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Hon’ble Calcutta High Court rejected the bail of Muslim Kidnapper for plotting illegal conversion and marriage with minor Hindu Girl.


Hon’ble Calcutta High Court rejected the bail of Muslim Kidnapper who tried to legalize his mischievous marriage to a minor Hindu girl by illegal conversion.

HinduExistence Correspondent from KOLKATA : On Wednesday, 27th January,2010, the division bench of Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Justice Prasenjit Mandal in Hon’ble Calcutta High Court rejected the bail plea of  Aajit Ali who tried to legalize his mischievous marriage to a minor Hindu girl by illegal conversion.

The Government counsel and the Police pleader argued and demanded that  a marriage with a converted Hindu girl of minor age  is fully illegal even under ‘shariat nikah’ when a minor Hindu girl cannot be converted into Islam under her whim without the consent of her parents.

Aajit Ali married a converted Moumita Chakroborty on 06th November last year, in her fifteen years age alluring someway after kidnapped Moumita from her residence at Daspur at East Midnapur, West Bengal. To fulfill his wish to enjoy a Hindu girl of minor age Aajit made a plot to convert Moumita into Islam without any consent of the parents of the kidnapped girl. Aajit claimed that Moumita is aged 19 and she is converted as Aziza. So Aziza Bibi is no more Moumita Chakroborty.

Getting no trace of his dauther, father of Moumita registered a FIR on 19th December 2009, to rescue her daughter from the grip of Aajit at an early date. Apprehending  police in action,  Aajit prayed an anticipatory bail in Calcutta High Court and the court ordered to appear both Aajit and Moumita in person on……. Aajit appeared in the court with a borquah clad Moumita to conceal her actual age. But some early reports from the newspaper made some confusions about granting the bail by the Hon’ble in favour of the offender.

The Government counsel Mr Ashimesh Goswami pleaded in the Hon’ble Court very strongly that according to law Moumita is well minor in age. Moumita a student of sixth standard of high school cannot exceed 14 or 15 years anyway. And a Hindu minor girl can never convert herself in other religion on her own in such a way.  So the activities of Aajit is obviously illegal and of criminal nature.

Hearing both the parties, the respective Division Bench of Justice P C Ghose and Justice P Mandal rejected the bail plea of Aajit Ali.

Now, Police can arrest Aajit for his criminal nature and offences made against existing laws.

Mr Idrish Ali, the infamous personality to drive away Taslima Nasrin from Kolkata and the best friends of most dangerous Twaha Siddique and Imam Barkati, acted as the pleader of  Aajit so that every Muslim get the right to convert Hindu minor girls with judicial sanction and be able to marry them under Muslim Personal Law for a huge gain and expansion of the Muslim Communal Society. Mr. Idrish Ali conveyed that he will go to the upper council to contest the matter if the order in question is not reconsidered.

Incidentally, it may be pointed out here that this Ali is a champion advocate for Muslim Reservation in West Bengal and actively fight and support for the cases in order to stop Hindu Pujas etc. as a benevolent counsel for fanatic Muslims.

Hindu Existence conveys its Warm Greetings to Mr Ashimesh Goswami for his courageous pleading for Hindu Society with Best Regards to the Judges of Calcutta High Court for delivering the Judgment to stop marriage of minor girls by fanatic incontinents.

posted by Upananda Brahmachari

4 comments on “Hon’ble Calcutta High Court rejected the bail of Muslim Kidnapper for plotting illegal conversion and marriage with minor Hindu Girl.

    February 3, 2010

    On January 19, 2010 at 2:23 am, I wrote to Hindu Existence that :

    “The recent verdicts of Calcutta High Court will encourage the Muslim fanatics to grab Hindu minor girls for conversion into Islam forcefully or trick-fully for their ultimate goal to marry and enjoy Hindu Girls. Calcutta High Court did not pronounce any justified thing for a civil society. It will endanger the Hindu Society to a Great Extent. The respective judges are enemies of Hindu Society and we may not ignore the play of Islamic Oil Fund ( Petro-dollars) to influence the situation in favour of the Fundamental Islamic Power of Bengal through a design drawn by Idrish Ali, Twaha Siddique and Imam Barkati.

    Why don’t you go to the Supreme Court? I will help you with finance as per my capability.

    But, we should boycott these anti-hindu judges of Calcutta High Court immediately.”

    But We have now immense pleasure that Calcutta High Court rejected the bail of Aajit Ali who wanted spoil a Hindu minor girl by illegal conversion into Islam and mischievous marriage with that minor girl. This is a great judgment so far delivered by the Calcutta High Court. The whole Hindu Society is grateful for this well pronounced order for restoring justice and humanity.

    I feel very much sorry if anybody could get hurt by my earlier comment as above.

    I express my full faith in Indian Judiciary and think that no culprit like Aajit will not be spared by the authority. We should not allow the marriage of minor girl from any community irrespective of anything. This will be a sin for the Nation and everything against justice and women empowerment.

    With regards,



  2. Devinder Thakur
    February 3, 2010

    Right from the word go, the case hinged on one fact. Was the girl in question a minor? Does the law gives a minor woman to convert without the consent of her parents or guardian ? If the answer to these two questions were “No”, then the conversion as well as the marriage were illegal and the alleged elopement of the girl would be treated as kidnapping.

    The August Court seems to be on the right path. All the Hindu fury has at least created an awareness of the case.



  3. Dr.Roy
    February 3, 2010

    Nice to learn that Hindus are showing some signs of resistance to the
    injustice. Good luck and keep up the resistance or Hindus will be wiped out.



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