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Delhi High Court ordered to probe on “Shariah for Hind” and its Anti Indian rally on 3rd March.

News Flash(Updated on 23-02-2012): The web site of SHARIAH FOR HIND project at has been temporarily blocked by the GOI and proceedings are being drawn against its Indian propagators to  hlod its 2nd-3rd March programme in Delhi. We should keep alert to prevent its clone sites if any. ed. HINDU EXISTENCE.

Delhi court asks police to investigate Islamist website.

New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS), 2012. || THE HINDU.
The Delhi High Court Wednesday sought a status report from the Delhi Police commissioner on a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking a ban on a Islamist website as it allegedly threatened communal harmony in India.……….

A bench of Acting Chief Justice A.K. Sikri and Justice Rajiv Shah Endlaw directed police chief to submit the report on website within a week.

The PIL filed by Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, president of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, alleged that the website brings constitution of India and its secular feature into disrespect and disrepute.

“Extreme Islamic groups are planning to organise a huge rally in Delhi propagating Islamisation of Indian subcontinent and enforcement of Shariah law all over India and hence this may result into communal clashes and disruption of public peace and order in State of Delhi and other parts of India,” the petition said.

It sought the court’s direction for the central and Delhi government to conduct detailed inquiry into the claims of Shariah4hind that a public rally shall be organized in Delhi March 3.

Appearing for Bagga, advocate Vikas Padora also sought the central and state governments be directed to include the group into the list of banned organisations, “as the group works against the integrity and sovereignty of India”.

Police asked to examine plea against website promoting shariat.

New Delhi, Feb 22 (PTI) The city police commissioner was today asked by the Delhi High Court to examine a plea, made to it to ban a website for allegedly encouraging communal hatred between the Hindus and the Muslims, and apprise it of his findings within a week.

A division bench of Acting Chief Justice A K Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw asked the police chief to treat the contents of the plea to the court as a complaint and verify the website and file his report.

In a petition, filed through advocate Vikas Padora, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, president of an organisation called Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, alleged the website violates the secular feature of Indian Constitution.

According to the petition, two USA-based persons named Anjem Choudhary and Omar Muhammed Bakri have recently launched the organisation Shariah for India and also launched the website with an object to campaign for enforcement of Shariat Law all over India.

The plea said the website”s objectives, if met, would would result into communal disharmony.

The plea also sought an order to restrain the group from holding a rally and conference on March 2 and 3 here.

“The extreme Islamic groups are planning to organise a huge rally in Delhi to propagate Islamisation of the Indian subcontinent and enforce Shariat law all over India and hence this may result into communal clashes and disruption of public peace and order in Delhi and other parts of India,” it said.

The petitioner”s counsel submitted that the court should pass an order directing the Union and the Delhi governments to include the ”Shariat for Hind” into the list of banned organisations, as the group works against the integrity and sovereignty of India.

Courtesy: The Hindu || News of Delhi dot com || MSN || PTI.


Stop 3rd Mar Delhi Rally of “Shariah 4 Hind” at once.         

9 comments on “Delhi High Court ordered to probe on “Shariah for Hind” and its Anti Indian rally on 3rd March.

  1. Surinder Paul Attri
    February 23, 2012

    This fuzzy-faced, bearded-pig, who goes by the name of Anjem Choudary, is a sciezkoff ( sh**-head ). He is a benefit-scrounging, hate-preaching Sulla, who is a parasite on the society of U.K. The English taxpayer pays his rent, his groceries, and all his other needs, to keep him alive. But instead of being thankful to the British society for its generosity, he gives them hell, and devotes all his time, to being a public-nuisance to the British society. In addition, he & his rag-tag army of mental-patient Sullas, bore the British people, by touting the virtues of their good-for-nothing Islam.

    3. What exactly is the nature of Islam ? The truth of Islam is that Mohammad & his Bedouin followers were ” Extremely-Violent ” people. They wanted to attack other groups of people, to divest them of their lives & their properties. Mohammad himsef was a CARAVAN-ROBBER. This malignant-crook ( Mohammad ) devised divine ( Allah’s ) revelations, to justify his loots, robberies, and his great crimes against humanity ( whom he obnoxiously-referred to as Kafirs: Non-Moslem Infidels ). He referred to Kafirs as enemies of his Allah, and their robbery as a path towards Janat ( Moslem’s paradise ) for his bandit Moslem followers. This crook ( Mohammad ) was a thief & a thug, like our Chicago-Boy, Al Capone ( Alfanso Scarface Capone ), he was not at all a decent man. He made his living like our Chicago-Boy Capone, by organizing his gangster-activities, of stealing other people’s belongings & murdering them.

    4. Anjem Choudary, the fuzzy-faced Sickie, who calls himself a Sharia-Judge, is declaring Sharia-Controlled areas, in the country of U.K. He now wants to spread the dark energy of his good-for-nothing Islam, on into India, where he wants to establish Sharia-Controlled Areas, in every nook & corner of India.What this means is that, in these areas there shall be:

    ” No alcohol, no gambling, no music, no dancing, no cinema, no TV et all ”

    His gangs of bearded-pigs, shall be patrolling all Sharia-Controlled Areas in India, preventing people from doing their lawful activities.

    5. There is a terrifying dark side to all of these plans of Anjem Choudary, and to what this bearded-pig is trying to impose on India. We Hindus who are living in India, believe in freedom of man, and hold that all humans are free, they must live free. We Hindus neither want to deny freedom to ourselves, nor to any one else. We do not want to live inside the prison of Islam.

    6. An obvious question: Why does this bearded-pig not feel ashamed of his thief & thug Islam ?

    Answer: Because he is a shameless-pig, besides being a Sciezkoff.

    The core of his beliefs lies inside the ideology of Islam. Islam denies freedom to people. In addition, Islam is always on the march, to take away other people’s ( Kafirs ) freedom. If a religion is intolerant of other faiths, then that religion should not be tolerated. It is amazing to me that, ordinary good Hindu people, tolerate this good-for-nothing Islam, and thereby become accomplices to its dark activities.

    7. Looking at the big picture and the ever-changing world of today, it is obvious that we are living in a world of High-Tech & Force-Multipliers. It is a world in which technical skills are needed and promoted. Kafirs have these skills in plenty, but Sullas are generally deficient in these kinds of modern skills. The reason for their deficiency belongs squarely inside their Islam, which promotes intolerance, ignorance, and stupidity. In its confrontation with High-Tech Kafirs, Islam will certainly lose, unless Islam reforms itself. But the great Islam-Expert, Dr. Wafa Sultan, declares flat-out that, Islam Cannot be reformed. Such being the case, the future of Islam, is as dark as are its operating methods.


    Surinder Paul Attri


  2. WARNING: Muslims Demanding India for Themselves, March 3 in New Delhi


    Here is the WARNING that many people have wondered if we were going to get. Now Muslims are demanding that India adopt Sharia law. Read their website and see all the demands they want to impose on India, as listed in the email below, and realize this is hardly a joke. They want to have a huge march in Delhi on March 3, so be aware of what may happen. Things may just be starting to get revved up. Everyone should now unite to protect, preserve, promote, and perpetuate the Vedic Dharma.

    Hari Om and Hari bol,
    Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana dasa)

    **Click and Read the Analysis: British Islamist Anjem Choudary Launches ‘Shariah for India,’ Vows to Demolish Hindu Temples and Bollywood; Muslims Urged to Join In New Delhi March Next Month Marking 88th Anniversary of the End of Islamic Caliphate

    February 9, 2012
    Inquiry & Analysis Series Report No. 797
    British Islamist Anjem Choudary Launches ‘Shariah for India,’ Vows to Demolish Hindu Temples and Bollywood; Muslims Urged to Join In New Delhi March Next Month Marking 88th Anniversary of the End of Islamic Caliphate

    By: Tufail Ahmad**


  3. indian citizen
    February 23, 2012

    This is a good step. The site must be banned and the matter of shariah adalats in our country should also be probed.


  4. Ram Ohri
    February 23, 2012

    It is time to wake up from SECULAR SLUMBER and read the writing on
    India’s horizon.

    A poet wrote : “Watan ki fiqr kar nadaan, museebat aane wali hai,
    Teri barbadion ke mashware hain aasmanon mein. Agar yoon hi rahe, mit
    jaoge Hindsthan walon, tumhari dastaan take bhi na hogi dastaanon

    JAGO, JAGO, Bharatwasi, lambi taan kar sone walon.

    Ram Ohri.


  5. Shiv Shankar
    February 23, 2012

    What about The country from where it is originated i.e. UK? Indian majority people should (Here Not saying the Indian Government because it is governed by anti-national, anti-Majority and above all anti-Human people) press UK to take strong action against people who are founder of this organisation and initiated this function.

    I am waiting for your comment, my dear viewers.

    Shiv Shankar.


  6. vivek joshi
    February 23, 2012

    A very very big mistake done by so called mahatma gandhi by giving muslims voting rights in indian soil. Its our land “Land of HINDUS”….don’t even try to mess wid we Hindus….Jai Hind tha hai aur hamesha rahega….long live Hindus.



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  8. We must all oppose this fascist trend in Indian politics and society. This cultural invasion of the country should be stopped at all costs.


  9. lokesh jain
    May 28, 2012

    first be one,then kuch bhi kar sakte


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