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Muslims broken Durga Protima in Immersion Procession in Kolkata as a retaliation of Save Cow Movement.

Curfew clamped on Entally area after Muslims attacked Durga Puja Immersion as a retaliation of “Save Cow Movement”.

HE KOLKATA BUREAU | 25th Oct. 2012 :: BAD NEWS FROM KOLKATA. It is herd that a NIGHT CURFEW has been imposed in some parts of Entally Police Station jurisdiction after 10 pm on 25-10-2012. A moderate to severe Communal clash was out-broken when a Durga Protima (Durga Deity)  was vandalized by some communal Muslim boys under brick-baiting on an Immersion ceremony of Bhratri Sangha. The immersion procession of Bhratri Sangha (opposite to Linton Post Office – Govt. Quarters) was attacked at Ananda Palit Road approach by some rowdy Muslim Groups at about 8-30 pm. Hindu residents of that area boldly protested the Islamic hooliganism with all means for which some Muslim persons got injury. They are being treated at nearby Chittaranjan National Medical College & Hospital. Hindu protesters blocked he adjacent roads and police dispersed the mob by throwing tear-gas.

It should be mentioned here that Hindus of this area protested cruelty upon animal on Saptami day (2nd day of Durga Puja) while some Muslim butchers ghastly pulled on a cow, which succumbed a severe fracture and bleeding from its leg. The fatigued cows took refuge in front of Charaktala Shiva Temple (near 2 no. bridge, Park Circus) incidentally and the blood splashed out to the inside of that temple, for which the Hindus reacted severely all on a sudden.

10000 Hindus spontaneously protested then without any banner. Bengal Gau Rakshak Dal had reached the spot and distributed the leaflet appealing Ban on Cow Slaughter. Two cows were recovered then from the Muslim butchers and sent to Haringhata and Belgachia Veterinary Hospital for treatment as per information so far available.

Moreover, the activists of Bengal Gau Rakshak Dal recovered more than 20 cows at Munshibazar area near Beliaghata on 25-10-2012  at 4-30 pm. Hindus of that area demanded arrest of illegal cattle traders and retaliated vehemently.

Perhaps, Muslims attacked the Dashami Durga Immersion Procession at the same Entally area as a retaliation of that ”Save Cow Protest” on Saptami and the cow recovery from Munshibazar. Three Muslims were arrested who pelted stones, riding a motorbike, two of them were released later . In an balancing act , three innocent Hindu boys  were arrested too by the police. They are to be produced before the court.

So far one Muslim perpetrator has been formally arrested by the Police for vandalizing Durga Protima in the immersion procession at latest. But, three innocent Hindu boys were also booked by the Entally police authority to pacify the arrogant Muslim community. The Communal Officer-In-Charge of Entally P.S (033-22275892). Ajizul Mallick (mobile- 9830184102) is favouring the Muslim Community as reported. This Muslim officer recently forwarded 25 names of all Muslim boys for the selection of Civil Defence Volunteers without consulting the Local Councillor of 56 no Ward of CMC, Smt. Dipali Das.

The agitated local public is demanding the immediate transfer of communal Ajizul Mallick, the Officer-in-Charge of Entally Police Station.

It is heard that a dangerous underworld Muslim don, named Md. IQbal Ahamed, the brother of notorious Communal MP, Md. Sultan Ahamed is fomenting the communal disharmony of the Entally-Park Circus area.

However, Hindus of Kolkata, including Entally area, are being united against increasing Islamic Fundamentalism and the present trend of limit-less Muslim appeasement by the ruling Trinmool Congress and its frenzy Supremo Miss.(?) Mamtaz Banu Arjee.

The curfew is called off from 26th morning and the situation is silent.

20 comments on “Muslims broken Durga Protima in Immersion Procession in Kolkata as a retaliation of Save Cow Movement.

  1. vikas
    October 26, 2012

    jago hindus jagoo first u are hindu next bengali.gujrati, marathi, tamil. remember ma durga and retaliate demons like muslims. kill mamataz begum of total muslim congress by ballots in election. save ur culture, dharma, customs. genocide of hindus will not occur in west bencal like east bengal. revive ur bengali culture not be non violent. impotent communist.

    jai hind
    vande matram
    jai bang bhoomi


  2. rajib ghosh
    October 26, 2012

    mamota the bitch is not watching this… kutti hai saali ….jago hindu jago …how long u will be silent………! time is over now we should take weapons against the so called mulla-pleasrers secularist and the mullas…
    all tv media including the tv channels also silent…saala mo***r c**d channel v mulle ko hogaya …napunksak hai sab…hijre ki …


  3. biccky
    October 26, 2012

    Dear dharmic brothers ,

    All hindus , sikhs, jains and buddhists must unite to save our holy land from arab imperialism .



  4. hinduawakens
    October 26, 2012

    I am reading this website from Madeira island. It delights my heart to see Bengali Hindus are wakenig up. Every Hindu should responsibility and fight for all Hindus.Keep in touch with Hindu Samhati.Muslims are trying to Islamise India, helped by governments and marxists.Don’t forget missionaries. Arise1 Awake!


  5. aryavartta
    October 26, 2012

    Welcome my friend from Madeira island, perhaps near Portugal. Your attention for Bengali Hindus is a very important thing no doubt. But you should not propagate Hindu Samhati in these page as the Autocrat President of Hindu Samhati, Mr. Tapan Kumar Ghosh has always been trying to disapprove this site Hindu Existence from the beginning. Not only that, one of his operator (money collector) from USA, Mr Srikanto Mukherjee has registered by others name as per available information. For that reason this blog cannot be registered as ‘hindu existence dot com’. This is a contribution of that Hindu Samhati towards Hindu Existence.

    Most of the founder members of Hindu Samhati have been resigned or otherwise expelled. Mr. Ghosh is a man for name, fame and money. He does not even think to set a second generation Hindu leadership in Bengal. He is one and only as the thinks. As, such His Hindu Samhati is shrinking in the Bengal Battle Field and flourishing in the Internet. His goal is to make money, not the prospective future of Bengali Hindu People.

    We are seeing many news in Hindu Samhati, where Hindu Samhati is proved as a searching agency of some Hindu Retaliation by non-Samhati people as to prove their own organisational activities. These show their tendencies to be a paper organisation, rather not to be a firebrand Hindu Warrior Group. By the by, Tapan Ghosh is a coward man and in maximum time he flees from the zone of risk. He vehemently opposes RSS and BJP, but keeps suppressed relation with key persons of RSS and BJP fellows to earn money from their sides.

    Keep relation with that person as your choice, but don’t propagate that evil person and his men through this dedicated holy page of Hindu Existence.

    Really, I am surprised that Hindu Existence is still propagating Hindu Samhati in real time of Hindu Crisis. And Hindu Samhati always try to demeaning Hindu Existence and its Editor in various means.

    I know Mr. Tapan Kumar Ghosh and Sri Upananda Brahmachari from their life in RSS and from the very beginning of Hindu Samhati. Now, I am totally disillusioned from the clutch of Mr. Ghosh and seeing a ray of hope in Brahmachari.

    A Bose.


    • hinduexistence
      October 26, 2012

      @ hinduawakens and aryavartta : Please don’t highlight any body or disgrace anyone through this blogsite. If you please send your contact numbers, I will talk to you both.

      Please, concentrate over the subjects in my blog and try to propagate it.

      Personally, I have no special attachment or resentment with any person or organisation at present. I am only liable to my sacrifice for my Hindu Society.

      I request to you both to give some donation for Hindu Existence. My financial strength is weakening rapidly as my working sphere is spreading very fast.

      Jai Sri Ram. Vande Mataram.

      Upananda Brahmachari.


      • hinduawakens
        October 26, 2012

        I have written to Upanandji sometime ago about donating money to Hindu existence but did not get a reply .


    • hinduawakens
      October 27, 2012

      I didn’t know all this news about Hindu Samhati. I came to know about Hindu Samhati through an American pro-Hindu website and read few artcles from Hindu Samhati . I thought Pranab babu was doing a good job.When Hindus in West Bengal in such a mess, all these divisions are very distressing.


      • aryavartta
        October 27, 2012

        I would request you to please provide the url of the “American pro-Hindu website”. And who is this “Pranab babu”, just you told in your comment?


  6. HIndu
    October 26, 2012

    kill the islamic mentality of momtaz banu…..


  7. Hindu Rashtra
    October 27, 2012

    My Brothers wake up now..we must unite and select the Govt who think of India, our culture.. remove the existing anti-Indian, anti-hindu govt..
    see the video here from HYD.. how these katwe are treating with Gov matha..

    wake up my hindu brothers.. otherwise.. these katwe will not allow us , our families to survice.


  8. एक हो अन्यथा इतिहास की किताबों में ही बचोगे.


  9. Aniruddha
    October 27, 2012

    Mamtaz Banu Arjee is a traitor to the Hindus. She is allowing the mullahs to wreak havoc and vandalism, but suppressing the hindu protesters. Today is bakri-id, and the filthy mullahs are going to kill numerous cows today. I wish all the muslims a very DIRTY EVIL BAKRI-ID !!!! Let every cow you kill be a nail in the coffin of your ummah ! FILTHY MUSLIMS, YOU DARED TO ATTACK THE IDOL OF MAA DURGA . Glory to Maa Chamunda, you will all be finished in the near future. A combination of Bal Thackeray and Narendra Modi will be born in West Bengal, and he will finish you all. I wont die before seeing an ISLAM-FREE BENGAL. JAI MAA DURGA !!!!! JAI MAA KALI !!!!!


  10. v karthik
    October 28, 2012

    I want to comment on mp.’s comment that of “toilets are more important than temples”. I accept the fact that toilets are important to avoid open defecation. This mp related it to only temples why dont he relate to churches and mosques. Well i ask a question Are mosques and churches are more important than toilets. this shows the psedosecular politicians.
    this problem of Islam occurred to India when nehru and gandhi appeared in the political scene. they both forgot Hindus and pandered to Muslims for vote bank politics.As a result, today most of the political parties except bjp practicing this idea of vote bank politics. unless Hindutva politics and laws come this will go on.


  11. Our Culture in Trouble
    November 1, 2012

    My Hindu Brothers..
    We are in very trouble in Hyderabad.

    Day by day Devil religion people are trying to destroy our great Hindu culture.. See the below link they are trying to stop the construction of Temple at Charminar.

    And the here Govt is Kangaroo govt ment.. who will not take any action on them because.. for Vote bank.

    Hey bhagwan abhi toh hamare shahar ke logo ko bhudi de.. taki iss tarah ki Kangaroo govt mat chune..


  12. Hindus are in Trouble in Hyderabad
    November 2, 2012

    We Hindus are in major trouble from Muslims in Hyderabad,
    From last 7 days daily Communal violence is going on. Our Temple is they are trying to totally remove near Charminar.

    I request the author to approve my comment and also please publish a article on trouble on Hindus in Hyderabad, let us united.

    See below links

    Atleast this time people of Hyderabad should get brain and select the Indian patriot party …

    not the anti-indian, anti-hindu kango ress party..


  13. SUJATA
    November 9, 2012



  14. sam dey
    October 7, 2013

    well.. My friend lives in ananda palit area and he was a witness of this hooliganism..we must not protest only by writing but we have to come out with swords and rods , wherever we live to fight against bloody muslims.. I live in beniapukur in that same park circus area and believe it or not these had worked well for us hindus…if we r aggrsive and fight for our com. With swords they will never dare to cross our way


  15. Rahul
    October 13, 2019

    Mamtaz Banu is injurious to hindu in west bengal


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