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Police and Islamist jointly tortured Hindus in Magrahat, West Bengal.

“West Bengal : Hindu-Muslim clashes rock Mograhat”


Changed Reality rocks Magrahat Hindus to put into Jail.

“<Strong Hindu defense foils Islamists’ plan to persecute Hindus en masse 

Mograhat (West Bengal): As fresh reports are coming in, the fair in village: Kamarpukur, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South), has been rocked by a series of Hindu-Muslim clashes, starting from evening of November 29, 2012 thus far.

In accordance with sources, problem erupted when an Islamist wanted to give a fake Indian currency note to a Hindu shopkeeper; he refused to accept it leading to a scuffle between the two. The situation would have ended there if the Islamist returned with more of his fellows to teach the Hindu shopkeeper a lesson. The pack of Islamists torched the entire shop and whoever tried to oppose them was beaten outrageously.

Hindu shopkeeper cried for help desperately; Hindu youths in the vicinity, acquainted with such postures of Islamists day in and day out, built up a strong defence and in no time smashed a few shops of Islamists forming the said pack.

This incident sparked off another set of troubles. Hundreds of Islamists turned up in the venue soon started vicious attacks on Hindus soon. However, unlike other times, Hindus did not withdraw to their houses and were found to implement countermeasures as well. And rule of administration became the greatest casualty as a result.

A number of police contingents along with SDPO rushed to the spot (on the very night) to rein in the situation.

RAF has been deployed to maintain a vigil in the area and tension continues to grip the area.

More details are being awaited.

Source : Hindu Samhati>” as published in Hindu Janajagruti Site.

Reality differs from above as the Hindus in the areas lastly faced joint attack of RAF and Police with the help of Political goons obviously Muslims. Two Hindus injured ghastly. One Hindu boy separated/not traced yet.

Know the reality of Magrahat. 

Mograhat Update: Pro-Islamist standpoint of administration thwarts peace meeting in Mograhat.

Abhed Acharya from Magrahat [1st May, 2001]: I was then within 20 km from the place of occurrence at the sporadic time of clash started after 7 pm afresh on 29th of April (2012). Frequent phone calls were reaching to a number of a reliable person whom the sufferers believe as a protector in crisis. The man with a subtle skill and calmness was giving important instructions to his men in Magrahat and also reporting the matter to the Police and administration from another phone number. He also preparing arrangements with an advocate to move bail as RAF already arrested some Hindu men from the area of Kamarpukuria.

At the meeting point of three villages of Haludberia, Kamarpuria and Kadamanuraj there is a religious pond named Kaipukur Where an annual Hindu Mela (congregation) held every year on and from Akshay Trithiya in the name of Mata Manasa in front her Temple/Vedi.  The mela is gradually growing its shape with the participation of nearby villagers for the last three/four years. Muslim operators have been trying to take control over the Mela for last two years, but the local Hindu young generation kept the control in a manageable way.

This year some fake notes of Rs.100/- denominations were recovered in the Mela but the culprits were not detected. On 28th April a fake note of Rs 500/- was detected on spot when a Muslim boy tried to make payment to a Hindu shop keeper. A tiny scuffle turned a big discord all on a sudden when the manhandled Muslim boy attacked the Hindu village Kamarpukuria with a greater Muslim force came from Bankipur, Mamudpur and Magrahat Market area plan fully. Yes, Hindus resisted heroically with their limited strength, but they were victimized under heavy bomb charges from Muslims. Muslims attacked with sharp chopper and three Hindu boys injured seriously. As, no Hindu Organization in Bengal does not believe in armed resistance to an armed attack, the follower of all the Hindu organization usually fallen victim as their leaders tell them an impossible mass awakening and not to be in the fray of the ruling political force.

Getting stern resistance from the Hindus, the Muslim attackers took refuge of Political Strength of ruling Trinmool Congress (TMC) and immediately they put diary against Hindu villagers. Getting the diary from the Muslims and obviously under the pressure from the Muslim appeaser TMC, RAF entered the troubled area and tortured the Hindu villagers. In this dispersed moments the Hindus could not put any diary against Muslim attackers from outside. Within this span of time the news reached to a Hindu Organization only busy then to prepare a report to be posted in their internet site. Nobody from the organization gave any advice to make a general diary to the local police station or to admit the injured persons in the nearby Govt. Hospitals to be treated there to procure injury reports from the authority to produce it in Court cases etc.

I was hearing the appeal from local BJP leader named Ratan Sardar of Magrahat to make arrangements for bail for some Rabin, Ranjit and Prasenjit of Kamarpukur and Two others from Maititrhat and one from Atasura. So far 11(eleven) persons are arrested and put in judicial custody till 15.05.2012. Police is searching other 6 (six) accused upon false allegations.  On 15.05.2012 the case will be moved for bail. No Muslims are arrested yet, not a single Muslim was admitted so far in any Hospital or Nursing Home being injured in the clash save and except the boy injured on 28.04.2012 after caught with fake note.

It is noteworthy that some leaders of different Hindu Organizations are also giving advice not to go against TMC and one perpetrator Akhtar Gazi of the area is now acting as an agent of the Islamist to calm down the Hindu retaliation so that it may not turn virulent.

The most injured Hindu man Tapas Mondal was threatened by the Islamists perhaps escaped in a safer place and his father Manik Ch Mondal is still searching his son here and there.

I came to know that the Muslim population of Magrahat Block has been increased by 40% in just last twenty years. And the Hindus came down to 47% in 2001 from 87% in 1981. The situation of Hindus in Magrahat (West Bengal, India) is not better than any vicinity of Pakistan.

But, the most alarming thing to me from this current happening is that (i) The Hindu organizations in Bengal is less interested in field actions but prefer reactions in Internet. (ii) There is no co-ordination between various Hindu Organizations in Bengal. Everybody wants to be the Big Boss. (iii) The freaky Hindu leaders dream a change through an absurd Mass Awakening without any armed resistance to the well equipped Jihadists. (iv) Now the Hindu leaders in Bengal are will convinced by State BJP, not to oppose TMC, as there is a chance of alliance of NDA in 2014 General Election. So bear all the Muslim torture with tight lip. This idiotic calculation will turn the Bengal as a Total Muslim Change. These calculation helped TMC to sit on power and kick out Hindus now & (v) Unfortunately, Bengali Hindu leaders are envious each other shamelessly.

The tendencies to grab the Hindu Credits for own organization with doing nothing is another disease in Bengal in Hindu Organizational methodology.

God knows who will save Bengal?

8 comments on “Police and Islamist jointly tortured Hindus in Magrahat, West Bengal.

  1. prakash
    May 2, 2012

    shame, shame, wake up hindu.


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  3. Bipin Amin
    May 2, 2012

    Shame on the Bitch Ruling in Bengal……Hope she dies with the her Muslim Lovers…


  4. yasharya
    May 14, 2012

    Learn and protect urselves. Do not look towards others to protect urselves.


  5. Aniruddha
    February 13, 2013

    We have to protect ourselves. Firstly, from traitors like Mamta Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress. We have to stop singing songs and reciting poetry and hit back like the Bengali hindu revolutionaries hit back at the British. The enemy is now within.


  6. A
    February 20, 2013

    Hindus actually are divided & there was a proverb “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”


  7. Siddharth
    October 25, 2013

    My fellow brothers and sisters,
    Why so much hatred? Why so much concern?
    Hinduism has survived brutal waves of time, and today we still exist.
    “Karma” my friends is a great leveller…..we can hate others but it would just make our soul darker…..remember friends its KALIYUG, evil would love us to get entangled with “hate” “anger” “lust” “greed” and “laziness”, we have to avoid these demons control our mind….if we continue to avoid these demons, we might have a chance to get saved from this cycle of brith and death…..and atlast be one with the “ADI SHAKTI” and attain moksha…..remember friends our aim is to attain moksha and not to pollute our soul with evil!!


    • vips
      January 8, 2016

      @ Siddharth
      If someone will threaten your family member..what would u do then?? would u just close ur eyes and chant the god’s name. Who loves hatred ?!! nobody!! everyone wants peace. But if some bunch of people try to suppress others then one should defend. You say Hinduism has survived brutal waves of time but do u know what was the price??? If not then go search history..u will find the answer. Even “GEETA” says if there are bad people outside there and if the limit of tolerance is crossed then one should take up arms and kill those bad people. It is the social duty of everyone.!!


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