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Nobody will take these 10 steps to stop Malda or Purnia like Riots permanently in India.

The Revelation of Malda and Purnia.

Blotting Paper on Malda Riot and 10 steps never be taken for the sake of Ballot Paper.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | January 14, 2016:: Bundle of blotting papers are now being used in Malda to soak out the blood, tears, anxiety, insecurity of the victimized Hindus and peace-loving people of Malda after Sujapur-Kliachak Riot commenced on 3rd of January by 100% frenzied Jihadi mob fetched by a communal Islamic organisation named Edara-e-Sharia.

On the Mayhem Day of January 3rd, some fanatic Muslim mob of 1.5 lakhs gathered the vicinity of Sujapur area of Malda, advanced through NH 34 and finally registered their Jehadi wrath over Kaliachak police station, trashed the police personnel on duty,  driven them out, set fire to the police barrack, captured the police station, burnt all files and records, stranded the local minority Hindu people by looting their shops, breaking vehicles, destroying public properties, molesting women, violating the dignity of worship places, shooting the protestant guys and eventually mingled with the Islamic peace overwhelmed in the state of West Bengal. This was a planned Jihad warfare by Edara-e-Sharia to show their strength in the eastern side of India so that the upsurging political Jihad in Bengal can be successful in coming WB Assembly election of 2016.

We know the tale of King Nero playing violin while Rome was burning. In the same way Bengal CM was engrossed with the arrangements for listening the Gazal of Ghulam Ali in her sate capital while situation of Malda was on fire.

Actually, the role of Mamata Banerjee for flaring up Malda riots cannot be denied anyway after it is exposed in a debate show in the Times Now.

Those who are criticizing Mr. Arnab Goswami’s “360° change” for attacking the secular lobby in the said debate or clearly to accuse the fundamental Islamic lobby for creating ‘law and order situation’ or ‘Hindu-Muslim Riot situation’, they must rightly think the scale of violence in Malda. It is shocking, it’s traumatic. In such a crisis, one looses his sense and other gets the sense of reality. Finally, Arnab gets in touch the taste of ‘Radical Islam’ and we must welcome him in the sphere of struggle for civil existence against the deadliest thrust of Jihad.

At the same time we must show our regards to the social media, the team of Hindu Existence Forum, Hindu Samhati, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, RSS Cyber cells etc. who unearthed the reality of Malda Riot to the public in every turn of time and compelled to drag Zee News and Times Now in the middle of Malda Mayhem.

But, what is most disgusting that the same secular, intellectual (actually moron) and political lobbies are not ready to understand their ‘fedayeen’ (self sacrificing) role to paving a brutal Jihad in India for their ultimate love for ballots. And the most embarrassing scene is that that the fundamentalist like Nurar Rehman Barkati of Kolkata Tipu Sultan Mosque (who pronounced Fatwa to slain Taslima Nasrin; organised Namaj-e-Janaja, i.e. obituary rites for Osama-bin-Laden in Kolkata and criticized Calcutta High Court’s order on banning Cow slaughter in a very bad light)  or same type Muslim clerics are invited in TV talk shows and allowed to say rubbish like Islam is peaceful, ISIS or Daesh is not Islamic, Malda Riot and others are not made by Muslims, Jihad and ISIS are American plan to defame Islam and Muslim people  etc. etc.

It is very much clear here, when the ballot lover people (all parties including BJP) is defending Riots, Mayhem, Islamic excesses like Malda or Purnia for their political gain, the Islamist people like Maulana Golam Rasul Balyavi, Ahamed Hasan Imran or Nurar Rehman Barkati are trying to make India another Pakistan or Taliban land under the flagships of Edara-e-Sharia or anything else.

In this critical juncture, nobody is interested to take strict steps to curb down the frenzied people against India and its peace-loving majority people.

  1. The present Jihadi intolerance is depicted as a repression out of a blasphemous statement of Kalmesh Tiwari, an activist of Hindu Mahasabha of Uttar Pradesh. On Dec 2, Kamalesh told Muhammad as the First Gay in this world. He told as such as a rebuttal of UP Cabinet Minister Azam Khan’s speech that RSS volunteers are Gay. Under a FIR lodged in Deoband PS, Tiwari was taken to the custody of UP Police under NSA. But, Azam Khan, the main culprit for this intolerance row is roaming free. No body will arrest Azam Khan for inciting communal disharmony. 
  2. The current Jihadi heat has been generated through an alleged blasphemy as Kamlesh Tiwari tried ‘vilification’ on Hazrat Muhammad, and he is put into jail. But, when Azam Khan says, ‘Bharat Mata is a witch’ or Dr Zakir Naik tries humiliation on Lord Ganesh, those are not blasphemous. The simple reason is that Kamlesh Tiwary is a Hindu, so it is easy to arrest him under the Islamic and Secular pressure. But, the same political and secular groups do not restrain fanatic Muslim people hurling abusive languages day and night against Hindus and their deities. No Muslim fundamental like Azam Khan or Zakir Naik  can be booked for blasphemy charges.
  3. The role of Edara-e-Sharia is very much clear for inciting communal violence and creating law and order situation in Malda. The organisation and their allies Islamic Council of India are responsible for Malda and Purnia Riots and attacking on Kaliachak and Baisi Police Station. But, No action will be taken to ban such Edara-e-Sharia like orgs. in India.
  4. The two members of Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Indian Parliament) have been named in connection with the Malda and Purnia Riots in Azam Khan- Kamlesh Tiwari row. As per TOI and Bengal Spotlight, Trinamool Congress MP Ahmed  Hasan  Imraan and JD(U) MP Ghulam Rasool Balyavi are connected with the recent riots in Malda and Purnia. Ghulam Rasool Balyavi is severely and severely charged in his political career and key person of Bihar unit of Edara-e Sharia and Ahmed  Hasan  Imraan was a SIMI man and allegedly connected with Saradha scam for stashing money in the JMB terror fund. Imraan is also named in DIB report for his active role to incite communal riot in Canning, WB in 2008. Even then, they are sent to Rajya Sabha by the pro-Islamic TMC and JD(U) for their political gameplan with fundamental Islamic counterparts. Nobody will take any action against Ahmed  Hasan  Imraan of TMC  and JD(U) MP Ghulam Rasool Balyavi and null their position in RS.
  5. a. The cornered Kamlesh Tiwari is languishing in the jail. But, the Islamic wrath and spitting venom are not ceased. Kamlesh Tiwari is under law enforcement as per Indian Penal Code for inciting communal disharmony (153 A), hurting religious sentiments (295 A) etc. But, who are announcing monetary incentive for executing Kamalesh Tiwari in open meeting are not doing anything according to Indian constitution. They are solely violative to Indian law and orders who are daring execution on an Indian citizen by taking law and order in their own hand.  [See [1] [2] [3]].  b. In retaliation some Hindu organisations also announced incentive for the execution of infamous anti-Hindu and fanatic Owaisi brothers. These case also be handled in the same strict law enforcement. No party, agency, govt administration or police will take steps against such fanatics talking Talibani execution in Indian soil. 
  6. Malda and Purnia Riots show a total failure of Central and State intelligence agencies to curb down the Muhammad and Sharia loving people beforehand. But, the circumstantial evidences prove that some local clubs, agencies and faction of political parties helped the Muslim hooligans to run the mayhem. Govt. intelligence agencies must investigate the mayhem connected people and related agencies and take action against them. But, the Central and State intelligence authorities and Govt will not enlist such fundamental people and agencies to snatch their power to do any rebellious activities against state further.
  7.  Malda Riot shows a complete discord to develop an integrity in security issues. Malda is a bordering district in WB in the India-Bangladesh international border line. Here the inter-relation between BSF and Local Police must be harmonized in a scale so that they  can fight any crisis coming in a broad spectrum. But in Malda, when the BSF van was set in fire, local police was inactive and when the police Barack was on fire, then the nearby BSF posting was a mere spectator.  In such a situation the cross border criminals take advantage to penetrate and pervade. But, No significant strategy will be developed further to check such Communal riots in the districts along with International borders.
  8. Most unfortunately, the insane West Bengal CM accused instantly the BSF for culminating the Malda riot without knowing fully well about the incident and without interacting anybody of BSF and other responsible agencies. To save her own face from any blame and to convey a covert message of support to the Sharia loving TMC people, Mamata banrejee did this condemnable piece of dirty job. But, interesting enough, BSF did not give any apt reply of it. Such trends tom accuse Indian Defense and Central Security Forces are dangerous both ways. It is self assassinating and demoralizing others about those who provide the national safety and security. But, Central Govt. will not promulgate any law prohibiting the people (both common and political) for falsifying Indian Defense or security agencies without pre-dialogue with respective wing. 
  9. Now it is clear that Malda Riot was not only a communal flare up. It was designed to destroy criminal records kept in Kaliachak Police Station. The principal perpetrators in the Jihadi mob led it attack Kaliachak Police Station with planned motivation. These criminal records related to i) poppy seed harvest for opium business, ii) Fake Indian Currency Notes business, iii)  arms and ammunition business, iv) cattle smuggling and v) human trafficking and infiltration. Knowing these fully well the Central Govt will not force the BSF to stop all these without any singular exception. They will not seal the India-Bangladesh borders even after completion of land swap deal with BD.
  10. Malda Riot shows the dangerous result of divisive Indian politics on the division of majority and minority fallacy. We, all political parties in India are giving an unwise and unworthy wightage to the minority politics over the majority rights. This is creating an unruly mob to challenge Indian system of living and constitution of the land. It is encouraging them to grab all powers in the name of Sharia and liberate them in a Talibani life. But, we are ignoring all these in a very strange way. Even then all the political parties in India including BJP believe in minority politics. Nobody will close the minority cells in the political parties to give them equal status at least in the parties. 

This is the story of supplying blotting Papers in the riot hit Malda and Purnia to soak out tears, bloods, anxieties of victimized people there and 10 steps as stated above as remedies will never be taken by anybody for the sake of Ballot Paper.

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4 comments on “Nobody will take these 10 steps to stop Malda or Purnia like Riots permanently in India.

  1. ujjwalkumarray
    January 15, 2016

    Organized protest against jakir nail azam khan book f .I.r across country.


  2. kishan sharma
    January 15, 2016

    its a wake-up-call, …….SAVE….Ur….COUNTRY, CULTURE, VALUES & FAITH from .FRENZIED-JIHADI-MOB’s…ATTACK……..ground has been tested in MALDA , PURNIA U.P. & some other parts of the COUNTRY………The Admns. with the help of PRESSTITUTE, SICKULARS & ANTI-NATIONAL – FORCES R covering, blotting, supporting & helping them…………..NERO playing with the VIOLIN….when MALDA & PURNIA..were……..BURNING, ………..POLICE STATIONS ATTACKED, CAPTURED & BURNED all the RECORDS, BUILDING , VEHICLES, POLICE MEN RAN TO SAVE THEIR LIVES, Public & Pvt. Properties , houses, looted, women were molested…..Hindus were made to feel ..TERROR…Trauma & Hate…………Is it not a REVOLT….SEDATION …against the STATE…….?Why the ARMY was not called to restrain them….No Security of LIFE, HONOR & Property. HINDUS R LEFT 2 DEFEND themselves……in their own country………Why does it happen in India…2 the ……MAJORITY………Bcz…they have become weak- knead, cowards due 2 1000 yrs of SLAVERY…?……Plz. ANSWER………..?


  3. ujjwalkumarray
    January 16, 2016

    Hindu should be united organized strongly protest.


  4. Abhishek Ghosh
    February 23, 2018

    Hindu der astra uthie newar samai esechhe


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