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VHP and Bajrang Dal call State Bandh in Karnataka on Nov 13 over Killing a VHP leader.

Kodagu Madikeri Riot on Tipu Jayanti

Tipu Jayanti clash: VHP and Bajrang Dal likely to call state-wide Bandh in Karnataka on Nov 13.

Kutappa Kranataka VHP BandhHENB | Mangaluru | Nov 11, 2015::  VHP and Bajrangdal of Karnataka have called for Karnataka bandh in the areas of Mangaluru, Udupi and Kodagu on Nov 13th to protest against the atrocities on Hindus by the Congress run Karnataka State Govt.

Two offshoots of the RSS likely to issue a state-wide Bandh call on Nov 13, 2015 as a gesture of agitation against alleged police brutality on its Hindutva activists. The VHP and Bajrang Dal likely to call for a state-wide Bandh to protest against alleged police attack on its activists at Madikeri town of Kodagu district. The activists of these two Hindu outfits were protesting during Tipu Jayanti celebration on Nov 10 and as Muslim miscreants started to pelt stone when police resorted to lathi charge.

Karnataka Police attacked the Hindu activists and rescued the Islamic hooligans gathered there for glorification of an anti Hindu Tipu Sultan.

Tipu was a fundamentalist Islamic ruler of 18th Century (1750-1799) of Mysore who hanged 700 Melkote Iyengars (Hindus) in a single day.

As the VHP leader of the VHP, D S Kuttappa (Organising Secretary of VHP in Kodagu District of Karnataka) ) allegedly fell off from the wall as reported by the police, but actually not ascertained whether he was died on Islamic stone pelting or police thrashing,  following a clash between pro- Tipu Muslim group and anti-Tipu Hindu group , with many running helter-skelter. The VHP activist failing to recuperate in the hospital succumbed to injuries. The state-convener of the Dal, Sharan Pumpwell speaking to HENB from Mangaluru said a state-wide Bandh will be called.

However, he added though, Nov 13 could be the day, a final decision would be taken before the evening. The Bajrang Dal and VHP leaders will be attending the funeral of Kuttappa, it is learnt. The Bandh would be effective in communally sensitive areas like Mangaluru, Udupi and Kodagu. This may loom large all over Karnataka however.

The VHP and Bangragdal leadership demanded immediate arrest of the perpetrators responsible for D S Kutappa’s murder and the state apology for the attack upon Hindus.

While Congress wants to depict Tipu Sultan as a national hero, the eminent historians and the majority Hindus think Tipu as a fundamentalist ruler for ethnic cleansing of Hindus of Karnataka region.

The Congress run Govt in Karnataka is operating a pro Islamic schemes to ensure a Jihad throughout the state of Karnataka only to diminish Hindu identity of Karnataka under a severe Islamic appeasement.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah  must stop play with the fire of anti Hindu Tipu Sultan propagation however.

Source: Agencies.

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3 comments on “VHP and Bajrang Dal call State Bandh in Karnataka on Nov 13 over Killing a VHP leader.

  1. Trishool
    November 12, 2015

    I don’t know where India is heading, when ignorant leaders like Lalu and his gang is elected /selected as leaders of 1.25 hundredcrores intelligent , hardworking Indians. !!I think, phony democracy and secularism is NOT RAM RAJ, neither those selfish, power hungry BLEEDER OF BHARATrepresent Lord Rama, and honest people of Hindustan. !!Yes, we are nursing poisonous snakes, selfish politicians, and vultures of HINDUSTAN, in the name and game of democracy, which hurts Hindus only and pampers others, at the cost and suffering of Hindu of Hindustan ONLY., while some ignorantHindus elect and select selfish, power hungry, vulture politicians, as so called Hindu Leaders. !! I am disappointed with recent election results, thought I am not supporter of any political party, YES, I AM A PROUD HINDU.AND PROUD HINDUSTANI…!! God bless Bharat   Tr.    


  2. ramohri
    November 12, 2015

    VHP must also file a criminal case under section 153-A IPC against the Chief Minister for instigating communal violence by deciding to start a new trick of trade, i.e., celebrating Tipu Sultan’s birthday – something never done earlier. Tyrant Tipu had been killed 216 years ago. Why celebrate him now ? Otherwise some crazy Congress leader might also decide to celebrate the birthday of Aurangzeb !


    Ram Ohri


    • lal Gehi
      November 12, 2015

      So did terrorist, looter, rapist, Mohammad bin Kasim, in Sindh. Tyrant killer,
      Aurangzeb is called DEENI BADSHAH ( Religious king ) in Pakistani history
      For long time, Indian history books, wrongly taught, that Aryans were not natives of India, where as, in over 7 thousand years old history book of Ramayana, Lord Rama is called, ARYAN PUTTAR ( Son of Aryan ). !


      When will Hindu wake up…… I don’t know..!!

      God bless Bharat.



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