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Christians in the North East India are intensifying anti Hindu activism to make a separate Christian State.

Hindus in Manipur celebrated Janmashtami despite Christian Economy blockade.

Imphal : 24th August 2011 || Hindus in Manipur this year celebrated Janmashtami (22/08/2011), despite economic blockade by some Christian sects continuously putting hurdles to perform sanantana activities in Manipur and the entire North East region. Though Hindu devotees visited Temples offering flowers and praying to Krishna’s birth day in a very auspicious and delightful manner. 

Dance and musical programmes depicting Krishna Ras Lila were organised in ISCKON Temple situated at Airport Road in Imphal, Hanuman Thakur temple, Kalibari temple and Govinda Temple situated inside Kangla Fort Complex.

Still about 60% of Manipuri people are Hindus belonging to Meitis commumnity who are predominantly Vaishnavites and rest are Christians. Christians belong to various castes like Nagas, Kukis etc. Instigated by some subversive  foreign  agencies having roots to European Christian Countries and China too, some anti Hindu militant forces are very active in this region to suppress all the Hindus customs from Hindu day to day life.

The Naga Christian caste imposed an indefinite economic blockade in several parts of Manipur against the division of Senapati district and creation of Sadar Hills District.

Majority of Senapati district are Christians belonging to Naga  and Kuki sects.

People belonging to Kuki Christian sect are demanding that the Sadar Hills subdivision in Senapati should be upgraded to district status, which Naga Christians do not like.

The Nagas living in the hill districts of Manipur, on the other hand, have been opposing the creation of the district without their consent.

Due to this Naga Christian economic blockade, a cooking gas cylinder is being sold for more than Rs 1,000 while a litre of petrol costs Rs 110.

Though it is simply a rift between the two Christian sects of Naga and Kuki ethnic groups, the Naga Christian did not allow to lift the imposed the economic  blockade during the Janmashtami celebration in Manipur which has a massive  Vaishnavite all along.

In 2006, some militants of suspected Christian War Group (CWG) exploded a grenade in the ISKCON temple in Imphal on 16th august during same Janmashtami festival, killing at least 4 (four) people and leaving 40 others injured.

In the entire North East the Christian Evangelists are too active in conversion and to promote a Christian Land in NE with hand to hand of the subversive militant groups. In various places in North East the Christian Groups have imposed ban to wear Hindu dress and symbols, Durga and Saraswati Puja and Hindu customs in public.

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20 comments on “Christians in the North East India are intensifying anti Hindu activism to make a separate Christian State.

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  2. indian citizen
    August 25, 2011

    let sanatan dharam prevail…


  3. Dr Vivek Arya
    August 25, 2011

    I got enligtened by the news.

    Dr Vivek Arya.


  4. Dr. Rajat Das Gupta
    August 25, 2011

    Media highlight Sharmila Chanu of Manipur,but they never utter a single word about these types of Violence by so called nationalists against a peace loving community in the Seven Sisters region. Media Manipulation is an arm of Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus from this most affected area and it is used again and again against the Hindus.

    Dr. Rajat Das Gupta.


  5. siemlien
    August 26, 2011

    The economic blockage has nothing to do with religion. For God’s sake, do not stain the political issues in Manipur with religious colours as this is going to destroy the religious harmony that we have in Manipur.


  6. Rama Roy
    August 27, 2011


    With due regard to your sense to defend yourself, I beg to state that the Christians are not “going to destroy the religious harmony”, they have already destroyed the religious and cultural harmony of this Country, especially in the ‘seven sisters’ states in the North East.

    All the subversive groups in the North East are obviously tagged either with the Christian churches or the cross border Chinese dragons. With this entanglement the position of entire North East is at the verge of separation from India. While Nagaland & Mizoram are captured by the Christians, Arunachal is under Chinese aggression, and then a major portion of Assam is under severe influences of the Muslim separatists.

    Under the conspiracy of the Evangelists in North East, a demographic changes in that regions opened the door of a separate Free Christian State in the North East. While Nagaland and Mizoram have the 95% Christian population, Meghalaya has 70%, Manipur and Arunachal have now above 65% Christians, Tripura has more than 50% Christian and then Assam has crossed the limit of 20% Christians under a deep rooted conversion strategies in the North East.

    The friends of the evangelists find a great benediction of Lord Jesus in it, but in actualities all the ultra militant groups are supported by either the Christian missionaries or the Chinese-Maoists links or the Jihadi Talibans from Bangladesh.
    Hindus are allowed to stay, live and run business in these states under heavy ransom, militant taxes, persecutions and the torture by the Majority Non Hindus groups. Consequently, Hindus are facing a existential threat by and large.

    Those who are trying to separate the Economic Blockade from the religions, they are trying to suppress the surfaced Blockades against Hindus in all respect.

    The ill got conspiracy of Conversion of Hindus into Christianity in all over India has been perpetuated in entire North East including Manipur. My suggestion is to Beware of Dogs, sorry… Christian Evangelists. They may bite on your religious body.

    Anyone can watch these video footage to heighten his/her understanding level about the Christian Conspiracy of Conversion against Hindus as attached by me hereunder…..

    (1) Christian Conversions

    (2) An Invasion through Conversion Part 1

    (3) An Invasion through Conversion Part 2

    Rama Roy.
    M.Sc., B.Ed., LLB.


    • siemlien
      August 29, 2011

      First come out of your negative attitudinal cocoon and try to understand the political situations, the Tribal-Meetei divide on ethnicity ground, the tribal political aspirations and the like in Manipur. Then only you can understand the background of the present Economic Blockade/Blockage in Manipur. People who have (uncalled for) extreme religious attitudes like you are destroying the harmonious social fabric of our great country.


      • Rama Roy
        October 6, 2011


        Know your own filthy mentality.

        In the name of communal harmony and big talks, you have already wiped out 80% Hindus and Hindu roots form North East by the method of conversion and divide (ethnic people) and rule policy.

        You maroon, xitan propagator must be slapped by those tribal people and will face a very bad time ahead in the resurgence of HINDU HERITAGE in the soil of North East again.

        You meek not even go through the above videos of Xtian Conversion Conspiracy in India as a whole. You should not take the name of Harmony in the bad taste of your rotten mouth.

        Rama Roy.
        M.Sc., B.Ed., LLB.
        BHARAT (INDIA)


  7. Sandhya Jain
    October 6, 2011

    In my book – EVANGELICAL INTRUSIONS, TRIPURA: A CASE STUDY, Rupa & Co, 2009 – I found that north east tribals taken to Bangladesh for training in arms were CONVERTED to CHRISTIANITY while there!!! Obviously that Islamic Republic was allowing Church to operate on its soil in this manner – to fulfill the old colonial agenda of a Christian state in the NE.

    Of course, Hindu so called activists ignore all these things when warned, and then make some noises when the situation gets virtually beyond retrieval. This also happened when I warned for years that the Nepal Maoists where church controlled and LTTE was a church operation [I was sometimes told rather rudely to shut up – by those who knew and were probably paid to maintain the conspiracy of silence]



  8. S. Kumar.
    October 6, 2011

    Sonia Maino’s New Year gift to Foreign Missionaries and Conversion Mafia.

    NEW DELHI: 16.01.11 As a New Year gift from Sonia Maino to Foreign Missionaries and Conversion Mafia and to boost the economy by more funding from foreign Missionaries , Government decided to take away Protected Area Permit (PAP) for foreigners visiting the three states of Manipur , Mizoram and Nagaland

    Indian Missions/Posts have also been authorised to issue missionary visa to foreign missionaries visiting these three States as per the extant guidelines of the government. This move will help to accelerate the activities of Christian separatists who already had established their base in the area.

    Madam Maino is a mere puppet in the hands of Vatican and her cohorts are there to implement the directions of the queen which she gets from the Pope.

    S. KUMAR.


  9. Singh LL
    September 17, 2012

    Christians in India will never throw an attack on Hindus for sure, Christians philosophy is non violence and show the other cheek, it is certainly not by attacking worship places. The Terrorism in India is mainly the work of Muslim extremists, like that happened in Malegaon, Ajmer blast, Samjouhta blast, Mecca masjid blast, Pune blast and Mumbai 26/11 blast… and subsequently they tried to blame Hindus. In North East India some Christian Terror groups are engaged in the subversive activities very unfortunately. To inflame terror and hatred against Hindu and Christians, these are nothing but inciting fear and hatred by the Muslim extremist.

    Now a days we are hearing about Saffron or Hindu Terrorism. It is unbelievable. Terrorism is beyond the principals of Hinduism.

    FYI: Majority of Hindus are supportive, friendly and giving good accommodation to Christians.


    • TT
      May 23, 2022

      Non violence as long as they worship Jesus in the same carbon copy method as they do, or else you will go through hell on this life as well as the next.


  10. vinod nair
    March 31, 2014

    In india Hindus are taught to be secular but never Hinduism.Caste,regional,linguistic bias are yet to be eradicated.These are those major reason which are being encased upon by Christians of all churches for religious conversions.The only solution to curb this menace is through spreading awareness related to Hinduism and letting people know the ugly past and present of Christians and Muslims who converted through force,marriages,allurement,sweet talk brainwashings and faith-based-humanatarian policies..


  11. Thirdeyeview
    June 28, 2017

    Let us be honest. The Hindu world never cared for these people, Think xtianity is a very peaceful & good religion. One we should we worry is ISLAM. Oh well, we Hindus wont have any guts to speak against their activities – be it love jihad , be it slowly recruiting hindus for their jihad. We only pick on a less minority religion. DOnt have the guts to stop ISLAM. We never did from 12th century.


  12. dr samson s. chiru
    July 20, 2017

    the fact is Christians
    in Manipur at least are not against Hindu but Hindu atrocities


  13. zafarsharif
    January 12, 2019

    Ri singh no further comments for a fool like you christian is a religion of violence and state terror wikipedia-violence in bible wikipedia-christian sectarian violence and as if your religion go kill yourself hinduism exposed-killing infidels in vedas in ancient times both christian and hindus islam came to teach humanity not to kill women and children make peace treaties resist persecution but gentile killing jews staged false flag operation


    • Arindam
      January 14, 2019

      ‘ islam came to teach humanity not to kill women and children’

      What a joke!

      Go read the Koran.

      Surah 9: ayats 2-3.
      Allah will humble the unbelievers. Allah and His apostle are free from obligation to the idol-worshippers. Proclaim a woeful punishment to the unbelievers.

      Surah 9: ayat 29.
      Fight against such of those to whom the Scriptures were given as believe neither in Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His apostle have forbidden, and do not embrace the true faith, until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued.

      Surah 9: ayat 73.
      O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is Hell, a hapless journey’s end.

      Surah 9: ayat 123.
      Believers! make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Let them find harshness in you.

      There is no mention whatsoever here of sparing women and children. Indeed, Mohammed himself ordered the murder of Asma bint Marwan, and committed numerous other atrocities.

      See, for example.

      [In fairness, this is based on a biography written a hundred years after… but Muslims never questioned the matter until non-Muslims took them to task.]


      • zafarsharif
        January 14, 2019

        Arindam read yourself where islam calls for killing women and children but however did say he will punish the evil doer first and formost post the verse full not half thats a apostasy in islam it talks of punishing disbelievers not in this world but hereafter similarly in vedas where people are punished in life cycle and not gain moksha surah 9 ayat 29 it talks about jews of banu qaynuqa banu nadir and banu qurayza those who broke treaty and attack muslims so muslim were commanded to fight and made to affirm covenant and make them jizya this is no different than jews imposing tax upon conquered nation but they also killed them suffice to say such things are not guaranteed even to non aryans in vedas the third verse making war on unbelievers directly calls for fight against quraysh those who commit attrocities and show no remorse to muslims what you gonna do if your family is gonna attacks by fools sit there what a shame the forth verses i dont need to mentions it is directly related to hypocrites and jews of medina what they had done treachery crime murder giving secret information to their enemies the step are necessary for defending a state and you are talking about asma bint marwan no she was not killed without reason she has committed treachery by violating the treaty and no children and women had been killed in war first read this sean anthony-the expeditions of prophet muhammed you surely hate islam read this exposed


        • Arindam
          January 15, 2019

          What is the Koran?

          If you believe that it is God’s orders to mankind, then the context of the verses is irrelevant – the orders still stand – and can be used against any non-Muslim at any time.

          If you believe that they are simply Mohammed’s instructions in a given set of circumstances, then there’s no reason for treating them as holy.

          Go ahead, tell me which it is.


          • zafarsharif
            January 15, 2019

            Arindam you are asking me what is quran yes it is word of god but context do matter thats why we rely on hadith the prophet saying sahaabah views salaf views also matter and so does matter the view of muslim we have created the science of hadith to know which is hadith is right and legally applied and tafseer of quran to know the inner meanings of quran i will give you an example of importance of explanation of verses the khwarij came to attack muslims using verses to show that only allah and messenger but our sahaabah comes with better explanation telling the importance of amir and he also applied surah al- maidah and shows the verse was early applied to israel but also applicable to every humanity


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