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Demonetization effect on cow smuggling rackets and infiltration.

Demonetization effect on Cross border cow trafficking and infiltration… gold bullion is now the medium of exchange instead of counterfeit notes….. 400 cattle seized by BSF, infiltration rate lowered down in last 30 days.

cowUpendra Bharti | HENB | Balurghat | Dec 25, 2016:: Along with the long stretched international border between West Bengal in India and the neighboring country Bangladesh, the illegal trading in the smuggling danes just rode on a time machine and reached in an age of business exchanges in kinds, not in currency.

In many places in the border lines of North Bengal, cross border smugglers are offering gold bullion in a case of trading cows or offering silk yarns for the purchase of cough syrups commonly used as light drug of intoxication.

In last thirty days after demonetization, BSF and other law enforcements wings seized gold biscuits worth Rupees One Crore from the cross border from cow smugglers and captured at least 400 cattle so far in north Bengal.

In the absence of old 500 and 1000 rupee Indian currency, the smugglers in the border are using gold bullion and other precious materials like silk, heroin, engine of motor cycles etc. as the medium of business exchanges.

Earlier, if four cows (two pairs) were estimated as Rs 1,00,000 in India; those were fixed to sell in Bangladesh at a cost of Rs 2,00,000 at least, out of which 25% payments (Rs 50,000) had to be done through counterfeit notes. Now, after the ‘sad demise’ of old 500 and 1000 rupee Indian currency and its ‘worthless’ counterfeit counterparts, in many cases the whole exchange is being made through Hong Kong, Chinese and Taiwan bullions.

It’s a hard time for those in the border who operate cross border smuggling and infiltration both using through borderline mobile networks and they obviously find the cashless system in a paucity of ‘invaluable’ new currencies and ‘worthless’ counterfeit notes.

The Second in Command of 199 battalion of BSF, Sri. Alkesh Sinha told HENB, “The new policies of the smugglers using bullions as exchange medium in illegal business have been noticed by the authority and BSF has tightened the security measures throughout the borders for taking proper actions”.

The Border Security Forces (BSF) has intensified its security measures through patrolling in the borders on 24×7 basis and forming village committees against illegal cow trafficking, smuggling and infiltration from Bangladesh.

From a report intercepted from a reliable source, it is seen the infiltration from Bangladesh has also been decreased by 40% against the data available for the first 6 months of this year.

After the demonetization the operatives of infiltrators grossly lack currencies in new denominations for giving bribes and other purposes in multiple stages to security forces, police and political parties to run the rackets.

We lack the data whether demonetization has any effect on other criminal activities in borders, but demonetization definitely appeared as a demon for cross border cattle trafficking and infiltration.


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