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Ramnavami festival celebrated World-wide.

Rama Navami celebrated with gaiety and honor

Staff Reporter, The Hindu||Devotees throng temples and offer special  Ram Navmi poojas.

NIZAMABAD: The celestial wedding of Lord Rama and his consort Sita was performed at several Ramalayams across the district in a grand manner on Wednesday.

Devotees thronged the temples and offered special poojas since early morning in connection with the Srirama Navami. Hundreds of devotees attended the celestial wedding at the Sri Raghunatha Ramalayam atop the Khilla Indur here. Rama Navami was celebrated at Ramalayam, Subash Nagar in the town and at the historic Ramalayam temple at Dichpally. Devotees queued up to have the darshan of the Lord God at this temple.

<<Pic. Left . Religious fervour:Devotees at Raghunatha Ramalayam on Khilla witnessing Rama Navami celebrations in Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA on Wednesday.

Ramnavami festival celebrated across India.

Ayodhya/ Srinagar, March 24 (ANI): Devout Hindus in different parts of the country offered prayers in the temples on the occasion of Ram Navami, the birth anniversary of Lord Rama, on Wednesday (March 24).

At Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama in Uttar Pradesh, a large number of devotees took a holy dip in the River Saryu and visited temples to offer special prayers on the occasion.

Also hndreds of devotees visited the famous Kanak Bhawan Temple in Ayodhya.

“Hundreds of people visited the temple and sought blessings of Lord Rama. It is believed that if a person seeks the blessings of Lord Rama on this day, he attains salvation,” said Dev Morari Bapu, a priest at the Kanak Bhawan Temple.

In Srinagar, temples were lit with lamps to mark the occasion.

Devotees of all age groups thronged the temples even before the dawn carrying offerings of sweets, flowers and fruits. See Holy Dip in River Saraju in Ayodhya through ANI. Click here.

“We want to follow the teachings of Lord Rama. We want that there should be peace all around. I pray on this day that violence around the world should end and all the disturbances should come to an end,” said A K Raj, a devotee.

In north India, Ramnavami festival also marked the end of the nine days of the Navaratri festival, during which many devotees observe fast to honour the goddess Durga.

According to Hindu legend, Rama was born as an incarnation of Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, to eradicate evil from the earth.

Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of the first fortnight of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which usually falls in the month of March or April. (ANI)

Hindus celebrate Ram Naumi in Fiji.

Thursday, March 25, 2010|| Source: Fiji Times.

YOUNG people in the society have been urged to follow the teachings of Lord Rama so that they can live in a country free of discrimination

Hindus around the country celebrated Ram Naumi yesterday after nine days of prayer and fasting.

Ram Naumi marks the birth of Lord Rama who later ruled as king of Ayodhya in India.

General secretary of the Shri Sanatan Dharm Brahman Purohit Maha Sabha, Kamal Sharma said their message to youths during Ram Naumi this year was to follow the teachings of Lord Rama in their life. Pic. Right >> Somal Raju, 9, performs prayers during the Ram Naumi celebration at the Samabula temple in Fiji yesterday.

Mr Sharma said birth of Lord Rama and his life was about the end of evil and during his time as the ruler of Ayodhya he showed great concern to his people and saw everyone as equal.

“We learn from the Ramayan that he did not discriminate between people of any race of work of life and we believe that people, especially young people should always accept others as their friends. The question of race, religion and work of life should not matter,” he said.

Mr Sharma said youths were the leaders of tomorrow and during the nine days of prayer and teachings they encouraged the youths to refrain from discrimination.

“Ram Naumi is the first celebration in our Sanatan calendar and we want people to celebrate and practice the teachings too,” he said.

Devotees marked the end of Ram Naumi yesterday with prayer and offerings to the deities at their homes and at the temples around the country.

While some celebrated it at noon, others marked the end in the evening.

Hindu Existence wishes a very prosperous and holy Ram Navami to every viewers and supporters of this blog-site.

Hindu Existence demands Ram-Janam Bhoomi Temple immediately in Ayodhya.

Establishment of true Ram Rajya of Hindutva ideals in Bharat, not of the silly Gandhian and fraud concept.

Destruction of Political Ravans-Ten headed demons at any cost, who want Ravan-Rajya in India. End of all corruption and evils supported by Rome, Italy, Arab, China and America.

Declaration of Holidays  in India on Ram Navami and Krishna Janmastami.

Satya Palanam, Prajanuranjan, Lok-hita sadhana, Nari-Matru Suraksha, Gau-Raksha, Samaskriti Raksha, Dharma Raksha by the Rashtra as done by Marjayda Purusottam Raja Sri Ramchandra.

Raja Ram is the Universal King of Hindus. Every Govt. Office, Judicial section must put the picture of His Divine Lordship Pravu Ram.

Hindus start to destroy of all  inner and outer evils of Ravana with the power of Almighty Pravu Ramchandra. Jai Sree Rama.

Posted by : Upananda Brahmachari

2 comments on “Ramnavami festival celebrated World-wide.

  1. Vijayalakshmi
    March 26, 2010

    It is common knowledge that Sri Rama Navami, signifying the birth of
    Sri Rama(Sri Rama Jayanthi), is an important festival in North India.
    Every year the Media used to highlight the festivities to the delight
    of TV viewers, especially the senior citizens, who cannot venture out
    into the crowds. They used to enjoy the celebrations, relaxing in the
    comfort of their homes.

    The TOI carried a report on 24th Mar that VHP
    has announced that it will take out a procession on the occasion of
    Sri Ram Navami, from Ramleela grounds to Ram Vatika from 2.30pm on the
    day, and even mentioned the route of the procession. Naturally,
    viewers expected some live coverage of the event. Unfortunately, they
    were in for a terrible disappointment when the anti-Hindu
    Media(obviously at the behest of vested interests), blacked out all
    the news of the celebrations on 24th and the following day.

    There was only one single news in some channels, which said that 2 people died
    and about 80 fell ill after they consumed ‘prasad’ during Ram Navami
    celebration in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. It is much like the stampedes
    and other ‘accidents’ which are reported in recent times during Hindu
    festivals(which need to be investigated by unbiased investigators ).
    The complicity of the foreign-funded Media in this anti-Hindu
    conspiracy is an open secret now. Every Hindu worth his salt should
    boycott the anti-Hindu Media(both print and electronic), which are
    preying on the Hindus, and yet humiliating them.



  2. Dr. T. Roy.
    March 27, 2010

    Thanks for the info.

    Organize some rallies in Delhi, with slogans and support for Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi Temple.
    No violence or bad mouthing. Be sincere in your need on principle: Get the
    Hindus united and their right to live with dignity and pride. Be active and
    strong. Create a strong Hindu “vote bank”. It will come. Best wishes,



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