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Deganga Protest Rally by Hindu Samhati at Kolkata

| Kolkata | 12th Sept,2010|

| Hindu Existence Correspondent|

Must Read : Green Terrorism in Deganga

||V Sundaram I A S||All India Gen. Secretary (Ideology)||Janata  Party|| ||Source : Haindava Keralam||

A Packed Mohabodhi Society Hall witnessed toady a strong protest by Hindu Samhati (HS) Kolkata District Committee. Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati addressed the gathering to wake up for the Hindu Resistance every where so that no such incident like Deganga can do another fatal to the Hindu Society  of West Bengal. Sri Prokash Das of ‘Swadesh Samhati Sambad’ (monthly Bengali organ of Hindu Samhati) shared a eye-witness experiences to see the disastrous plight over Hindus of Deganga from 6th to 8th Sept. with a Power Point presentation.

After that a strong 1000 protesters of Hindu Samhati and the common people aggrieved by the Hindu Persecution at Deganga started a rally, bearing protest placards reached M.G. Road and [< Deganga Protest Poster of HS] Surya Sen Street crossing, where they burned an effigy of Haji Nurul Islam, MP, Basirhat Parliamentary Constituency, alleged  as chief perpetrator  Deganga Conspiracy against Hindus.

Sri Tapan Ghosh, Upanada Brahmachari, Sudir Brahmachari and Dr. Arun Giri led the rally with protest slogans highlighting the Islamic atrocities in west Bengal.

Hindu Samhati declared a “Deganga chaloo Abhiyan” (March to Deganga) on 18th Sept. from Barasat to Deganga to convey its solidarity to the persecuted Hindus of Deganga.

Video Clippings of Deganga Protest at Kolkata

View 1.

View 2.

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6 comments on “Deganga Protest Rally by Hindu Samhati at Kolkata

  1. Shiv Ram
    September 14, 2010

    This is unbelievable. In the streets of Kolkata? Where godless people rule and the Hindu masses are silent to the assualt on their religion?


    However, this matter should also be raised in Parliament by BJP by stalling the house. We have had another Noakhali and the nation is silent.



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  3. kjasd
    September 19, 2010

    West Bengal will be another kashmir and soon we will see hindu bengali girls being raped on the streets of kolkata by bengladeshi immegrants.


  4. amol joshi
    September 20, 2010

    This is bound to happen when hindus themselves sleep over the issue.Look how zakir naik converts people in public rally.Has any Hindu tried to convert people to hinduism.We are habitual to get kicked.The same thing is happening in kerela and other parts of India.But we are going to sleep in coffin of secularism prepared by congress.If you are not more in numbers HINDUS you would be trampled.Understand if you get kicked once have the courage to kick twice so that no one can dare do that act against you.


  5. Siddheshwar Ghosh
    May 16, 2011

    Join and support Hindu Organisation for Hindu majority. In distress of hindus only Hindu organisations come to help. Congress and Gandhi(GANDU) will do nothing. Its all vote politics game. Come on my dear hindu tigers and we will make Bharat a Strong Hindu Nation.


  6. Indrajeet
    December 24, 2011

    “OTHO…JAGO..,JAGOBANGLA, GHUMIO NA AR BHAROT MA KE RAKSHA KORO A DESH AMAR”….. amader rajyo west bengal vison bipoder modhye dariye ache….. bartoman rajyo sarkar sankhaloghu ajuhate dhormer name muslim der jonyo sangrakkhan korche…hazar anyay -aporadh satteo muslim der prasroy dichhe….. voter lov e muslim duskriti der prosasonik vabe protection dichhe….. fole bivinno jelay sankhaloghu muslim der atyachar hazargun bereche….atotai j.. tara prokasyo diner belay astro -boma-bonduk-taloyar niye police-thana, camp guli teo hamla chalachhe……eker por ek hindu gram guli ke akromon kore khun -dharson-luthpath kore cholechhe….er jonnoi simatoborti jelagulote gramguli hindu sunyo hoye porechhe….. .anyodike bangladesh theke asa muslim der k jatvai bole ei deser muslim bodhura tader asroy dichhe…..tader kei abar bengal govt. sankhaloghu bole chakri te sangrakkhan dichhe……..dharmo niye rajneeti, o muslim adhipotto jevabe bere cholechhe tar fole west bengal achirei ek muslim rajye porinato hobe..,,,, akhane Hindu der kono astitwo thakbe na…….,,jekhane bangladesh o pakisthaner mato arajokata o santrasbad matha tule darabe,,,,tai bondhura ei anyaer biruddhe banglar hindu vai tomra sob ek how……amader rajyo poschim bongo – amader desh bharot ke raksha koro…… “BHARAT MATA KI JOY” JOY HIND.


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