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Age old Durga Mata Temple in Sindh, Pakistan will be destroyed by Muslim granite-miners within one month.

In search of granite, path to Choryo Durga’s temple blown up with dynamite. Muslim Stone-crushing firm continues Temple ruining activities despite Sindh government’s ban on leases; Hindus protest, pro-muslim officials express ignorance…….

Must See.

A great inspiration for reluctant Indian Hindus. Minority Hindus in Pakistan are giving a great fight to stop temple demolition. Most respectful Salutaion from Hindu Existence.

Durga temple faces destruction in Pakistan

Tahir Ali in Rediff News posted 11th March, 2011 along with news snippets from Zee Tv.

Perhaps this beautiful Durga idol may not be seen in this Temple in near future

The demolition of Hindu temples in Pakistan for the construction of parks, schools etc is a common phenomenon in Pakistan.

In the latest such incident, some contractors have started digging granite stones at the base of a hill, on top of which a historical Temple of Durga Mata is located, in Sindh district. Despite opposition by local Hindus, the digging work is going ahead and the temple may be completely demolished within a month.

The company began excavating a hill near the Durga Mata temple in Choryo village of Tharparkar district with heavy machinery and dynamite about a month ago.

War footing digging in granite rocks threats the natural balance

Local residents said contractor Abdullah Qureshi was given control of the hill on lease by the Sindh government.

Qureshi is “busy blasting through huge chunks of the hill at the bottom of the temple to extract granite while the pilgrims watch on in horror,” the report said.

The excavation was launched as pilgrims from Nepal, India and other countries came to the temple to attend the annual ‘Sardaro mela’ in February, The Express Tribune newspaper reported.

The ‘yatris’ or pilgrims found that the path leading to the temple was destroyed.

“Pieces of rock were scattered all around and heavy machinery loomed ominously and silently nearby,” the report said.

The three-day Shivratri mela that began on February 2 became an occasion for protests by local residents. 

The authority allowed the granite digging company without any provision to protect the age old Sindh Durga Mata Temple

The ancient temple is located on top of a hill in Nagarparkar in Tharparkar district of Sindh. A number of Hindu and Jain temples are located in Nagarparkar and its surrounding areas. Most of them date back to 2,000 to 2,500 years.

Instead of trying to put a stop to the digging activity, the Sindh government has issued a lease to a contractor to carry out the work.

Veerjhi Kohli, caretaker of the temple, told “The way the work of blasting is going on, the temple will be demolished within a month. The hill (on which the temple is located) is going to be dug up from all sides, how will the temple survive? The demolition of the temple shows how helpless Hindus living in Pakistan are.”

Veerjhi added, “Some two lakh pilgrims visited the Durga Mata temple during Shivratri. The pilgrims had protested the destruction and urged the government to stop the work, but to no avail. The work was halted during the festival but now it has resumed again.”

The Pakistani media also doesn’t highlight the destruction of temples, laments Veerjhi, adding that it doesn’t focus on the plight of Hindus in the country.
“Neither any TV channel nor any leading newspaper reported our protests. After such incidents, we Hindus feel alienated in Pakistan,”

Hindu activists have approached local political figures and other concerned authorities but none of them have offered to help. “We were shocked by the district coordination officer’s remark, who said the temple was safe and there was no risk to it from the digging,” Veerjhi said.

15 comments on “Age old Durga Mata Temple in Sindh, Pakistan will be destroyed by Muslim granite-miners within one month.

  1. sweta
    March 12, 2011

    The hindus of Pakistan should make videos and upload it all on the net (when press isn’t working truely… Every citizen should work as a journalist) to put light on such issues in Pakistan … mere photos are not enough … A whole bunch of videos through mobiles can be uploaded to bring the facts out (like a sting operation etc) no one will do it for hindus and rather hindus will themselves create obastacles for hindu rights …. So we need to register to those who are unaware and speak good about pak democracy the true picture of the tyrant Muslims in pak and within india !!


  2. Bharat bhabna
    March 12, 2011

    It is very unfortunate that the distress of Hindus is left unexpressed in both pakistan & as well as in India. Our so called secular govt must be insisted to lodge a complaint to pak govt to take necessary action.


  3. Durga
    March 13, 2011

    Agree with Sweta – “The hindus of Pakistan should make videos and upload it all on the net”


  4. Dr. Dhruba Mahajan
    March 13, 2011

    Pressure should be created from international forum of Hindus to save the Temple.


  5. Hindu Revolution
    March 17, 2011

    Dear Friend,

    Please publish my article in your site.



  6. Neel Preet
    April 20, 2011

    Yes truly sweta is right the hindus should make & upload videos on net & should act like journalist themselves. we all know the conditions of hindus in pakistan & the mentality of muslims in pakistan, so it going to be worthless to raise the issue in such a butcher nation, but outer world is not so merciless & the hindus in pakistan should somehow bring their sorrows in front of india & rest of world with true passion till their sorrows are not taken over by indian government & united nations organisation & surely by human rights act UNO & international world would take pain to stop such butchery acts against hindus in pakistan.


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  8. amit chabey
    October 2, 2011

    Indian goverment should take action against Pakistan with the help of UNO. We should demolish such goverment who do such things and hurting Hindus.

    Amit Chabey.


  9. sanjay
    October 15, 2011

    it’s a very bad tendency of muslims. i hate muslim people and one day muslims and the pakistan people will die without water and food. in due time those people shall go to begging. the god must show the result. the activities of indian government and some people are very shameful to us. they are not telling anything about the tortured hindus in pakistan and bangladesh.

    jaiiiii maaa durga….

    jai hindu……


  10. Roshun
    October 20, 2011

    Why dont the Hindus start demolishing the Mosques in India? After all the Muslims motives are “an eye for an eye”.


  11. NorskeDiv
    March 12, 2012

    Disgusting, they truly show no tolerance, they are still living even worse than the dark ages of Europe. Hindus are treated well in Europe and America, there is a Hindu temple down the street from me and I have good friends who are Hindu. But in the traditional homeland of Hinduism, what is today Pakistan, they cannot even respect old Hindu temples as a historical landmark. They are destroying the history of the area to cover up just how weak their faith is – why else are they threatened by an old temple?


  12. anton
    August 23, 2013

    Blow up some mosques in India you are more than them, toughen up you dudes and kick their ass!


  13. Nabin jain
    May 30, 2015

    Pakistan is doing all this inhuman activities with the people of other religion , you destroy temple you pakistanis have not seen the power of Maa gurga a day will come Pakistan will be gutted and ruin in the hands of terroism because the inhuman activities they are doing is the cause pakistanis are suffering from terroism


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