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Muslims are not in need of a reason for rioting against non-believers at any time.

Muslims are not in Need of a reason for rioting 

Dr. Babu Suseelan

Muslims are not in need of any reason for rioting, beheading, killing and burning alive of Infidels. It is in Islam’s history and by nature, all Islamists are brutal, and aggressive.  Through out the 1400 years of Islamic history, everything Muslims  have touched have been marred with Al-Taqyiea (lying) wars, plunder, looting, destroying culture, invasion, tyranny, massacre and Jihad terror. Islam has destroyed all traditional faiths, peaceful religious practices, harmony, peace, coexistence, and higher transcendental learning. Omar the cruel disciple of Mohammad has said, “burn all libraries in the world, everything is in the Koran”. The murderous converted Muslims have burned all libraries in Alexandria, Egypt, Persia, Syria including the world’s largest University and libraries in Nalanda and Takshasila. Original; ethical concepts, peaceful living, harmony, religious tolerance have been destroyed by force, Empathy, love, morality and harmony among people and Islamic Mullahs  have been twisted morality and peaceful living into Jihad and hatred.

India, the peaceful country has no history of attacking other nations or destroying any cultures. But Islamic invaders and Jihad warriors have brutally killed more than 80 million innocent Hindus. Islam was successful in forcefully converting millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Janis, Jews and Christians. And Islamic rulers in any  country were involved in assassination, mass murder, and stoning alive all Infidels. The Islamic rule in India was the most darkest and the most ridiculous page in the history of India. Understanding the true nature Of  Islam and taking appropriate actions against Jihadi mass murder,  will save millions of innocent people and establish peace, harmony, religious tolerance, and coexistence in the world. Muslims consider Islam as a complete and completed religion. The real fact is that Islam is an Arab Imperialist dogma, which is dangerous, rigid and instigate Muslims all over the world for establishing Dar-Ul-Islam through Jihad terrorism and rioting,. The current roots against Americans and innocent Infidels is not because Hollywood made a real picture of Mohammad or misinterpreting cruel Islamic doctrine. But creating disturbances and killing infidels is what is required for all Muslims.

To prevent such Islamic butchering, tragedies and tyranny recurring again, each one of us would reflect on our innermost thoughts and critically examine our concepts of tolerance, compromise and appeasement of Jihadis.

The Jihadi warriors practice Al-Taquiea for promoting violent Islam. Those who are deceived (phony liberals, Peace activists, paid agents of the Media) must see the real nature of Islam, clearly, purge from Islamic spirits, extricate their minds from and free Jihadis from the shackles of Islamic terror. We peace loving , liberty appreciating, free democratic people must abandon our illusions about Islam. We need a new era, a new future. Our Children and grand children must live in peace, harmony in a democratic country. We have to oppose by all means the savage Islamists.

Muslims must  resort to democratic means and employ humanitarian intervventin against any grievances they may have on infidels. Even the long history of negect and exploitation of Islamic rulers may have forced Muslims to use more drastic terroristsic means against infidels.Even a long history of neglect on the part of Islamic tyrants and savage leaders does not permit Jihadis to resort to unconventional terrosim against infidels.

Another argument of Islamists is that we are misinterpreting Islamic verses. No, we are interpreting Koran as it is. Muslim’s irrational claim has no merit. There is no justification and merit in Islamic riots and mass killing if innocent diplomats and innocent infidels. There is no excuse , and we have to expose the hypocrasyof Islamists and the statements issued by Mullahs. These Islamistswho riots without any reason are criminal thinkers who act without reason, guilt, remorse or empathy for the innocent infidel victims.  Islamists are free to do dangerous mass murder because infidel countries have failed to intervene effectively to spread of Islamic shackles.

It is true, however, that we often lack the courage to corner, contain these savage Islamic terrorists . Where is our moral posture . We would do better, if we apply a force continum to save humanity from Islamic mass murderers.

7 comments on “Muslims are not in need of a reason for rioting against non-believers at any time.

  1. Bk chowla
    September 30, 2012

    India is weak at its knees.We can learn fom Australia and Japan.
    It is time govt gave up apeasment policy


  2. ashwini
    September 30, 2012

    Do’nt so worry! Give,”tit for tat”!& Never say “riot” ,but say”jehad”,then we can offer “tit for tat”.


    • Tapan Sarkar
      May 1, 2014

      Hi Ashwini,
      Encourage all your known Hindu circle to purchse the licenced arm & gather atleast weekly one- in fixed time at your local Hindu organisations.


  3. prashant
    September 30, 2012

    क्या हमारे पास रीढ़ है!

    Is there some backbone with us!


  4. Vatsal
    October 1, 2012

    It apparently seems that even the peace loving Muslim majority is in the hands of those handful Muslim jehadis. The saddest part is why r they silent on such jehadis fanatical acts. R they also approving tacitly? Their bold stand on either direction will go a long way to bring peace thru any means on earth. It is a question to be reexamined!


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  6. Tapan Sarkar
    May 1, 2014

    Hi all my Hindu friends,
    Instead of many discussion,talking we can do some works to save our Hindu Samaj, Hindu Girls from muslims.

    1. Purchase license Gun,Rifle,Pistol for all able hindu families.
    2. Comes under umbrella of Bharat Sevasham Sanga/Hindu Milan Mandir, Join “Hindu Samhati”( in certain time atleast weekly one time.
    3.Keep all types of ARMS in Hindu temples like Muslims kept in all Mosques. Also train Hindu girls about how to run all types of guns& other simple availe arms.
    4.Put powerfull loud speaker in all Hindu temples that we can inform our society about muslim attack & other instructions immediately like Muslims do from Mosque/Madrasa.
    5. Donate & encourage the rich Hindu peoples to donate the money like Bharat Sevasharam Sangha, Hindu Samhati, Anti Love Jihad orginations & others who are woks to save Hindu dharma.


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