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Stop ‘Shariah for Hind’ Project at any cost. Arrest them who are against Indian Democracy. 

by Upananda Brahmachari.

India is a peace loving country and believes in its democratic stature and obviously the abode of the largest democratic system not for its administrative and political mechanism, but for its inbuilt democratic psychological structure of the majority people as upheld here. In one word, the majority Hindu people here hermitically protects the democratic texture of India with caring all the interest and growth of the minority Muslim and Christian people in India. And the Majority Hindu people here obviously promoted the growth and development of the Indian minorities  than both of Muslim and minority people in the neighboring countries in all respect, since its political independence in 1947.

Though this holy land of Aryavarta, Bharat, Hind, Hindustan or India was divided as India and Pakistan on the basis of two nation theory as Hindustan for Hindus and the Pakistan for Muslims at the time of partition of our Mother Land, Hindus choose a democratic and secular state in reality, while Pakistan opted a basically Islamic country there. But, for its genetic generosity India is  now under the looming threat of Islamization in the name of full implementation of Sahriah under a project “SHARIAH FOR HIND”.

Actually, Shariah is the greatest threat to the Muslims in India equally than the Hindus as all the 72 sects  or 73 sects in Islam are protected in this soil in India, which is never seen in any Islamic country under shariah denomination. But, some fanatic propagators are trying hard to talibanize India and the Indian sub-continent through a crude propagation of Sahriah, curbing all civil rights of others.

The threat of Shariah upon Holy Indian Constitution is not a new one. The threats have been coming from outside for a long time since an alive Hakimullah Mehsud declares an Islamic invasion in India to make it a land of Allah or a Molla Omar declares a war (Jihad) against India to establish here a Dar-ul-Islam to liberate this land from the clutch of kaffirs. In recent, one faction of Islamists in Bangladesh, named Hizbut Tharir declared that they will bring back India again under Islamic rule. For its materialization the said Islamist Group tried a coup (19th January 2012) in Bangladesh as to utilize the military force of Bangladesh to capture India in their fantasy.  The another  fanatic Muhammad Sayeed of Jamaat-ud-Dawa declared a war against India to capture India for a Shriah State declaring Kashmir as a free Islamic bastion in  a Islamic congregation of 40 political and religious parties at Lahore on 18th December, 2011 in the ground of Minar-e-Pakistan under an umbrella organization Difa-e-Pakistan, i.e. Defence of Pakistan. But, the Indian statesmen, politicians, civic rights bodies, intellectuals, interlocutors, public and religious figures all just ignore it. Anybody tries to raise the voice against this Islamic menace, is immediately branded as communal and a threat of secularism.

But, now the real threat of Indian secularism and democracy alias Shariah is right to rock the wall of democracy as believed as Indian Parliament put under an attack again on 3rd March, 2012 after its first attack on Indian parliament on 13th Dec 2001 by Lashkar-e-Toiba & Jaish-e-Mojhammad joint move to finish all the peoples representatives (Members of Indian Parliament) to capture India through an Islamic insurgency in India. But, still the politicians, administration, judiciary, intellectuals, media all feel too much sleepy and all the members of Indian Parliament (Bharatiya Samsad) are yawning in the ongoing sessions there.

But, a part of Indian patriotic and law abiding people are very much concerned to see a dramatic permissiveness of the Indian Political, Executive and Judiciary system, when this “Shariah for Hind”   Project openly declares:

(1)  After weeks of preparation Shariah4Hind would like to announce the official programme for the planned rally for Shariah, in the heart of New Delhi, India on 3rd March 2012.

(2)  We encourage all Muslims who have not already pledged their commitment to the event to ensure they abide by regulations set on the day. For those intending to garner further support for what is likely to be a momentous event we encourage you to download our flyer (to be provided shortly) and distribute them in key Muslim areas in India.

(3)  Muslims to occupy roads surrounding Indian parliament (Sansad Bhavan): Lokh Sabha Marg, Red Cross Road, Raisina Road, and Rajya Sabha Marg.

(4)  Muslims will be demanding the immediate return of the Shariah in the Indian subcontinent and their complete rejection of the Indian constitution.

(5)  All protestors will continue to occupy the area until demands are met. Rally of Muslims to rise and unite the Indian subcontinent under Islamic governance.

(6)  Address by Sheikh Anjem Choudary, Judge of the Shariah Court of the UK on the motivations behind the Shariah4Hind project including the declaration of a fatwa regarding Indian political parties.

(7)  Address by special guest speakers from India exposing crimes of the Indian government and why it is prohibited for Muslims to participate in the Indian elections.

(8)  Open invitation to accept Islam by former Hindu, Abu Rumaysah, who is now a key person of Islamic conversion and a senior representative of Shariah4Hind.2012

(9)  The End of Bollywood in 2012 and Bollywood will get the Axe under Islam and Shariah.

(10)  The eventual Islamic destruction of Indian Idols and Statues.

All these horrific destructions of the Indian structure of Secularism and democracy do not bother our system of Politics, Executives, Judiciary and intellectuals so far. The International propagators of Radical Islam are permitted visa by Indian Government to use our soil to destroy our faith in secularism and democracy, but the same administration expelled Salman Rushdie from his expected participation in Jaipur Literature festival (20-24 Jan 2012) before the stanch protest of the Muslim protesters. This contradiction has a subtle meaning of Indian bow down to Islam, though unpalatable to speak or hear.

The process of expansionism of Islam in India through various means including the population explosion, demand for reservation in political, administrative and economic spheres, running the parallel education system in Madarshas and deemed Islamic universities, financial capture of Islam in the sectors of media, cheat funds and banking operations, spread of Jamaats (Islamic preaching parties)more than ten times than 1950 (the year of promulgation of Republic in India, since the Islamist are planning to make an Islamic Republic here), terrorizing the common people through blasts and attacks in the name of Jihad, all these are very prudently set under the present project of Sahriah for Hind as a part of Pan Islamic march to invade the world beneath one crescent flag of Islam.

But this open declaration for denouncing the Indian Constitution by the Indian Muslims (fomented by their Pan Islamic counterparts)  through an official permission from GOI to uphold Shariah for Muslims and the others afterwards under pressure is an unprecedented one. We should stop ‘Shariah for Hind’ at any cost’.

Stop 3rd Mar Delhi Rally of “Shariah 4 Hind” at once. 



  1. Balram bhrgava
    February 20, 2012

    Where we are heading our country…It time to come togther n hindus of all caste n creed… united as one…..else be ready to embrace islam…it sucks!

    Balram Bhrgava.


  2. indian citizen
    February 20, 2012

    i repeat the above “Where we are heading our country…It time to come togther n hindus of all caste n creed… united as one…..else be ready to embrace islam…” where is the media now..


  3. Arpan Trivedi
    February 20, 2012

    i have repeatedly said many times that Jo desh ko chahate hai kam se kam wo ek dusre se jude. tab to hum kuch badal sakte hai anyatha hum sirf kori baate karte rahenge netao ki tarah.

    Arpan Trivedi.


  4. shachindra
    February 20, 2012

    they are just waiting to be kicked like Gujrat . dont worry we will not let them do anything or when they do something so stupid we will kill them . its history proven that Hindus when faced with adversity they react very strongly . we will . but its good to be educated and prepared for this kind of foolishness . even in koran its written that they (muslims) will all be terminated (karbala) all of the world will unite n kill them then they go n fuck their mo……s waiting for them. 72 virgins


  5. bilbo
    February 21, 2012

    the muslim have declared war on your country!
    what are you going to do?

    bilbo. []
    Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK.


      February 21, 2012

      @ Bilbo.

      Non Muslims may put a hard resistance on that day in Delhi.

      Some Rights groups are going to Court, so far I know.



      Miss. Sita Chattaraj..

      Suri, Birbhum, West Bengal, INDIA.


      • Rajat
        February 21, 2012

        It is sad countries like India, UK And Canada are a heaven for Ilsmaic Extrimists for their muslim appessement policy.


  6. Imran Khan
    February 22, 2012

    Just visited the site’Shariah 4 Hind’and saw two passport size photographs(mor e or less) with captions’Sheikh Anjem Choudary – Judge of UK Shariah court’and’Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad – Expert on Islamic Groups world-wide’, now from when did these guys become”Shaykhs”? What are their credentials?

    In fact , if I remember Omar Bakri Muhammad Fustuq lied in his(1996) book about his credentials he claimed to have studied and graduated from various Islamic universities like al-Azhar , College of Shari’ah Damascus and the famous ones from Saudi Arabia.But he fails to reproduce any certificates forget certificates he does not dare to name the Aalim he studied under in Saudi Arabia!He claimed to have studied under the famous Syrian scholar az-Zuhaylee but when confronted to produce proofs he said not that(famous one) Zuhaylee but another one , now who this another Zuhaylee Omar Bakri talks of is totally unknown!

    Where are his credentials to give verdicts and teach Islaam? Where are the recommendations from Ulamah for him? He was challenged in 1997 to reproduce his certificates but failed to so and we still are waiting for the certificates…

    Fact is that he is from Aleppo and went to Saudi Arabia not to study but worked there for Eastern Electric owned by Shamsaan and as-Shuaybee, and then went to America to learn English and suddenly he becomes a’Mufti’! He has given(when he isn’t qualified to do so!) verdicts and one of them was against the Pakistani Government inclusive of death threats to Musharraf.He also gave a verdict stating that Taliban(in a letter to Mullah Umar – leader of Taliban(2001)) are non-Muslims. What is apparent is that he is person with no credentials and changes like his whims ask him to do.He has also abused and disparaged various Islamic Scholars who have refuted his caddish statements and stated them to be un-Islamic.

    I wonder how can studying English in America make you an Aalim and Mufti? Thus its pure deception on the part of Shariah 4 Hind site to portray or represent him as a’Sheikh’.Beware of Omar Bakri he is no one with regards to Islamic knowledge and credentials plus is a deviant.

    The other name which was prefixed with the title’Sheikh’was that of Anjum Choudhary (Anjem Choudary).Now when its well known that Choudhary was a well-qualified solicitor of’secular’British laws this is no way give him the right to audaciously declare that he is a’Judge of Shari’ah court’. To be precise Choudhary lacks almost every qualification of a Qaadee(Judge of Shari’ah court) , he is even illiterate about Arabic! He is no scholar , has no knowledge and credentials which a Qaadee should compulsorily posses thus its deception on his part to label himself as a’Judge of UK Shariah court’. He is said to have labeled the ex- Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia as a non-Muslim because the Grand Mufti did not support the vile, un-Islamic and in fact anti -Islamic ideologies of people of his ilk(Ibn Ladin..etc). He too is nothing but a mere laymen and a deviant.

    Thus , nor is Omar Bakri nor Anjem Choudary’Sheikh’but are mere laymen , and deviants.Beware of these people and the website.




    • Aatish Sen
      February 23, 2012

      We all are proud of you.
      Jai hind!!!!
      Bharat ke sabhi caste vale ek hai…..
      All are brother’s and sister..
      Aur hum apne MAA ki raksha karna jante hai…
      Jai Bharat.

      Aatish Sen.


  7. Shirish Deshmukh
    February 23, 2012

    Why there is no reaction from political parties so far. Are they waiting for elections in UP to be over? The ruling Congress will stoop to any level to appease Muslims for their votes and may even issue permission for this antinational rally. In a way it will prove fatal for the Congress party in next general elections. This rally is nothing but war against India.


  8. hindu militant
    February 24, 2012

    actually I am very happy to read about this. This will wake up hindus from their stupor, and I will be there to throw a match, and start a prairie fire, which should have been done in 1947. We need in hitler’s language, an “endlosung” a final solution.


    • hinduexistence
      February 25, 2012

      Though the joint efforts of all concerned including Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena and its leader Tajinder Pal singh Bagga, the Shariah4Hind website has been blocked in India and the programme for 3rd March 2012 of Shariah For Hind Project has been negated by Delhi authorities, the Islamic perpetrator Anjem Choudary still barks like below:


      On 22nd February 2012, anti-Muslim organisation Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena will attend the Delhi High Court appealing for a ban of organisation Shariah4Hind. They will also be demanding that the planned rally for Shariah on 3rd March 2012 outside Sansad Bhavan be outlawed and that visas for Anjem Choudary and Shariah4Hind representatives be rejected.

      Shariah4Hind was formed by sincere Muslims seeking to return Islamic governance throughout the Indian subcontinent and pave the way for the domination of Islam worldwide. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are currently gripped by debilitating policies that persecute the majority at the expense of the few.

      How ironic it is that supporters of the so called ‘biggest democracy in the world’ suddenly turn dictator when the truth becomes unpalatable; why has President Tajinder Bagga not called for the banning of misogynistic industries like bollywood or the removal of blasphemous idols from the public arena? Why has he not called for the eradication of alcohol, the number one contributor to domestic violence in the country? The answer is that he like countless others in India see no problem with it because they have become drunk with man-made law and reject the true guidance of Islam.

      Thus we see an ultimatum has been delivered to the Muslim community in India declaring that they must never speak out against the tyrannical Indian constitution but rather remain silent and accept all of the ills of democracy to be shoved down their throat.

      Should the ban be implemented then indeed this would be seen as a great victory for Islam and Muslims, who have once again exposed the double standards of democracy and man-made law with a perfectly peaceful and legal demonstration.

      In conclusion, any banning will never stop the rise of Shariah in the Indian subcontinent, for the seeds of revolution have already been planted and it is only a matter of time before the black flag of Islam fly’s high over Sansad Bhavan.

      For further information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 00 44 7956 600 569.

      Though the site is not seen through any public server in India it can be viewed through proxy server as Shariah4Hind.


  9. Abu
    February 24, 2012

    Dear All..

    Not only in INDIA……. ISLAM will dominate this entire world whether the you mushrikin like it or not.

    Abu Asif. (


    • hinduexistence
      February 24, 2012

      Respected TEO Chee Hean,
      Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs, .
      Respected S ISWARAN,
      Minister in Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs, Second Minister for Trade and Industry, .
      Respected MASAGOS Zulkifli, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs, .

      TAN Tee How , Permanent Secretary, MHA,
      Ms Joan TAN, Personal Assistant to Dy PM,
      Ms SNG Poh Choon Mary, Personal Assistant to Minister in PMO,
      Ms Jacqueline KOH, Personal Assistant to MOS, MHA,
      YAP Neng Jye, Press Secretary to Minster of Home Affairs, .

      Respected Sirs/Madams,

      One Fundamental Muslim named “Abu Asif” residing in Singapore is propagating Islamic Law throughout the world discarding any law enforced in various states as existed.

      Recently he has written in Hindu Existence blog-site that

      “Dear All..

      Not only in INDIA……. ISLAM will dominate this entire world whether the you mushrikin like it or not.”

      Abu Asif. (

      This simply clarifies that he also propagates Radical Islam in Singapore also and obviously it hampers a free and harmonic society in Singapore.

      As per our track this Abu Asif has his identity as below:

      Abu Asif, email id:

      General IP Information
      Decimal: 3669627366
      ISP: StarHub Cable Vision Ltd
      Organization: StarHub Cable Vision Ltd
      Services: Confirmed proxy server

      Type: Broadband

      Assignment: Dynamic IP

      Geolocation Information
      Country: Singapore
      City: Singapore
      Latitude: 1.2931
      Longitude: 103.8558

      Please investigate about this Abu Asif and take necessary action to prevent him to make any Islamic nuisance and Talibanic disaster in your beloved Mother Land and our preferred neighboring country to visit again again.


      Rama Roy.
      Press Secretary and Senior Moderator,

      NB. This copy is being sent to the concerned Deptts. by mail.


      • jai
        March 3, 2012

        AWESOME !!!!!! HAHAHA BRILLIANT !!! ! As Marshall puts it “LAWYERED” :)))


      • amit
        July 31, 2012

        Extraordinary Brilliant!!! in a real sense,, Hats off Man!!! If you have really send this mail to the respective govt. officials of Singapore than i tell you us abu ki to waat lag jayegi.


  10. Arish Sahani
    March 12, 2012

    Can all converts to islam imagine if they can, as they have no mind even to think .
    How the world will look like when all are muslim. You will not be happy like you see people in Afganistan , Iraq and many muslim nation.
    Women will suffer the most when all are muslim no outlet for them.
    There will be no Joy and fun.
    NO TV , No MUSIC, No Love , No ART NO education of variety, No fashion, no new developments as islam believes in living in past 7th century we will be back to stone age.
    Start thinking how the world of islam will be go and see saudi arebia.
    Hindus should help all convert to islam should be back to hindus.


  11. SHRI
    March 15, 2012

    like me there are lakhs of people are there to fight these traiters.they are cowards they fight with unarmed and they hide bombs to kill innocents.they are bastards.they will be screwd to their grandmother.dont you worry dogs always barks.


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  14. Ali
    February 16, 2014

    Sharia court should ban because most of mufti’s are currupt, I am a victim of darul qaza bihar who seprated my family without any genuine resion.
    It is happen becouase of my xwife uncle bought mufti.


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