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Team Modi may face black flag in Dhaka. Hindu minorities in Bangladesh are protesting against Islamic persecution and Mamata-JMB connection.

Dhaka Protest

Persecuted minorities in Bangladesh made a human chain in Dhaka to draw the attention of Modi and Hasina for an end of injustice and atrocities against them.

Prosad Roy | HENB | Dhaka | June 4, 2015:: A large ‘Human Chain’ was organized jointly by Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW), Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD), Bangladesh Center for Human Rights & Development (BCHRD) , Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF) demanding urgent action against perpetrators responsible for attacks, torture, organized violence, gang-rapes, looting, setting fire on properties-temples, desecration of Hindu deities, forceful occupation of lands, abduction – kidnapping, forceful conversion of minority children and women in Bangladesh.

‘This has more significant to draw the attention of Modi and Hasina for an end of injustice and atrocities against the minorities in Bangladesh’, as said by an participant of the human chain before the National Press Club, Dhaka. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is coming to Dhaka  to meet his BD Counterpart Sheikh Hasina on June 6th.

Many participants attended the Human Chain to-day on Thursday (04.06.2015) morning (11 am), shouting slogans for equal rights of every citizen, stopping attacks on minority communities, conferring immediate justice to all victims including their rehabilitation.  Many victims from different parts of the country attended the meeting and spoke for their plight and equitable rights.

The event was addressed by Dr.Chandan Chandra Sarkar of BDMW, Manik Chandra Sarkar of BDMW,  Human Right activists Mahabul Haque of BCHRD and Md. Tarik Hossain Mitul of Jana Uddyog, Dhirendra Nath Mahanto of Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF) during our Human chain. The meeting was presided by Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of BDMW.

The speakers mentioned the inexplicable plight of the minority Hindus-Buddhists and Christians in the districts  of Barishal, Sirahganj, Pabna, Rajsahi, Patuakhali, Natore, Bhola, Gazipur, Kishoreganj, Feni and almost in every other districts. The speakers mentioned the torture upon minority women folk, murder of the minority people including the havoc land gabbing causing a gross extinction of minority Hindus from various areas in Bangladesh.

As per BDMW and BCHRD case studies  between 2009-2015, there are 706 cases of forced conversion of Hindu girls, 302 cases of murder of minority people, 352 cases of rape of minority women, 2900 cases of physical assault, 5000 cases of forceful eviction, 3128 cases of arsoning and looting and 2012 cases of desecration of Hindu and Buddhist temples on record. Though this enlistment is inconclusive, in most of the cases the Muslim perpetrators have taken the advantages being in side of ruling political party.

A joint demand also placed to the concerned authorities that:

1. A special Tribunal must be set up for speedy disposal of all sorts of repression, oppression, atrocities, murder, rape, eviction, loot,  abduction, forced conversion, women and children torture and trafficking cases with the punishment provision of life term or capital punishments according to the gravity and culpability in the cases.

  1. Those perpetrators are taking advantage of being in the ruling party or they are faking to be so in cases of attacks on minority and tribal people, must be arrested and punished strictly through both the political and administrative steps.
  2. Deference for the civil society must be ensured by remembering, “Injustice anywhere  is a threat to justice everywhere”.

Facing a trouble of seeing black flags by Team Modi…..

Bangladesh Hindu outfit asks PM Modi to drop Mamata Banerjee from his entourage


PRESS MEET OF VEDANTA SANSKRITI MANCH. Photo courtesy: Bangla News 24 . Com


HENB | DHAKA | June 3, 2015:: A Hindu outfit in Bangladesh on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to include West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjeein his entourage during his two-day visit to the country this week, accusing her of “indulgence” towards Islamist militants.

The outfit, Vedanta Shanskriti Moncho, also asked all pro-liberation forces to show black flag to Banerjee if she visits the country.

The organisation arranged a meeting on Wednesday at Dhaka Reporters Unity in capital leaders of this organization told it to journalists.

The organization said, ‘This black flag show goes to Mamata for her oppositive role in Tista-contract and her inclination to promote fundamental and Islamic outfits.’

The leaders said, ‘We welcome Narendra Modi but black flag will be shown to Mamata Banerjee if she visits with Modi. It’s protestation for her opposition in Contract of Tista and supporting Jihadi organisations.’

President of the Foundation Kishore Kumer blamed Mamata not to keep good relation between Bngladesh and India. He also complained Mamata made militancy upper spoiling Communal harmony in this zone. Kishore Kumer raised these complain on basis of statements from CBI in India.

The outfit urged Modi not to include Banerjee in his entourage during his Dhaka visit from June 6 while it welcomed him. Vedanta Sanskriti Moncho thinks that Mamata Banerjee is solely responsible of Sardaha scam which is connected with money laundering to Islamic outfit JMB.

“We think the (Islamist) militants are carrying out anti-Bangladesh and anti-Indian activities at the indulgence of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee…She is yet to open her mouth on the matter though the peace-loving people of both the countries are talking about the issue,” the organisation’s general secretary, Binoy Bhushan Joybhar said.

“If Mamata Banerjee (yet) comes to Bangladesh, we are requesting all pro-liberation forces to show her black flag,” he said.

In this context, Indian PM Modi may have to taste an embarrassment for facing black flag by a person included his entourage.

Source: Agencies.

2 comments on “Team Modi may face black flag in Dhaka. Hindu minorities in Bangladesh are protesting against Islamic persecution and Mamata-JMB connection.

  1. C.M.Vikram
    June 7, 2015

    This will be a testing point for Modi. Will he just talk finance and cooperation or will he take up the Hindu issue? If he does not take up the Hindu issue, he is not much different than any other sickular politician. This is his chance to show he is different and that he will speak for the Hindu community.


  2. situ
    June 13, 2015

    modi is hindu nationalist do nt doubt upon him.we proud to find gr8 leader.but aware people about other scudo secular parties


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