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Govt must probe whether Bihari Muslim boys go to other States for Jihadi Training!

The children intercepted by the GRP at the Central Railway Station, in the city on Saturday | R Satish Babu | New Indian Express.

The children intercepted by the GRP at the Central Railway Station, in the city on Saturday | R Satish Babu | New Indian Express.

Is Bihar sending excess Muslim boys to other States for Madrasa Training to flare up Jihad in Hindu areas ? 

GRP Intercepts 40 Muslim Boys from Bihar at Tondiarpet Station, proceeding for an Urdu Training in Bangalore Madrasa. 

H Ramesh | HENB | Chennai | Aug 8, 2015:: Again the Government Railway Police (GRP) intercepted 40 Muslim boys while being taken from Katihar, Bihar to a madrasa in Bangalore at Tondiarpet railway station on Saturday morning. The two adults accompanying them did not have valid documents. In the last week GRP intercepted 62 Madrasa boys in Kolkata in Sealdah Railway Station. Those Madrasa boys were taken from Purnia of Bihar to their taining destination in Statra or Pune in Maharashtra.

“The railway police informed us of a large group of children being accompanied by two men. So when the train stopped at Tondiarpet we questioned them,” says Jay Mary, a Childline official.

Here, the  two men, Mohammad Haiyar Alam (24) and Sadique Raiza (27) from Katihar district, Bihar, had brought the children from Bihar for a one year training in Urdu at the Bangalore madrasa. But the entirety has not been divulged why the Muslim juveniles were taken to Bangalore for a mere Urdu taining leaving all the Urdu institutions of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh!

The name of the sending Islamic institute has also not been divulged by the authorities as persons having no connection with any registered and licensed organisation cannot handle such numbers of juveniles on their own.

In recent Bangalore has been proved as a potential and preferential habitat of ISIS sympathisers and operatives in India including entire south as a focused zone of Jihadi fundamentalism.

All the children had proper ID cards and tickets, but they did not have their parents’ permission letters, which during the initial enquiry, the men claimed they had obtained.

As there were no valid travel documents and the children seemed dazed, there were fears that they were child labourers transiting through Tamil Nadu, officials said.

There was a similar case of kids being taken from poverty stricken regions in North India to Bangalore last year, the source added, explaining other reasons for suspicion.

“We began calling their parents one by one, while some responded some denied knowing any such child,” the investigating official said.

He added further that while there were 40 children in total, the tickets only showed 20. “This can be so as most were 9 and 10 year old,” he said. Under Railway fare rules, Children under 5 years of age travel free. Those over 5 and under 12 are charged half of adult fare.

The group was supposed to get down at Perambur railway station on Thursday and rest in a local hotel room, but got off mysteriously  at Tondiarpet, official sources said.

“It’s puzzling because if they were going to Bangalore, then why would they halt at Perambur and then take another train with risk. There are many direct trains available too,” another official said.

To verify and ensure that the children reached the right place as stated safely, two officers from Child Welfare Committee (CWC), two GRP and RPF officers accompanied them to Bangalore. They boarded the Lalbagh Express in the evening. The railway officials in Bangalore too have been alerted about their arrival, as the last reports came in.

Averting any Lal Masjid Madrasa mayhem in India also, GOI and concerned agencies must take note of these recent trafficking  of huge numbers Bihar Muslim juveniles in other states and other Hindu areas in a very clandestine manner.

The concerned CWC and State authority must verify the licence of the Bangalore Madrasa in questions along with the antecedents of the Madrasas connected in both ends.  The weekly reports of that so called ‘Urdu Training’ must be checked and verified whether it is a Jihadi Training to kill the Hindus in India or not.

Govt must ensure that the Madrasa curriculum must void from any arms training, inciting violence against majority people and watching ISIS and Jihadi videos of mass killing and hostage execution.

Critiques raise the question: Is Bihar sending excess Muslim boys to other States for Madrasa Training to flare up Jihad in Hindu areas ?

Govt must start probe whether Bihari Muslim boys go to other States for Jihadi Training! And whether Madrasas in India impose any threat to National Security!!

2 comments on “Govt must probe whether Bihari Muslim boys go to other States for Jihadi Training!

  1. Ravi
    August 9, 2015

    Now a Days Housing and Unemployment have become a major concern for many of the Hindu families.Kindly see this link( to know about the discrimination being perpetrated upon Hindus by our so called Secular Establishment.
    There has been no change in the scenario even after the BJP(which is accused of being a Pro-Hindu Government by Congress and so called Secular Parties) led Government has been voted to Power.
    Neither Scholarships nor Coaching for Various Competitive Exams nor so called Skill Development Programmes nor so called Special recruitment drives nor seekho aur kamao (Earn while you learn ) Schemes are available for Hindu Students belonging to all Castes whereas they are available for Non Hindu Students (read Minorities) (kindly see these links:,
    Kindly create awareness for Hindu Youth in regards to matters pertaining to earning their livelihood.
    Kindly also note that many Hindus are either very poor or salaried class (who cannot avail White Ration card facilities,other facilities available to BPl families,many Hindu women do jobs for meager salaries in order to meet their family expenses) Hence they are not even in a position to own a House in their life time. Hindus cannot get Housing in all areas (the problem why is well known for all).So kindly note these factors also


  2. Lambda Scorpio
    August 9, 2015

    Stop Madrasa teachings and completely ban them


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