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Down to Earth – 2015. ISKCON finds traditional Vedic and Hindu values for solution of ethical, economical and environmental crisis.

Down to Earth 2015

ISKCON to hold ‘Down to Earth – 2015’ on ethics, economy and environment on Friday & Saturday at Kochi.

HENB | KOCHI | Oct 7, 2015::  Down to Earth – 2015 envisages bringing some of the most distinguished scientists, industry experts and scholars, government and administrative eco entrepreneurs who have pioneered successful alternative communities, and also students from the top educational institutions together. The focus is to unearth deeper aspects of the problem of environment crisis and arrive at an understanding of a well-rounded doable solution that goes beyond temporary, superficial patchwork adjustments.

Indian Union Minister for Environment Prakash Javadekar will inaugurate the summit on environment and economy organised by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) at IMA House here at 10:00 am on Friday.

According to the organisers, the two-day meet titled ‘Down to Earth-2015’ will discuss varying themes like ethics, economy and environment viewing the related crisis and solutions and very naturally the end resolutions are expected in the Vedic and Hindu traditional values and ways to adopt.

“The conference will bring scientists, industry experts, scholars and  government representatives under one roof for discussion. The themes of the meet are hot topics with  relevance in the current scenario, wherein various developmental projects are getting affected by environmental issues,” said Vinoda Swami of ISKCON at a press meet here on Tuesday.  According to Vinoda Swami, though a plethora of changes have occurred in the business and economic spheres, a myriad of challenges have also emerged – individually, socially and environmentally.

Meanwhile, organisers said the conference would act as a platform for youngsters to interact with industrialists like Rajeev Dubey of Mahindra Group, G V Prasad of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Dr Raumchander Singh of Basil Energy, Gaura Mancacaritadipura of Ministry of Education, Indonesia, Dr Chandrasekhara Hariharan of Zed Group, Brian Bloch of US Interior Deptt and Shyam Srinivasan of Federal Bank.

ISKCON’s saints like HH Bhakti Vinod Swami and Anuttama Dasa are also included in distinguished panelists.

One thousand participants who are expected to attend this conference would interface with brilliant minds across different fields and industry experts to discuss the need for a culturally and ethically driven business beyond the ‘Revenue minus Cost= Profit’ model.

The whole of programmes are designed on the basic concept of Indian values and traditions as below:

• Economic Growth – Harmonising personal and collective progress

• When Enough is Enough – The ethical side of wealth creation

• Understanding organizational ethics and its role in solving the problems of society

• The Yoga of Business – A traditional view of responsibility

• Can spiritual values contribute to organizational performance?


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