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Police stopped Durga Puja in Hindu Majority Village in WB due to Muslim objection.

Muslim appeasement policy of Mamata Banerjee. Shame on it!

Durga Puja banned in Hindu Majority Village in WB due to objection of Minority Muslim Community.

Durga Puja ban in Hindu village in West Bengal.

Durga Puja ban in Hindu village in West Bengal.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Nalhati (WB) | Oct 28, 2015:: The apostle of Muslim appeasement and the main conspirator of making a Jihadi West Bengal, Mamtaz Banu Arjee (the other name of WB CM Mamata Banerjee, as critique says) is now vocal these days with ‘cara-beef’  issue in Kerala House in Delhi or the Bihar Election, but this lady of all notoriety is trying to hide her face on the revelation of a case that stopped a Durga Puja  in Hindu majority Village in WB due to objection of Minority Muslim Community.

In a village named Kangla Pahari under Nalhati PS in Birbhum district in West Bengal, the local Administration, Panchayat and Police have been jointly preventing a Sharodiya (Navaratrik) Durga Puja for consecutive three years, only to favour the objections of Muslims of the village.

This is happening not in a Muslim majority village, but obviously in a Hindu village where 300 stronghold Hindu families are being prevented their annual Durga puja rituals, the greatest festival of Bengali Hindus for years, but in a Mosque situated in the same village, Muslims usually perform Namaz after hooting the Adhan five times a day.

The matter came to light after flashing the news in ‘Jugosankha’ Bengali daily and ’24 Ghanta News’ after a staunch retaliation from state BJP President Rahul Sinha on this matter.

Sri. Sinha attacked WB CM for her notorious ‘Minority appeasement’ under a  ‘Vote Bank Politics’ in the state where the majority Hindu people are becoming the victim of the unbearable situation.

Sri Sinha questioned how a Durga Puja can be prevented in a Hindu village, when the  Durga Puja of Bengali Hindus has turned as an universal festival for all people without considering any caste, creed or any sorts of barrier.

As a matter of fact, the villagers of Kangla Pahari decided to start a Durga Puja in their own village three years back that they have to join the same in a nearby villages like Bhabanandapur or Haridaspur, 3-4 km away from Kangla Pahari.

To getting a permanent ‘Durga Dalan‘ (Temple of Deity), the villagers approached Mohanlal Sau, a well to do villager and Mohanlal donated two satak of land for making a Durga Temple in the village.

In a makeshift temple made of mud and thatches, the villagers started idol making and approached the  police and administration for ‘Durga Puja permission’.

But, the authority negated the permission in writing and the villagers kept the unfinished idol in the temple and started a continuous effort to have the permission and faced only a negation from all the authorities including the SDO Rampurhat.

The News First Published in Jugasankha, Kolkata.

The News First Published in Jugasankha, Kolkata. The incomplete idol of Durga is seen in the picture. 

The President of Kangla Pahari Durga Puja Committee, Sri Chandan Sau communicated to HENB that the local police and administrations are reluctant to consider to allow the puja in this Hindu village but, they come to us for getting our opinion for ‘Go-Korbani’ in Eid-ul-Adha (Bakri Eid) in this Hindu populated village. But, we strongly objected the Cow sacrifice in the heart of a Hindu village anyway.  Sri Sau lamented that the Hindus of Bengal did not want such a change of Trinamul ruling. Hindus voted TMC very wrongfully. Now, they can understand that TMC stands for a Total Muslim Congress, instead of Trinamul Congress, as if.

The Durga Puja Visarjan (Immersion) ban on Muharram Day this year in West Bengal earned an ugly criticism on West Bengal and Kolkata Police.  More than 500 puja committee made immersion of Durga idol in and around Kolkata on the very Muharram day, maintaining a Hindu Panjika schedule and obviously defying a frivolous ban on  Visarjan by Mamata Banerjee, the queen of communal politics. But, there was not a single incident of chaos in those Visarjan in the Muharram day. Then the question arises, why Mamata Banerjee is so proactive to restrict the Hindu puja and festivals in Bengal and why there is a consecutive ban on the Durga Puja in Kangla Pahari village time and again?

No permission for Durga Puja at Kangla Pahari village in Birbhum. Cause: Islamic negation. Articulated communal tension!

No permission for Durga Puja at Kangla Pahari village in Birbhum. Cause: Islamic negation. Articulated communal tension!

This news of Durga Puja Ban in Kangla Pahari village first published in Dainik Jugasankha, Kolkata edition on 1st September 2015.  But, the state BJP got its time to take a cognizance just about two months after. HENB is also to regret for covering this matter lately. But, it would be better for BJP to send their a team of purohit and activist to run the Durga Puja in that Hindu village without caring a police permission for a Durga Puja. Why the Hindus have to take a permission of Puja from the police if not using electricity connection  from a public electricity pole or using a huge public address system.

Nobody knows the fate of this political perseverance for the Durga Puja at Kangla Pahari village. But, with this news the Hindu Existence Forum is assuring a Durga Puja in Kangla Pahari village at any cost in 2016 and onwards.

Pic and News courtesy: Jugasankha Kolkata | 24 Ghanta News | Facebook.

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6 comments on “Police stopped Durga Puja in Hindu Majority Village in WB due to Muslim objection.

  1. Sophia Kapoor
    October 29, 2015

    Is she a Muslim herself actually? I doubt.


    • Rahim
      November 1, 2015

      Surely Mumta is not a shit, if she was she would provide all protection to celebrate the Durga Puja myself being a Muslim I am with my Hindu brothers and sisters hope it will be celebrated without any obstacles in coming years.


    • Anuj
      November 3, 2015

      Yes, I suspect she was converted years back by Nurar Barkati, the fanatic Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque of Kolkata. See this pic. Mumtaz and Barkati were embracing each other.
      Mumtaz Barkati Embrace each other
      Converted as Mumtaz


  2. Vikram
    November 1, 2015

    A problem in any other state will be blamed on Modi. However, no one blames Modi for the situation in West Bengal. The reason is that WHO CARES FOR HINDU RIGHTS??? The Bengali Hindu is totally brainwashed by decades of Communist rule. They will never ever ever take up the Hindu cause.


  3. prakash
    November 3, 2015

    Hindus are dumb in West Bengal being so calm still now. If this would happen in Maharashtra then mamta would have got kicked from state.. and still kejriwal supports her and he says his party thinks of country secularism…. Most Hindu does not votes, and most Muslims, Christians, vote hence they are vote bank because of which most politicians please them hurting Hindus feeling… Because of such politicians greed for power communal tension arises and Muslims, Hindus always suffer


  4. aparna
    January 22, 2016




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