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Hindu Temple Vandalized and Caretaker’s Throat Slit in Fulia by suspected Muslim perpetrators.


Hindu Temple Care-Taker murdered by suspected Muslim perpetrators. Temple assets robbed in Fulia, Nadia, India.

Abhed Acharya and Gautam Pandit in Asansol News.

April 25, 2012;Fulia (Nadia), West Bengal:  It seems that the Islamic iconoclasts and idol-haters have prepared them full fledge to back in action. When Asansol city is yet to get over the anxiety arisen due to the cow-head case (14-04-2012); another Hindu human-head was slit by suspected Bangladeshi infiltrators obviously Muslims; this time not in Asansol but in Nadia; this time not in front of the temple but inside the temple. The ruthless killing was so happened in a Heritage temple complex, named as ” Krittibas Radhika-Mohan Banprashtha Ashram “  in the bank of River Ganges (now shifted its position little bit)  in Fulia, Nadia in the site where Poet Krittibas wrote Bengali  Ramayana in verses according to historic record.

In last night some modern incarnations of Ghajini played the practical role of the highly expected jihadi literature, “The Return Of The Ghajini”. A number of culprits trespassed the Krittibas Radhika-Mohan Banprashtha Ashram located at Fulia area of the border district Nadia, in West Bengal. They came totally well-planned, well-equipped and well-armed to rob the assets of the temple and vandalize it with spontaneous demolition of the deities.

When one of the devotees (Care taker) sleeping in the corridor, Bijay Ghosh (26) took a stern attitude to obstruct the intentions of the culprit plunderers in order to protect the dignity of the Hindu Shrine complex, he was taken as a potential challenge by the gang. But the number overpowered. They brutally slit the throat of the young man, in a hurry since they didn’t have enough time to behead him. The attackers on the temple with a gang of robbers came from adjacent Fulia Para, a new hub of Muslim miscreants with their own shelters beside the occupied roadside of NH 34. These Muslims are mostly Bangladeshi Infiltrators.

bojoy ghosh murder

The slain body remained as it is for the whole last night and today morning it was found. The locals were angry and blocked the NH-34 with demands to nab and punish the perpetrators with stern punishment. But soon the protesters were vandalized by the police.

It seems that Ghajini is making his return and the people in West Bengal are getting clear vibration of his footsteps.

It is known that the Muslim perpetrators active in politics in Bengal both in Ruling TMC Party or the Opposition in Leftists are trying to secularize the murder of Bijay who was a Taxi driver in profession and used to look-after the Temple complex at night time and devoted his maximum time for temple services and ‘Nam Sankirtan’ these days. The owner of the temple complex Srimat Ramapati Goswami (80) said that Bijay was a social worker and efficiently helped to manage the temple services including in restraining the  anti Hindu elements have been trying to grab the temple properties.

Hindu Existence observes : * The rate of attack by Hindu common people in rural areas in Bengal are increasing day by day. ** The permission of Hindu local rituals (sravajanin pujas) are not given smoothly by the police and administrations. *** The Hindu girls and women are victimized grossly by the other religions in the covering of Love Jihad. **** Permission and Selling of Raw beefs in Hindu areas and mixed areas are growing to hurt the Hindu sentiments. ***** Capturing or attacking upon Hindu Temple, Hindu lands are gaining political supports. ****** Outsiders and Non Hindu communities are being settled in road sides and Railway stations in the name new habitation or business undermining the Local Hindus. WE ARE WATCHING NEW CM IN WEST BENGAL FOR LAST 11 (eleven) MONTHS .

 Courtesy: Asansol News.

3 comments on “Hindu Temple Vandalized and Caretaker’s Throat Slit in Fulia by suspected Muslim perpetrators.

  1. meenu khare
    April 26, 2012

    It is highly objectionable.Start a close group on facebook as a move to unite all Hindus whose existence is threatened in the name of Pseudo-secularism.


  2. Bhagyadhar mohanty
    April 29, 2012

    now-a-days hindus are became coward,they forget their destiny so it would happen every day


  3. JALIM Navin Prakash
    May 2, 2012

    New Rules should be introduced by U.N.O for Asia and Europe that all other religion/s practicing, people must be vaccinated, not to have any children on China, India, E.U, Russia and America. This is the right of VICTIMS which should be voted.., before any genocide starts by planes bombardments ???


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