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Why should we boycott Muslims everywhere after Peshawar Church attack and Nairobi mall attacks by Islamic militants?

Attack the Attackers.

If, Peshawar Church attack and Nairobi mall attack by Islamic militants convey nothing to us, then we are simply dead for ever. As we are not dead, retaliate against Islam. 

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Islam is great. The religion of great bastards. The Islamic bastards are now completely silent after the attacks on Peshawar Church and Nairobi mall. When the Islamic militant organizations like al Sabab, al Qaida and others lash out, these Islamic bastards engage themselves to establish the greatness of Islam.

When 85 Christians were killed in a pair suicide bomb blast in a Church service in Pakistan’s Peshawar, some 68 non-Muslims were killed under bullet spray in a Kenyan mall by extremist Islamic group.

A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up amid hundreds of worshippers outside a historic church in Peshawar in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, Sept 22, 2013.

The attack on the All Saints Church in the city of Peshawar, which also wounded over 140 people, occurred as worshippers were leaving after service to get a free meal of rice offered on the front lawn.

A wing of the Pakistani Taliban group quickly claimed responsibility for the bombings, saying they would continue to target non-Muslims until the US stops drone attacks in the remote tribal region of Pakistan.

Islamist gunmen began firing assault rifles and throwing grenades inside the Westgate mall in Nairobi which caused mayhem in the capital city on Saturday, Sept 21 2013, causing 68 deaths injuring several. Fewer than two third of the 68 confirmed victims have been publicly identified. More than 1,000 people were inside the mall complex when the attack began on Saturday.

The heavily armed gunmen belonging to al Qaida-linked Somali militant group al Shabab; reports said, were trying to weed out non-Muslims for execution by interrogating people on their faith or asking them to recite the ‘Shahada’.

The Al Shabab operators instantly tweeted: “For long we have waged war against Kenyans in our land, now it’s time to shift the battleground and take war to their land. #Westgate” through HSM Press Office. They also tweeted that “The Mujahideen entered #Westgate Mall today at around noon and are still inside the mall, fighting the Kenyan Kuffar inside their own turf”. The HMS Press office also tweeted in exaltation that “Since our last contact, the Mujahideen inside the mall confirmed to @HSM_Press that they killed over 100 Kenyan Kuffar and battle is ongoing”.


It is not a Somalian conflict for a nonsense rather we fail to understand the war against Kaffir as waged in the verses of Quran and still we allow the dangerous role of Mosques and Madrasas (Islamic seminaries) around us to dig our own peril.

It has been reported that the Al Shabab Mujaheddin asked an Indian man (most probably a Hindu by faith) in Westgate mall in nulling hours, ‘What is the name of Muhammad’s mother?’  The man could not reply and shot dead immediately. The trigger happy Mujaheddins are quite unable understand the coming situation of their mothers and sisters, when they all blame Muhammad again and again for their condition in………..

In Pakistan Talibans are advancing a havoc to extinct  the last batch of non-Muslims from their land, in Kenya Al Shabab is trying a  Islamic rule there after killing non-Muslims in a barbaric way, but we still defend Islam in the name of humanity and our greatness. As Islam is the enemy of humanity, the defenders of Islam are also the enemy of us. If we do not stop our indulgence to Islam in our frivolous permissive mood, it is certainly not good for us.

Not the story of Pakistan or Kenya, the whole world is facing the threat of Jihad and increasing Muslim mass. In any perspective of modern attitude and sustainable development, Islam is the basic challenge to us. Across the world, we see different shape of looming Jihad, like blast Jihad, love Jihad, land Jihad, population Jihad, money Jihad, political Jihad, cyber Jihad etc. If we do not try to stop all these Jihad, the Islamic demon will simply take us in a ruin. But most of us are thinking other options to avoid any clash with Islam. This is completely a wrong decision. For our own existence, we must fight against Islam in every foot-step while they challenge us our entity. Any persuasion in favour of Muslims is simply idiotic.

Ghastly Islamic attacks upon on Hindus or Christians are not criticized by general Muslims. Silently they extend their soft attitude towards the Islamic militants as they both are follower the same Quranic doctrine to kill the Kaffirs in Allah’s way under the leadership of Muhammad. A commoner or a Militant in Islam has no difference in the approach of annihilation of Kaffirs (non-believers) in a full-proof Islamic world. Full-proof Islamic world means 100% Talibanic world free from all Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, etc. etc., all envisaged into a Kaffir Group.

Peshawar Church attack. The Sign of Islamic Peace is too dangerous.

Peshawar Church attack. The Sign of Islamic Peace is too dangerous. Now Islam and Terrorism mean same thing. 

Now, think all Kaffirs and ex-Muslims, whether to surrender in front of an Islamic demon or to cut the head of such demon to save our existence. Believe me, offence is the best defense. We should find a joint strategy to attack Islam and its followers everywhere, not for a filthy war again. It is our bare compulsion to save our rights to live in peace without a “Religion of Piece”.

First of all we should strictly restrict the entry of Muslims in our civil life so that the Muslim militants cannot get an easy entry to us. As such entry has been proved as a fatal curse to our entire existence including liberty, fraternity and prosperity. In many concern Islam has been exposed as a biting cobra in our life. So, we have to take a defense. And, offence is the best defense. Boycott Islam as far as possible It is the right time for SAY NO TO ISLAM.

9 comments on “Why should we boycott Muslims everywhere after Peshawar Church attack and Nairobi mall attacks by Islamic militants?

  1. Kumar Arun
    September 24, 2013

    To Whom It May Concern

    There are not any place like America where constitution clearly gives right to an individual to cary gun to protect individually and family members collectively. The most popular 2nd amendment of US constitution is facing opposition from the idiots who has little idea why it was adopted on December 15, 1791. Because Islam is dangerous to humanity, such laws must be adopted by each & every country. Even though, people do not have such laws in India, they must find and keep one weapons including gun to protect themselves from enemy like Islamist/terrorist. Our scripture within Sanatan Dharma, “The Geeta” teaches us to “fight for the right”. Every individual has the right to live in peace without creating chaos for others in the society. Unfortunately, late M. K. Gandhi followed by his created government, has made Indians from weak to weaker, from fools to idiot and worst than all from masculinity to femanity. If parents, especially mother abstain themselves from teaching their children about what is the message of Krishna described in The Geeta, why any one expect school, university and society will teach? Dr. Kumar Arun Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 00:25:10 +0000 To:


  2. reddyrv393
    September 24, 2013

    Muslims are good SERVANTS but terrible and very bad MASTERS. So, they need to be kept under the thumb alkl the time. Otherwise they will play hell into the lives of Non-Muslims !!!!


  3. k c sharma
    September 24, 2013

    EVERY BODY MUST visit & read the sites…..” THE COUNTER JIHAD REPORT” & ” THE RELIGION OF PEACE .COM” In a civil Society there s no place for Violence, so any group, community, society, cult, creed, OR RELIGION OR COUNTRY that does OR support VIOLENCE should be fought like a WAR by all Multicultural, Secular and civil Societies OR countries . So all such people must get together and crush the Terror-Menace.


  4. vedicupvan
    September 24, 2013

    By Brigadier(Retd) Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
    Of late it is seen that communal riots are on the increase, especially in Uttar Pradesh. The political parties like the Samajwadi Party and Sonia Gandhi’s Congress are falling head over heals to appease the voters and their communities who vote en-block. With the result those people who voted for the Akhilesh’s party to enable him to form the government are now breaking the law of the land and causing loss of life and property to their opponents.
    However, the rioters who were incited by Mullahs and Muslim legislators, M.Ps, MLAs went berserk. Some of them went to the extent of teasing, molesting and even raping the Hindu girls in their vicinity.
    The Hindus of the area, especially in the Hindu dominated rural Muzaffarnagar paid the Muslim rioters in the same coin. Many Muslims were kileed and their houses razed to ground or burnt beyond recognition.
    Even the Chief Minister, whose cabinet colleagues had incited the Muslim rioters and a minister named Azam Khan reportedly told the local Police to go slow in controlling communal riots. They wanted polarisation of population on communal lines so that the Muslims vote for the Samajwadi Party in the 2014 elections to the Lok Sabha.
    The dubious communal policy boomeranged on the leaders of the party headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav. Both the Hindus and Muslims are annoyed with their government and the Yadav family may have to cut a sorry figure at the hustings.
    Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav lamented that the Muslims have suffered a lot in the communal riots. More Muslims were killed than the Hindus. The property of Muslims was burnt and they are in refugee camps and are reluctant to return to their villages.
    Moral of the story is:
    The Hindus must invite and rise above the caste differences. The Hindus must prepare to counter-attack if they are attacked by the bigoted Muslims. The government is inactive and the Police is leaderless. So defend yourself everywhere. If apprehensive of violence by bigoted Muslims, attack them first before they strike.


  5. Ramakanta Nayak
    September 24, 2013

    islam and its followers are like asuras (Demons) so they will be killed at very soon by Bhagawan Krishna or Ram, they have to take birth to save this world,


  6. w pro-muslim attitude for vote bank politics , hindus have to take care of themselves.We must hit back to muslims to keep them under control.
    September 24, 2013

    Islam and terrorism are similar. We, Indians must not hesitate to eliminate muslims from our country. That’s the only way to save our motherland.

    Subham Mishra


  7. ramkrishnagoel
    September 24, 2013

    In 2002 after Godhra riots of Gujarat when Mr. A.B.Vajpayee visited Gujarat, he asked CAN We THROW 15 crores Muslims in Arabian sea? No one have an answer.He told Rajdharma to Modi to be followed. From 2002 the Muslim Jihad with ISI trained terrorists attacking the Indian cities has increased 100 times. We don’t feel in India the Muslims can be removed. After Muzaffarnagar 2013 riots, more and more Bomb Blasts will be done by the Islamic terrorists in Indian cities killing innocent people. Islamic terrorism is world problem, USA failed to check the Islamic terrorism even after killing Osama bin Laden. Solution only we should bring Indian Muslims in to Indian Culture of tolerance and bring Muslims in main stream of India. Now Indian Muslims are also afraid from Hindus attack. Who will check Indian politicians of Vote bank politics and appeasements of Muslims for their votes. Only solution we should change our Constitution and made India a Hindu Country. Now both Hindus and Muslims are equally suffering from daily riots.To me the problem looks difficult to be solved. Taking revenge from Muslims will not bring peace in India..


  8. Sunny
    September 25, 2013

    Moslems divide the world into the house of peace and house of war (kaffirs) this needs to be turned on its head. Islamic countries and communities need to be the house of war. No mercy! This war is for your civilization. If you are worried about being labeled as anti secular, terrorists then you have already lost! Revolutionaries do not care about these things….


  9. Sunny
    September 25, 2013

    Get ready hindus because this will come to a temple near you as well. Be prepared. Armed to defend yourself. Those that distract hindus with talk of non-violence and yoga are doing so under orders. The aim is to dumb you down and deny your kysteria spirit. Please elect, vote, promote based on Hinduism and nothing else. Social boycott of moslems, liberals, secularists, communists, socialists is a must. The Hindu temples need to actively encourage conversion into hinduism, this civilization needs fresh blood and ideas. It has become stale again. If you want Modi to become PM please defend him everywhere. If you want Modi to become PM then please go vote, and take your friends, neighbours and relatives. This fight is for the soul of this civilization.


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