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Indian Muslims cry for illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam and Mayanmar. Trying Riot in every corner in India. Red Alert for Mumbai.

Protesters carried Pakistani Flag or the Flag of Muslim League as alleged. Indian Muslims for illegal BD and Maynmar Muslims to rehabilitate them in India. Photo – Agencies.

2 dead, 55 hurt as protest over Assam riots turns violent in Mumbai.

Vehicles in flames near CST Station after a protest against Assam riots turned violent in Mumbai.  PHOTO/SHASHAK PARADE.PTI.

MUMBAI | 11 August, 2012 | PTI  | Agencies ::  Two persons were killed and at least 55 injured, including 45 policemen, when a protest here against Assam riots turned violent here today as demonstrators clashed with the police which opened fire to disperse the mob.

Hundreds of people poured in at Azad Maidan in south Mumbai this afternoon on a call given by a city-based outfit, Raza Academy, to denounce the riots in Assam and also alleged attacks on a minority community in Myanmar. [Some 10 Thousand Rohingya Muslims from Mayanmar are staying illegally in Delhi and other places in India. – ed.]

The protesters torched vehicles of the media and the police and pelted stones.

Unconfirmed reports said one of the deceased could have been hit by a bullet fired by the police.

Police spokesman Nisar Tamboli said only a postmortem would bring out what exactly caused the deaths.

Hundreds of people turned up at Azad Maidan Ground, the popular protest venue, in south Mumbai this afternoon on a call given by a city-based outfit, Raza Academy, to denounce the riots in Assam and also alleged attacks on minority community in Myanmar. Awami Vikas Party (AVP), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, also took part in the protest.

The protesters suddenly turned unruly and set afire vehicles, damaged buses and indulged in stone-pelting.

Police opened fire and resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the mob, said a policeman deployed at the Azad Maidan.

At least 55 persons were injured of whom two succumbed in a government hospital at south Mumbai.

“Two youths, Mohammed Umar (22) and Altaf Shaikh (18), who were injured in the violence and were in critical condition, died while undergoing treatment at St George Hospital,” a civic body official told PTI.

Among the injured were some mediapersons, including Prashant Sawant of `Sakal Times’ and Vivek Bendre of `The Hindu’. All injured were shifted to J J Hospital, St George Hospital, GT Hospital and Bombay Hospital, police said.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said in a statement that the Crime Branch has been asked to probe “whose hand was behind the violence and how the protest turned so violent”.

He said altogether 45 police personnel and 10 others have been injured.

9 comments on “Indian Muslims cry for illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam and Mayanmar. Trying Riot in every corner in India. Red Alert for Mumbai.

  1. pratik
    August 12, 2012

    In future no permission should be given to such kind of protests and strict action must be taken against the culprits.


  2. ramkrishnagoel
    August 12, 2012

    If this type of agitations will not be stopped by the UPA II in India where the muslims come with Pakistani flag to demostrate in big crowd is not good for India. If this will continue the Islamic militants may come to fly Pakistan’s flag in any part of India and may also capture Lal Qilla. These Jihadis should be dealt by iron hands by the UPA II


  3. vishwakarma
    August 13, 2012

    This is just a beggining ,muslims just cant live with other religion people,first they forced kashmiri hindus out of kashmir ,then bangladeshi muslims starting invading assam and are now forcing hindus out of assam,,and these motherfucking muslims in mumbai are supporting that,,fucks like mahesh bhatt who say that muslims have been treated badly should come out of their wives vagina and give explaination about these riot in mumbai..these assholes want reservations in everything because they are minorities,well wat about other minorities,they arent causing so much troubles,,and they are causing so much trouble while being minorities ,god know what they will do when they equal 50 percnt population of this country,,probably kill any hindu and rape their daughters and wives and whores like sonia gandhi who is the biggest slut ever born in this world,would probable let them do it too…they have already started making changes in the education system ,all the history books have been changed,,savages like aurangzeb and babbar are now described as peaceful and brave personalities,,so nobody will ever know how mughals ruled this country,,how they forced people to change their relgion,,not even a single news channel has the balls to even say that mumbai riots are being caused by “muslim” all they say is that”serious investigation will be done to find the culprit”..assholes know that it was being done by muslim barbarians…whereever these viruses are in the world ,there are problems,america,europe asia,china everywhere,i think that god created this religion to destroy whole planet,because even if the whole world population gets converted to muslims,these assholes wont stop killing each other ,,,its in their blood ,its in their quran,to kill ,to convert,to invade,to breed like horses,,and the most sad part of this story is that the assholes sitting in parliament who are letting this happen are hindus themselves,,those motherfucking cowards dont see that in future when these muslims will take over the parliament it self ,they will kill these cowards and rape their women like they did to hindus in pakistan,,m sure this planet wont die because of a natural disaster,these assholes ,whereever they go destroy nature and other religion people,,women of our religion are the weakest ,,hindu girls would readily get converted to be these assholes wives,,teens nwdays dont care about it,,no matter how rich a muslim kid is ,he wont convert to get married to a hindu girl,no matter what happen,but a hindu girl would certainly say”my religion is so bad it always supress women and muslims guys are so amazing i jst love their religion”,,fucking bitches should see how they keep their women in control,,,in my city itself there have been cases when a muslim guy raped his hindu girlfrnd with his other muslim frnds,,,if there religion is so good so peacefull then why is it that these people are killing raping hindus in pakistan ,,and our government is worthless,,sonia gandhi ,digvijaysingh,arjun singh almost everyone ,they will pay the price for letting all this happen,,muslims have almost everything in control,bollywood,politics,they are increasing in population rapidly,,they are everywhere ,,first time heard of minority whose people can be seen everywhere……hindu people who still keep fighting amongst themslve showing off that”i am brahmin,i am thakur main iss raja ka wanshaj hooon bla bla,,,main kayasth hoon ,main ye hoon wo hoon”betichodon,jab tumhe koi muslim maar dega aur tumhari aurton ki izzat lootega ,,tab bolna ki kaunsi jaat k ho,,betichod sab jaantey hain ki kam bache hon ghar pe to sab theek se padh likh kar achha kam kar saktey hain ,leking inko to hinduon ki abaadi ki barabari karni hai,,to jhama jham bache paida kar rahe hain,ho sakta ho ki koshis bhi kar rahe ho ki 9 month mein ek ya do bachon ki jagah 1 month mein 9 bachen paida kar sakein,,may be this is how this world will end,,ass holes if u fucking love pakistan so much then why dont u go and live their in pakistan,, bhi aur wo hindu bhi jo ye sab karwa rahen hain,,,ye to apne dharm ka paalan kar rahe hain,,par humare hindu logon ko to bhagwaan shabd bolney mein bhi dikkat hain,,fuck u ,,god why was i born in this pathetic country,,,i will get out of this country before things start to get out of hands,,cos ourgovernment is not gonna save us,,when everyone ,police,government,teacher, would be a muslims in desguise of death ,where will a hindu run,only sikh might survive,cos they love their religion and wud die to protect it,,,hey ram isse pahale ye saare muslim is desh ko loot kar ise rakh mein mila dein,agar humare dharm ki baatein sach hon aur kalki aa kar inke saath saath hum sab ka naash kar de,,ye pakistani shakeel ,comedians ,actors yahan aakar kyon martey hain,,inka desh to quran e paak ke usool follow karta hain,,wahan to jannat ka mahaul ho raha hai,wahan ja kar kaam kyon nahi kartey..ho sakta hai ki quran galat na ho,lekin log to inke dharam ke he sabse bade terrorist hain..pata nahi kya hoga aagey,,jai sri ram


  4. Jitendra Desai
    August 13, 2012

    This is the result of myopic muslim leadership of India and their “secular” cohorts among Hindu politicians.Ordinary muslim masses are being misled once again, like they were at the time of partition.Instead of encouraging/helping govt to detect,delete and deport these illegal immigrants, muslims are being called upon to run amock like this.After such demonstration muslims should not complain of discrimnation.They are raring to be dicriminated against.


  5. Nachiket
    August 20, 2012

    this isnt a pakistani flag, its a islamic flag, if u ppl dont understand the difference then u shudnt be speaking useless shit all oover..


    • Pankaj Srestha
      August 22, 2012

      What is the significance of your bullshit comment?

      If it is not a Pakistani flag, then what else? The same Muslim maroons are indulging themselves in the same subversiveness with or without the Pakistani or Islamic Flag in India……

      Anti Indians must be kicked out from Indian Soil.

      Ye, Neech.keet, Are you an agent of ISI?


  6. shilpa Kumari
    August 20, 2012

    That was a islamic flag not pak flag..Dont publish wrong statement and create dispute amongs indian citizen


    • Rama Roy
      August 22, 2012

      Pak flag is made out of Islamic Flag. This Flag obviously resembles with the Flag of Muslim League. Muslim League and Jinnah created Pakistan.

      Why you are deeply engaged in the slight difference of a flag meant for anti Indian horror?

      True Indian Citizen are realizing the actualities.

      Through supporting illegal Bangladeshi rioters in Assam and the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Myanmar, the 5th Column in India has been exposed.

      In Ranchi, Bareilly, Bangalore, Lucknow, Mumbai and other places the so called Indian Muslims upsurged a Jihad against the Indian Nation and Majority Hindus. Thanks God, We are seeing the enemies of Bharat in many places.

      The Muslims are trying next Jihad very soon against Hindus as per report.

      Some pseudo secular Hindus like shilpa Kumari (email:, IP address:, ISP: ChinaCache North America, Country: Satellite Provider) or some Jihadi activist (in fake Hindu name or in disguise) are trying to misguide the main problem.

      The main problem is: Indian Muslims are uniting themselves for a direct action like 1946 to get another Muslim state in India.

      Hindus will just spoil the game plan of Pan Islamic agents in India.

      Jai Shri Ram. Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Vande Mataram.


      • Shahid Rogers Bharti
        February 17, 2013

        Actually some insane-inhuman being from Arab origin want to destroy the peace and unity of India.These people always open their mouth with something against non-Islam arbitrarily. That shows that they don’t belong to actual humanity. They should read Bhagbat Gita, where it is written as ‘God is one and one and only one’. That knowledge is supreme. And Christianity and Islam came down far later which spoiled humanity for their arrogant and discarding nature. Indian Muslims have their origin in Bharat and not in Arab.Indian Christians have also their roots in India and not in Jerusalem. Indian Muslims and Christians must reject their Arab or Christian names and love Indian Scriptures like Vedas, Gita, Upanishad, Ramayan and Mahabharat along with Quran and Bible. Unless they respect the religions of Indian Roots, they will be traumatized in the face of their dogma and communalism. Jai Hind.


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