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Taka 643.55 crore to propagate Islam through Digital Quran site for converting Hindu-Bhuddhist-Christian Minorities in Bangladesh.

Under the policy of Pan Islamism, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina  lunched ‘Quran Digital site’ to propagate Islam and to convert Non Muslim Minorities in Bangladesh.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Opening of Digitalised Quran Site ( by Fundamental BD Prime Minister.

Dhaka |  Aug 10, 2012 — Now the pro Islamic attitude of BD Prime Minister is exposed enough. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the Awami League Supremo, Sheikh Hasina on Friday asked Muslims in Bangladesh to follow the life of Muhammad   and encourage people from other religions to convert to I-s-l-a-m

“We want to let everyone know about Islam. We all should try to get others drawn to taking to Islam,” the Prime Minister of Bangladesh said this while launching the website “Al Quran: Digital” at a function at Osmani Memorial auditorium here today.

She hoped the message of peace in Islam would reach the people in all levels of society ‘very easily’ through this initiative of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Hasina said, “We want to reach the message of peace of Islam to people as we always hope that the aim of the teachings of the Holy Quran will be achieved.”

“We need to do our duties to the people understanding the essence of Islam. I want to continue work for human welfare following the path shown by Prophet Muhammad.”

During the ceremony, the Prime Minister inaugurated the web portal, Al Quran: Digital, in a laptop and the application in an iPad.

Arabic, Bengalee and English versions, both for reading and listening, of the Quran will be available on the website ( The Quran can be downloaded in e-book format from the site while ‘Al Quran: Digital’ will also be available in DVDs.

Hasina also expressed gratitude to the Almighty Allah for having the opportunity to inaugurate the website in the month of holy Ramadan, also the month of the advent of the holy book.

“The Quran is very much a scientific book, as well it’s a guideline for our personal, family and social life. It preaches message for people’s right, justice, equality, brotherhood, religious fraternity and harmony,” she said.

In this context Sheikh Hasina highlighted her government’s steps taken for promotion of Islam and said her government is working in this regard as followed by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Sheikh Hasina addressing the function: “encourage people from other religions to convert to Islam.”

She said Bangabandhu during his three and a half years tenure had made immense contribution to promotion and publicity of Islam in the country. He had founded Islamic Foundation and Madrasa Board, allocated land for Kakrail mosque and for Biswa Ijtema in Tongi, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, Bangabandhu joined OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries)  to build up ties of Bangladesh with Muslim world and project country’s positive image before them.

“We are following the path of Bangabandhu, she said noting that her government has arranged Mosque based children and mass-education programme for millions of children to learn Quran, which was closed by BNP-Jamaat alliance government.

“Our government allocated Taka 643.55 crore for the programme, creating job opportunity for thousands of Aleem and Olema and helping millions of children and elderly persons to learn the holy Quran in right order,” BD Prime Minister said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has taken initiative to involve religious leaders with human resource development activities. A Hajj-friendly policy has been prepared eliminating all irregularities in Hajj management and discipline has been restored in this sector, she said.

As such it is re-established that the present Govt in Bangladesh is dedicated to re frame Bangladesh as a pure Islamic Country in which the non Muslim minorities have to face the Islamic persecution under the diktat of Quran.

Two Rioters of Great Calcutta Killing Side by side. Suhrawardy (left) with Mujibur Rahman (Right).

Actually the father of  Sheikh Hasina, (the present Prime Minister of Bangladesh), was the founder of Bangladesh. The founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman was obviously a very communal personality and close aide to Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, (the then Premier of undivided Bengal) both of them were notorious for operating Great Calcutta killing (Direct Action Day) in 1946 against Hindu people very ruthlessly.  History ascertains that  Mujib was one of the Muslim politicians and hard core  working under Suhrawardy during the communal violence that broke out in Calcutta, in 1946, just before the partition of India. Now Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of infamous culprit of Great Calcutta Killing is maintaining her crucial  role to complete Islamisation of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Govt is now trying hard to convert all the Non Muslim, Hindu-Buddhist-Christian people of Bangladesh very unethically by promoting a barbaric cult of looting, raping, killing and destroying a free civil society.  Islam is not a religion at all. It is nothing but an expansion of Arab supremacist  through out the world.  International Indian Communities and Hindu Orgs. must address this ethnic crisis of Bangladesh in right forums very promptly.

Read here:  The Plight of Pakistani Hindus.

Pakistani Hindus arrive with horror tales : Hindustan Times Report.

In the backdrop of a 14-year-old Hindu girl’s abduction in Pakistan’s Jacobabad city in Sindh province three days ago, a controversy erupted when a delegation of 150 Hindus was detained by Islamabad for seven hours on Friday before being allowed to enter India for a pilgrimage.  Head of the delegation Anup Kumar said they were supposed to cross over to India in the afternoon, but their arrival was delayed because the Pakistani authorities were apprehensive that they may not return due to the law and order problems in the southern province of Sindh, where most of Pakistan’s estimated seven million Hindus live. Read the full story here.

Pakistani Hindu pilgrims say they don’t want to return from India: Read details in IBN Live India.


Courtesy: CNN-IBN | IBN Live India | Hindustan Times | ND Tv India.

One comment on “Taka 643.55 crore to propagate Islam through Digital Quran site for converting Hindu-Bhuddhist-Christian Minorities in Bangladesh.

  1. S R Wakankar
    August 11, 2012

    Arab Islam is “for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab”. Its frame or canvas is Arabia only, but due to Medieval Arab/Muslim Imperialism, it spread over a large area and many non-Arab people embraced it.
    There is nothing new in it.This had been said by some Christian King in the middle ages when it had started up. When Pope narrated this, there was a big controversy.
    In fact, Hindu Islam(ie Non-Arab Islam of Non-Arab Asia) which is Vedic, not Koranic, and in Sanskrit, not in Arabic, is the Real Authentic Islam.Hindu Islam is not fanatic or radical, it is tolerant and peaceful/non-violent as well as democratic also.It is not anti-West.Due to Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism, the great ancient tradition of Hindu Islam remained neglected, not only this, it was ruthlessly targeted also. If Hindu India is vibrant and alive today, it is the eighth wonder of the world.
    In spite of so many years of tyrannical Muslim rule, Hindu India could not be destroyed. Hindus were stateless/second class citizens during the Muslim rule, but they remained what they were, it is a most astonishing fact to be noted with pride. Iran/Egypt/Syria all fell before the tide but India survived the onslaught. This happened because of the great HINDU word which means “RESISTANCE” to Muslim Imperialism.
    Today we need to re-discover the great heritage of Hindu Islam and concentrate on non-Arab Asia which is the huge Hindu World. Right from Iran to Indonesia and Mongolia to Australia including all the “stans” of Central Asia and the great Buddhist world of Far-East- China/Japan/Korea etc. Hindu World goes up to the Pacific. All nations of the Pacific Rim are also part of this great ancient Hindu World. Hindu India is “the heart and soul” of Non-Arab Asia.That is why ONAA(ie Organization of non-Arab Asia) is needed. We as non-Arab Asians, are all Onaasians and Hindu. We may be following any religion, or church, that won’t come into way.If we are non-Arab Asian, we are all ONE.
    The AfPak region is the birth-place of Hindu Islam. This stream flows there underground. Just dig up and you will find a great treasure-trove of old history and heritage. Pakistan which is the product of Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism needs to change. Only then we can move forward. But, unfortunately Pakistan follows a different line-the Arab line, and produces the most dangerous “Islamic Bomb” when it is an integral part of the non-Arab Asian Hindu World.
    That is the problem.


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