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Deport Foreign Tablighi preachers, if violate visa norms: MHA advises all states.

Don’t allow foreign Tablighi and Islamic preachers, if they don’t possess permission, MHA advises all States and UTs.

Stop Visa Misuse in Religious Preaching

HENB | New Delhi | April 24, 2015:: The Central intelligence agencies of India have warned the Narendra Modi government of a threat posed by rising instances of Tablighi and Islamic preachers entering India on tourist visas and starting religious preaching. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) home ministry has alerted all states and UT Govts in an advisory that there is a major surge in individuals coming to India with tourist visas and then preaching Tablighi doctrine and Islamic Radicalism.

The Tablighi Jamaat is a kind of back-to-basis International movement that aims to turn ordinary Muslims into believers and to revive the profound faith and practice in Islam. The movement has been banned in many countries as it is seen as encouraging extremism and Islamic supremacy.

The MHA letter last week says foreigners coming from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, Myanmar, France, UK and Bangladesh, among others, were found indulging in this practice, and it asked states to identify such persons on an urgent basis and deport them immediately, i they don’t possess any special permission to participate or preach religious doctrines. Other countries include Algeria, Sri Lanka and Malaysia from where such individuals are coming.

The home ministry has specifically reminded the state governments that they already have the power to deport those violating general visa conditions. In all such cases, the relevant MHA division must be informed so that these individuals can be put on the Central government’s blacklist for future travel in India.

As per laid norms, India gives specific visas to individuals to attend religious conferences and seminars, but foreigners are not allowed to indulge in religious preaching.

In this context, Upananda Brahmachari, the Editor of Hindu Existence expresses his concern that the Hindu Existence Forum (HEF) has been propagating the matter of foreign tourists who violate the general visa norms and engage themselves in various Christian and  Islamic Missionary activities and conversion mass. According to him, HEF sends important documents and excerpts in such matters to Govt authorities on regular basis.

ubr1“This matter must be dealt with wild strictness and high penalty should be charged from the Individual and the state concerned in every violation of such matters of illegal religious perching”, Brhamachari told to HENB.

He is also of opinion that Govt must monitor all religious congregation in public whether any subversive activities are going or not.

In India 90% Islamic congregations and 99% use of microphone in Mosques are illegal. Muslim and Christian congregations rampantly attack the practices of Hindus, Hindu Culture and Tradition along with Indian Nationality.

In various places in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Assam and West Bengal Muslim preachers are directly advocating the ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban and  Jihad doctrines in open Islamic congregations in public places in the name of Esale Swab, Milad un Nabi, Islamic Jalsa and Ijtema.

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