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Another murder of Indian Constitution and Judiciary… Devout Muslims don’t care any court of law in India.

News Flash-2 Cow slaughter occurred at 9.45 A.M. at Pirtala near Hindustan bakery.

Proprietors of that bakery i.e. Farruk sk. ,Firoz sk. etc were the organizers of the illegal Slaughter. One Sumon Das repeatedly lodged complaint at 10.04 A.M to the Bishnupur police station (033-24709245) over telephone but police didn’t  take any cognizance of the offence.

More than 500 cow & its   progeny’s skin dumped in front of  Bara Masjid of Sarderpara, western side of Khariberia, P.S.-Bishnupur, South 24 parganas and now at 8 P.M  loaded on a TATA ACE vehicle no -WB-19B-3115.

This is also another broad day light violation of West Bengal Administration and Judiciary through illegal cow slaughter by the devout Muslims & Shariyat loving people. See the shocking Pirtala video footage at (1) below. (2) is a clipping of cow trafficking near Asansole, WB.

News Flash -1 Some 14/15 police personnel reached in the morning to Dogacha Village (Usthi P.S., South 24 Pgs. WB), headed by D.K.Roy, O.C. Usthi P.S. to maintain the peace and to keep law & order there for a smooth slaughter in Dogacha, which is grossly illegal. Some 200/300 Hindu villagers protested the slaughter utmost. Police rushed to the protesters and lathi-charged ruthlessly. Under the full protection of police, the slaughter of a healthy cow was made at about 10-20 A.M. today.

Sorry : See Video in YouTube: (1): and (2):

Another rape of Indian Constitution and Judiciary

Tuesday, November 16, 2010|| Kolkata

The reporting of land mark judgment given by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court completely banning the cow slaughter on the occasion of Bakri Idd ( W.P. No. 1378 of 2010, Judgment/Order delivered by Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr. J N Patel and Hon’ble Justice Mr. A K Roy on 12-11-2010), is hither to unknown by the common Bengali people. No media (electronic & print) in West Bengal or at national level publicized it under the whim and whip of pro Islamic intellectuals and media persons reigning over West Bengal causing utter humiliation of and onslaught on Hindus in West Bengal.

Despite of the specific direction of the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in the way, “The Authorities are, therefore, bound to implement the provisions of the West Bengal Animal Slaughter (Control) Act, 1950 and if any instance of cow slaughter on Bakri–Idd is brought to their notice, they will have to take cognizance and act in accordance with law.”, in numerous places the direction of the Calcutta High Court is being flouted in the broad day light to appease the fundamentalist Muslim mass.

The village DOGACHA, adjoining the cluster Rasa-Dogacha, under Usthi Police Station, South 24 Pgs., is a glaring example of the humiliation of Hindu sentiment and the total disregard of the Indian Constitution and Judiciary by the Shariat loving people.

In Dogacha, some 1200 Hindus reside along with only 70/80 Muslims there. No slaughter could hold last year or in any earlier instance on record. The Shariat loving people tried to perform Qurbani in 2009, but the local Hindus resisted it through a staunch settlement. But, in this year 2010, the local administration and the police has given permission to perform Qurbani in a make-shift (covered) slaughter point in the house of one Hossian Mian. After the slaughter, the blood of the animal (obviously a cow) and the other remains will be drained out in a land of Hindu neighbor. The intolerable gagging of the dying animal in a Halal method will rent the air.

Yesterday (15th Nov 2010), Upananda Brahmchari, Vice President, Hindu Samhati and a senior leader of HS, Mr. Tapan Kumar Biswas ( Advocate, Diamond Harbor Criminal court, Cell +919434302129) visited the village and met the aggrieved Hindus of Dogacha village. The visiting team heard about the discrimination upon Hindus by the police and the political power. Then they visited the Usthi Police Station and met Mr D. K. Roy, Officer-in-Charge, Usthi Police Station (Land line 03174-250203) for a discussion and redress in favour of the victimized Hindu People under tremendous pressure of the devout Muslims. The miscreants are threatening the dire consequences including rape and kidnapping, to the local Hindu leaders attached with Hindu Samhati, as they are protesting the illegal slaughter. Though Mr. D K Roy, O.C., Usthi P.S. (Cell +919874297813), assured for taking the cognizance and action in accordance of law, the ground level reports came to us for a complete preparation for the COW SLAUGHTER IN DOGACHA VILLAGE. Hundreds of Muslims have entered into the Dogacha village from outside for the forceful and illegal slaughter there. This will be another rape of Indian constitution and judiciary by the local administration, police and the political pressure groups.

The frightened Hindus seek help to rescue them from the situation. Though the Hindus of Dogacha village holds the majority in numbers, but they are entirely encircled by majority Muslim villages nearby.

Some important Phone numbers to enquire about:

Mr. D K Roy, Officer in Charge, Usthi Police station: M.+919874297813 & L. – 03174-250203.

Mr. Subir Chowdhury, Inspector in Charge, Bishnupur Police Station-M.+919732724042 & M.+919434343694.

Additional Superintendent of Police ( South Rural)- M.+919932991833 .

Alipore Control Room (O/o S.P.)- L.033-24790100.

Courtesy : Hindu Samhati.

||Read the Judgment of Calcutta High Court on Ban on Cow Slaughter on line here ||

7 comments on “Another murder of Indian Constitution and Judiciary… Devout Muslims don’t care any court of law in India.

  1. yogesh saxena
    November 17, 2010

    Hindus who are proud to assert their identity and fly the Tricolour high have now found a new platform to have their say, the way they want it, without fear of being shouted down. Tired of being derided by pseudo-secularists in media who see nothing wrong with Muslim communalism and Christian fundamentalism but are swift to pounce upon Hindus for being ‘intolerant’, their cultural ethos crudely denigrated by the Left-liberal intelligentsia as antediluvian, Hindus have begun to harness technology to strike back with deadly effect.

    They are bright, they are well-educated, they are not burdened with regional and caste biases, they are amazingly well-informed on national issues and world affairs, they are rooted in Indian culture, and they are politically alert. They hate being told they are wrong when they know they are right. They have a mind of their own and refuse to be led like sheep. Not surprisingly, they hold the Congress, the Left and regional parties in contempt, as they do journalists who cravenly ingratiate themselves with the establishment. For them, India matters — and matters more than anything else. Meet the ‘Internet Hindus’.

    In recent days there has been a spate of articles disparaging the ‘Internet Hindus’, variously describing them as “loonies”, “fanatics”, “irrational”, “Hindu Taliban” and, by an enraged news channel anchor, “gutter snipes”. Much of the criticism has come from left-of-centre journalists who believe they have unfettered monopoly over media as their inalienable birth right. Exalted members of Delhi’s commentariat, who are indistinguishable from the city’s la-di-dah socialites, tend to turn up their noses every time they hear the phrase ‘Internet Hindus’ as they would at the suggestion of travelling by public transport. Others are given to contemptuously brushing aside ‘Internet Hindus’ as being irrelevant and describing their views as inconsequential. All this and more has neither dampened the spirit of ‘Internet Hindus’ nor blunted their assertive attitude.

    Here are some statistics, culled from an ongoing online survey, which would help create a generic profile of ‘Internet Hindus’. The survey is open to all Hindus who use the Internet; the response has been overwhelming. Of those who have responded, 88.9 per cent have identified themselves as ‘Internet Hindus’, indicating they attach no shame to the term though their critics would want them to feel ashamed. Of the respondents, four per cent are aged 20 years and below; 55 per cent are aged 30 and below; 31 per cent are 40 and below; and, only 10 per cent are aged above 40. In brief, 90 per cent of them are young Indians.

    The educational profile of the respondents is awesome: 43 per cent are graduates (most of them from top-notch engineering, science and medical colleges); 46 per cent are post-graduates (a large number of them have MBA degrees from the best B-schools); and, 11 per cent have PhDs. It is understandable that none of them is unemployed. Those without jobs are still studying (17.3 per cent) and can be found in labs and classrooms of the best universities here and abroad. Of the 82.7 per cent who are employed, 3.1 per cent earn up to Rs 2 lakh a year; 18.4 per cent earn up to Rs 6 lakh a year; 34.7 per cent earn up to Rs 12 lakh a year; and, 26.5 per cent earn more than Rs 24 lakh a year. Nearly 60 per cent of them frequently travel abroad on work and holiday. Some 11 per cent have travelled abroad at least once.

    Contrary to the impression that is being sought to be created by their critics, ‘Internet Hindus’ are open to ideas, believe in a plural, law-abiding society and swear by the Constitution. They are often appalled by the shenanigans of our politicians, including those of the BJP, and are ruthless in decrying politics of identity and cynical vote-bank policies. They have no gender prejudices and most of them think banning FTV is downright silly in this day and age. The ‘Internet Hindus’ will not countenance denigration of their faith or biased media coverage of events, but 91.9 per cent of them respect and accept other religions. Asked if India is meant only for Hindus, an overwhelming majority of them, responding to the survey, said, ‘Hell, no!’

    So why do they infuriate pseudo-secularists in media and make Delhi’s commentariat see red? There are three possible explanations. First, the Net is beyond the control of those who control newspapers and news channels. While the print and audiovisual media have for long excluded contrarian opinion and denied space to those who disagree with absurd notions of ‘secularism’ or question the quality of reportage, the Net has provided space to the ‘other’ voice. Real time blog posts now record the ‘other side’ of the day’s story (“The Prince was shouted down in Bihar, not feted by students!”), Twitter affords instant micro-blogging even as prime time news is being telecast (“That’s not true. I live in Bareilly. This is not how the riots began!”), and YouTube allows unedited amateur videos of events (the Meraj riots, the Islamist violence in Kashmir Valley) to be uploaded, giving the lie to edited and doctored versions shown by news channels.

    Second, unlike carefully selected ‘Letters to the Editor’ in newspapers and ‘Feedback’ posted on news channel websites, the reactions of ‘Internet Hindus’, often savage and unflattering, cannot be thrown into the dustbin or deleted with a click of the mouse. English language media journalists, long used to fawning praise from readers and viewers, are horrified that someone can actually call them ‘dumb’ in public space and there’s nothing they can do about it. Third, the established elite, most of them middle-aged, are beginning to feel threatened. Here’s a new breed of Indians who have used merit and not ‘connections’ to make a mark in professional excellence, young men and women who are educated and articulate, and are willing to challenge conventional wisdom as preached by media ‘stars’ who have rarely, if ever, been questioned. The elite who dominate newspapers and news channels are seen by ‘Internet Hindus’ as part of India’s past, not future. As one ‘Internet Hindu’ writes in his blog, “A large number of ex-elite can’t stomach fact that children of bankruptcy are better travelled, better read and dominate the Internet!” Harsh, but true.

    We can describe the ‘Internet Hindus’ as the “lunatic fringe”, but that won’t change the fact that their tribe is growing by the day. Soon, those on the fringe will move to the centre and their critics will find themselves precariously perched on the fringe. The Right is gaining ground as is the access and reach of the Net; newspapers and news channels, the Left’s last refuge, no longer command absolute control over information flow. It would be unwise to ‘block’ the voice of ‘Internet Hindus’, as then their clamour to be heard will further increase and there is nothing we can do to silence them. The times they are a-changin’.


  2. Jayanta Chowdhury
    November 17, 2010




  3. yogesh saxena
    November 17, 2010





    98% of Muslims in India are converts from Hindus. While Islam unambiguously ordains upon its followers all over the world to recognize only Mohd. as its last Prophet and abandon every connection of any alternative nature with their past, yet belief in its ideology includes at least one visit to Mecca for, Haj. By this method Islam instills amongst its followers a permanent bondage with the Arabs. Hence, those who convert to Islam not only alter their earlier styles of God remembrance, but they also proceed to divert their Nationalism towards Mecca in the Arab world. One can learn more about this reality by going through the books written by Islamic scholar one Mr. Anwar Sheikh who published the following two works on Islam highlighting the above conclusions. The books are 1. ISLAM THE ARAB NATIONALIST MOVEMENT and 2. ISLAM THE ARAB IMPERIALISM. The books finally conclude that Arab Nationalism drives its followers towards Arabic culture and to spread and use in its way every activity that includes violence. A few of the salient true features appropriate to Islam need to be grasped.

    1. Prophet Mohd. himself declared to be the messenger of God. The tribe in which he was born (Querish) was the superior most tribe of the Pagans. The land of Arabia was singularly the ideal Nationalism.

    2. What he said and which came to be later recorded in Muslims holy book Quaran is the last word of Allaha.

    3. Mohd. declared Kaba ( the round black stone) as the only idol that was given to the Arabs by Allaha.

    4. Kaba that was even earlier recognized as the holy place for the Pagans was reasserted as the holy place of Islam. Who so ever should embrace Islam must also simultaneously declare his belief in Kaba and in the Arab superiority meaning Arab Nationalism as well.

    5. Muslims anywhere in the world are ortained to bow five times in a day by ritually offering Namaz through observance of rituals that impress upon its followers paying obeisances to the Arab territory of Kaba. The holy Namaz is to be offered by facing towards Mecca.

    6. Every Muslim as a matter of ritual must visit Kaba at least once in his life time. Kaba is thus made the symbol of Arab nationalism that must be followed by all follower’s of Islam. This automatically cuts off the followers earlier connections with their own nation and in its place, the new belief promotes and altogether different kind of loyalty in the matter of one’s Nationalism.

    7. Mohd. built only around himself the sole center, an ideal model for the Muslims to follow him as the believers in Islam. The way to heavens for the mortals born on earth passed only through his declarations and all other approaches were declared as Kufr

    8. Islam therefore turned itself into the only sanctioned way to reach the abode of God where worldly pleasures left behind by the mortals shall be available to those who follow Mohd. and his declared path. There is very little said of human philosophy and the creation from the point of view of spirituality in the holy book of Quaran.

    9. Quaran came to be written in Arabic. This built immediately an Arab center that was considered as the revealer of the only path to reach the heavens. All non-Arabs who chose to convert to Islam and provide strength to the Arab Nationalism indeed was by itself a great service done by Mohd. to himself, to the Arabs, to the language of the Arabs i.e. Arabic and to bring in its fold all the followers anywhere on the globe. Any Muslim even today openly professes his faith in Islam as declared by Mohd. by unabashedly relegating his loyalty to the family in which he may have been born when compared to the declarations of Mohd. This was a grand design really political in character on which Muslims could advance their cause of expansionism by combining religion with ultimate success in this political aim. Hence this book is tittled as ISLAM – A CONCEPT OF POLITICAL WORLD INVASION BY MUSLIMS.

    The above followings are the real basis of Arab nationalism. Mohd. successfully united Arab cause containing its language and its culture to be acknowledged by one and all as the superior most declared through him by Allaha himself. No hesitation is seen in the declarations of Islam who clearly condemn and negate any other faith or dogma dealing with religion of spirituality as total falsehood. He went to record those who did not believe in Islam as Kafirs (unwanted by Allaha) and any belief held in the alternative as Kufr. He divided the society in believers and non-believers. He also divided the nations and the world in two distinct parts. The division as can be seen is done on the basis of political control. Those nations who did not rule as per Islamic doctrine are termed as the hated Darul Herb and those who are governed by Muslims under Islamic doctrine are termed as Allaha’s loved nations as Darul Islam. He declared himself as the last of Allaha’s messenger sent to the earth and what he said, did and recorded in Quaran as the last word of Allaha that cannot be touched, amended or altered ever after him since Allaha had no further message left to give to the mortals born on earth.



  4. Prasun Maitra
    November 18, 2010

    Yesterday,while coming from Midnapore to Kolkata through NH6, I found a few matadors were carrying cows decorated with paper and clothes.
    Each matador was carrying 2 cows. I pretended them to be taken for slaughtering on Iidd as driver and helper of all the were Muslims. Near Mourigram, I found a police car and three police personnel,who were busy to collect their pieces of silver from a Hindu truck driver. I approached one of them and referring to the Calcutta High Court judgment requested them to take necessary action. The person named Somnath Bhattacharya refused to take any action also refused to provide me the number of local police station. Then I somehow managed to get the number of SP,Howrah and requested his intervention. SP said though he was aware of the judgment yet he could not take any action as there was no order from Govt. When I reminded him that his act
    might be considered as contempt of court, he made fun of that. I wish, Hon’ble Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court somehow come across my experience and initiate necessary action.


  5. Pramodsingh Rajput
    November 18, 2010

    The War Against Hinduism

    (Written July, 2001, but still going on)

    By Stephen Knapp

    Over the years we have all heard about the many attempts that have been made in India to convert various sections of society from Hinduism to either Christianity or Islam. But only after one of my trips to India did I really get a much clearer understanding of what has been going on. Furthermore, most people, as well as many Indians, are not fully aware of how the war against Hinduism is happening, nor how serious it is. It is taking place on many levels, and because of this, in some areas the practice of Hinduism is declining rapidly.

    When I was traveling in June of 2001, I had gone on a lecture tour, speaking every night on the importance of Vedic culture at places like Mumbai, Nagpur, Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderbad, Bangalore, Trivandrum, and Chennai. So I had the chance to meet with many of the intellectuals and some of the spiritual leaders in these areas, and learned how conversion was a very hot issue.

    Now I don’t have anything in particular against Christianity itself. I was born and raised a Christian, so I know what it is, but also how they work. My main contention is when the teachings that are said to come from Jesus are twisted and misinterpreted into something that does not spread the genuine love of God and humanity that we are all supposed to develop, but becomes the dog-like barking and criticism against every other religion that is not Christian. This does not only go on toward every religion outside of Christianity, but also within it between Catholics and Protestants and other denominations. It seems that this faith has become not something that promotes our similarities for cooperation, but our differences in that everyone who is of an unrelated Christian denomination are all going to hell.

    In regard to India, there is a great number of missionaries of various denominations who are working there right now, all competing for the most number of converts. The Southern Baptists alone are a group that has nearly 100,000 career missionaries in North India, all working to spread the “good word.” We also find that in order to make converts from Hinduism some of the numerous Catholic priests in Southern India dress like sannyasis, and call their organizations ashramas. This is to make Christianity more similar to the Vedic traditions. Bharat Natyam dance is also taught in the Christian schools, but with Christian symbols and meanings replacing the Vedic. This is all in the attempt to actively sway Hindus over to Christianity.

    One way they are trying to bring Christianity deep into the culture of India is by superimposing its rituals, symbols, and even types of dress on the Hindu forms of the same. Thus, you will see the cross on the lotus, some priests dress in saffron, and some churches have the ambiance of a Hindu temple. If this keeps up, maybe one day Christianity will be more Hindu than Christian.

    While traveling in the far Northeastern states of India I have seen some of the tactics that the Christian missionaries have used to help make converts, such as offering cheap polyester pants to the tribals of the Northeast if they become Christian, or even offer motor bicycles if they help convert their brothers, which also means their wives and family. In other places like Madhya Pradesh, as noted in the Neogy Report, the missionaries give small loans on interest to the tribals, who cannot pay back such loans easily. However, if they become Christian, then such loans and the interest are dismissed. This is what goes on in the democracy of India, and under the tolerance of the Hindus, while if one such incidence would ever occur in a Muslim country, the result would be an immediate expulsion of the missionary from that nation.

    Another trick that has been done is that missionaries, while treating the sick, will give medicine of no value and ask the tribal to take it while offering prayers to his local deity. Naturally, no cure of disease is likely to occur with the useless medicine. Then the missionary gives the tribal real medicine and asks the tribal to take it while offering prayers to Jesus. Then when there is a recovery, it is attributed to the power of Christ and not to the medicine. Such conversion activities take place these days more often in the tribal areas under the guise of social service. However, true social service should be done without expecting anything in return, including conversion.

    Another thing that takes place is mass healings at meetings similar to revivals. What they do is pay people to attend the healings portraying themselves as being sick, or invalids on crutches, etc., who then get called up and are miraculously cured of their disease. This is attributed to the power of Christ, which then convinces many tribals that they too can benefit in various ways if they become Christian. This has not had much of an effect amongst the Brahmana classes, but the lower classes who attend are more vulnerable and are impressed by such things, and are then swayed toward Christianity. This is why Christian conversion tactics have been focused more toward the tribal areas than other regions of India. So these conversions are not taking place due to pure preaching of the Bible or the message of Jesus, but are accomplished by trickery and the emphasis on material facility. This is, of course, what is being objected to by the general Hindu population. However, when or if people convert for purely spiritual reasons, then there is no objection.

    Another way conversions are accomplished is with the promise to the Dalits or the lower caste Hindus that they will not have any more caste recognition by becoming Christians. However, after conversion many find out that this is not true. Even amongst the converted Christians there is found to be a caste mentality, with the lower castes forced to use separate doorways, separate seating, or have marriages performed only among equal caste Christians and in separate facilities, or to even be buried in separate cemeteries. When this becomes obvious to those who are newly converted, some of them want to come back to being Hindus again, which has been facilitated by such organizations as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

    An interesting point is that in spite of these duplicitous ways of converting that the Christians have used, the Christian churches have threatened violence against the process of reconversion back to Hinduism that had been launched by the VHP. It is as if they do not want anyone to have the right to do what they are already doing. It was Rev. V. K. Nuh, secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Convention who said, “If someone tries to impose their faith, Christians in this region will not surrender. There will be a battle and we shall have no option. There will be a physical and religious war if attempts are made to propagate Hinduism by forceful means in the Northeast.” In this same line of thinking, Rev. M.D. Oaugma, head of the Garo Baptist Convention of Meghalaya said, “It could be a threat to Christianity if we remain silent to the VHP’s game plan of mass conversion. We shall have to fight, we shall have to resist.” (Maharashtra Herald, July 11, 1998)

    Of course, it is easy for Hindus to be nonchalant toward other religions because they feel that each spiritual path takes you toward God. So in this light, it is alright to be tolerant of them or let them thrive. But the problem is that not all religions feel the same way toward Hinduism. Some feel that Hinduism is a culture that should be removed or destroyed. An example of this is that in Northeast India, in states like Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur, they have witnessed a surge of nearly 200% in their Christian population in the past 25 years due to the wily tactics of foreign missionaries. Their grasp is so strong now that practicing Hinduism is forbidden in some areas. Where is the democratic freedom in that? Hindus can no longer do worship or arati in the open because of the fanaticism in parts of the land. Durga puja has become almost obsolete as deities are destroyed or stolen in broad daylight. This confrontational climate has led to numerous militant outfits sponsored by the Church who are fighting for secession from India. So now the Northeastern portion of India wants to secede from it, and another part of India will be lost if this should happen.

    If the Catholic Church in particular is supposed to espouse the message that God is love, and that it is by love of God and neighbor that mankind is saved, it certainly has not shown much of that kind of love toward any other religion. With the Pope’s recent call for conversions in Asia, it certainly shows that it is not a friend of other religions, but still holds the goal that other spiritual paths should be brought down to be replaced by Christianity. This should be clearly understood. This is also the case with the Baptists and other denominations.

    While I was in New Delhi, I also met with Mrs. Shanti Reddy, a member of a government agency called the National Committee for Women. She revealed that another thing that missionaries have done was to kidnap young Indian children. What one Christian missionary couple in Chennai was doing before they were arrested was to bribe tribals into giving their young baby girls to them. They would pay the tribals as little as 2000 to 5000 rupees for baby girls, and then turn around and sell the girls to foreigners for as much as $30,000 to $40,000. According to the records that had been confiscated from the missionaries’ home, this had been a thriving business, and nearly 25 of such transactions had already taken place. The Indian authorities said they probably saved 300 baby girls from such a fate from the indications on the records they found. So this has been another one of the forms of activities that such missionaries do for their own benefit and profit against the real interest of India. However, whenever Hindus react with force against such people, they are labeled as fundamentalists, antagonists, communalists, or worse. But how can you expect that Hindus should not display serious and violent reactions when such activities become obvious? It usually takes a lot to make Hindus react, as they are often most pacifistic and tolerant people. This is also why they make lousy terrorists, they just do not see things that way.

    Nonetheless, another way that India is slowly losing its Vedic culture is through the process of secular or English and Christian education. Of course, in public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. So there are no possibilities to study the ancient Indian literature or art in such institutions. So Vedic values are no longer part of what the children are taught. Furthermore, the Christian schools, often staffed by Christian missionaries, can teach Christian values in their classes, and include a short study of the Bible everyday, or the Koran if it’s an Islamic school. The so-called secular government has even helped them with free land and facilities. Since these schools offer English in their education, along with good discipline, many of the middle classes of Indians are favoring sending their children to these schools. Today, in the Indian cities, many of the parents of children are the graduates of Christian schools, who also send there own children to such schools. As this trend continues, there will be a decreasing number of Hindus in the educated sector. Thus, children in India, with the help of the secular government, are learning Christian values and perceiving their own history and culture as something less than honorable. They are taught that such important books as the Bhagavad-gita, Ramayana, Bhagavata Purana and other Vedic texts are nothing more than mythology, and not a result of one of the most profound civilizations in the world. They are also taught that their own God is but a demon and the only real way to God is through Jesus.

    An example of this is that a few devotees from the New Delhi Iskcon (Hare Krishna) temple go out and give presentations to the children’s classes in schools. Some of the questions that are asked by the children are, “Who is your God?” and “hat can your God do for me?” and so on. Obviously, these questions are nothing but a direct result of the Christian and English oriented education that these children are receiving. Now I ask anyone, isn’t this practically a covert form of conversion? This form of education indoctrinates the children to doubt their own culture, and disrespect their own history and traditions. As a result of this form of education, the Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their homeland.

    As I traveled around, it was not unusual to see elementary schools around India with a name something like “Saint Xavier’s School.” People should know that this Francis Xavier, who is now one of the greatest so-called “saints,” feverishly declared, “When I have finished baptizing the people, I order them to destroy the huts in which they keep their idols; and I have them break the statues of their idols into tiny pieces, since they are now Christians. I could never come to an end describing to you the great consolation which fills my soul when I see idols being destroyed by the hands of those who had been idolaters.” (From “The Letters and Instructions of Francis Xavier,” 1993, pp 117-8) This was his goal, to destroy Indian culture and make India a Christian nation. So it is ironic that now India embraces the schools that honor him in this way. How could they not know his true intention?

    What is often not recognized is that, up until recently, for the last 50 years the politicians who have been directing the destiny of India are the ones who have an anti-Hindu attitude. They have set the economic direction and the educational policies that the country has been forced to follow. They have also promised the protection of the religious minorities with the hopes of acquiring votes. This has been one of the reasons why the secularists in the Congress party have treated everything that is Hindu with disdain.

    Another aspect of the loss of Vedic culture in India is that the younger Indian people, especially ages from 15 to 25, are readily giving up Vedic customs to follow the more decadent so-called freedoms of the West. They see the western movies, they read what the celebrities say in the papers, and they admire them and want to adopt their forms of dress and lifestyles. Thus, in the big cities like Mumbai you have Indian couples living together without marriage, which is something you never would have seen before a few years back. Now the Vedic principles are looked upon as something obsolete, something that restricts the style that those who look to the West want to adopt. Thus, they are leaving Indian traditions behind and losing respect for anything Vedic. In this way, they adopt foreign standards, or lose so much respect for Indian and Vedic values that they become embarrassed to admit their Hindu background and heritage. Furthermore, Sanskrit scholars at the temples are also slowly dying out, and the modern Indians view the Ramayana and Mahabharata as merely myths or gaudy television shows.

    Although India has been invaded by outsiders so many times and has always survived, what we are talking about is more than mere property or geography. What is actually being threatened is the basis of Indian culture itself. As younger generations give up their Vedic heritage, even if they return to it later when they are older and looking for more philosophical support, with whatever percentage of loss occurs with each generation, time has shown that it is never fully recovered. A portion of it is lost forever.

    Another way of looking at this is that India presently enjoys an 85% Hindu majority in its population. This may sound quite significant, but in actuality this includes 15% Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains. So it is really only a 70% majority. How many more generations will go by before we see a big drop in this percentage due to the process of secular (meaning Christian or English, or even Islamic) education, or with the present rate of conversions by tactless Christians? This percentage could easily drop well below 50% in only a few more generations at the present rate of change.

    How many more generations will it take before the Hindu majority is no longer a majority, but a minority in its own country? As Hinduism declines, you will see that the demands on the government and those voted into politics will also change, and the laws will also alter more in favor of the increasing minority religions at the expense of declining Hinduism. Then as the years go by there will appear only small clusters of Hindu or Vedic communities, most likely centered around prominent holy places, until the more aggressive religions act in ways to diminish these as well, in the same way that they are presently doing in other countries.

    The point of all this information is that it is time for all Hindus and supporters and followers of the Vedic culture, Sanatana-dharma, to realize what is actually happening and give up your timidness or nonchalance and speak out while such freedom still exists. We must become more pro-active for defending this culture. The point is that if you do not take it seriously, I can assure you that there are others who take this inaction and tolerance extremely seriously to promote their own goals and religions in India. It is because of this that India may not always remain the homeland of an active and thriving Vedic culture as it is now. We need to protect whatever is left of it and maintain the present liberties that Hindus or followers of Vedic culture still have in India. Then we all can continue to engage in Vedic traditions without hindrance, and with full freedom. For this, we need to unite ourselves in a concerted effort to make this happen. And it most certainly is possible.

    Not long ago, as told to me by Professor Subhash Kak, it was noted in a reputable publication that now 1% of the Russian population claim that they are Hindu. The article stated that this was primarily due to the preaching efforts of Iskcon. This shows a major social impact. This shows what is possible if we can work together in a concerted effort. This is why I am convinced that if we all work in a pro-active way under the banner of a united family of Vedic followers, or Global Vedic Community, we can keep and even expand the present freedoms that we now have to practice Vedic and indigenous traditions, and keep India as the homeland of Vedic culture, the most ancient roots of humanity.

    India must be protected and kept as the homeland and center of the Vedic heritage, Sanatana-dharma, Hinduism. Without it, what is its value, in spite of whatever else it accomplishes? The value of Hinduism and India are clearly expressed in the words of the famous English theosophist Dr. Annie Besant. She put great emphasis on the value of India, its history, the Vedic culture, and its importance to the world. As written in the cover notes from the book, Hindus, Life-Line of India, by G. M. Jagtiani, she says: “After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophic, and none so spiritual as the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. The more you know it, the more you will love it; the more you try to understand it, the more deeply you will value it. Make no mistake; without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are struck, and torn of that she will inevitably wither, as a tree torn out from its place. Many are the religions and many are the races flourishing in India, but none of them stretches back into the far dawn of her past, nor are they necessary for her endurance as a nation. Everyone might pass away as they came and India would still remain. But let Hinduism vanish and what is she? A geographical expression of the past, a dim memory of a perished glory, her literature, her art, her monuments, all have Hindudom written across them. And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India, and India and Hinduism are one.”

    In this light, it is absolutely necessary that as followers of Sanatana-dharma, Vedic culture, we realize that we need to repair whatever differences we have between us regarding whatever issues there may be. This is necessary in order to work with some cooperation with whomever we can if we expect to be a substantial force in defending the Vedic cause. Otherwise, all the issues that invariably come up, although these should not be ignored, should not take so much of our attention that our preaching or sharing or promoting of our culture stops. Otherwise, we will only serve as contributors to the continuing deterioration of all spiritual standards as the age of Kali-yuga progresses. This preaching, of course, means that we must all stay in touch with and practice the Vedic standards, and be ready to let others know of its advantages, and to defend it from those who wish to see its demise.

    We cannot allow ourselves to be led into the danger of endless debate that leads to inaction. We all must be pro-active in some way to help defend and spread Vedic culture. Then we can work together to keep the freedom we presently have to practice the Vedic traditions and keep India as the homeland of a thriving, dynamic, and still living tradition. Such freedom does not come without its challenges, and we must be prepared as a society to meet those challenges. To take such freedoms for granted means that it’s only a matter of time before they are lost. And that is exactly what some people want to happen. So we must be willing to work all the harder to prevent such a decline of our Vedic heritage.

    (This article is from:


  6. yogeshsaxena
    November 18, 2010

    AND DATE. : 23.02.1993

    2. CASE NO. AND DATE : RC.1/93-SIU(XII)
    OF REGISTRATION : Dt.08.07.1993

    3. NAME OF THE ACCUSED : M/s . Southern Arts,
    Exporters of Indian Handicrafts
    10-D, First East Main Road,
    Shenoy Nagar,
    Madras and Unknown Others.

    4. OFFENCES : U/s 120-B IPC and Sec.25 (1)
    r/w Sec.3(1) of Antiquities and
    Art Treasures Act, 1972

    5. NAME OF THE IO. : Shri Hari Kumar, Inspr/SIU.

    That, M/s. Southern Arts, Exporters of Indian Handicrafts, 10-D, First Main Road, Shenoy Nagar, Madras, exported 34 items from the port of Madras to Mr. Guide Zanderige Via 24 Maggie 437126 Verona, Italy, in connivance with the officials of Customs of Madras, Illegally against the provisions of the Antiquities & Art Treasures Act, 1972. On inspection of the aforesaid 34 items by Dr. C. Margbandhu, Director (Exploration), ASI, New Delhi at Pisa, Italy at the instance of Department of Culture, Ministry of Human Resources Development, New Delhi, 19 items were found to be “Antiquity”. In view of above, the instant case was registered against the Exporter (and unknown others).


    During the fortnight under review, the IO Submitted plan of Action in the case. A copy of the same is enclosed herewith. Special Look-out notices have also been sent to NCRB/New Delhi and to the Director General of Police of Southern States along with the photocopies of photographs of the items, which are lying presently at Pisa, Italy with the Customs Authorities, requesting them to check their records under their jurisdiction with a view to find out, if any report regarding the theft of any the item, is reputed, to them. Interpol/CBI/New Delhi has been requested to move to IP/Rome for the seizure of the consignment, in question, lying with Customs authorities in Pisa, Italy and restitution of the same to India thereafter. The matter has also been reported to Secretary, Department of Culture, Ministry of Human Resources & Development, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi so that they may inform to the Embassy of India at Rome, Italy, for necessary direction to Customs Authorities in Pisa, Italy, for not releasing the consignment to the Importer. The IO has proceeded to Madras in connection with the investigation of this case and the progress shall be reported to HO on his return.

    10. CD (S) NO. & DATE (S) : C.D. No.1 dated .07.1993
    ON WHICH PR BASED : C.D. No.1 dated .07.1993
    C.D. No.1 dated .07.1993
    C.D. No.1 dated .07.1993
    11. PENDING ACTION : A detailed Plan of Action
    Submitted by the IO, is
    Enclosed herewith.
    1. To take immediate steps for retrieval of the case property from Italy by moving the Interpol as well as Indian Embassy in Rome.
    2. To send reference to Interpol for conducting part investigation in Italy regarding the examination of the Importer.
    3. To visit Madra:-
    i. Collect the original shipping bills and other documents from the Customs Madras and also examine the concerned appraiser who passed the consignment.
    ii. To examine the ASI officials in Madras to know whether the consignment was referred to them by customs authorities and also to know whether the exporters ever obtained the non-antiquity certificate for the items they exported, and also examined the concerned officers.
    iii. To examin concerned CHA in Madras who facilitated the shipment of the consignment. Further to seize the copy of the concerned shipping bill available with the CHA and also to examine the concerned persons, procuring their, specimen handwriting and signature etc. to prove that the shipping bill was prepared by them (For GEQD Reference).
    iv. To interrogate the partners or the proprietors of the exporter i.e. M/s. Southern Arts, Exporters of Indian Handicrafts, 10-D Ist East Main Road, Shenoy Nagar, Madras to know the facts and circumstances by which they could manage to export the consignment consisting the antiquities by hoodwinking the authorities and smuggling the items. Further information to be collected from the exporters regarding the procurement of the antiquities, their supplier etc. and also to elicit information regarding the conspiracy if any with ASI or customs.
    v. To collect information regarding the payments made by the Italian customer for particular consignment and also to visit the concerned bank and obtain the records pertaining to payment.
    vi. To collect all other information which may crop up during the investigation like the export license or permit etc. of the exporter.

    4. To make efforts to know whether the antiquities in this case are of stolen items by sending Special Look Out Notices and also to other sources like publishing the photograph of the seize antiquities in major national newspapers.
    5. Any other points as suggested by SP.
    Submitted for perusal. 1. Ms.Sonia Gandhi may well turn out to be India’s Fujimori, the Peruvian Leader of Japanese descent. It is now known that Fujimori has been secretly maintaining and hiding his Japanese citizenship while claiming to be a natural born Peruvian national. The wrath of the people of Peru came to visit upon Fujimori when his corrupt activities came to be unraveled, so he bolted back to Japan with his loot intact and then revealed that he had been all along a born Japanese citizen, and thus immune from extradition to Peru. Ms. Sonia Gandhi has like Fujimori in Peru a long history of committing fraud on the public. Ms. Sonia Gandhi shares Fujimori’s mendacity as well. For, example, in the Lok Sabha Who’s Who, on page 290-91, Ms.Gandhi has claimed to have been educated in the Cambridge University. This is utterly and completely false. Ms. Gandhi had instead gone to the town of Cambridge to learn English in a unrecognized teaching shop. Such falsehood is thus reflective of the duplicitous mentality of Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Time is now near for her to be exposed as India’s Fujimori.
    2. Ms. Sonia Gandhi’s track record, hitherto unscrutinized, reveals an incredible venality and culpability under criminal laws of the country. She is therefore extremely vulnerable to any hostile government, and thus would seriously jeopardize the prospects of an opposition coalition that included the Congress Party in an election campaign against the incumbent in office. The track record of Ms.Sonia Gandhi as a habitual law breaker are illustrated below.
    A. In 1972, Ms.Sonia Gandhi took employment as an insurance agent of Oriental Fire Insurance, a public sector firm. As a foreigner as she was then, she committed a criminal offence by taking such employment. Furthermore, she showed her business address as the official residence of the then Prime Minister and her mother-in-law, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, at 1, Safdarjung Road, New Delhi, which is an offence. Besides these, she collected commissions on insurance policy sold to Maruti and to individuals in the Prime Minister’s Office, which is also an offence. These facts came to light in a Rajya Sabha Question Hour in November 1974. The then Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi,and mother-in-law later announced in the House that Mrs.Sonia Gandhi had resigned her insurance agency, a clear admission of culpability under law. The three offences listed above are not subject to the statute of limitation, and thus the failure to prosecute Ms.Sonia Gandhi then, is no bar to launching prosecution now.
    B. On January 25, 1973, Ms.Sonia Gandhi was appointed the Managing Director of Maruti Technical Services Private Ltd.[MTSPL] in an “extraordinary” meeting of two share holders who together held all the shares, 20 shares each of Rs.10 per share. The two shareholders at the meeting were Ms.Sonia Gandhi and Mr.Sanjay Gandhi. The MTSPL was incorporated on November 16, 1970. On September 28, 1974, Ms.Sonia Gandhi was made the MD of the Maruti Heavy Vehicles Private Ltd.[MHVPL], which was incorporated on February 22, 1974 with 13 shareholders in which the Gandhis had controlling interest. The Maruti car company and the heavy vehicles firm entered into a consultancy contact for expert advice with MTSPL for which susstantial fees were paid.

    In 1978, the Commission of Inquiry headed by Supreme Court Judge Mr.A.C.Gupta, appointed by the Janata Party government, submitted its Report on the affairs of the Maruti companies. The Commission recorded the depositions of S.Kumar, Registrar of companies, and A.Banerjee, Income tax officer, Mr.Kumar held that “the allotment of shares of the MTSPL and MHVPL to Ms.Sonia Gandhi was in contravention of Section 28(1) of FERA 1973 which prohibited foreigners from owning shares in Indian companies, and hence was ab initio void in law. By Section 56, Ms.Sonia Gandhi thus committed a criminal offence that limitation on this offence even if FERA stands replaced by FEMA in 2000. Thus Ms.Sonia Gandhi can be prosecuted even today. Furthermore, the Gupta Commission recorded that Income Tax Officer, A. Banerjee had disallowed the remuneration paid by MTSPL to Ms.Sonia Gandhi “because she had no qualifications to be able to render any technical service to the company.” Considering that Ms. Sonia Gandhi holds an unrecognized “diploma” from a English Language teaching shop for unemployed European girls in the city of Cambridge, England, that is quite obvious. Hence a fraud was committed, for which Ms. Gandhi can be prosecuted under Income Tax law as well.
    C. The electoral rolls of the New Delhi Constituency were revised in 1980 with January of that year as the qualifying date. When the voter list was published, Ms. Sonia Gandhi, then an Italian citizen, illegally became a voter at serial number 388 of polling station number 145 of that constituency. Ms. Gandhi applied to become an Indian citizen only on April 7, 1983, and was granted citizenship with lightening speed on the same day. But during the three years till the beginning of 1983, Ms. Sonia Gandhi remained on the voter roll committing offences punishable under Section 31 of the Representation of Peoples Act 1950, of a maximum sentence of one year and fine. Ms. Sonia Gandhi cannot say that she was not willfully committing this grievous offence because to become a voter, one has to fill and sign Form 6 prepared under the Electors Rules 1960 in which affirmation of citizenship of India is essential. Hence Ms. Gandhi by this false affirmation also committed offences under the Indian Penal Code, particularly Sections 192 and 199, which carry a three year punishment.
    D. During the 1980s, Ms.Sonia Gandhi’s mother Mrs.Paola Maino, and sister Anushka Vinci had developed business connections with Snam Progetti’s resident in India, Mr.Ottavio Quattrocchi. The Influence wielded by Rajiv Gandhi’s Italian in-laws enabled Quattrocchi to corner government contracts such Thal Vaishet fertilizer project, as well as to broker deals such as the Bofors 155mm gun sale to the Indian Army. Affidavits filed in a Malaysian court and documents with the CBI establish that Sonia’s sister Anushka and her husband (now ex) Walter Vinci were beneficiaries from the receipts of Quattrocchi from Bofors company. Quattrocchi has also declared that he is a close friend of Ms.Sonia Gandhi, a claim not denied by her. Hence Ms.Sonia Gandhi, her sister and mother are candidates for inclusion in the Bofors bribery case FIR under Section 319 of the Cr.P.C., to be thus investigated and prosecuted.
    E. Revelations contained in the archives of the KGB became public, and some of which were published in Pravda and Izvestia in 1992 following the liquidation of the Soviet Union. Most of these Archives are now kept in a library at Harvard University, USA. One letter in the archives documents the regular payment of commission to Ms.Sonia Gandhi and the Maino family in Italy, arranged by the KGB. One letter [published in a Russian news daily Izvestia on June 27, 1992 in an article by Ms.Yevgenia Albats of Moscow News] was written by the then KGB chief, Viktor Chebrikov to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union [CPSU]. The KGB chief reporting these payments to the CPSU for ractification, stated that members of the Rajiv Gandhi family had expressed profound gratitude for the help being received by them through commercial deals of an organizations. In a confidential message to the KGB, stated Chebrikov to the CPSU, “they [the Mainos] informed that a major part of these resources was used to support the party of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi”. Only July 3, 1992 Ms.Tatiana Samolis, the spokesperson of the KGB’s successor organization, the Federal Intelligence service [FIS], in a press briefing in Moscow [which was reported in the Hindu 4.7.92] confirmed that indeed such a connection between the KGB and Mainos had existed “in view of the ideological confrontation that prevailed in the world at that time” In the 1989 elections for example the Mainos spent Rs.10 crores on select candidates of the Congress Party in the General Elections, obviously to create cheerleaders for Ms.Sonia Gandhi for a future contingency, Mr.Arjun Singh was one such recipient from the Mainos. Ms.Sonia Gandhi, her mother and sister are thus guilty of offences under IPC Sections 120B read with 171-C and 171-H, as well as FERA and FCRA.
    F. The Mainos have systematically plundered and exported the ancient treasures of India, especially temple sculptures of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, Mughal paintings and precious gems in Indian Museums, all protected and banned from export under the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972. The CBI had in 1993 registered cases on such illegal exports from a Chennai Suburb to an identified person in Italy (see enclosed document). Alitalia and Air India flights were used to send unchecked crates after after crates misusing the SPG cover first to Italy for display in shops owned by her family e.g.Etnica in Rivolta or Ganpati in Orbassano [see enclosed photo and calling card], and after creating an ownership on paper, getting the contraband auctioned by Sotheebys and Christies, the London auctioneers. Fred Watson’s Sothebys-An Inside Story [Random House, 1998] gives some clues on such a racket. There is in the records of the Ministry of Human Resources enough materials in Notes on file of Directors Generals of Archeological Survey of India to suggest precious ancient paintings of the Mughal period were removed and declared “stolen” or missing, but ended up in a house in Golf Links, New Delhi which Ms.Sonia Gandhi had frequented. Even the Festival of India was used as a ploy to smuggle out such treasures. In arranging these delicate operations the Mainos took the help Mr.Arjun Singh [when he was Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and later Union Human Resources Development Minister], art expert Martand Singh, a Pakistani couple Muneer and Farida Attaullah, London based Pakistani fixer Salman Thassir a prince of Kuwait, and even the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which has been convicted by courts in India for the assassination of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi Thus, Ms.Sonia Gandhi and her Italian relatives are culpable for various offences under the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act as well as under Sections 295, 378 and 410 of the IPC.
    G. When Rajiv Gandhi married Sonia Gandhi on February 25, 1968, she was poor. Her Father Stefano Maino had lost everything after his party leader, Benito Mussolini, the II Duce of Fascist Italy, was overthrown and killed. After World War II, Stefano became a brick layer, and Sonia’s mother, Paola Predebon, a share cropper. Like many poor Italian families, Sonia was dispatched to learn English in a teaching shop in Cambridge town and thus land a job as an hostess or in similar employment, a modest goal indeed. Her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi on 25.2.68 however changed all that. And because of the aforesaid illegal activities, the Maino family became in just 25 years the richest family of Italy with net worth of US $ 2.0 billion. The respected Swiss magazine, Schweizer Illusttrierte, in its November 1991 issue, reported that the Mainos had in 1991 about $2.7 billion. But over the 1990s decade, the Mainos appear to have lost some of the money due to reckless investments, collapse of the Barings Bank, and ostentatious spending. They are still worth about US $2.0 billion today.
    H. Ms.Sonia Gandhi has also fully utilized the martyrdom of her husband Rajiv Gandhi to advance her political career as well as to take control of the Nehru family’s monetary inheritance. The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was set up under her chairmanship and Rs.200 crores collected during Narasimha Rao’s tenure as PM, for use in education and public affairs. Yet an analysis of the accounts of the Foundation show that only 3% of the income is being used for the stated objectives while 97% is deployed for other goals including for private travel of Ms.Gandhi and her chosen ones. This is a violation of the Trust Act and thus Ms.Gandhi and other trustees can be proceeded under Section 92 of the CPC. There is already a PIL in the Delhi High Court in this matter.
    3. Circumstantial evidence is also fast accumulating that makes it now imperative for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe whether the mother (Ms.Paola Maino) and sister (Ms.Anushka Vinci) of Ms.Sonia Gandhi, have had a long term continuing association since 1984 with the terrorist organization, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), The Supreme Court had delivered on May 12, 1999 a stinging judgement that held the LTTE responsible for the assassination of India’s former Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi. The Government had set up a Multi Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) in August 1998, led by the CBI, to probe leads such as that have now surfaced regarding the Maino-LTTE links.
    4. The Circumstantial evidence of these links include Sonia Gandhi’s plea for commuting the death penalty for her husband’s killers; in providing one acre of land near the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, for housing the Periyar Centre for the pro-LTTE and secessionist Dravida Kazhagam (DK) which had been indicted in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination by the Jain Commission (Part III, Vol.IV, Chapter VII, Pages 161-73, of the Final Report) and whose seven key members have been sentenced along with nineteen others of the LTTE by the Supreme Court, for participating in the assassination conspiracy. There are several other examples of Ms.Sonia Gandhi going inexplicably soft on the LTTE, including remaining silent on the failure of the government to extradite the LTTE Supremo Prabhakaran.
    5. The CBI-led Multi Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) set up after the Jain Commission Final Report, should therefore send interrogatories to the Maino family in Italy about all this, and investigate the extent of their connections with LTTE.
    6. Ms.Sonia Gandhi’s family in Italy constitutes a major national security risk for India, but paradoxically they enjoy the cover of the Indian state for their nefarious activities. The RAW, India’s foreign intelligence agency has reports of this national security risk. While in service (during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as PM), the Additional Director of RAW, B.Raman had in a report stated:

    “Ms.Sonia Gandhi’s umbilical cord is strongly tied to Italy. Her close relatives are Italian citizens living in Italy. India has important national security interest in Italy because of its arms, nuclear and technology supply relationships with Pakistan and China.”
    Raman concluded that no source in Italy or in EU would cooperate with Indian Intelligence on this issue since they would fear that one day perhaps these sources may fall into Italian hands. After retirement from RAW, Raman even published these views in Statesman (May 16, 1999) in an article under his own name.

    Italy, incidentally, is flouting US sanctions and providing avionics to the Sino-Pakistan Joint project to manufacture the F-1 Chinese design plane update, which is to be a successor to the US F-16 super fighter jets. Indian Intelligence is busy trying to build sources in Italy to track details of this collaboration.

    7. For all these information I have written to Ms.Vasundara Raje, Minister in charge of Personnel (i.e.,CBI) to initiate a CBI inquiry. On all the above, if on no action is initiated, I will have no other option but to move the courts myself to set the law into motion.

    We, The People Of India Appeal to the Nationalists Straight forward Citizen Strive to Protect The Dignity of our Nation.


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