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Saffron March begins towards Delhi. It’s the Secular Modi Politics of New Hindu Age.

 Road Ahead. Modi Age in Indian Politics. 

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

1466319_582416108480950_302659971_nThe Modi magic has out spelled the Congress. The result in Assembly Election in four states viz Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Delhi slapped Mrs Sonia Gandhi as to rethink her words as ‘Maut ki Saudagar’ (trader of deaths) as levelled to Sri Narendra Bhai Modi. Now, she can realize the effect of her words, when Modi and BJP stand before them as a hallmark of the ‘death of Congress’ in some days.

It’s a jubilation time for BJP and all the Modi supporters. Reversely, it is a worst time for a shrinking Congress and its ‘Antaratma’ (inner soul), Sonia Antonia Mino alias Sonia Gandhi.

The people of these four states realized the conspiracy of Congress to rule the majority people through the appeasement of minority. Now, the majority Hindu people of these four states reacted and reflected their support to the BJP icon and the Prime Ministerial candidate Sri Narendra Modi in the coming parliamentary election in 2014.

At first I must congratulate and thank the people of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Delhi to make BJP as a big winner and wash out Congress (I), the  most corrupted, betrayer and divisive party of modern times. The win by 4-0 is a great victory and I want to thank again, the Team Modi and the people of these states.

The people of these four states pledged their support for a Narendra Modi, who is able, out-spoken, liberal, developmental, risk-taker and obviously Nationalist.  Everybody knows that Narendra Modi is proud to call himself as a ‘Hindu Nationalist’. So, all the nationalist people have the only choice to support one and only Narendra Bhai Modi and BJP.

The Final Tally- BJP has won 408 out of 589 assembly seats covering these four states, which is near 70% of the total seats. Phenomenal! Congress shrunk – only 21% of seats it got. In other consideration BJP has taken lead in 65 Parliamentary constituency ares out of 72 seats covered by these four states. This is a wonderful beginning towards success in the Mission272+ & for fulfilling the dream of a Congress Mukt (free) Bharat.

People have spoken loud and clear! The verdict has shown yet again that people want development, not corruption & vote-bank politics. Modi conveyed thanks to the people for reposing their faith in BJP for India. Modi now wants to assure a hard work to fulfil people’s dreams & aspirations. People wants a coronation of Modi as the Prime Minister of India.

The road is ahead. Now, his political size is obviously bigger than Gujarat. Modi’s unstoppable journey to Delhi to be the next Prime minister  of India begins. Also his new battle.

Final Tally 2013 4 States Elction Result.

I never met Modi, not even went to Gujarat.  But, I feel that Gujarat is serving as a gateway to enter into a Modi Raj (regime) in India. The model of Gujarat development, the administration, the scope for business, the social harmony and the image of Narendra Modi as a free and fair person, is a new hope for all.

I hear that the light of Karachi ports is seen from the sea shore of Gujarat, in some part. But presently, Pakistan does not dare to run there nefarious ISI activities and Jihad against Indian people in the soil of Gujarat. For a reasonable time under Modi Raj in Gujarat, the state  stands a ‘riot free’ and ‘terror free’ state. The Pakistani operators find other states to run their anti-Indian activities. Everybody fear to enter in a lion’s cage. It is also true for Pakistan and doggy Jihad operators.

The Muslims of Gujarat has settled their mind to support Modi time and again as Gujarat is the most prosperous and safest place for the Muslims in India. Muslims of Gujarat live in peace and settled their mind to stay with Modi. The rumour against Modi as ‘anti-Muslim’ has no meaning for the Muslims of  Gujarat.

Two of my Muslim friends are finding scope to sell out their property one in Odisha and the other in Bengal only to settle in Gujarat permanently. These Muslim businessmen have been running their business in Gujarat very successfully for years together. They are highly satisfied with Modi for taking meaningful measures for Muslims as human being, not as minority. As both these Muslim young men are frustrated with the miserable condition of Muslims and the fake political assurances to them in their native states.

Actually, the Muslims are India is gradually abandoning the misleading concept and propaganda against Modi as launched by Congress. Huge numbers of Muslims brothers have attended the Modi’s election rallies in these four states and thousands of them already joined BJP. We can say unhesitatingly that Modi is now symbolized as an icon of unity for all Hindu-Muslim and real nationalist people.

Knowing fully well, the stands of Modi for Art. 370, his stand against Communal Violence Bill, his humane treatment for Muslims (not a minority reservation gimmick) and his proud ‘Hindu Nationalist’ view  denying to wear any skull cap, Narendra Modi  is being accepted by a major section of  Muslims all over India.

The results of assembly elections in these four states have also proved it. Good number of Muslims have voted for BJP, having their faith on Modi. It is a very a good sign for BJP and the social harmony too.

As a matter of fact, the Hinduness of Modi only equates with it pure Nationalism. This Hindutva (Hinduness) of Modi is not connected with any rituals. As a statesman Modi holds that ‘Nation First’, others after that. He believes that strategy for the Country is nothing but the devotion and the sacrifice for our Mother Land. And the Holy Book for the Govt. is the Holy Constitution of India. Such Modi doctrine has encapsulated the Nationalism and Hinduness unconfrontedly in a very traditional way. This country is known popularly as Aryavartta, Bharat, Hindusthan and India. If we can be proud as a Arya, Bhartiya and Indian, why not as a Hindu too?  Those who have any objection to the word Hindu, the bear the same mentality in a suppressed way about the other three Arya, Bhartiya and Indian. These people are anti-national without any doubt.

Saffron March begins towards Delhi. It’s the Secular Modi Politics of New Hindu Age. Those who beat their trumpets for secularism for their fundamental politics in India, can learn a little from secular Gujarat or secular Modi. This word  ‘secular’ was a inserted word in the Constitution of India through its 42nd amendment in 1976-77.  Had their any good sense of the then leaders of Congress and Mrs Indira Gandhi to insert the word ‘Secular’ in the constitution, now have its clarification of the word from Modi. The insertion of these two words, ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ was made for vested interest of Mrs. Gandhi. These words are the fruits of black days of Emergency period (1975-77) of Congress. But, Modi’s secularism bears the meaning of all embracing Humanism.

The run for Modi is speeding high. The song dedicated for Narendra Modi, ‘Namo Namo – PM Go’ went viral in net. The short listing of Modi’s name in TIME POY (person of year) 2013 and coming out his final position in the 4th rank far ahead Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping or the Modi craze seen everywhere in India clearly indicate the Modi Age in Indian Politics.

Those who are very much interested to play with a ‘Minority Vote Bank’ politics in India, must  see a caution of ‘Modi Vote Bank’.

Welcome to this Modi Age in Indian Politics.

Picture Courtesy: Modi Times | Audio Courtesy: Niti Central

2 comments on “Saffron March begins towards Delhi. It’s the Secular Modi Politics of New Hindu Age.

  1. Shubham Mishra
    December 11, 2013

    This is the beginning of a new age in Indian politics.This victory is not just for BJP or Mr.Modi this is a victory for all Hindu nationalists of this country. The brokers of Islam, be ware, Your time is up in this country. Modi storm is coming…..


  2. Renuka Paul
    December 13, 2013

    Yes we have suffered a lot of suffocation with congress.Now the time have arrived to stand with Modi to again create an India free of all corruption and neglection of human values.We are Hindu who give value to all religions and with Modi we can see again an India where all human beings are respected irrespective of their cast or creeds.Congress always made people of India to stand against each other by developing hatred among them in the name of Hindu Muslim and others.Modi will unite us all under the umbrella of India.We are Indians first…….


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