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Tapan Ghosh, President ~ Hindu Samhati freed on bail. Congratulations!

Update :: 19-02-2012 :: Tapanda has enthusiastically received by the Samhati supporters and many well wishers of Hindu Samhati, at the main gate of Alipore Central Jail at about 11.15 am toady on 19-02-2012. He reiterated the Samhati mantra of Sahas (Courage), Shakti (Strength) & Sakriyata (Action) for the further advancement of Bengali Hindu Society as his short message just after coming out of jail. He is seen in a very jubilant but in a mood of strong resoluteness. He is now at HS, HQ at Kolkata. 

Bail Granted in favour of  Hindu Samhati President.

HE Correspondent from Kolkata | 18th February, 2012 | 17-00 hrs IST: The First Court in the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Aliopre granted the bail in favour of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati (HS) just now (abt 4pm). Despite the effort of the opposition (the State Police authority here), the efficient legal counselors of Hindu Samhati persuaded the bail of Sri Ghosh who was thrown into jail after the successful completion of   4th anniversary of HS overcoming all the hurdles put by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Kolkata Police.

While Smt. S. Ray, Hon’ble Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-in-Charge, granted the bail in reasonable course of adjudication, due to certain technicalities Sri Tapan Ghosh will be released from Alipore Central Jail at an expected time on 10-30 hrs IST on Sunday, 19th Feb 2012.    

The West Bengal Government lead by TMC and its Chief icon of Muslim appeasement Mamtaz Banerjee tried all ill efforts to stamp out the yearly congregation of Hindu Samhati, but proved unsuccessful before the UNITED HINDU SPIRIT.


Victory Day Rally Videos.

Hindu Samhati 4th Foundation Day  14-02-2012, Tapan Ghosh is addressing the HS Cadres. Pujya Swami Tejasananda, Ramesh Bhai Shinde, Michael Brannon Parker, Dr. Nilmadhab Das, Acharya Yogesh Shastri and other dignitaries are seen in dias.

A March towards venue. Kadam Kadam Badaye Ja/Khusi ke Geet gaye Ja/ Ye Jindegi hai Kaum ki/ Tu Kaum pe Lutaye Ja………

A Huge gathering in Hindu Samhati 4th Foundation Day Victory Rally on 14/02/2012 at wellington (Subodh Mallick) Square. Dinabandhu Gharami, Leader HS is addressing the congregation.

Video Courtesy: Hindu Samhati dot org.

5 comments on “Tapan Ghosh, President ~ Hindu Samhati freed on bail. Congratulations!

  1. indian citizen
    February 18, 2012

    अभी बहुत लड़ना है, एक रहो..


  2. Stephen Knapp (srinandan)
    February 20, 2012

    Here is an example of Hindus working together.
    Fortunately, the photograph they have provided shows our friend and fellow Vedic
    Friends Association member Vrindavana Michael Parker giving his talk at the
    event. Maybe next year I will be there. But this provides an example that more
    should follow in working together to protect, preserve and perpetuate the Vedic
    Dharma in India and elsewhere.
    Hari Om,
    Stephen Knapp.


    • Soumitra
      February 21, 2012

      Dear Sir,


      The common Hindus are confused than ever before. More than 1000 years of subjugation and planned distortion of history by Left historians have caused disaster to the Hindu mindset. Dhimmitude has taken over national pride. More than two generation of Hindus have been fed with negativity about their culture and country. Our history books (the syllabus books) are tell stories of foreign invaders and their victories.

      How can present generation Hindus defend themselves if so much negativity is sown in their mind from childhood?




      • Stephen Knapp
        February 22, 2012

        Unfortunately, this is a long term battle–to continue to work to defend, protect, preserve, and promote Vedic Dharma, and present the true information about how profound and deep Vedic dharma is, and what advancements Vedic culture gave us for so many years. We cannot stop in this endeavor. We have to continue to rewrite history and present the true aspects of what this culture was and still is. We cannot allow ourselves to become bogged down by all the negativity around us. That is why I, along with others, are always willing to speak out about the glories and lofty nature of the Vedic tradition. We have seen it, have realized it, and are convinced by it. So we have no problems in telling others of our conviction. We need to unite with other Hindus who feel the same way, both western and Indian alike, and work together in this way. My books are a testimony to what the Vedic Dharma has done for me, and others are also very inspired by them. So, along with other writers on the Vedic tradition and sciences, we keep trying to spread the word in this way. If we all do a little to help out like this, great things will happen. It is not only for ourselves that we do this, but for the upliftment of the whole world. Hari OM and Jai Sri Krishna, Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana dasa)


        • hinduexistence
          February 22, 2012

          Hari Om, Jai Sri Krishna and Hare Krishna!!!

          Sri Nandanandana Dasa (Stephen Knapp).

          Prabhu, Namaste. Dandavat.

          We always regard your utmost Vedantic view and consider a real friend of Hindu Existence family.

          For the expected bigger sphere of Vedantic explosion, we must be united in a glorious unison of all without exclusion. Of that explosion we will not be suffered with the bleeding splinters but will satiated with a feelings of blooming fragrances of the Humanity engulfed with Divinity.

          In that sea of change, Vedanta will pervade with the lights of divinity in which all the darkness of awkwardness and narrowness will diminished forever.

          Please keep on writing some of your gems for us also.

          We know you are in love with our blog-site and propagate also.

          Thanks and Regards.

          Upananda Brahmachari,
          Editor, HINDU EXISTENCE.


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