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ISKCON Chariot Festival attack in Bangladesh sparks protest by Hindus at National Press Club, Dhaka.

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Temple and Chariot Festival attack in Bangladesh sparks protest at National Press Club, Dhaka. Hindu leaders demand security of minorities in Bangladesh. 

PosterPinak Das | HE Media Bureau | Dhaka | 4 July 2014::  Recent Attacks on an ISKCON temple and continuing persecution of minorities has sparked sit-in demonstration and ‘human chain’ protest rally  in Bangladesh. On 1st July Muslim crowds numbering near 150 people threw bricks at the ISKCON temple gate in Swamibag in Dhaka, the capital city of  of Bangladesh.  More than eight ISKCON members were injured in the sacred Ratha Yatra week .

To protest this attack on ISKCON temple and Chariot festival of Lord Jagannath along with the continuing persecution of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh, a sit-in protest program was held outside the National Press Club in Dhaka today on July 4 2014) at 10am onwards.  The program was organized by the Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajot and its alliance viz. Jago Hindu Parishad, Justice For Hindus forum etc.

Leaders of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajote on Friday at a protest rally in the city called on the Awami League-led government to take immediate steps to stop attacks on Hindu minorities across the country.

Jatiya Hindu Mahajote (National Hindu Grand Alliance), Bangladesh  which is actually  a rights body of the Hindu minorities held this rally in front of the National Press Club, where its general secretary, Sri Gobinda Chandra Pramanik said that  attacks on the Hindu minorities increased  at many places in the country in recent times.

“Some miscreants attacked ISKCON temple at Sawmibag in the old part of Dhaka during the preparation of Rathajatra last week, but they were not punished”, Gobinda Chandra Pramanik communicated to the press.

Moreover, the Hindu minorities in Bangladesh have been  suffering from insecurities for the attacks on their temples, houses and business centers in different parts of the country, the Mahajote leader clarified.

He demanded separate voting systems in 50 seats of the parliament reserved for the Hindu minorities, to ensure their representation in the House in a meaningful way.

Chaired by Sri Manoj Kumar Mandal, president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bangladesh, the rally was addressed by many Hindu leaders like Sri Ananda Biswas, Sri Manik Chandra Sarkar and Sri Arun Majumder.

The rally was followed by a protest procession that paraded the city streets with slogans, demands in poster and festoons.

A contingent of police force was deployed there to maintain the rally and see the matters related to law and order.

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Courtesy: JHM -BD.

4 comments on “ISKCON Chariot Festival attack in Bangladesh sparks protest by Hindus at National Press Club, Dhaka.

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  2. Subr Barman
    July 7, 2014

    “The torture reflections”
    ISKCON Swamibag Temple last night with two waves of attacks nirlajjba mithyachare News Papers. Although the heart of the city, an event that the media are unaffected. Because it is an attack on the Hindus. Do not insert the News Papers will not hilighted thereself.

    Actual events:

    > 9:30 at night, regarding playing of the drums; fundamentalists attacked the Temple., But it’s just an excuse. Not only ISKCON Swamibag but no where withing ISKCON use mic. Sound systems are already in use is never out of the temple. Because ISKCON is much enough sensitive of noise pollution.

    > Immediately after the attack, colse the main gate of the temple. The number of police on duty were very minimal. Moreover, they were unpretentious. After the police brought another group by S.I. Krishna tried to calm the situation, But as of hindu Pollice SI Krishna abused physically and mentally. And shout “Malaun er Baccha” and abused. At least 6 people were injured in the brick injuries [the data were not yet available]

    > Add a little more to attack the fundamentalists came and began to hindubidbesi militant slogans. Continued firing from outside the van. Inside the gate to let them pass even if the police try to piece together.

    > Hindu fundamentalists have threatened to complain hung lock mosque, mosque, etc. van opened. This argument is quite ridiculous, filled with the news that two News Papers mithyacare. Hindus in Muslim countries, where 90 percent say they do not dare to appear to face the truth of this argument is ridiculous.

    > Who led the attack is not known.

    > The main purpose is to Rath opposite of Ramadan. Many want to remove from the temple was already raising local ugrapahni fundamentalists.
    > Please Share. Days have gone to speechless!!!!! the time has come to develop resistance!!!!

    The video of the Rally has attached at : or


  3. Anand, Madan
    July 10, 2014

    These Bangladeshi’s are thankless people. Pakistani who Screwed their Mothers and Sisters and India got them free. These MF should learn to be Thankful to Hindus and india.


  4. mymomlaxmi1
    July 10, 2015

    What actualy Bangladesh Muslim wants is to trow away anny posibility of real and free religion in their country, they forgot Hindus have give them freedom and if not Pakistan will take their land and their womens… I bet for freedom as We…Vaisnava People will never stop to promote our pure Krishna Consence.


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