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Repercussion of Rudrapur (Uttarakhand) Riot must be restricted.

Police chase away protesters at Rudrapur town in Udham Singh Nagar district, Uttarakhand, on Sunday. PTI Photo

The Reality of Rudrapur Riot.

~ Bhawani Singh.

Rudrapur | 4th October, 2011 :: In the peaceful area of Kumayun terai region of Udham Shing Nagar is now being tormented in worry and anxiety of communal tension, riot, curfew by the handiwork by some fanatics in the name of intolerance of religion of peace. And it so started on 2nd October of Gandhi Jayanti, that day generally denotes the peace and amity.

This prosperous district is endowed with a very fertile land. Agriculture is the mainstay and there are several agriculture related activities and industries located here. Udham Singh Nagar district is also noted for communal harmony and brotherhood. So far district is a melting pot of different cultures, religions and life styles.

In this very location  theAtariya temple of Goddess Atariya is very holy place as per Hindu-Sikh believe. This sacred shrine is situated 2km from the bus stand of Rudrapur. A 10 day fair is held here during the sacred Navratras. Large numbers of devotees visit the shrine on this occasion. This year perhaps some anti Hindu elements nearing a populace of 15% in this district ( Muslims are 10% in Uttarkhand State as a whole) had in mind to put some trouble to cut short the vibrant and auspicious celebration of Navratras this year.

Communal tension flared up on 2nd Oct and extended in day next too in Rudrapur in Udham Singh Nagar district due to violence following alleged desecration of a Qur’an belonging to Muslim community on Sunday. At least, 4 persons were killed and 60  others injured.

Violence between members of two communities took an ugly turn causing death, injury and mayhem. After the clashes, hundreds of persons belonging to the Muslim community reportedly staged armed protest in the city following a tough resistance from the majority.

Two eye witnesses (as claimed) narrated the mayhem in their words.

One Satya wrote in Northern Voice Online (October 3, 2011 at 2:19 pm) : “my friend why r u lying now I AM TELLING U THE REAL INCIDENT I MYSELF HAD WITNESSED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . yesterday was non violence day. in the morning one muslim found teared pages of quran in front of his door.soon muslim mob gathered in thousands(i dont know how they do it so fast) and marched towards police station to launch complain.but plan changed they start beating the police(they are in thousand) after that start wandering in market and start throwing stones petrol bombs fired the buses and rikshaws. all the time no hindu came against them.i was in market at my uncles shop.we closed our shops. when police came they beat them badly. u can see their photos at DAINIK JAGRAN WEBSITE even muslim child were doing this. now today is curfew imposed all over city. in our area people are saying they just did it to loot the shop one big jewellary shop was looted. this is planned attack. they r always ready for riot.”

Some Kashif Hassan Khan, told  OKHLA TIMES over phone from Gautia: “This was a second incident in a week time. When the police failed to arrest the perpetrators of the crime, some Muslim youths were enraged and gathered outside the police station. The protesters lost their cool and started pelting stones at the station. Even a SDM was beaten up. This turned the police against the Muslims and thus the mayhem begun.”

This OKHLA TIMES reports on October 3, 2011: “A Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) research scholar, who has been victim of the Rudrapur riots, gives a blow by blow account of the communal violence in which some four people have been claimed to have died and scores injured. According to the research scholar, the the violence erupted after the alleged desecration of Quran by some members of another community. The news spread in the Muslim dominated Gautia and other places like wild fire with a mob picketing outside Indra Chauraha Kotwali.”

Actually nobody has seen that perpetrator who had such an intention of  to tear a Qur’an page or packed some piece of pork in a Qur’an page to throw it at the door step of a Muslim house. Rumors have no limit and if this is connected with Islam Khatre Mein (Islam is in Danger).

Those beef eaters had lost that sense that why those peacefully living Hindus will engage themselves to put themselves out from an engrossed festive season of Navaratra. Though absurd enough for the Hindus, this could be happened in the timings of Muslim festival to disturb them. No, now it is evident that the anti Hindu elements designed this plan to

put a trouble and disturbance for spoiling the Hindu Navratri out of a tension of a Communal Riot.

For the Florida Qur’an Burning Case, the Muslim community wanted to make wrath and riot over non-believers. Now that legacy will want to make the situation for a  Muslim repercussion out of a designed game plan to foment the Muslims against the Hindus in India in the very Rudrapur line.

The tension began on early in the morning of 2nd Oct, when a Muslim man spotted a torn pages o Qur’an outside his house in Bhadiapura area of Rudrapur.

Soon, a mob marched towards the police station.

They thrashed sub divisional magistrate VS Budiyal and the few policemen who tried to pacify them. The police had to open fire to control the crowd. Later, the mob clashed with some members of the majority community.

More than 40 shops, four buses and one police vehicle were set ablaze. as per the reports came in first. But actually the Muslims burnt 60 vehicles (motor cycle, auto cabs etc), 6 buses, 24 Hindu Shops after the jammed the Indira Chowk. They also put fire to the Muslim shops also to raise the tension in a high pitch. Three persons were killed by the police firing ( Md. Shaki of JumMa

Colony-Rampur, Abdul Rehman of Kheda, Afjal Ahamed of Nurriya, Pilvit and one  Sri Sher Singh of  Bhadaipura was died after a unsuccessful operation for a deadly  bomb splinter.

The police had no option than firing when the Muslims attacked the police station, police contingent with higher officers and the un-warned local people with deadly weapons and in a very ruthless way.

There is no controversy that the local Hindu resistance and retaliation gave a pungent taste to the Muslims miscreants and the Islamic Organisations who  are very much active to change the demography of Hindu majority areas in every state in India.

The Uttarkhand chief minister Sri Bhuban Chandra Khanduri  is closely monitoring the situation and has asked senior police officials to take stern action against the miscreants, a Chief Minister’s Office spokesman said.

Khanduri has also directed authorities to provide best medical care to the injured, the spokesman added.

On Monday 3rd Oct  afternoon, Khanduri visited the town to take stock of the situation and announced a relief of R1 lakh for each of the families that lost a member.

Announcing a high probe before the media, Khanduri said the report should be submitted to the government within a week. “We will take action against administrative officials as well if their involvement is established,” he said.

“Anti-social elements will not be allowed to disturb the communal harmony in the state,” he added.

In Paharganj, meanwhile, a crowd threw stones at police parties on Monday afternoon. A police team led by circle officer Devendra Pincha arrested eight men and seized a vehicle. All the rioters are from Bahedi in Bareilly.

As it proves that the out-comers also take a pledge a riot over the peace loving majority, it is the right time to take stern action to crush all the riot making people immediately with out seeing any caste or creed or majority – minority complex.

Are minority Muslims are the holy cows in India as such they will not be hurt any way? But  the same Muslims will kill the cows, destroy Hindu peace, desecrate Hindu Temples and Texts, snatched Hindu girls in a trap of Love Jihad, degenerate Indian Ideals, contradicting family planning and single marriage,  disobey Indian civil and criminal codes in the safe guard of Shariyat all in the name of  Islam and Qur’an.

This can’t be. Otherwise Rudrapur may be a bad turn for the peace loving Muslim people also, if they do not start protest over the bad name of Jihad and arrogance in Islam. We condemn the Rudrapur Riot relentlessly.

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11 comments on “Repercussion of Rudrapur (Uttarakhand) Riot must be restricted.

  1. Naubatrai
    October 5, 2011

    It is a well established fact and truth that Islam is a violent religion, that’s why people especially feminine folks refuse to be with them and also secretly a survey was taken when most of the muslim girls found willing to marry Hindu boys – but out of fear they step back.


  2. anonymous
    October 5, 2011

    Absolutely right. I agree with every word.


  3. Maloy K Dhar
    October 5, 2011

    The Quran was planted by Congress tout for getting Muslkim vote as
    election is round the corner.

    Maloy Krishna Dhar.

    New Delhi.


  4. drrkdgoel
    October 5, 2011

    Where our dirty politicians of all political parties now want to take India? Pre- 1947 era or want another partition of India?
    Thanks to Mrs Sonia Gandhi who don’t want that in India Hindu should survive. She is not a India borne and what patrotism she has for India?
    Soon both the major parties will see India to be ruined for their felfish gains.
    We were comming out from the post Godhra riots of 2002 of Gujarat.
    Now other places Gujarat is repeating now by the Jihadi’s.
    At least in Gujarat we were having people of both communities to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood between hindus and muslims.
    If the Gujarat will be repeated else where than we don’t see peace any more in India.
    In Vadodara we were having Muslim like Dr.J.S. Bandukwala who never instigated muslims except he wanted Justice for riot victims of post Godhra riots where both hindus and muslims suffered in 1:3 ratio.
    Please now stop both community fanatics not to indulge in riots. We are already facing terrorism in India.


  5. Shrimanthan Arya
    October 7, 2011

    It is the common strategy of the Arab Imperialists (i.e., muslims). They themselves tear the (un)holy Terrorist Guide Book Qur’an, blame others to torture & kill them in the quranic way. It is not new. They are applying the same methods for 1400 years, yet the victim gets astonished by their brutal activities.

    Please read Quran before you get swallowed by this dreaded Arab Imperialism, generally known as ISLAM.

    ISLAM = I Shall Lambaste All Mankind (if not Muslim by faith).

    Shrimanthan Arya


  6. ansq
    October 7, 2011

    The Rudrapur riot is something different as some my friends mentioned here. The protesters were protesting for the arrests of the criminal who did some misdeed upon Muslims. But after a week police did not do any thing and then peoples came out for protest and Police started lathi charge and open the fire on protesters and Hindus were also alien with police. This is the fact. For your information 9 Muslims have been killed in this riots. Hindus absolutely hate Muslims and they don’t want to see them anyway. They want only blaming on Muslims.

    ansq. .


  7. ramadeva
    October 10, 2011

    Ramanathapuram,Bharatpur,Rudrapur and Pratapgarh are False Flags,for the proposed “Communal Violence Bill”.Hindus need to be very careful…


  8. The Mindset
    February 4, 2012

    These foreigners (Muslims ) are always ready to fight in the name of some false god.
    Surely they are not the peaceful minority they deserve tit for tat.
    teach them a lesson in their own language.


    • MT
      May 13, 2012

      MUSLIMS and such type of people r responsible 4 dis type of roits…………..and our Hindu religion is best in all over world………….


  9. Pingback: Riots in India « The Mindset

  10. bhulu
    July 3, 2016

    Mussalmans have asurik vritti and they should be treated like that.


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