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Hindu Orgs are preparing to stop Adhan in Rajasthan as Muslim clerics plan to boycott Surya Namaskar.

As Muslim clerics plan to boycott Surya Namaskar, Hindu Orgs are making a pilot project to stop Adhan in Rajasthan.

n (1)Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Ajmer | April 22, 2015:: A news coming from Rajasthan that Muslim clerics in that state are planning to mobilise minority community students to boycott their classes and school, “if Surya Namaskar programme is not rolled back by the government”.

An age old physical culture named Surya Namaskar was recently introduced by the BJP government in schools across the state.

Reports suggest that about 120 Muslim clerics, who assembled in Ajmer on Tuesday, April 21, 2105 to discuss the issue, decided to take the government head on over the issue.

The clerics are also considering mobilisation of the minority community members against the programme through sermons from mosques and other religious assemblies.

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“We will educate Muslims through maulanas (clerics) of different mosques in the state that Surya Namaskar is against the religious beliefs of Islam,” said Mohammed Hanif, Vice President, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, Rajasthan Unit.

Hanif, who comes from Mewat, said, “We will ask the community students to boycott their school if Surya Namaskar is not rolled back by the government. It is more important for us to save our religion than education at this juncture.”  Mewat is a Muslim populated area where Islamic communalism is always high.

“We have made several requests to the government saying ‘please do not enforce policies or programmes which are against the religious tenets of minority community’, but the requests have fallen on deaf ears,” alleged Abdul Wahid Khatri, General Secretary, of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, Rajasthan.

It is noticed that some Jamiat men  filed a writ petition in the Rajasthan High Court against the issue, which will come up for hearing on April 29.

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If anybody observes both Namaj and Surya Namaskar posters, some similarities must be noticed obviously. Both are good as regular physical practices. But, Muslims have  great problem to practice the Surya Namaskar for its philanthropic view.

In Namaj, Muslims pray to Allah as their creator, protector and benevolent to the Muslims offer Namaj. At the same time, Muslims pray to Allah to destroy all non-believers (non-Muslims) and curse them at the time of Namaj.

But, in Surya Namaskar, participants pray to Sun God, the source of Eternal Energy for individual and universal power, nutrition  enjoyment and enlightenment. How can it be tolerated by the bitch of darkness? So, Muslims have the problems to perform Surya Namaskar.

The trouble of Muslims is so critical with Surya Namaskar. They can easily demand more facilities from their Hindu masters and political parties.  The Namaj performer drivers, waiters, coolies, servants and so on can collect more tips from Non-Muslims. The devout Muslim always beg more coverage from wine lover Presstitutes. Even a good section of Muslims pray more sex from the pork eater Prostitutes, but only they are critical enough to bow down to earth before Sun.

It is their decision whether they will  assimilate the ‘Surya Namaskar’ genuinely or not. But, they must respect and tolerate Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata, Sanskrit, Surya Namaskar, Go Mata, Ganga Mata and all the Hindu-ness  of India.

They should keep in mind, through these days, Hindus whole heartedly accepted them. But, from this point of Hindu generosity, Muslims widespreaded the terrible noise pollution of Adhan, nasty visual of road-side slaughter and beef shops, horrific passage of Burqa clad movables, road blockade in Friday Namaj and the unbearable scenes of Muharram and all other Islamic nefariousness. Why should Hindus tolerate all these Islamic menace in an endless series?

Hindus must oppose and stop noise pollution of Adhan, road-side slaughter and beef shops, Burqa clad public movements, road blockade in Friday Namaj and horor like Muharram and subversive Islamic Jalsa (congregation) without any Govt permission.

10151867_727970610611704_680065719782604136_nMuslims in India must cease their over acting for Sharia, Halal and anti Hindu activism. Through Surya Namaskar, they may try to understand the Indian ethos and spirituality and they must abandon all anti-Hindu conspiracy hatched by their maulana, moulavi and political leaders.

In this bid of boycotting Surya Namaskar by the Muslim clerics, the Hindu organisations may take a pilot project in Rajasthan to stop ‘Pollution of Adhan’ from the land of Maha Rana Pratap, the legend against barbaric Mughals.

Post script: I never go to any Darga or not even any interest to see the Ajemer Darga of Mainuddin Chistti. Why the stupid Hindus go there? I condemn PM Modi for sending a Chhaddar there. With this price, he could give 100 set dress to some poorest children in Homes and anywhere. Hindus should stop visit Ajemer Darga of Mainuddin Chistti.

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4 comments on “Hindu Orgs are preparing to stop Adhan in Rajasthan as Muslim clerics plan to boycott Surya Namaskar.

  1. raj
    April 24, 2015

    if narendra modi is doing this stupid foolishness like this it is too sad. only with the vote of hindus bjp got 282 seats and modi came to power. why he is trying to appease muslims. plz dont play dirty sikularism and waste ur term of 5 yrs like vajpayeji. you are not taking any action against bangladesi inflitators you re mute on rama jamna bhoomi issue common civil code and sacking muslims minority status. why giving minority status to people who constitute 15 percent of population. plz reconfirm in mind always that muslims has 57 countries and 95 crore hindus dont have a hindu country .his birth place motherland india is sickular for muslims who has 57 countries. hindus should not tolerate this any more. jayatu jayatu hindu rajyam.


  2. naseem
    April 27, 2015

    We Muslim believe in Allah Almighty only and only and bow, prostrate, pray before Him only no other one, no Sufi, no Khaja, no Sun, no Stars, no rivers etc. We will never accept Suryanamaskar, it is your religion keep with you. Ban Adhan if it interferes to other religion. No problem.


    • Hindu Right
      May 1, 2015

      ROP First get lost from India, the fanatic loons Religion of blood and gore is visible right from Boko Haram to ISIL,Talebaan, Al QAIDA, Indian Mujahideen blowing childern up. ROP.


  3. Indian
    February 5, 2016

    Hi, i understand your sympathy but sun, river, animals are more important than what you believe in. These are the part of ecosystem. So please don’t spoil our society with your fake understanding of nature through Islam and its Adhan menace..


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