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JNU students up in arms against Ramdev in 22nd Vedanta Congress as ‘he has no place in JNU’.

baba ramdev at JNU


Swami Ramdev opposed to 22nd International Vedanta Congress: Some JNU students-teachers are incapable to understand the flow of Vedanta and its Masters. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Dec 27, 2015:: I am not irritated nor astonished with the news like “22nd International Vedanta Congress: JNU students up in arms against invitation to Ramdev” (IE) or with another as “Ramdev has No Place in JNU: JD (U)” (TNIE), as these news has been cooked with the spices of politics and premeditating anti-Hindu secularism.

These habitual opposers  of Indian school of Traditional Learning (Gurukul) are quite unable to understand the flow of Vedanta and its Masters in the light of true observations and veneration in Bharatiya context.

From the website of Special Center for Sanskrit Studies, JNU, it is known that “The Special Center for Sankrit Studies, JNU in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Sciences, Dartmouth, USA and the Center for Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth is organizing a 4-day international seminar “Twenty Second International Congress of Vedanta (22Vedanta)” during Dec 27-30, 2015 at the Convention Center, JNU. The International Congress of Vedanta, founded in 1986 by Professor S. S. Rama Rao Pappu of the Department of Philosophy at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, is now located at the Center for Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. For over two decades, International Congress of Vedanta has been the focal point for meeting of scholars specializing in all aspects of Indian philosophy and religion. In the past, the Congress has also celebrated the birth centennial of S. Radhakrishnan (1988), the 1200 anniversary of Sri Sankaracharya (1990), the centennial of Swami Vivekananda’s sojourn to America and his participation in the World Parliament of Religions (1992), birth centennial of J. Krishnamurti (1995), and the 700 anniversary of sanjeewan samadhi of Sri Jnaneswara (1996). Previous international Vedanta Conferences were also held in UMass Dartmouth (USA) and at New Delhi, Chennai, Rishikesh, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam in India, and in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, in order to facilitate better interaction between scholars in India and the West.

The Vedanta Congress continues its tradition of bringing scholars of Indic traditions from India and the West together on a platform regularly. The organizational details of the conference are handled by the Center for Indic Studies of Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

As per the list of “Invited speakers, panelists and session chairs“, Yoga Guru and a scholar in Vedas Baba Ramadev is shown to the top which irked some students and teachers of JNU who have no business with Vedas, Vedantas and Sanskrit, nothing else.  But, they have a signalized point that Swami Ramdev wears saffron robe, so his presence in JNU or in any academic field  amounts a “saffronisation of Indian Education system”! This is the level of these moron chaotic clan.

While Baba Ramdev's name is seen at top of Guest Lecturers, his name is not included in Valedictory Session. WHY?

While Baba Ramdev’s name is seen at top of Guest Lecturers, his name is not included in Valedictory Session. WHY?

Those who are to point out the academic level of  of Baba Ramdev and his proficiency in some foreign language, I would like to mention here that Traditional Bharatiya Wisdom or the present Vedanta Congress are always basically laid and indebted to those persons who were far from the current academia and university premises.

Everybody knows the legendary statute of Baba Ramdeva on Yoga and Ayurveda. I am not also interested to discuss about Swami Ramdev’s mastery in Vedanta, Grihya Sutras or his outstanding performances in Gurukul Kangri (one of the most traditional and reputed Veda research center) in his academic life far from the focused excellence of JNU etc., but want to mention that the Guru (Master) of Swami Vivekananda, the superlative Vedantic monk of India and the writer of “Practical Vedanta” was an illiterate person in our material eyes.

Yes, I want to mention Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans Deva, from whom Swami Vivekananda fulfilled his quench of thirst of wisdom in a practical way to give a handbook of Vedanta practice, was able to sign his name in an utter difficulties, is taken as a primordial light on Vendanta in this 22nd International Vedanta Congress too.

It is known that at least two of papers to be presented on Vednata aspects in the light of Ramakrishna Philosophy in this Congress. (i) श्रीरामकृष्णानां विज्ञानवेदान्तदिशा ईश्वरस्वरूपपर्यालोचनम्  by Sri. Palash Ghorai and (ii) उपनिषत्सु अमृतस्वरूपनम् by Sri. Amit Kumar Dey. Both the research scholars belong to RKM Vivekananda University, Belur Math, WB.

See, how this ‘illiterate’ Ramakrishna and ‘ocean of knowledge’ Ramakrishna can bridge up the two ends of light and darkness while the subject is  Vedanta. Unless this is understood well, the critiques and clamor makers on Swami Ramdev shall see a rope as snake or see a snake as a rope. Both are harmful to them.

I want to mention here two embodiment of Shastras seen in my lifetime. Brahmrishi Deoraha Baba and Swami Ramsukhdasa Ji. One of them was a Brahmin and another was Shudra, both were not connected with the literary realms. But, both were the ‘Brahmavid’, champions of Shashtras and put their wisdom to create the never ending series of Dharma Granthas (Scriptural books). Actual seekers of Ishwara, Shastra, Mukti go to these Gurus for solution and solace, not to the humbug academic scholars whose knowledge is incomplete for the reason of not practicing or accepting Shastras in their daily life and ideology.

Knowing English and its speaking ability cannot be parameter or bagging some University degree should not be the criteria over any judgement on wisdom.

When I was searching something on Vedanta congress in the internet, I came to know about Jeffrey Armstrong of Vedic Academy of Science & Arts, Vancouver, Canada, a dignitary and participant of 22nd Vedanta Congress. See the charming resolution in his face. This is due to his life-style in the path of Vedanta. This change in individual is desirable, otherwise the purpose of such congress is incomplete.

Those who are opposing Baba Ramdev as a “saffron representative” of Indian Tradition and Culture, actually  do not care for a vast field of Vedic and Shashtra Research work by many Shankaracharyas and Saints in Bharat and abroad out of JNU or DU campuses.

In which in I shocked too much that the same bandwagons of “Beef Fest”, “Kiss of Love” and “J&K Huriyyat” are now opposing the entry of Baba Ramdev in 22nd Vedanta Congress in JNU. But, they don’t know the implication of their ‘foul play’ or the ‘play with fire’. Just imagine what will be happened to the protesters of Baba Ramdev in JNU, if the lakhs of supporters of Vedas and Sanskrit from Delhi will reach the JNU just to meet the Ramdev rattlers!

Some JNU students and teachers have created a Cultural-Hindutva-Saffron apartheid and came up in arms against Ramdev in 22nd Vedanta Congress as he has somewhat no place in JNU. This mentality is totally rejected in Bharatiya concept of acceptance and Vedanta both as there is no scope of ‘exclusion’ here.

Every one should maintain the Sanctity of Academic Campuses. The Organizing Committee of 22nd Vedanta Congress must not bow down to the provocative elements mostly in the part of political and subversive wings. They should give a “Saffron Carpet” welcome to Baba Ramdev.

Wishing a great success of this event, I welcome Baba Ramdev with all other participants in 22nd Vedanta Congress at JNU. Swagatam!


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***This content has been sent to the organizers and participants of 22nd Vedanta Congress in Delhi.

baba ramdev at JNU

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