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Prantiya Arya Veer Dal, Bengal is coming up as a resurgent National Force in West Bengal.


Prantiya Arya Veer Dal Bengal completed its nine days Charitra Nirman (Character Building) Shivir (Training Camp) successfully in Kolkata.

Press Release

Prantiya Arya Veer Dal (PAVD), Bengal, (42 Shankar Ghosh Lane, Kolkata- 700006) the youth wing of Arya Samaj has successfully organized a nine day “Character Building Camp 2012” from 25th May to 3rd June, 2012 at Sukchar Kedarnath Poddar High School, Sodepur Ekford Road, Kolkata- 700115.

Over 200 trainees from different walks of life (mainly students of schools and Arsa Gurukuls) from 12 districts of West Bengal participated in this camp after taking the oath to maintain Arya way of life and to protect this motherland with ‘’Sanskriti Raksha” (Protection of Culture), “Shakti Sanchay” (Accumulation of Power) and “Seva Karya” (Welfare Services). Arya Veer Dal was founded by Mahatma Narayan Swami in the year 1929 at Delhi felt exigent to protect the properties of Arya Samaj and its institutions and personalities in leadership of Arya Samaj as an effect of Murder of Swami Shraddhananda by a fanatic Muslim from Lahore.

Some 20 trainers, workers and sympathizers from locality and outside rendered their dedicated services to make this camp towards a grand success.

The exposure of Arsa Culture and the traditional way of self defense were the main attraction of the Camp so far.

The camp was inaugurated by Sri Ananda Arya, the Pradhan (President), Prantiya Arya Pratinidhi Sabha , Bengal followed by an inspirational speech by Sri Deendayal Gupta, Secretary (Mantri) of PAPSB.                                                 

In this course of the camp many dignitaries from different organizations gave their sermons to the trainees for their Spiritual and Physical development.

Acharya ChandradevSri Mahesh Yogi, Sri Vaibhav Apale of Sanatan Sanstha, Swami Atmaprakashananda – Sri Tailang Swami Ashram, Sri Pushkarlal Kedia of Manishika, Acharya Subhas Shastri, Arya Samaj Bangladesh and many others graced different phases of trainings.

Daily classes of Indian Culture and Heritage and self Defense were the main attraction. All the participants (trainees) were initiated with Sacred Thread (Yanjnaopaveet) on 2nd June, 2012.

In the Closing Ceremony of this Camp Sri Sultan Singh, MLA of West Bengal Legislative Assembly has graced the function and took the salute of the March Past of AVD with other dignitaries.

Acharya Yogesh Shastri monitored the programme  all along with his inimitable caliber and spirit.

Acharya Yogesh Shastri, Sanchalak PAVDB.

Upananda Brahmachari, Saha Sanchalak PAVDB.                   

Kishan Singh,  Mantri PAVDB.

Salient features and the main attraction of the camp:

* The Camp is a nishulk shivir (no charges) in its kind. Donations are made by the different Arya Samaj Units and sympathizer form West Bengal.

*  The camp is organised for Character building for individual t make a resurfet National Character Building.

* Both the spirit of Vedic Culture/ Vedic life style and the Warrior Spirit with leadership qualities have been infused to the trainees with in this short period.

* The weekly/monthly get together with practice of the learnt subjects have been moduled.

* The organised strength will be beneficial to the cow protection movement in West Bengal.

* All the Arya Veers (Trainees in the Camp) have taken the oath to protection of our Motherland, its Vedic Culture, Cow Progeny and Hindu Women folk.

* All the Arya Veers have been initiated with Sacred thread (Yanjnaopaveet) and trained to perform daily havan  and  empowered with self defence.

* Sri Vaibhav Apale of Sanatan Sanstha exhorted on Sharadha Jagran on Bharat Sanskriti, Upananda Brahmachari of Hindu Existence emphasized on National Character Building through sacrifice, Acharya Yogesh Shastri disseminated the Vedic Practices in everyday life and so many important topics were imparted to the trainees very effectively.

* Acharya Dharmveer took the classes of  Parade, Karate and Danda (Bamboo Sticks); Acharya Sompal took the classes of air rifle shooting; Acharya Nardedra took the classes of archery and Kishan Singh took the classes of Sword, spear-head and axes very interestingly.

* The extended help from the locales, respective municipal and other govt authorities and NGOs were most remarkable.

* The valedictory session of the camp with the show of the trainee participants overwhelmed the spectators present there.

* Help from different parts including financial and all types made this camp so successful.


3 comments on “Prantiya Arya Veer Dal, Bengal is coming up as a resurgent National Force in West Bengal.

  1. Anand ramrao Chavan
    June 8, 2012

    Namaste ! Its Very nice feeling that the students are attending the Arya veer Dal Camps , Its encouraging ! And its the duty of all the HINDU sangathans to work together and conduct such camps all over the Country especially in the villages and remote areas of our country so that they get the awarness. The camps should educate the people of ONE COUNTRY not the regionalism.



  2. ramesh israni
    June 10, 2012

    this is the need of the hour ,needs widely publicized & strengthen the organization also like minded organizations must join hands.


  3. yasharya
    August 29, 2014

    Reblogged this on Arya Samaj vs Sunni Islam.


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