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Modi meets Hasina in Dhaka: Will Modi’s sojourn reprieve Hindus in Bangladesh?

Will Modi’s sojourn reprieve Hindus in Bangladesh?

Time for Final Call; Not Indecision

Animitra Chakraborty

Modi-HasinaHENB | Kolkata | June 4, 2015:: The imminent visit of Sri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, to Bangladesh has initiated a wave of interest not in the domestic or global scenario only but among the most loyal vote bank of BJP and its mentor, Sangh Parivar also or the Hindus. Without doubt, the upcoming visit has been hailed by all political parties of Bangladesh and the platoon of welcomers is joined by Jamaat-e-Islami even, an uncanny gesture on its part certainly. Reasons behind this are not far to see as well. The unanimous proposition followed by approval of long-pending Land Boundary Agreement by the Indian Parliament has opened novel avenues to fortify India-Bangladesh camaraderie and the political climate of Bangladesh, if analyzed painstakingly, seems to have become mature enough to grasp the humongous and escalating worth of India both in the regional and global political climate. Hopes are rising that the visit would generate another spate of magnanimity from India on Bangladesh including a complete halt of killings of civilians across the India-Bangladesh international border and needless to say, a favorable approach to the resolution of Teesta Water Treaty.

What ails Hindus back home then? Do these treaties agitate them? Perhaps not and in no way. What matters to them also in this spirit of historic bonhomie is the incessant, mounting Hindu persecution across Bangladesh. Hence, they do want to know what would be Sri Modi’s message to his Bangladeshi counterpart or Sheikh Hasina on the same subject or whether reiteration of Mr. Brajesh Mishra’s visit would happen only. Mr. Mishra, National Security Adviser and Principal Secretary to (then) Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, made a visit to Bangladesh in 2001, the time witnessing one of the worst and fiercest Hindu persecutions in the recorded history

According to the Judicial Commission (instituted by the Bangladeshi authority to find out the ghastly happenings with Hindus in 2001) Report published in 2011, ”over 200 minority women were gang raped” in the violence following the October 2001 parliamentary poll with the sole intention to force Hindu families ”to leave the country” in strength. The worst affected areas then included the southern part of Bangladesh – Bhola, Barisal, Agoiljhara and Gaurnadi where more than 200 Hindu women were gangraped by Islamists apart from 3, 625 major crime incidents perpetrated against Hindus throughout the country. Brushing aside the desperate appeal of Bangladeshi Hindus to talk to them, the Indian envoy or Mr. Mishra  preferred a tete-a-tete with Begum Khaleda Zia (then Prime Minister, Bangladesh) knowing best that her party BNP (Bangladesh National Party) with Jamaat-e-Islami was involved in the worst complicity most.

Bangladesh Hindu Persecution

Repression after Repression.

Now, it’s the time of reigning Awami League to deal with Hindus however appalling it can be; daily reports printed in the Bangladeshi media is enough to identify the mindset of Bangladeshi moderate Islam. Following the Shahbag movement in 2013, Hindus have been severely hit and surpassing Jamaat and other rabid Islamists, Awami League’s local leaders (protected by big sharks) have jumped into the foray – to harass, persecute hapless Hindus and despoil them. A few incidents are enough to exhibit the real story. Following the execution of Quader Mullah, leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, on December 16, 2013 at 10 pm, owing to crime against humanity during Bangladesh Freedom Struggle in 1971, a horrific rise in Hindu persecution amid Bangladesh was witnessed.

1)      Why have school students qualified in the examination? Under this pretence, Manoj Biswas, religious minority Hindu teacher was thrashed brutally before the Surgram police camp and in broad daylight. This dreadful incident took place on December 30, 2013, at 10 am in the sub-district headquarter within the district of Gopalgunj. Due to the presence of a few infamous leaders of Jamaat like Mushtaq Sikdar, Nashim Sikdar, Rana Fakir and Najmul Sikdar there, none dared to protest. Manoj Babu, now, is in the hospital and in a critical condition.

2)      On December 29, 2013, Kalipada Karmakar (age 30), religious minority Hindu employee of Bangladesh Railways, became victim of a grievous attack of bomb hurled by activists of Jamaat-e-Islami. It has been learnt, at 11 am, on December 30, he succumbed to death in the hospital. Kalipada babu used to live in the village of Akra Kandi within the sub-district headquarter of Laxmipur district. He was appointed at the Kamlapur railway station in Dhaka.

3)      On December 9, 2013, in the evening, activists of Jamaat raided the temple of minority Hindu community in the village of Kaddam Bari, within the sub-district of Kotalipara in the district of Gopalgunj. More than 300 Jamaat cadres, while returning from a demonstration, attacked the temple, desecrated and destructed the holy deity of Devi Durga. The temple was burnt down.

4)      On December 12, 2013, at 1 am, Jamaat activists raided houses of minority Hindus living in the village of Alankar Para, in the sub-district of Sitakunda within the district of Chittagong. Apart from plundering 4 Hindu residences, 3 Hindu temples were also attacked. Holy deities were desecrated, drenched with kerosene and put to fire. The three temples burnt down, as a result.

5)      On December 12, 2013, in the dead of night, Jamaat activists attacked Hindus living in Rupali Tala area in the sub-district headquarter within the district of Barisal. While 6 Hindu residences were pillaged, 2 Hindu temples were burnt down.

6)      On December 22, 2013, in the evening, Samya Bepari (a child of 2 years and 3 months of age), son of Mrs. Mallika Bepari, minority Hindu individual living in the village of Nayakandi within the jurisdiction of Kalkini police station in the district of Madaripur, was kidnapped and virtually chopped by a few Islamists. Such an outcome was not unimaginable and it can be said from a single fact – for the last 6 months a few miscreants had been warning her (in her mobile phone) of dire consequences if he did not move to India forsaking property in Bangladesh. Mr. Satyen Bepari, husband of Mallika, died two years back on account of illness. She was the only heir to the entire property and hence, she was targeted by local Islamists. Mallika remained steadfast albeit unidentified calls asked her to sell the property at a throwaway price; she was also being warned regularly through phones. Locals fee, abduction and brutal murder of her only son is the fallout this tussle. An official complaint was filed in the local police station – case no. 15/23/12/2013. Police has not been able to arrest anyone yet. Hindus are terrified.

Killing After Killing

Murder after Murder.

Now, let’s focus on 2015:

1)      On January 18, 2015, Muhammad Abdul Chattar, local Muslim criminal and also leader of Awami League, grabbed hold of residence and property of Sri Mantu Bishwas (minority Hindu individual) through a counterfeit legal document. The incident took place in the village of North Pangashia within the sub-district of Dumki in the district of Patuakhali.

2)      On January 22, 2015, in the evening, a group of armed Muslims assailed the holy deity of Rajeshwar (belonging to minority Hindu community) in the village of Rudrakar within sub-district headquarter in the district of Shariatpur. It’s worth mentioning, Mannan Khan, infamous Muslim tough and inhabitant of the same village, has been endeavoring to seize the temple property for years. The Muslim group attacked the temple during Kirtan in the evening and due to their merciless attacks, lots of Hindu women including Sm. Kajal Ganguli, Sm. Sima Ganguli, Sm. Shilpi Ganguli, Shishir (child) and sm. Putul De got critically injured. They were admitted to a nearby hospital. Mr. Asadujjaman (sub-district working activist) and Mr. Manirul Islam (O.C. of local police station) visited the spot, later.

3)      On February 7, 2015, Abul Kalam, Muslim fundamentalist teacher at Sabujkuri Kindergarten School within the sub-district of Chougacha in the district of Jesore, tricked 30 Hindu students and made them consume beef. Despite Hindu guardians lodged a protest to the local administration, police is yet to adopt any measure against the culprit teacher.

4)      On February 17, 2015, at night, sm. Usha Rani Sutradhar (age 53), minority Hindu woman living in the village of Falahari within the sub-district of Kabirhat in the district of Noakhali, was murdered brutally. A few Muslim criminals squeezed her throat leading to the death. As found from sources, the Hindu woman was kidnapped by armed miscreants while she was returning from local Sri Sri Radhagobinda Temple. Later, she was killed and dumped into a pool.

5)      On February 15, 2015, Awami League and BNP leaders virtually occupied 28 Hindu families inhabiting the village of Kankulipara within the Rangabali sub-district in the district of Patuakhali. No stone is left unturned to oppress Hindus; these include physical attacks, molestation of women, ransacking residences.



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The above-mentioned incidents are enough to portray how Hindus, rudderless and bereft of administrative assistance, are staggering in Bangladesh and Islamists, abetted by unabashed governance, would not rest till the last Hindu is driven out,. If history is read once more, the message is crystal clear – it has been same ever since gruesome October 10, 1946 in Noakhali – Hindus get out. What can these vulnerable Hindus do except opting for an exodus to neighboring India, in particular Bengal? There is no other option, literally.

Well, the exodus can stop only if Sri Modi renders a strong message to Bangladesh so as to stop these nefarious designs of racial extermination. This would not only help Hindus living there but India also; a country, desirous enough to attain the zenith of success and pose stiff challenge to herculean nations, can’t afford a burgeoning multitude each year.

__The writer is a Kolkata based journalist and Special CorrespondentHRCBM*.

[* Human Rights Congress for Bangladeshi Minorities is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations].

One comment on “Modi meets Hasina in Dhaka: Will Modi’s sojourn reprieve Hindus in Bangladesh?

  1. Debasish Chakraborty
    June 4, 2015

    Bangladesh is a beggar country, they don’t have food to eat no shelter to sleep, if Hindus didn’t help them to get freedom in 2015 also they may clean paki toilets.


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