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Friday Blasts at a mazar within Belur Mutt is Not a Prank with Firecrackers.

Belur Mutt blasts on Friday is not ‘crackers set aflame by a prankster’. It may be a Jihadi Hands on training for new recruits. 

Jehadi Centers at Belur Mutt Complex

HENB | Belur | April 4, 2015:: The Friday blasts on 3rd April at Belur Mutt is hinting ominous sign to the monks and other inmates, who are possibly far from any understanding the situation under tension. No one was injured.

Belur Math is the HQ of Ramakrishna Mutt and Missions, where Swami Vivekananda, ‘The Cyclonic Hindu Monk’. spent his last days.

Two  explosions about 15 minutes before the evening prayers were to start at Belur Math this evening broke window panes in the hall opposite the main temple where devotees leave their shoes.

Now, the West Bengal police are examining splinter like metal pieces recovered from the blast area and also CCTV footage in the wake of two explosions that took place at the Belur Math yesterday. Investigators say that prima facie it appears as though these were two crude bombs which were placed in a bid to scare away the devotees. On being asked if these were firecrackers as had been claimed initially by some, the officials say that they are still looking into it.

However the point that is to be noted here is that it was a security breach and some person has attempted to terrorise a large number of devotees and hence it cannot be termed as an ordinary prank, an official also informed.

Monks in the Math said they heard two thuds at 5.45pm when preparations were on for the prayers that almost 250 people attend every day. On Good Friday, Math sources said there were over 300 people inside.

Under seer stupidity a  senior monk of Belur Mutt said, ‘they might well have been crackers set aflame by a prankster’.

But it was not a prank anyway. The police in West Bengal are not taking the issue lightly. It is not a prank and it was aimed at terrorizing the people. Moreover the person who placed the explosive was well aware of the crowd that gathers there on Friday evenings. Friday evenings witness the highest crowd during the week and the explosive was planted with an intention of injuring and scaring the people. Initial reports however do not suggest that the explosives were of high intensity. They appear to be crude in nature, investigations have suggested.

New recruits in Jihadi modules are given such assignment to test their maturity and success for their selection in next higher operations.

The existence of Mazar-Peer Sthans within the complex of Belur Mutt makes the security situation highly vulnerable, where radicals may come easily to run their Jihadi operations most efficiently.

Like all other important strategic places like Airport, Bus terminus, Railway Stations, Road xings, Administrative Buildings, Courts, Research Centers, Belur Mutt  has also its flourishing Jihadi Centers within its complex !!! They usually stay closer to monitor all non Islamic activities to strike in real time.

If any drunkard throws some stones to any church in Delhi cusing breaking of window pane or flower vase, it is a great uproar from Jhon Dayal, Derek o’Brien, Media and Politicos. When the lumpen Christian priest irritates the local youths to arrange marriage with ‘sexy Christian girls’ and the illegal Church in Hisar gets damaged, Modi is on dock. When the imported Jihadi brothers from Bangladesh rape 71 years Nun in Ranaghat,  they say minorities under attack in Modi Raj.  But, when blasts in Belur Mutt occurs, why they don’t raise the question of the safety and security of the majority in Didi’s Raj in West Bengal.

Those don’t raise this question are scoundrel and bastard bothways.

One comment on “Friday Blasts at a mazar within Belur Mutt is Not a Prank with Firecrackers.

  1. reddyrv393
    April 5, 2015

    May the culprit(s) brought to book at the soonest and given the most fitting punishment, quickly to act as a deterrent to the attackers===Dr.R.V.Reddy


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