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Devotees glorified Rama’s Arrows on Ramnavmi. Mosques kept covered, Muslim felons went underground during Hindu-Sikh-Jain March in Hyderabad Town.

Jai Sri Ram - Hyderabad Style! Hyderabadi Islamists will remember it forever!!

Ram devotees on. Islamists gone. Mosques kept covered, Muslim felons went underground in Hyderabad during huge Sri Ramnavmi Procession, 2012.

Make a Hindu Road Map in Hyderabad Line.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Bhagyanagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh | 1st April, 2012. 

Starting from Rani Avanti Bai Community Hall, Dhulpet, the Rally took a mammoth shape of Bajrangvali gradually.

Only Hindus in such a joint combination can teach a right lesson to the Islamists allover. Mosques kept covered, Muslim felons went underground in Hyderabad when Devotees of Lord Rama flooded the roads in Ramnavami Procession 2012. Yes, the pigs can be roasted as per your dish of like.

Glorious Victory of Hindus in Bhagyanagar. It’s Hindu unity again proves its enormous strength to ‘cow down’ the ‘Islamic bull’ in Bhagyanagar , where anti Hindu Congress Party and its ally MIM took a challenge to stop the Ram Navmi Procession at any cost.

Bhagyanagar has set an example that if such rallies are organized in each state twice a month in different places with a definite Hindu Cause with the whole hearted participation of all the Hindu Wings jointly, the Islamic demon in India have to take an refuge in Pakistan or Afghanistan without any option.

Sri Ram Navami Maha Aarti at Hyderabad,  2012 . 

Bhagyanagar Shri Ram Navmi Utsav Samiti along with other Hindu organizations successfully organized grand procession in the city today on 1st April Sunday at 12 PM. The Shobhayatra created history with presence of more than 1.5 lakh devout Hindus. As per Shriram Channel’s Facebook page, more than 3 lakh Hindus participated in the event.

Ye Desh Veer Jawono ka Song Sri Ram Navami 2012 Hyderabad.

Also it was slap on the face of those, who tried to brand this Shobhayatra as ‘threat to communal harmony’ as there was not even single violent or unlawful incident.

Concluding session at Hanuman Vyayam Shala, Hanuman Tekdi.

The procession has faced lot of obstacles especially from the anti-Hindu Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh and its ally a Muslim political party MIM (Majsilh e Ittehadul Muslimin) . MLA of MIM Akbaruddin Owaisa had demanded complete ban on procession taken out in the city on the occasion of ‘Shriram Navami’ and ‘Hanuman Jayanti’. Subsequently, Hindu leader Sriman Thakur Raja Singh had been arrested with fake case few days ago. The procession was expected to be grand than last year and it appeared also by the Grace of Lord Rama.

From Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka, several Hindu organizations took part here. Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, Sri Ram Sene, VHP and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were participated. Special guests were VHP’s Mr. Surendra Jainji and Sadhvi Prachi Devi. Hindu leader Shri T Raja Singh in his short speech said, “ The Congress government will never do anything for Hindus. If you want to save this country and save Hindus, then completely oust the Congress government .”

Mandir Ohi Banayege  Song at Sri Ram Navami 2012 Hyderabad.

While addressing the youth Shri Singh said, “This country’s youth have to fight and raise their voices. Each Hindu brother have to be like our national heroes Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Aazad”. Compared to the last year the police didn’t force the Hindus to divert their regular route.

Ramji ki Sena Chali Song at Sri Ram Navami 2012 Hyderabad.


Like no surprise this time also the police seemed protecting Muslim Masjids (mosques) rather than lacks of Hindus participated in the procession. (One should note that Hindus had never attacked Mosques or Churches in the processions taken out on the occasion of Hindu Festivals. Such acts of Police expose their pro- Muslim stance !)

The procession began from Rani Avanti Bai Community Hall, Dhulpet and it ended in Hanuman Vyayamshala in Sultan Bazar. The speech of the guests held in Hanuman Vyayamshala at the end of the procession.

Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena and Tajindinr Pal Singh Bagga in the Rally.

Inspiration from Sadhvi Prachi. HJS participated in the Rally actively.

Sriman Thakur Raja Singh with the idol of Prabhu Shriram. The Key to open the deadlock.

Highlights :

1. Many kids were dressed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bhose, Maharana Pratap etc.

2. Groups of kids who were dressed as Shriram, Lakshman, Sita Mata, Hanuman and Vanar played various incidents in Ramayana.

3. The length of the procession was 7 kilometers.

4. HJS (Hindu janjagruti Samiti) members specially published Shri Ramnavmi pamphlets and distributed them in the procession.

5. Even though there was lot of pressure on the organizers, the procession has moved smoothly.

6. In Indur (Nizamabad) district, Bajrang Dal has taken the ideal of Shri Raja Singh and they organized a procession in Bodhan town also. Next year this pattern of Sri Ramnavmi rally will be conducted in every state in India including  Ayodhya.

7. No communal tension could be irrupted by the islamic zelots under keen vigil of Ram devotees.

8. The entire city was kept calm, cool and clean. No incident of public nuisance or  disturbance seen in such a mammoth gathering of Ram devotees.

9. The hospitality of Hyderabadi Hindu-Sikhs is worth mentioning.

10. Two lakhs of Ram devotees vowed to build Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple at Ayodhya and to protect Sri Ram Setu at Rameswaram. Jai Sri Ram.

20 comments on “Devotees glorified Rama’s Arrows on Ramnavmi. Mosques kept covered, Muslim felons went underground during Hindu-Sikh-Jain March in Hyderabad Town.

  1. Rajat
    April 2, 2012

    It is the victory of dharma over adharma


  2. Bhagyadhar mohanty
    April 3, 2012

    tanx u hindu brother’s of bhagyanagar


  3. Sundar
    April 3, 2012

    The next Ram Navami should see that these Mosques are razed to ground


  4. ramesh israni
    April 3, 2012

    the national harmony ,integration & sarva dharm sambhav can only exist if hindus are well organized in our country ,if number of hindus fall & they
    remain divided hidus will fast aproach the situation like hindus in PAKISTAN,AFGANISTAN & LIKE faced so far,.The recent RAMNAVAMI IN Hydrabad is a good example of the same, THE APROACH OF RSS IN OUR COUNTRY IN REAL TERMS IS THAT OF NATIONAL INTEGRATION.


  5. Bipin Amin
    April 3, 2012

    Heard The Sweetest News after Long Long Time Hope You Keep it Up……………


  6. umanakka
    April 3, 2012






  7. L. Rahul
    April 3, 2012

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info. Glad to see all this things under single Hub.
    Dosto Hume bas aise thanks kehne se nahi Chalenga, hume Raja Singh jaise bhakt ka Saiog karna cahiye.

    Jai Sri Ram. Jai Gau mata.


  8. mala
    April 3, 2012

    Jai Sri Ram and all devotees will have his blessings. Hindus please come out and show the unity to all political parties. I hope this will be a new dawn for Indians.



  9. fiji hindu
    April 4, 2012

    a plea to my hindu brethrens in india – help the hindus around the world to create a hindu homeland of india-
    please see how the hindus are under attack in trinidada/fiji/guyana/malaysia etc;,57511.html#foto


  10. pardeep deshwal
    April 4, 2012

    India is a hindu country. foreign jehadists should be pushed out from here and let us make it again ARYAVARATA.


  11. acdd
    April 6, 2012

    Hindus of India should be act like Shivaji, Maharaj , Maharana Pratap then no jihadi will dare to challenge hindus .


  12. Arish Sahani
    April 8, 2012

    Imagine if India was declared as A HINDU NATION.


  13. Chitranjan Sawant
    April 8, 2012


    Badhayee ho! I am indeed delighted to read this account.

    Attack is the best form of defence, so says the army strategy. Here is an article on Pakistan- our arch enemy.

    By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
    The philosopher- poet who conceived of an Islamic State in British India and coined the word, Pakistan must be turning restlessly in his grave at the entrance gate of the Mughal mosque in Lahore. He was none other than Mohd. Iqbal, the nationalist poet who gave India the evergreen song, Sare Jahan se Achcha Hindostan Hamara. A turncoat later, he was out and out a Muslim communalist but that is another story. Right now I am recalling him in connection with his hobby horse, a homeland for the Indian Muslims, Pakistan that is in turmoil at this point of time. The crux of the matter is: who will rule Pakistan now and hereafter.
    The founding father of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a non-conformist Muslim who loved to eat pork and drink wine, was a votary of Pakistan as a democratic State. He, however, never had a chance to implement his ideas because cancer took its toll and Jinnah’s dead body lay buried in Karachi. The sundry politicians misruled and mismanaged the El Dorado of Islam, the largest Muslim State in the world that Pakistan became a fiefdom of the Army Generals. The top brass of the Navy and the Air Force, still fledgling services, had little choice but to toe the Army’s line. The story was repeated time and again. The average Pakistanis got so used to seeing the Khaki of the army on the road day and night that their presence in the barracks made news.
    The professionalism of the Army took a beating because right from the under training cadets at the academy in Kakul to induction into their respective regiments and going through career courses, young officers always had issues pertaining to running the country uppermost on their minds The professional pamphlets on running the operations of war always took a back seat. Consequently Pakistan army lost the three major wars and the Kargil conflict that it fought against India.
    The Pakistan Army remained supreme at home and in running state organisations where large amounts of money went into their personal pockets. The Pakistan army officers got so used to be at the helm of affairs in the civil administration that in the heart of hearts they detested administering army units and looking after welfare of their troops. The standing and image of the Army officers took a beating in the eye of Pakistani citizens. The Pakistani generals lost more credibility when it was discovered that they had harboured hard core Islamist terrorists and their leaders like Osama bin-Laden.
    Pakistan Army also stands exposed as an ungrateful outfit. It bites the hand that feeds it. The US govt gave Pakistan a lot of money and the weapon system and yet the Pakistanis were so deceitful that they planned to have the American soldiers killed by the Taliban terrorists. No less a person than General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Paki Army Chief was involved in this anti-American conspiracy. His voice was recorded by the Indian Intelligence Agencies when he spoke to General Musharraf stating that the Pakistan Army would never kill Islamist terrorists but use them to protect flanks in a war with India.
    Admiral Mike Mullen, erstwhile Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff had gone on record branding General Kayani as a liar. Pakistan is an untrustworthy ally and the world has realised it except the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who gave the paki PM a certificate as “Man of Peace.”Meek Manmohan is abetting his own country to commit Harakiri. Disgraceful show indeed!
    President Asif Zardari is in Dubai attending the wedding of a friend’s son. Isn’t it surprising that the Army is reportedly planning a coup and return to power but the President is away attending a wedding ceremony in the Middle-East? An experienced analyst of Pakistan affairs is of the opinion that the wedding is a facade and President Zardari is canvassing for support for his civilian rule and building pressure on his own army to desist from a coup. Reportedly Zardari is returning within 24 hours as something is cooking in the Rawalpindi cantonment where the General Headquarters of the Army is located. The Civil government of Zardari and Gilani of the PPP does not want to be caught with its pants down. What will late Zulfiqar Bhutto and his daughter, late Benazir Bhutto think of the diplomatic calibre of their successors in power?
    In any case late Zulfiqar Bhutto had been arrested by General Zia in a bloodless coup one fine morning long ago and was hanged till death by his own chosen Army Chief, Zia. That explains why no one trusts no one in Pakistan in the tradition of Aurangzeb of the Mughal dynasty of Agra-Delhi. After all, it was General Ayub Khan, a friend of the Indian Army Chief, General Cariappa who had removed his brother officer, Maj Gen Iskander Mirza in a bloodless coup and assumed power as the Chief Martial Law Administrator. Old Ayub ran the show for about a decade when his own junior officer General Yahya Khan replaced him in a coup. When General Yahya Khan lost the war against “That Woman”( Indira Gandhi) in 1971 and India dismembered Pakistan, it was the turn of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to assume power in what was left of the original country named Pakistan. Thus the coup and the counter coup are a part of the Paki tradition. Of course, that is nothing to be proud of.
    A patriotic Pakistani citizen feels ashamed of the fact that their own Army has been disloyal to the country and the constitution and overthrown the lawfully elected government time and again. Indeed no citizen shed tears for the overthrown politicians because they were as corrupt as corrupt could be. They have their villas and big bank balances in secret accounts in foreign banks to hold them in good stead on a rainy day.
    Is the Pakistan Army now not the same as it used to be in their good old days? The political system in Pakistan is in disarray at this point of time. The external debt is mounting. America that used to run the administration of Pakistan is now not on their side. It stands cheated and has almost abandoned Pakistan.
    China, a major player in the area and a benefactor of Pakistan right from giving them the Nuclear device to building ports and bridges or providing relief in earthquake hit areas has stakes in Pakistan’s stability. China has declared from housetops that Pakistan is their all-weather friend and that China will be with Pakistan through thick and thin. Above all it is Pakistan that keeps India engaged militarily and does not let it compete with China with single minded attention. Pakistan is a strategic asset for China and the latter will not allow the circumstances to deteriorate to such an extent that Pakistan disintegrates.
    The Pakistan Army is now not as strong in national affairs as it used to be. Right from the days of General Ayub Khan to the recent rule after a coup by General Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan Army did whatever it wished to. Perhaps it sought and obtained the nod of Washington DC for a change of rule from civil to military. Now America is no longer one of the three As – America, Army and Allah; and in the same order of priority – that ran the show in Pakistan. China is a counter-balance to America and from the days of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan has been looking across the Himalayas and getting the required help and diplomatic support from the People’s Republic of China.
    As of now, China has not given the nod to the Pakistan Army to go ahead with their plan to stage a coup and remove Zardari and Gilani of the People’s Party of Pakistan from authority China, of course, wishes to have a strong Pakistan Army to counter-balance the armed forces of India BUT AT THE SAME TIME MAINTAINING A CIVILIAN GOVT IN Islamabad will enhance the democratic image of China too.
    If one examines the food habits of the Chinese people and the Pakistani people one would be amazed how the two manage to get along as friends, The Chinese people love to eat pork that the Pakistani Muslims detest. I am not counting Mohd Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, who loved to eat pork in all its forms like bacon, sausages, ham and not forgetting pork curry. He relished a little wine every evening. The Chinese love to drink the blood of a swine and its various preparations considered as delicacy. Yet a Chinese diplomat and a Pakistani diplomat share the same table at banquets. Of course, we do have marriages of convenience. Shia Muslims have Muta marriages too for just a specific period that may be as short as the time taken for a quick sexual intercourse. I may mention that the Chinese law does not allow Muslims in their country to have four wives because a Muslim woman cannot have four husbands under the Sharia – Muslim law. The social rule is: NAN NYU PING DENG; that is gender equality. Never mind all that say the Pakistanis as friendship with Chine will keep India that is Bharat in proper place.
    The Pakistan Army too may not be interested in taking over the administration of a country laden with debt. The Army wishes to have the Authority without corresponding answerability to a constitutional body like the Parliament. At the same time the Army does not want the country to think that the troops are back in barracks and civil administration is supreme. A happy via media is the answer to the myriad problems. Since Zardari is involved in the old corruption cases, so the Supreme Court may order removal of corrupt administrators and that would make the Army Numero Uno once again.
    Won’t that scenario be as good as a bloodless coup that would enthrone the generals with Chief as the Head of Administration and the State both. Thus General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani would steal a march over all the previous Chiefs put together. The son of an army havildar will be a Chief, a King and an Emperor – all in one. The dance of democracy will be stage managed by the Pakistan Army.
    Email: Mobile: 9811173590.


    April 8, 2012




  15. raksha aggarwal
    April 8, 2012

    hinds save our motherland for our children and grandchildren. ask the jews the values of motherland.

    only sacrifice and hard work will save us. it is the duty of every hindu— do not let the blood shed in the last 1500 years go in vain.80 million hindus died at the hands of the invaders.

    keep our destiny in our own hands. why are we in a position where we have to protest and petition against everything.

    let us be our masters. not slaves.

    of course we can do it. let us believe in ourselves,


  16. Dhruti
    April 10, 2012

    Very well done dear brothers and sisters… I am grateful and very pleased to see this peaceful demonstration of unified hindus… I sincerely pray that may all islamic brothers and sister soon and very soon realise the true nature of GOD… learn to respect and love the rest of the world ! May all Hindu brothers and sisters always walk and act in path of Love, Peace and Harmony – which will ultimately Glorify GOD and Hinduism… the most universal, most deeptest knowledge of TRUE COSMIC POWER!…. Keep LOVING dear friends..


  17. Satpal Gupta
    April 11, 2012

    Well done every body, on Ramnavmi day in Bhagyanagar. Hindus have as much right as any in India to get together and celebrate jointly. A ban of any kind would be counter to democratic fabric of India.


  18. Vitekar
    April 13, 2012

    Siyavar Ram Chandra Ki Jay !
    Satya Sada Vijayee hota hai , Ham kevel nimitta bane !


  19. Kajale Dadasaheb Rangnath
    April 16, 2012

    Geeta sangate ki nimittamatram bhava savyasachin, Maine sab kiya hai tu gandiv utta le.


  20. Hindu
    April 22, 2012

    (1). When I go on ‘faithfreedom‘ and ‘Islam watch‘ , these two websites scares me of what Islam teaches, preaches and takes pride in horrific treatment to wards other religions as the followers of these religion are classed as infidels and the only way to treat them is kill them or convert them by force. The projection of Muslim population in india + the foreign aid and training from foreign countries is going to destroy us as Hindus if we are not united. Our impotent govt is anti- Hindu! Not so surprising!

    Please all go on these two sites, really eye opener. Encourage your Muslim friends to revert back to their ancestral religion as they were forced in to conversion. They need be afraid of Islamic swords in India.

    They will be protected by lord Ram.
    Jai Ramjiki.

    (2). Another important thing is Islamic extremist trick you and attack. So please do not get fooled by the covering of mosque or them hiding during our procession. We show our strength by processions , they show their strength by attacking cowardly from behind by swords. Have you seen how an innocent Hindu in Bangladesh was taken in to mosque and brutally killed after Islamic prayers. there is something in their religion that teaches and makes them so aggressive and violent!!

    Shahnish Hindu.


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