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Three Muslims arrested in Agra church vandalization.

Secret Islamic agenda to attack Churches to blame Hindus……. 

There is a tremendous political pressure upon Police for releasing the arrested Muslims in connection with Agra Church attack.

There is a tremendous political pressure upon Police for releasing the arrested Muslims in connection with Agra Church attack.

Three Devout Muslims detained in Agra St Mary’s Church vandalization.

HENB | Agra |  April 23, 2015:: Agra police on Wednesday detained three Muslim men on suspicion that they were involved in vandalizing St Mary’s Church at Pratappura in the cantonment area of the city on April 16. Police has been tracking some mobile numbers after having some call records connected with the Church vandalization.

The SSP of Agra, Mr. Rajesh Modak said the three men, identified right now only as Nasir, Zafar and Zaffaruddin, and all between 30-35 years, had been held as they were present in the area at the time of the incident, but could not satisfactorily explain what they were doing there. Their cell phones had recorded their location.

The accused confessed to be around the church on the night of the crime and could not provide an appropriate reason for their presence there, he said.

However, family members of the accused refuted the police claims and said that they were returning from a shopping exhibition at Ram Lila ground on the day of the incident.

Agra Church attackThe family members along with the activists of Peace Party, a Muslim political outfit,  protested at the Agra Collectorate demanding the immediate release of the accused.

It is also reported that Azam Khan, the communal Muslim face of Samajwadi Party is also very much active to blame Hindu outfits for tagging them with Church vandalization and kept mum about these arrest of three Muslim persons caught by the police for their critical activities.

Earlier, two Muslims were arrested in septuagenarian Nun rape in West Bengal last month. Even in Mumbai Church attack one Muslim was named as attacker and conspirator.

In India, Jihadi Muslims frequently run their operations by taking Hindu common names under their disguised identity, only to blame the Hindus out of their disguised identity.

Islam has its long history of iconoclasm since its inception.

Photo: PTI Archives.

2 comments on “Three Muslims arrested in Agra church vandalization.

  1. Rkd Goel
    April 24, 2015

    This is the strategy of Muslim youths to do all these act to disturb peace in India.


  2. Gopalakrishnan Nair
    April 25, 2015

    all hindus wherever they live whichever language their mother tongue may accept ONAM festival as common festival…………..such a common festival is good to integrate hindu feelings……………….moreover ONAM is the victory of supremacy of god NARAYANA………………..2…….all language talking among hindu should be integrated not by imposing any one of the languages but through creating new families with various mother tongue…………that will result in mixing of languages………………………3…………like vatican or mecca of other faiths hindus should have a common destination as HEAD OFFICE or capital………………….kerala’s KALADY is proposed………………especially in onam festival season the weather and climate here are too friendly to give happiness to pilgrims…………4.this place and this time added with interlinguistic weddings will be inaugurating a renaissance ………………………..


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