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Ruins of Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka. Stop this Hindu-Bouddha Clash and State sponsored Terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Hindu Temple destroyed in Sri Lanka in 1983 and onwards.

Input by Kumarathasan Rasingam.

During the state sponsored ethnic cleansing /riots against the Hindu  Tamils in Sri Lanka, hundreds of Hindu Temples  were attacked/destroyed/damaged.  A short list of Hindu Temples attacked or destroyed in 1983 by state sponsored terrorism incited by Sinhala Government.

It is hard to believe that cabinet ministers in Sri Lanka do not know what goes on in the country they govern. They get information from briefings, internal memos and all sorts of other inside sources. In addition they also have access to the numerous, public and private, reports by outsiders. For example, at the March 1998 UNCHR hearing in Geneva, Joaquin Mbomio of North-South XXI, while condemning the attack on the Dalada Maligawa, stated, “some 1,800 Hindu temples have been destroyed by Sri Lanka’s military.”

The ministers might not know the exact number of temples destroyed by their army, but surely must be aware that the number runs in the hundreds…. (Ref : Taliban and the Sinhala Buddhists).

Destroyed by Sinhala Govt. Military Force

1. Viswanatha Sivan Temple in Trincomalee

2. Krishnan Temple in Trincomalee

3. Saneeswaran Temple in Trincomalee

4. Natesar Temple in Sivayogapuram, Trincomalee

5. Sri Tillaiambala Pillaiyar Temple in Anbuvalipuram, Trincomalee

6. Chithivinayakar Temple in Sinnatoduvai, Trincomalee

7. Vilankulam Pillaiyar Temple on Kandy Road, Trincomalee

8. Vyrutru Pillaiyar Temple on Kandy Road, Trincomalee

9. Pillaiyar Temple in China Bay, Trincomalee

10. Upparu Pillaiyar Temple in Trincomalee

11. Kitulootra Pallaiyar Temple in Kanniyai, Trincomalee

12. Kitulootra Murugan Temple in Trincomalee

13. Barathipuram Pillaiyar Temple in Pankulam, Trincomalee

14. Pillaiyar Temple in Pankulam, Trincomalee

15. Mudalikulam Pillaiyar Temple in Pankulam, Trincomalee

16. Ellai Kali Kovil in Pankulam, Trincomalee

17. Pillaiyar Temple in Panmadawachchi, Trincomalee

18. Papanasa Teertapillaiyar Temple in Trincomalee

19. Sri Pathini Amman Temple in Neelapalai, Kilivetti

20. Sri Kamakshi Ambal Temple in Jaffna

21. Saiva Maha Sabha in Kurunegala

22. Udupi Sri Muthuvinayakar Temple in Matale

23. Sri Muthumari Amman Temple in Matale

24. Muthuvinayakar Temple in Matale

25. Sri Chithivinayakar Temple in Matale

26. Sri Kadiresan Temple in Matale

27. Sri Poobalakrishnar Ashram in Matale

28. Sri Ganga Vinayakar Temple in Madulkelle

29. Kurinji Kumaran Temple, Peradeniya

30. Sri Muthumariamman Temple in Nawalapitya

31. Atmajothy Nilayam in Nawalapitiya

32. Athivinayakar Temple in Haldumulla, Haputale

33. Sri Sivasubramanya Temple in Bandarawela

34. Sri Kadiresan Temple in Badulla

35. Hindu Temple in Malangama, Badulla

36. Hindu Temple in Narangala, Badulla

37. Kali Temple in Rockhill, Badulla

38. Sri Poobalavinayakar Temple in Peliyagoda

39. Sri Balaselvavinayakar Temple in Maradana, Colombo

40. Sri Devi Karumari Amman Temple in Maligawatte, Colombo

42. Srimath Arunachaleswara Devasthanam in Colombo

43. Ramakrishna Mission, Colombo

44. Kandasamy Temple in Panadura

45. Sri Subramanya Temple in Matara

46. Hindu Pilgrims’ Rest in Matara

It is a fact that the Sri Lanka Govt has been trying to eliminate the Tamil Hindu People from the soil of Sri Lanka for last three decades.

Click**List of Damage caused to Hindu Kovils (Temples) in the North-East of the Island of Sri Lanka


Click**Continuous Genocides of Hindu Tamils in a fatal Sinhala slaughter house in Sri Lanka….

Source: Face Book Posting.

One comment on “Ruins of Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka. Stop this Hindu-Bouddha Clash and State sponsored Terrorism in Sri Lanka.

  1. ramesh israni
    June 10, 2012

    its a matter of great sorrow that media in our country is sleeping or it is covering the only motivated news .Hindu samaj is unaware of this happening,many more events are not presented to the tune of the density of the subject..with this pain in my mind am planning to install a TV CHANNEL PROVIDED all like minded join me .AM in position to strart such a big project merely with a finance support of Rs 20 crores within 3 months,all technically equipped team is already available with me.RAMESH ISRANI


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