndiaConcerned (updated on 3rd July 2011)

Posted by hinduexistence on July 1, 2011

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Visit News Bharati  & iFACT on regular basis, it’r really IndiaConcerned.

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Posted by hinduexistence on June 29, 2011

SC says no to interference in Lokpal bill drafting committee   » Read «
607 villagers benefited by Bangaluru RSS Eye check up and Surgery camp   » Read «
Muslim leaders cry ‘blasphemy’, victimize Khursheed   » Read «
Karma Energy to invest Rs 240-cr in Dhule power project   » Read «
Veteran educationist approaches Goa HC against ‘medium of instruction’ ordinance   » Read «
New Land Acquisition Bill will favour the farmers, says Moily   » Read «
Ranjan Mathai will be new foreign secretary   » Read «
Breaking silence : PM to meet select Editors on Wednesday   » Read «
Cong cuttles Joshi’s bid to take up 2G R at PAC meet; Joshi threatens legal steps   » Read «
Retired Major General Prithvi Raj no more   » Read «
Petrol dealers threaten to go on strike in Mumbai on July 2, 3   » Read «
Bhopal gas victim’s children protest in Delhi   » Read «
Uttarakhand CM warns of separatist movements   » Read « 

Courtesy : News Bharati.

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4 June ko Delhi Chalo. Swami Ramdevji Mahraj’s Fast unto death against Corruption, Black Money and proto-type British laws and regulation still in Bharat (India).

Posted by hinduexistence on May 28, 2011

Bharat Swabhimani Param Pujniya Swami Ramdev ji Mahraj’s clarion call to the Nation “4 June ko Delhi Chalo”…. “Fast unto death……”

भारत का आज तक सबसे बढ़ा क्रांति …..
भ्रस्टाचार मिटाने के लिए आमरण अनशन….
दिल्ली रामलीला मैदान….४ जून से अनिर्दिष्टकालीन ?????
हो जाओ तैयार साथियो हो जाओ तैयार…….
अर्पित कर दो तन मन धन मांग रहा बलिदान बतन …….

Hindu Existence supports Baba Ramdevji’s cause to END CORRUPTION TO SAVE INDIA (BHARAT).

Ramdev Announces Anti-Graft Crusade into a New horizon in Bharat.

भारत माता कि जय  || Bharat Mata Ki Jai

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