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Fanatic Muslims created Communal Tensions in Delhi during and after Diwali.

Fanatic flare up in Delhi.
Diwali put on a hurdle by fanatic Muslims in Delhi.
Prohibitory orders imposed in Trilokpuri and Majnu ka Tila.

Muslims do not bear the rituals and festivity of the Hindu community very unfortunately. 

Communal violence gripped Delhi’s Trilokpuri and Majnu ka Tilla areas during and after Diwali.

Trilokpuri Communal ClashHENB | New Delhi | 25 Oct 2014:: Tension gripped east Delhi’s Trilokpuri area after people from two communities clashed over a religious issue on Friday evening. Two persons allegedly suffered bullet wounds during the fight, said doctors at Lal Bahadur Shashtri Hospital. However, no casualty was reported till filing of this report.

Delhi Police has finally imposed curfew and ordered to shoot any miscreant on the spot in East Delhi’s Trilokpuri locality, after communal tension erupted in the locality. Although the crowd has been dispersed now, the situation is still very tense after stone pelting between members of two communities.

Four people were shot at during a clash between Hindu and Muslim  communities over an issue of erecting a make shift ‘Mata Ki Chouki ‘ on the side of the outer wall of a mosque during Diwali festival in east Delhi’s Trilokpuri area, as per reports derived from police and others.  So far 33 people have been arrested while police said earlier that ten people were arrested Friday and 23 on Saturday for rioting in the area.

Following the incident, police rushed a large contingent of their personnel to the area to bring the situation under control. Several companies of the Rapid Action Force as well as riot control were also deployed. Senior police officers and the Intelligence Bureau sleuths are also reportedly keeping a close watch on the developments. The area DCP is also monitoring the situation. SHOs in the area have been summoned and forces from the nearby district have been roped to maintain peace and harmony.

The incident began on Thursday evening. While police did not divulge the details, sources said two communities clashed over playing of music at a religious gathering in the first instance on the trail of the total disturbance. The Muslims of the locality claimed that listening music of ‘Jagran’ of  the Hindu festivals is ‘haram’ and Allah usually turns displeased for all these.  As Muslims tried to put troubles to the ‘Jagran’ played in the music system upon some fake claims of their Imams, the tussle started in a  moment.

Hindus of the locality raised the points that they usually adjust 365 days in a year for Azan, overnight Milad-un-Nabi, Islamic Jalsa etc. without objections. But, the Muslims dare to stop Hindu festivals for some days even in Hindu majority areas by lodging complain to the police or by utter hooliganism. It is not fair. While Muslims purposely object Hindu festivals, music, drum beats and procession in front of Mosques and through Muslim localities on the plea of disturbance of Allah or Namaz , they hold Namaz in any public place, arrange Islamic functions, erect mosques, open beef shop and Muslim hotels  even in Hindu areas.  Muslims must keep in mind that this is Hindusthan-Bharat, not Pakistan or Afghanistan where fanatic Muslims always try to skip the religious rights of Hindus. Muslims in India must learn tolerance from the Hindus at least.

There was heavy stone-pelting on Thursday but police managed to bring the situation under control by Friday morning.

Two youths were arrested after which the situation turned normal. However, a scuffle broke out once again on Friday evening when Muslim started to remove the deities from make shift ‘Mata Ki Chouki’ , hundreds of Hindu and Muslim mob soon gathered frenzy and in no time stone pelting began from both sides. The situation was, however, soon taken under control by police by suppressing Islamic provocation  raised by some outsiders in the Mosque.

While police denied having opened fire, they said several rounds of tear-gas shells were fired. They had to resort to lathicharge to control the mob. A group of around 200 people was involved in the incident, police said.

A case of rioting has been registered at the Mayur Vihar police station and a search is on to nab more culprits at large.

Majnu Tila Communal ClashIn another case, fanatic Muslims of Majnu-ka-Tila areas also tried to put disturbance in Diwali festivals in Chandrawal gaon. Some Muslims beat some Children of Mandir Gali area while they were bursting crackers on Thursday evening.  These Muslim youths came to throng from adjacent E-Block as reported.

Four policemen and about 30 people were injured in two incidents of clashes between members of two communities in Chandrawal village near Civil Lines in north Delhi, late on Thursday night and Friday morning.

According to the police, the first incident took place at about 10.55 pm on Thursday when a fight broke out between two groups at Chandrawal village, adjacent to the Tibetan Refugee Camp at Majnu Ka Tila near Civil Lines.

The two groups – belonging to two communities in the village – live on opposite sides of a common road.

“When some people from one group were bursting in the area of the other, who belonged to a different community, a fight suddenly broke out between them. The fight turned ugly when they started hurling stones at each other and also damaged buses and cars,” said a police officer.

A constable named Sonu was hit by a stone on his ear and started bleeding. He was rushed to hospital. “However the situation was brought under control in a few hours,” said the officer.

To control the situation Police had to open fire in the air and used tear gas cell.

Police has arrested eight persons for flaring up communal riots and putting hurdles to the duties of govt. officials in Majnu Tila case.

Police conducted peace march and meeting to keep off the tension prevailed in both the areas.

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6 comments on “Fanatic Muslims created Communal Tensions in Delhi during and after Diwali.

  1. Gopalakrishnan Nair
    October 26, 2014

    Kerala is described as GOD’s own country by department of tourism…………it is created by 6th incarnation of aMAHAVISHNU from sea to distribute to brahmins……………Kerala is blessed with birth of ADISANKARA…………….it is having an ayyappa its own god…………in the mountain SABARI and banks of river PAMPA…………….it has a holy mother AMRITHA……………TO TELL GRIEF………………alas it has no representation of actual hindu in assembly or its parliamentary constituencies…………as 2 main castes always keen to defeat each other due to old age jealousy………………..come over here during the season of AYYAPPA ……..pray AYYAPPA for eliminating diseases of NAIR EZHAVA separatism which harm hindu parties entering assembly………..


  2. nikhil
    October 26, 2014

    bjp is in power what they r doing ……..why they r not doing anythings …..i tell kill every muslim & tell them to go pakistan.they come in 100groups ,we must go in 1000 group.this country is not for muslim..


  3. Surendra Khan Peters
    October 27, 2014

    I think Hindus should be more tolerant as the religion is the most important thing to Muslims. Muslims are killing Muslims in the name of religion so why would they tolerate any unnecessary imposition from other not so holy religions. We all know that at the rate the World is converting to Islam, India also will be taken over by Islam. Truly speaking our religion is not a religion, its the way of living and the traditions followed by the rich community of Brahmins and Banias. They have been running the country for centuries, ignoring 60%+ people from lower class and other communities. The majority of people do not know, do not care who Rama, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak or Jesus Christ. They are born in misery, are raised in misery and die in misery. Majority of them are born because the couple get married and the birth of a child is considered great occasion. Face the fact, this Hindu Dharma sans a religion creator will not survive. Who really believes that a man can carry an elephant head, snake is a god, Sun, Moon are gods, river is god. The people are getting educated and you cant keep fooling them. Sikhs have Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh, Muslims have Allah and Prophet Mohammad, Christians have a God and His son Jesus. But Hindus have not only 33 million gods but every few years people like Asa Ram, Ram Rahim, Sachcha Sauda, Shirdi Ke sain Baba are considered as god because nobody truly knows what truly God is except for a fictional Epic. By the middle of this century Islam will be the biggest and most influential religion with most cruel people, who do not care for human rights.


    • sanju
      October 28, 2014

      Islam is religion of demons, Mohammed Piagamber himself was Philadelphia having sex with kinds like Aisha. this can be very well seen today what Islam is where demons cry allah O akbar while killing journalist by ISIS. That is why most of countires have ban Quran which is most violent document and script of demons. USA and European Union is doing good Job by bombing this Islamic demons. Its high time to eradicate this demons religion


    • Raka
      October 28, 2014

      Every one must respect for other religions other wise this happen again and again.
      muslims initiate like mad peoples then cry that other people kill them in asam, up, iraq, afganistan and every where.
      if you hurt other they off course punish you. and then all locked them and cry like wolfs while they are mad initiator.


  4. ashok
    November 13, 2014

    muslim first kill other religion then kill themselves. its a religion which just has kill, kill, kill, principle…

    islam is an evil religion. they enjoy all the facilities from other religion but where they get a chance they just murder and rape the other religion ‘s men or women….


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