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Perverted pastor arrested for running illegal and inhumane faith home for sexual exploitation.

Grace Home, Jaipur Protest agaist Jacob Jhon

Christian Children’s home running in inhumane conditions raided in Jaipur. Rescued tribal girls of Manipur were sexually exploited and bear sign of multiple rapture.

Pastor Jacob, Grace Home Jaipur.HE News Bureau | Jaipur & Imphal | 11 July 2013:: It was simply a paradox with 600 empty liquor bottles, sex arousing drug, rotting vegetables in the store, one broken toilet and just one room. Such were the hell that the police found 29 poor tribal girls of Manipur (mostly converted from their original faith akin to Hindu Dharma and from Ukhrul district of Manipur)  living in when it rescued them on March 12, 2013 in a raid at an illegal child home run by a Christian pastor, Jacob in Jaipur . Aged between five and 14, these girls were brought from the north east India to ‘Grace Home’ in the Rajasthan’s capital with promises of education, food, care and the blessings of Christ.

But in extremely disgraced Grace Home under Tuinem Baptist Church and Nepali Baptist Church, not only were the children never sent to school, no teacher ever visited them at the home. What’s more shocking is that instead of a female warden, a 14-year-old boy was in charge there. And pastor Jacob had been using the Home as his private brothel.

Pastor Jacob John was arrested by the Nagaland police in Jaipur on May 2, and by the Manipur police in Dimapur jail on June 13. Sources in Ukhrul said John, whose first wife was a Tangkhul Naga from the district, had been visiting Ukhrul from Jaipur since 1997 to preach at the Tuinem Baptist Church and Nepali Baptist Church.

Jacob set up Grace Home in 1999, staffing it with people from UP, Mumbai and Ukhrul. The Ukhrul staff, which included relatives through his first marriage, allegedly operated as child traffickers, picking up children after promising their families that they would get free education and boarding in Jaipur.

Jacob is alleged to have given a drug called ZIFI-100 to the girls in order to “arouse sexual desires in them”, according to a child rights activist in Ukhrul.



Nine of the 13 girls have been found suffering from leucorrhoea, a vaginal discharge typically seen among sex workers and girls and women with poor hygiene.

According to the report of the medical examination, the 20 children — 15 girls and five boys — were examined by a panel of doctors led by the medical superintendent of Ukhrul district hospital “after more than two months of their being repatriated”.

And most shockingly, a medical examination has found ruptured or absent hymens in 13 of the 15 Manipuri girls rescued from an illegal children’s home in Jaipur in March, confirming sexual exploitation. The youngest of these children is only seven years old; the oldest is 15. And all these were happened in the name of Christian charity and services. Astonishingly no statement is yet to receive from the Tuinem Baptist Church or the Nepali Baptist Church tagged with this shameful activities run under their name.

The victim children were rescued after a raid on Grace Home in Jaipur, run by pastor Jacob John as stated above. Most of the  children belong to Ukhrul district; one is from Chandel district.



The girls showed signs of multi-vitamin deficiency resulting in body aches and numbness, the report says. Ten of the 13 had rickets, a sign of severe vitamin D deficiency. The girls were never allowed outside the house and therefore had very little exposure to the sun. Severe vitamin D deficiency led to knock-knees.

Ukhrul superintendent of police K Kabib declined to comment on the contents of the medical report, saying the matter was in court. He has, however, issued notices to all pastors and churches across the district, asking them to ensure that no children are sent out of the area.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that children from Assam and Manipur under the age of 14 years are not to be sent out of the states,” Kabib said.

Thousand of such Christian Homes and Hostel are running throughout India, Dehradun to Dhanbad, Goa to Guwahati,  Kolakata to Kozhikode, Mumbai to Mangalore,  in every state for their evangelical purposes, wherein the childhood, study, poverty, aspiration and future of the poor indigenous people are drastically allured, abused, duped, exploited, raped and killed in a very unfaithful way in the name of faith.

Poor and marginal Hindus are the mostly the victim of such Christian counterfeit.

Source: IE | NDTV | DNA | HT | Agencies. 

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3 comments on “Perverted pastor arrested for running illegal and inhumane faith home for sexual exploitation.

  1. Carol Jackson, Canada
    October 22, 2013

    I don’t think you should call this Christian aggression or Christian activity by any means. This man was no Christian, quite clearly! He was calling himself Christian only in order to take advantage of these poor children for his own benefit and he will suffer spiritually for it. Also, I understand that the home was closed down partly through the efforts of a group of Christian women, entirely to save these children from a life of living hell. We need to work together, all the faiths, in love for each other.


  2. Horam
    November 14, 2013

    According to major newspapers in Manipur the truth is something else. Please read;

    A new twist in the tale of Jaipur rescue case
    HNS/Imphal, July 29: Reacting to the media report of girls rescued from Jaipur Home being sexually exploited by the administrator Jacob John, the parents and guardians of rescued children claimed that the hymens of their children got ruptured during the medical tests held at Ukhrul District Hospital and the accused Jacob John had done nothing wrong to them.

    According to a joint statement issued by the concerned parents and guardians of the victimized children, the parents and rescued children have never complained to the authorities about rape or sexual exploitation against any individual. However, without the consent of the children and consulting their parents, the rescued children were subjected to forced medical tests at Ukhrul District Hospital on April 25, 29 and 30 this year thereby violating the privacy and rights of the children.

    The children reported to their parents about the horrendous incident of the medical tests when the doctors inserted their two fingers on their (children) private parts. The children cried out in pain and agony, but they were told to shut their mouth by the doctors when they protested.

    The Children also narrated to their parents that the doctors even handed out some ointment to be applied on the affected parts. Besides one child got severely injured during the medical tests that she could not control her bladder for few weeks and she had to use pads all the time.

    They were also given both tablets and syrup, the joint statement said.

    The parents and guardians further questioned the authorities if any medical test was conducted at Jaipur or New Delhi when the children were rescued and transported. They demanded the reports if such medical tests were conducted there.

    Questioning the veracity of the medical report which said that the rescued children were diagnosed with early signs of pregnancy, the parents and guardians demanded the authorities to give the details of their pregnancy.

    The parents and guardians further decried that such false reports published in newspapers could affect dignity, integrity and career of the victimized children.

    NEWS: A new twist in the tale of Jaipur rescue case.
    SOURCE: Hueiyen News Service. LINK: .
    CAUTION TAG: *This news is as published by respected news daily at Imphal, whose name is duly marked as ‘Source’. is not responsible for its sanctity and originality.


    • hinduexistence
      November 15, 2013

      Mother ‘regrets’ education of child
      IMPHAL, Oct 4 : While it needs no reminding that every mother’s foremost wish is education of their children, for 52-year old Wonmila Kashung parting with her youngest daughter for the latter’s educational pursuit continues to haunt her.
      The mother’s hope that education of the youngest child will help the family of seven sustain a respectable livelihood in the coming years turned out to be one of the most bitter and horrifying experiences she has had, more heart-wrenching than even losing the family patriarch for the daughter is today mentally disoriented and physically incapacitated after her brief stay at a Jaipur children home, in Rajasthan.
      Narrating her sorrowful tale to The Sangai Express, Wonmila said she decided to send her then 15-year old daughter Lucy (not real name) to stay at the Jaipur home in 2007 as she was assured of her daughter’s better educational facility in the western part of India.
      Rather than getting educational opportunities information was received from the Home, run by one Jacob John, after some months that Lucy was unwell and would be better if some relative(s) take her home, said the mother.
      Based on the conveyance from the Home’s cook, also hailing from Ukhrul district, a visibly sick Lucy was reportedly brought home in 2009.
      Quoting her daughter, Wonmila contended that none of the children who left for Jaipur along with Lucy as well as others already staying there were allowed to venture outside the Home.
      Whenever there was illness among the children medicines were provided without even consulting a doctor, said the mother adding that after her return Lucy showed signs of mental depression and physical weakness.
      As days turned into months without any sign of improvement the family’s anxiety grew due to financial constraints as well as Lucy’s condition worsening with telltale signs of disorientation and knock-knee symptom, Wonmila said adding that her case was put before the Child Welfare Committee, Ukhrul district which further suggested that Lucy’s condition be discussed with Ukhrul District Hospital doctors.
      Inspite of the district hospital referring the case to an Imphal medical centre the treatment suggestion could not be complied with as it would mean more spending, which the family could not afford.
      With the district’s Child Welfare Committee volunteers facilitating doctor’s consultation at the district headquarters after some months, doctors present mooted that Lucy’s treatment would also necessitate surgical process which too cannot be undertaken till date, narrated the distraught mother.
      As the family income is based on meagre earning as agricultural and other manual labour there is hardly any prospect that Lucy’s condition would improve, conceded the mother who also recounted in between 2004 and 2005 about 30 children left the district for the jaipur facility.
      Expressing that there is every possibility of many children staying at the Home enduring similar suffering like Lucy experienced, Wonmila desired that State’s Social Welfare Department authorities not only undertake intervention and rescue measures but also adopt an effective rehabilitation programme for the children in distress.
      Referring to news report about 381 children rescued from different Indian cities in the last few years, she called upon those at the helm of affairs to translate their assurances for proper rehabilitation of the rescued children rather than clamour for publicity through their tall talks.


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